Turnover Statistics Day 7/21 R147

Turnover Statistics Day 7/21 R147

Total shop revenues: 16,732,823.95

# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 Tranqer 849,308.50 Ibisha
2 Zwollar Boomloos MV 831,774.48 Roebelarendsveen
3 martijn5 824,928.42 Kronenburg
4 Mukyrlax 675,221.86 Zwollar
5 T Iron MV 573,895.23 Ibisha
6 Leonardo_Alvarez 558,615.45 Roebelarendsveen
7 dalor 464,863.01 Kronenburg
8 Marcello Alvarez 451,893.45 Ibisha
9 Federal Government 446,391.41 Sans Francishco
10 Tresias Aegirsson 389,102.26 Kronenburg
11 Giulio Alvarez 369,694.60 Ibisha
12 Troel 340,310.66 Kronenburg
13 Plastic dame 320,962.89 Kronenburg
14 Hubinho1 304,609.23 Zwollar
15 jorref 292,276.79 Kronenburg
16 gelaarsdekat 285,322.11 Centropolis
17 CIT 275,739.00 Ibisha
18 gasherbrum1 265,589.85 Kronenburg
19 fisher 247,261.89 Kronenburg
20 Aximili 245,643.43 Cashington
21 Frankeur 241,932.08 Kronenburg
22 Minimize 232,154.68 Monapoli
23 Grease 225,002.97 Ibisha
24 UWQ 224,302.57 Kronenburg
25 Plastic Fantastic 215,527.16 Roebelarendsveen

(I’ll make the table nicer looking soon, going to bed now!)

Overview day 7/21

Welcome back to vNews!

This round, we are back in business. Due to unforseen circumstances we were unable to provide any news the last round. Most interesting news of last round was the request of Ibishan President CIT to the Virtuan Council to start discussing a fusion between the two countries. CIT felt forced to this decision due to the long lasting lack of serious activity on the tropical island. The Virtuan Council was interested in the fusion, but were unable to discuss it any further. The Federal Government declared it impossible to join the two countries.
Rumour has it that CIT might hand Ibisha now to the Alvarez clan, to be continued…

So let’s continue with an overview on Virtua.

The Virtuan economy runs smoothly and steady if not fast. All products are well covered, but there have been some issues about shops remaining empty for some time. Good news for the shops of Federal Government, bad news for Virtua’s best traders as this round will not provide a Virtuan winner.

The political scene of Virtua is stable with not much to report on, possibly because the main politicians of late have became even more inactive. Although, Virtuan President Bleech tried to improve the situation by hiring the new face asdfe as Consul of Education. As asdfe has no degrees himself, he immediately hired Bleech as National Teacher to ensure the educational standards. The collaboration between the two players is good.

On the International scene, rumour has it that there is a lot more political mudfighting going on than is to be expected. There have been heard a lot of shouting and namecursing from inside the chairmanless Federal Union until the Federal Government took over. For now, all discussion seems to be halted until there is an adequate Chairman again.


This round, your vNews reported has travelled around for a bit to get the latest insights from one of the more experienced people around. First off is gelaarsdekat!

It was quite difficult to actually find his house, if you can even call it a house. The taxi dropped me off at the address, in the middle of the forest of Centropolis. No house in sight. I call gelaarsdekat and his secretary tells me to go down the street for a bit and walk up the lane to the house. The lane was flanked by fountains and trees of at least 50 meters. After walking several kilometres, I finally reached the place gelaarsdekat lives, but I wouldn´t call it a house. With a house it won´t take you a 1 hour walk just to walk around it… When entering the mansion, the largesse of wealth becomes apparent. Now the question remains, is this all a facade of decadency, or will I be in the presence of a financial mastermind?

You are criminal in the extremely tolerant Virtua, how does this work for you?
I wouldn’t describe myself as a criminal, the only reason I went into doing crimes is because of the achievement list and someday I’d like to be on top of it. Most of the Virtuans respect me as much as I respect them and in my opinion I think we work well together.  I think that it’s different if I was a criminal that would just shoot people for fun, that would have been a whole different story.

