Most Mandatey Mandate Monitor™

The Miniconomist  vNews presents: Might be a Mandate Monitor™ – a continuously updated one off list of who’s who in the Federation. It is a top ten of those that hold the most powerful positions in both the Federation and player countries. The mandates that include payment aren’t posted in colour.

1: Forsties

Self-explanatory, why wouldn’t he be top of the list. Also remembered his password to the vNews publisher.

Paid criminally too little.


2: Woshiempire()

King of some country across the sea where everyone is allergic to harbours.

Paid more than Forsties.



Does important work in the REDACTED.

Paid from time to time.


4-9: viraxje

Has a gun which makes him very persuasive.

Paid in gunpowder and Thug achievement points.


10: sugarfree

I said his positions weren’t politically powerful so this is me making it up to him.

Paid in visitors to his dungeon.


Honourable mention: hubinho

because someone said so


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The Federations Most (un)wanted

vNews managed to catch up with this rounds most notorious and (un)wanted Criminal Mastermind, Andoversr!

vNews reporter: So tell me Andoversr, how does it feel to be Public Enemy Number 1 of Cyberie and probably just as hated by your fellow Virtuans?

Andoversr: I dont care, they can come get me if they want and I expect next round they probably will , let them try as they might I will give em heck all the way.

vNews reporter: So has crime been very profitable for you?

Andoversr: Yes, especially my “visits” to Cyberie , I typically make at least 1-2k per trip to their unguarded / lightly guarded shops , the first time I went over there I made around 6-8k I-Shells profit in only 2 or 3 trips. In Addition the occasional shoot contracts are nice too.

vNews reporter: If we may ask, how many Crime Points did you start the round with? How much do you have now?

Andoversr: I started this round at about 155 (Gangster) and now am at almost 600 Crime Points , giving me Mastermind status long enough to last even through next round.

vNews reporter: Cyberie has issued a emergency situation because of you and Virtua’s President has labeled you a “Terrorist” , are you worried about joint retaliation by these 2 governments?

Andoversr: Well I have yet to only see words from both Governments, Cyberie has formed a response team which, with what it’s done so far, appears only to be an excuse to pay extra daily salary to members of that team, as they have yet to try and bombings or shots against me. Virtua has not taken any action either and is just words.

vNews reporter: What has been the highlight of your round so far?

Andoversr: This week I got into a gun fight with his Majesty the King of Digitialie aka Hubinho , in Nasdaqar , that was alot of fun going toe to toe against a King and a Criminal Mastermind.

vNews reporter: Any big plans for the rest of the round?

Andoversr: Do what I am doing now, and bring my CP up as high as I can get it.

As we thank Andoversr for his time we and walk away we check our pockets to make sure our wallet are still there and we check our bags to make sure no stray bombs have found their way into them.

Cashington Environmental Problems

As people are well aware Cashington is facing s an environmental problem this round, despite the city trying the average condition has continued to plummet, going to as low as 83 at one point at the moment of writing this article.

The reason for this drop has been the combination of major clay digging for bricks and glass as well as the sudden boom of Iron ore digging which has resulted in the average condition dropping very sharply at time.

At the time of writing this issue here are the number of parks built by city.

Cashington: 31
Nasdaqar: 19
Centropolis: 25

How can we fix this?

The CBI has approved a diamond deal for cashington to allow me (as mayor) to buy diamonds for up to 20 I-Shells each, if you can sell me some diamonds in Cashington (and 1 drill) I can restore the city to over 90 condition and save it from the environmental problems plaguing us.

Please, help Cashington, sell diamonds here.

-Mayor Andoversr4

Shop Theft Statistics

This was figured out using my product statistics by looking at amount Sold or Exported being taken from the amount bought or produced.

Product / Amount Stolen

Alarm 2
Gas – Cannot tell as it was consumed, but I guess around 3-5 SQUST
Diamond drill 1
Camera 25
Chip – Consumed making guns but guess is about 100-150
Computer 6
Diamond 20
Glass 155
Gold 500
Iron 335
Engine 5
Gun 12
Plastic 250
Pump 25
Shovel 33
Bulletproof Vest 10
Screwdriver 540
Brick 175
Telephone 22
Saw 82

Case in point: [b]Secure your shops[/b]

Progress on Crimes and Fines

In the Federal Union progress has been being made on Crimes and Fines, with a proposal being ready to receive votes from the Federal Union this weekend or next week.

At this moment this is the proposal in its current shape:

IL Article 8: Criminal Activities

Paragraph 4
Maximum static fine per crime:
Bombing: 1500 ISH
Shooting: 1250 ISH
Hitting: 200 ISH
Robbery: 1000 ISH
Theft: 750 ISH
Bank Robbery: 1000 ISH

Paragraph 5
Maximum portions of fine that include Net Worth:
-Shooting: 0%
-Hitting with a plank: 0%
-Bombing: 0%
-Theft of products: 0%
-Robbing a player: 0%
-Robbing a bank: 5%

Paragraph 6
A fine is limited to the static fines mentioned in Article 8, Paragraph 4 alone, or together with a Net Worth fine if allowed by Article 8, Paragraph 5. Each country is allowed to have lower fines than those stated in these Paragraphs, but they may not exceed them.

