Andoversr and MoonPoker

It was a problematic time for Cashington at the start of the round, as Andoversr began what was to become a controversial time as mayor. The volume of exports set up were such that Cashington had a negative budget a large amount of the time. Supporters of Andoversr said that this would stimulate trade, whereas critics said that it was crippling the city, and national, budget. This sparked an arguement between Andoversr and MoonPoker (among others), the then-Consul of Finance, as Andoversr claimed that MoonPoker was deliberately withholding budget from the cities that required it, whereas MoonPoker argued that his budget plan didn’t specifically leave money open for the large amounts of spending Andoversr was doing.

This led to Refund, our president, taking the decision to ask MoonPoker to step down as Consul of Finance, as he was not giving cities the money they needed. Seeing this, MoonPoker stepped down as Consul and Bankrupted himself, claiming that if the Council did not trust him, there was no point wasting PM days. He also claimed that MoonPoker would start the next round as an Ibishan.

Andoversr himself was bankrupted shortly after by Bleech and Triad Best Main (or so they claim). gelaarsdekat was promoted to interim mayor, and after a close election, was chosen to continue his duties as the official mayor of Cashington. Hopefully this is the last problem the city will need to go through, as the City has certainly had it’s fair share of controversy this round.