Is it financially enticing to do crime in Virtua?
I guess it is, as crime in Virtua is not very expensive. In the past, I have argued against several Presidents to put a 10% net worth fine when you get caught in shooting, because I think it is too easy to bankrupt smaller players which is not fun for them.
Other than that, I believe that in some aspects crime should be a bit attractive so that the Federation makes some money from credit sales. That is why I did a small test last round and had four of my skills put on crime to start shoplifting. I did 50 attempts to shoplifting and managed to succeed 39 of them. So, with skills, crime is very attractive (mind that all those robberies where in shops where no officer was nearby or any cams involved).

The Virtuan trade seems slow but steady this round, what do you think that should be improved next round?
As you may know, in the past 7 rounds I have had 3 top 2 spots of which one win.  I believe that Virtuan trade only starts on day three, after the subsidies have been handed out. Virtua struggles to get an aggressive or good start at round start. When the round start for Virtua is better, I believe that Virtua could win almost every round. Just like every round Virtuas trade gets better day by day until day 14. That is when trade starts to slow down in the whole federation. I also think that Virtua could improve on the amount of skyscraper tenants build each round. I think that Virtua has not ever reached over half of the amount of skyscraper tenants build compared to Cyberia in a round.

Do you think the opening of a Virtuan harbour last week a blessing or a curse?
I myself had warned the Virtuan players not to open a harbour until the Virtuan economy was ready to. I encourage international trade, but I would like to put the Virtuan economy in front. If Virtua is not able to export their products, then we shouldn’t build a harbour. Right now Ibisha and Cyberia, who had a great first week, are out of resources and come and get it in Virtua. In my opinion, opening the harbour today, after playing a week, or maybe on Monday would’ve been a better scenario for Virtua.

With this answer, his second expensive-looking cigar is done. His secretary reminds gelaarsdekat he has another appointment, one he doesn’t want to miss. Gelaarsdekat seems to remember and concludes his goodbye with whispering he’ll have a nice interview with his mistress now…


Turnover Statistics Day 9/21 R145

Turnover Statistics Day 9/21 R145


Total shop revenues: 8,398,911.11 ISH

Position Name Turnover (ISH) Home town
1 Mukyrlax 566,285.99 Cashington
2 Federal Government 373,804.65 Sans Francishco
3 gelaarsdekat1 347,031.41 Kronenburg
4 Minimize 312,383.23 Monapoli
5 Switzisch 233,840.24 Monapoli
6 A Lontra 218,281.87 Zwollar
7 nasi 213,468.15 El Peso
8 jeroentjah2 210,380.86 Kronenburg
9 martijn5 209,830.22 Kronenburg
10 dalor 188,289.54 Kronenburg
11 Aximili 180,743.82 Cashington
12 Jythier 177,649.67 Centropolis
13 Podje 175,936.93 Nasdaqar
14 Tresias Aegirsson 175,329.00 Kronenburg
15 The King 2 174,516.63 El Peso
16 zwabber 173,294.69 Kronenburg
17 hubinho 173,213.20 El Peso
18 goed goud 162,891.29 Roebelarendsveen
19 You know me 161,234.97 Monapoli
20 Technix 159,733.51 Monapoli
21 jeroentje312 156,714.30 El Peso
22 Bleech 150,167.75 Centropolis
23 ik_zwollartje 148,248.14 Zwollar
24 CIT 140,174.65 Ibisha
25 Emma Street 130,696.65 Monapoli
26 Troel 127,896.90  Nasdaqar


Future of Miniconomy?

Dear friends in this Federation,

In the past, the activity in our Federation has been greater than it now is. Instead of having tough competition to become Mayor, you can now be pretty sure to become one if you subscribe in the right city. After three days of trade, the “Capital” of Cyberië has 9 accounts that logged in at least once this round, of which one is the player account of a Federal. Also, the trade activity is low. During the last rounds, voices were raised to delete Ibisha for a third time as solution to its inactivity.

People expect the Federals and Wouter to solve this. People expect that they, volunteers to the benefit of the players of Miniconomy, to invest even more time they now spend (mostly dealing with whining comments in Fed Requests) in this game in ways that they may not even be capable of. That they have access to the tuning of game variables, does not mean that they can do all themselves.

I wish to convince you that the changes below need to take place. I hope that you’ll help me pull this off and will help to convince others to do likewise!

#1 – Contact your old friends! Many profiles feature emailaddresses, nothing works as good as an old friend contacting you to come back, ask Gaulamos!