Paragraph 7
All countries are allowed to instantly put a Net Worth fine with a maximum of 5% on all crimes for the remainder of the round, without the approval of the International Court, if they meet the following requirements:
– An Emergency Situation has been declared.
– The Country is in serious danger from criminals.

Governments also may request a higher raise of Net Worth fines up to a total of 15% in the International Court as long as they can prove that the former raise had no effect.

Paragraph 8
The change of Net Worth fines can be challenged in the International Court, and it will be the Country’s responsibility to prove that there is a serious danger from criminals. If the International Court decides that the current situation does not meet the criteria stated in Paragraph 7, the Net Worth changes will be declared invalid and the fine will be restricted once more to the Net Worth fines stated in Paragraph 5 until the criteria stated in Paragraph 7 are met.

Paragraph 9
Article 8 Paragraph 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are declared invalid at the end of round 127, if the Federal Government does not meet deadline, The Federal Government have to come with a solution, that improve the protection against crimes.

Credit for the hard work on this can be given to Andoversr on working out an early agreement before rounds start on Networth and Moonpoker formulating the wording and working with all countries to get an acceptable proposal.

End of an Era for MCRecruitment

After 1 year of service to the Federation as Head Recruiter, Andoversr, reported this week he will be retiring from the position and naming a new Head Recruiter. It is unknown at this time who the new Head of Recruitment is however the announcement is said to come during the between round after Round 120 ends.

During his service he gave the Federals a list of new ideas and fixes to current systems to work on, I will highlight some of them below:

Referral System 2.0 : Once Implemented PM days will be awarded for the clay trough Diamond levels, allowing referrer’s to get up to 159 PM days. This idea has been approved by the Federals and is awaiting implementation.

Voting System Improvement: Once Implemented PM or extra ISH will be awarded for players who vote at least 20 days per round.

Google Chrome: Miniconomy will be getting added to their games list, hopefully bringing new players in abundance to the game.

New Player Assistance: Andoversr helped to rally discussions with the Federals and Recruiters on new players and getting more and better help which resulted (after the Federals spoke with other organizations) in a “Head Assistant” and paved the way for the improvements that have been made in helping them.

If you wish to leave your wishes for the outgoing Head Recruiter please post in the topic found in the club “MCRecruitment”

Explosions, Gunfire, Panic

All 3 of these words can be used to describe the reign of terror that the “Virtuan Bomb Squad” brought upon Cyberie as they planted bombs in and around top traders stores, bringing them to their knees.

This, however, was ended yesterday in a spree of shooting supposedly committed by Joep Eerlijk that ended Bleech‘s spree of bombings.

According to a spokesman for Bleech he is resting comfortably in a hospital outside of the Federation and is expected to make a full recovery and return to the Federation for Round 121.

The Total damage done by Bleech to Cyberian traders is also currently unknown but is expected to be quite substantial.

University of Kronenburg – Interview with (Brendan)

(Brendan): Hello

Andoversr: Hello (Brendan) , so the University of Kronenburg, what can you tell us about this new system of Education?

(Brendan): The new system of education offers citizens an alternative medium of learning. Things that have never formally been studied are being opened up for people to research and learn about in a way that has not really been seen before. There are several different areas of research that cover each aspect of Miniconomy.

Andoversr: What will the advantages be to these students who study these alternative studies, and what of the current degrees that can be studied?

(Brendan): The approved advantages (such as integration into government and laws) are still under discussion. However I am assured that all student following courses would undergo a large learning curve and could even do further research things themselves. There’s so much of Miniconomy to learn, but so many skills and so much knowledge (that are applicable to the world outside of the Federation) that we can learn from eachother. The degrees that will be offered can be found in the University of Kronenburg club.

Andoversr: What sorts of classes should we expect to see courses on from the University?

(Brendan): It will instead teach things such as political sciences, social sciences, economics.. for example.

Andoversr: How do the countries of the Federation play into this? How will Virtua be involved in the University?

(Brendan): Well there is a question of where funding will come from, whether countries will formally use the university or not and whether the people of that nation will actually use it. Virtua has not committed itself to anything – yet -. We would like to see a test period in order to see whether the university works before becoming affiliated with it. Then we can start to how it could be used in Virtuan politics.

Andoversr: Is Virtua supportive of this idea?

(Brendan): At this moment in time, Virtua is remaining neutral in terms of not committing ourselves. We must have more discussion internally before we make a decision on whether Virtua is against it or not.

Andoversr: Thank you for your time


Thank you to (Brendan) for taking the time to answer these questions.

Virtuan Elections 11/15

This round the elections saw a low number of candidates, with only Rokta and Andoversr running.

Some speculate that this race will be close, Andoversr has the advantage of experience in helping run the Virtuan Government and being involved over the last several rounds off and on in the discussions of the Federal Union, whereas Rokta has the advantage of being a very popular mayor of Nasdaqar, having won the mayoral elections several rounds in a row, potentially making him popular with voters already, which cannot be said for Andoversr over the last rounds looking at his vote results.

Either way they will be President and Vice President together as they were the only two who ran, and will need to work together next round to work on Federal Union issues and run the Virtuan Government along with those they select as Consuls.

We at vNews wish the best of luck for these two.