A new start for vNews!

Dear reader of our beloved magazine, in this article an update about the internal situation in the virtualNewspaper. 

I may now call myself the official editor in chief of this beautiful magazine, yesterday announced Refund that I will be taking over vNews from now on. A new face means of course a lot new ideas, a part of these new ideas will be shared in this article already. The others will be posted in the vNews clubs or in the next editions that will be published.

The first point that will be changed from now on is that vNews will be published on each saturday at 12:00 servertime instead of the normal publishdate at fridat at 21:00 servertime. This decision is based on my real-life efforts and timeschedule, with these changes I also want to achieve to get more long and nicer articles in our edition, of course to serve you the best as possible.

Second I want to discuss the organisation structure of vNews. As editor in chief I can of course also be ill sometimes, which would mean there wouldn’t be an edition that week. But we want to avoid that of course, we need to deliver your weekly newspaper as much as possible. Therefore we will ensure there’s someone that could eventually take over from me, that person will become the deputy-editor in chief. I hope to announce that person as soon as possible but as I want to ensure we will have the best of the best it might take a little while.

The last point that I want to discuss is that vNews will use the newsfeed more often. This will mean that we will be able  to report you stories more often and you won’t need to wait a while before receiving a notification of important (international) news.

There will defenitely come more changes in the vNews structure but for now we will stick to these three most important ones. Though, I want to ensure you that all the decisions that will be made are, in our eyes, the best for the readers, the editor and the editor in chief as well.

I thank you for your attention and I wish you a great time while reading this first new vNews edition!


Editor in chief of vNews