#2 – Have respect! Not only to your closest friends, but also to the others. We need at least all of us to keep Miniconomy running.

#3 – Never underestimate the Federals! They invest a lot of time and energy so you can have fun. They may not always do what you want them to do, but they always strive to act in the good of the entire game. Also, if they make a small mistake, don’t hate them for it. They are merely as human as we are and perhaps were tired as hell, but still wanted to help people.

#4 Follow the rules! They are there to make the game fun for everybody. With all the whining and seeking the limits of what is allowed, you may annoy players so that they leave the game or occupy the Federals so much, they have no time for the things they ought to do.

I also have a plan of directly promoting Miniconomy not as a game but as a simulation to students of economical and political studies. If you are interested in help thinking how it should be done, contact me.

Overview Day 20/21

Good evening! As YAN is on a well-deserved vacation (we finally got him deported), I’ll take care of this weeks edition of vNews!

We are nearing the end of an interesting round. After the hectics and turmoil of round 127b, we now have had a refreshingly ordinary round. Even the Federals could withhold spicing things up by keeping away the Japanese tourists or the UN Security Council.

During this round, we’ve see the effects of timing a round quite clearly. The Federals gave their own vacation planning a higher priority than that of most players. This had two effects. On the one hand, and most clearly, you have the absence of players in Cyberie and Ibisha. On the other hand, some of the old players now have the time again to check with old friends.

The crew of vNews wishes a very warm welcome back to respected Virtuans like Gaulamos, riemer_1990, oscar123, Demonic Hammy and Tuned. We would also like to stress that not much is needed to reach out to old friends. Just look if there are email address on their profiles and send them a “Hey buddy, come and have a chat!”.

This week in particular was quite uneventful pretty much everywhere but the International Court. After a round with no case at all, the IC this round has to deal with 3 PIs, 2 Normal cases and two Higher Appeals.

Prospects for coming round are already heavily discussed in Virtua. After Gaulamos came to say hello at the beginning of the round, he got so addicted he now leads the time log and promised to trade iron next round. He’s also the most favourite candidate for the position of Consul of Finances, whoever the next President and Vice-President will be! Don’t forget to check out the club Council Public to remain up to date on the latest political and trade related discussions!

Statistics Day 20/21

With many thanks to Federal Assistant I can divulge not only the Turnover Statistics, but also reveal some more interesting facts.

One of the most interesting facts he revealed was that the top 5 has a networth of around 1,5 million I-Shell! Next to this, there seems to be quite a definite boundary between the top10 and the runner up, as places 10 and 11 differ about 12,500 I-Shell, however it yet remains unclear who will in the prestigious top 10 notation.
Federal Assistant also made clear that some houses in the real estate business are allowing visitors, of the 59 built houses, 6 are open to visitors and 1 door is still blown to pieces.
The last noteworthy facts is that about 40% of the more than five thousand auctions were successful.

The Turnover Statistics at day 20 of round 128 are:

Total shop revenues: 20,081,210.33 ISH

# Naam Omzet (ISH) Standplaats
1 Bleech 1,295,507.54 Nasdaqar
2 The King 2 862,826.88 El Peso
3 BolleTripolire 666,762.38 El Peso
4 traag begrip 592,575.22 Roebelarendsveen
5 Ironic MV 568,350.13 Cashington
6 Federal Government 552,702.08 Sans Francishco
7 Plastic dame 550,380.75 Kronenburg
8 hubinho 500,105.00 Monapoli
9 Tresias Aegirsson 455,908.97 Eurodam
10 goudie 455,042.37 Nasdaqar
11 Podje 453,968.28 Cashington
12 You know me 448,273.09 Monapoli
13 martijn5 446,870.03 Roebelarendsveen
14 Gaulamos 446,085.89 Cashington
15 patozur 439,234.95 Nasdaqar
16 Giulio Alvarez 411,759.05 Roebelarendsveen
17 dj ricky 397,812.85 Centropolis
18 YAN Plastic MV 360,200.02 Centropolis
19 Rokta 339,041.89 Nasdaqar
20 Boekhouding 334,143.78 Roebelarendsveen
21 Hubinho1 295,091.37 Zwollar
22 Rsacavov 292,275.61 Cashington
23 annoniem 2 280,741.92 Cashington
24 vdktje 263,628.75 El Peso
25 Kippenhok97 261,051.00 El Peso
26 Luca Torelli 256,374.30 El Peso
27 TriSap 250,460.49 Kronenburg
28 Aximili 246,605.85 Cashington
29 nasi 239,798.98 El Peso
30 White Queen 238,767.57 Centropolis

Interview with the old and new Federal Assistant!

Here I am again, writing to you all of my latest adventure. In fact, I’m glad I made it out alive!

It all started with a phone call in the middle of the night, “Podje is stopping as Federal and starts to trade again, Sugarfree will follow up as Federal Assistant. GET ME AN INTERVIEW NOW!”. I went back to bed, hoping to sleep it off. The next morning I thought it a most excellent joke I dreamed of until I saw the news headlines of CNN. They already made a big story on this topic, I should’ve known they knew already…

I went out and about asking people if they’ve seen Sugarfree lately. Most believed he locked himself up in his stronghold somewhere in the Nasdaqar forest. Instead, I went to the immense skyscraper of the Central Bureau of Investigation. In the main hall I saw, next to an impressive statue of the god Wouter, several portrets of old Federals, although the one of Gelaarsdekat1 was heavily vandalized.

I filed a request to interview the latest Federal Assistant and got 23 forms to fill in. After handing them back to Abraham Lincoln, I was told that I could expect an answer on them somewhere the coming year after which he returned to practise his nap-techniques.

After some time, I got a response from the secretary of Federal Assistant, bonanza, saying that his Highness is “[i]not lazy, but is saving energy[/i]” and if I would be so kind to send him a letter with my questions. Read his response just below:

What events lead to you becoming a Federal?
I think that Wouter and the Federals have faith in me.

Why did you choose/accept to become a Federal?
The new experience and challenge.

What do you want to achieve as a Federal?
I just want to support the game as best as I can.

How is the cooperation between all Federals and Wouter?
From my experience there are some heated discussions at times, but always for the good of the game.

What happened to your dungeon?
Well, lets just say I received some anonymous donations after I joined the Federal team.

As a personal favour to Head Editor, I have to ask you, what kind of fruit is your favourite?
I can really appreciate a Galia. (Melon)

Can you tell us your opinion on the good and bad sides of each country in the Federation?
The ‘good and bad sides’ of a country is what makes it unique. It is what makes the game interesting. A country with only ‘good’ is no fun at all in my opinion.

Who are the most promising new players around?
I believe theovenman is very promising in both politics and trade.

Do you have anything else to share with our beloved vNews readers?
I’m not lazy, I am simply saving energy!

After sending the interview questions to Federal Assistant, I’ve tried to interview Podje as well. I found him hurrying across Virtua trying to get his trade up. While trying to catch up with him, I heard him muttering fragments that sounded like “…not fair…” “…gelaarsdekat1…” “…merely top 10 position…” “…I need to be first to Master of…”. He was startled when I finally caught his sleeve. When I asked him if I could interview him, his response was “Yes, yes, of course. Soon. Not now, I need to work. Send it and I’ll look at it tonight. Now go buy more gunpowder!” Or do you want bricks? I have lovely bricks, here have some! No don’t run away, stay here and buy my goods!”

Yes people, I fled Podje fearing for my life. When I covered enough distance and was sure he wouldn’t try to knock me down to steal my wallet, I vaguely tried to make sure my wallet was still in my pocket. It wasn’t. I don’t know how he did it, but Podje does seem to have a gift in acquiring money! When I got home, I sent him the interview, this is his response:

You are now a trader again, what made you decide to step down as Federal?
I wanted to become a trader again.

What will you always remember of your time as Federal?
I’ll forever miss the memorable moments in the club “Het Beugeltje”…

What is now your big goal?
Having fun in Miniconomy!

Why did you choose to start in Nasdaqar?
Nasdaqar is the city of trees and gold, who wouldn’t want to live there?

As a personal favour to the Head Editor, I have to ask you, what kind of fruit is your favourite?
Hop! (main ingredient of beer)

Can you tell us your opinion on the good and bad sides of each country in the Federation?
I can only see the good sides of every country:
– Cyberie has a lively political system and generally a healthy economy.
– Digitalie has its own charming way of dealing with problems.
– Ibisha has the strongest sense of unity, perhaps partly because you can only get out by boat.
– Virtua is the counrty that reminds me the most of the days in the past, a lively economy, good resources and very friendly people!

Who are the most promising new players around?
I would say Zofona, he has some very promising meat balls!

Do you have anything else to share with our beloved vNews readers?
Pay a visit to the club “Het Beugeltje”!

And that was it. My job was done. My head editor hasn’t killed me for being late, I’ve had no further experience in Sugarfree’s Dungeon and I managed to escape from Podje.

The International Court

This round I’ve had the pleasure of becoming the Chairman of the International Court yet again. In the two previous rounds, the IC made some questionable actions which inspired me to take up the reigns again. I was glad that the High Council agreed with this.

What exactly makes the International Court work or fail is an important question any Chairman of the International Court has to ask himself. In my opinion, the International Court is the passive protector of the legal foundation of the entire Federation. Whereas the High Council is actively protecting the legal interests by giving feedback on the IC and law proposals, the IC won’t do a thing when nobody is asking. However, when a case is submitted, many from throughout the Federation are all watching is silent guardian.

And they wait and wait and wait some more. Discussions start on the speed, people start taking sides or even tell the IC or HC what they should do. These are the people I want to wake up.

Most have no idea how thin the line is that the Chairman has to walk in keeping the IC running. One the one side there is a small pool of players that are at least adequate to become a Judge. Then, who will you choose to handle the PIs, the quickest form of ‘justice’ in Miniconomy in which mistakes happen and often have disastrous consequences. The team of Judges is the only foundation a Chairman can make.
Then come the case requests. Most of the requesters have absolutely no clue what the function of a PI is. Most of the requesters could seriously use lessons in ‘how to write a case request’, ‘how to write a plea’, ‘how to accept the outcome’ and ‘how to proceed after a PI/NC’.

Most of all, people should start to be thankful to the people offering their own time to review cases they have no interest in just for the sake to help you and others. After all, Miniconomy is just a game.

Election Statements

The following statements from Election candidates were sent to us for this week’s edition:


(Brendan)  – Presidential Candidate

I’m running for Presidency again. I would appreciate all your votes that would put me in office for a third term!

I plan on keeping consistency. I’m not going to promise radical changes or promise discussions on every topic I can think of right now.

Instead, I will promise stability. I will promise that the Council will work for you. If you want us to discuss something, we will.

I will try keeping you upto date with everything that is happening in Virtua and beyond.

In a drive to see what the nation thinks, I will try to roll out more of the surveys many of you will have already filled in this round.

I offer you experience, interest and dedication to Virtua and what is best for us as a united nation.

I thank you for voting me in for the previous 2 rounds and it would be an honour to serve you again.


Tortaam  – Presidential Candidate:

We have had two wonderful rounds under the excellent leadership of (Brendan) in which I was part of the Virtuan Council. Both times I’ve had jobs that shoulder enormous responsibility, knowledge and experience.

Previous round, I’ve had people attack me for my financial policies. I listened to what they said, asked around what the people of Virtua want and made my policy fitting to that situation. With the Virtuan Council we have checked the law for inconsistincies and solved them. We kept a neutral stance on the Digitalian boycot of harbours as a result of the fine system, although we did offer advice on how to solve it. This resulted in the new system of publishing witness reports. Within a few days, we incorporated this into our Virtuan Law. At the end of the round, the people of Virtua rewarded me with enough votes to become the Vice-President.

Already before this round, (Brendan) and I talked about who of the Virtuan people are qualified to take up the position of Consul. We chose for people with experience and we got things done. This round, not a single law suit concerning the Virtuan Council was filed at Court. When situations arose, we solved the problem. This round, I was also chosen as the prestigious Chairman of the International Court. I selected the best and most willing people I could find from the Federation. Under my supervision, requests and cases were dealt with in a short amount of time and our statements hasn’t led to discussion. After rounds of turmoil in the International Court, we’ve had a solid round.

People might also know me as the old Virtuan Criminal Mastermind, Bleech. It was Bleech who, as elected President, proposed the law changes that would allow trade of gunpowder, guns and bombs in Nasdaqar. As you all know, this proposal was approved. Unlike many of my competitors thought, there has been no increase of gunshots or bombings by Virtuans on Virtuans.

I rest my case…


Thank you to all the Candidates who wrote to us. We wish all the Candidates Good Luck in the elections this round.