Ibisha Overview

Ibisha News.

The first 2 weeks of round 120 have been a bit slow compared to the last two rounds.

The Federal Government decided to change the rules for subsidy, this meant a big change in how ibisha normal starts, and we could no longer secure main street lots in other cities. It meant that a few players had a rather big problem with ish the first few hours, since there was no round mail to announce it for those who did not log in between rounds.

Our main traders was Mr Geld, CIT, Zoe and Refund. After the first two days Ibisha started to notices the absent of Mr Geld during the mid-day hours and early evening, It meant slow trade and CIT started his Iron MV.

Ibisha never got into the international trading this round, Ibisha own stores in Cyberia, but Virtua managed to stay off the radar. Virtua was also fast to take out the resource MV’s there were created there.

Ibisha Leadership have this round been:
CIT – President

MoonPoker – FU Member

YAN – Mayor





To end the article of, we at vNews would like to wish CIT happy birthday, he was so lucky to have birthday the 5th December :D!.


The first few months of vNews

vNews was created by Refund and MoonPoker, with MoonPoker as administrator for the first few rounds, after which Refund took over.


Why was vNews even created in the first place? It was in a time where we had The Federal Tribune trying to return, but without any success, and TMC was as always dutch only with a few English articles now and then.

Refund and I were bored one evening and started talking about what Virtua really needed, and we agreed that a newspaper for the English dudes would be nice. One thought led to another, (rare thing with all that thinking) and we agreed to try it, Refund had his webpage ready for hosting it, and he had a little experience with wordpress(Edit: no experience at all, Refund), so we started to create it. The next evening we started talking about what kind of news we wanted, and we agreed that, well you can see it now, it was a bit of everything.

The name was a bit more “special”, we wanted to create something that was more and yet nothing.

We talked about World News, Virtua news, MC News and so on. However, in the end we decided that vNews would be awesome, it was short and people could decide what the V stood for.

In our minds, it was Virtual News, we agreed that Refund should go talk with Wouter and Feds to make the vnews.miniconomy.com a bit more permanent. And that MP should start writing a few things.

The first “article” was posted the 29th November last year, but the very first piece published was one day earlier.


After the first edition at the end of round 108, vNews become more regular and started to make 3 editions each round, and for the first few Months it was only MoonPoker and Refund doing it all. We had a few writers doing a few articles now and then, and (Brendan) took a big part in writing articles we could post, and we would love to thank him for doing it, he provided us with something and none of us had at that time.  After a while, with MP becoming a bit more inactive, Forsties joined the team. Forsties was rather new at that point, but he had already become a new “star” in Virtua.

Many thought the first few rounds that vNews wouldn’t survive and as The Federal Tribune go down and be forgotten.

vNews was created with inspiration from Tuned, Rats and (Brendan) for all their fighting for The Federal Tribune, it was sad to see them having to close it down once and for all.

Someting to look at


Fabulous Article by MoonPoker

The most awesome person in the federation (aka MoonPoker) is back!!!!!.
He moved to Ibisha several rounds ago after the “small” incident in Virtua which he is still proud of ;)…..

This round he has been doing chips and hadn’t planned on ending in the top 10… however, missing that goal seems to be impossible with the fantastic round Ibisha has had.
but MP is BACK!

Ibishan Update 13/21

The Second week in Paradise, have been showing how the trade in Ibisha works, everything takes time, but time is not a problem in Ibisha. Traders from outside Ibisha have yet to really show themselves in Paradise.

Mr.Geld made a Gold MV earlier this week, but he has yet to use it..

Second week was also the week where Bell_1996 built our Harbour and Clickme found it necessary to deliver Plastic to us. Marcelbuter finished building his Mega store and made sure that the Island have a steady flow of Iron.

some discussions have been taking place in the local bar, Bell_1996 could not understand how some disliked McD and refused to eat all his newly acquired junk food which he happily shared in the bar.

CIT have been practising his shooting skills without much success, everyone always cheered on him, when he is trying to hit something.

Second week in Paradise is like always, relaxed and everyone hangs out at the Bar where Bell_1996 and Forstibies are having fun drinking like bulls.

Some of the old Ibishans have returned and been joining the newer generation at the bar, Zoe and Cheeseo have always been looking for a drink and someone to drink with, however they disappear sometimes without notices.




Federal Union Virtua update

Last round FU started selecting a new Chairman, it did not work out, and we continued this round.

The Candidates who had shown interest in the job as:

MoonPoker, Andoversr, Bleech, Tresias Aegirsson, Alecto and Cheeseo.

Cyberia was quick to vote against, Bleech, MoonPoker and Tresias Aegirsson.

Ibisha voted no to Alecto, due to his vacation.

Virtua voted no to Andoversr



After that, the talk went to Likemyitem, The Mister, Joep Eeriljk, Sugarfree and Remcowouter.

Likemyitem was not active this round, so was quickly considered as not being an option.

Digitialia would not support Joep Eerlijk due to earlier hostile actions against Digi.

Virtua and Ibisha would not support Sugarfree as Chairman.

That left us with The Mister and Remcowouter, and the problems started.

Ibisha and Virtua supports The Mister as Chairman, and Virtua will not support Remcowouter as Chairman.

Cyberia and Digitalia supports Remcowouter as Chairman and Cyberia refuses to support The Mister as Chairman for unknown reasons.

First Cyberia would not support people because they was not diplomatic enough, now they will not support people because they are too diplomatic.

They started accusing MoonPoker for only wanting a Virtuan Chairman,

MoonPoker admitted that he would not support RemcoWouter as he thought not diplomatic enough, after that Cyberia has refused to answer the questions Ibisha asked as why they did not want The Mister as Chairman.

The FU consists of:

Virtua: MoonPoker & dj ricky

Ibisha: Zoe gek wie sjek

Digitalia: COE

Cyberia: mariadoc & Ralgon


It doesn’t seem like FU will get a new Chairman this round, and I wunder if its even possible with the current members of FU.

Virtua General R111 19/21

Virtua trade has suffered under the amount of foreign’s mv’s and pressed our prices down, and that meant less active traders to refill stores, we seen a really low iron price this round, since week one the price was round 10 ish, and at some point it was even below 10 ish.

Many of our ores have been exported to Digitalia, and Bleech(Not confirmed) have had a good time bombing virtuans, and trying to shoot or rob them, or that is the talk.

Our wood supply has been going up and down, after TwistedManiac ran out of trees, the problems started rising, and there were times where no wood was to be found in neither Cashington or Centropolis.

The last week have literally been a challenge for many, since Iron was a rare thing, and hard to come by, since MoonPoker and other players stopped their respective trading.


In Politic it has been a slow week, and not much happened this week.

Virtua General R111 5/21

Welcome to another round in Virtua.

The first day started out a bit slow, since we did not have a wood trader the first hour, but the new player Twistedmaniac had talked about doing wood, and he did when he came online.

The first two days went fast but there was wood problems sometimes, but most of the time Virtua was well supplied with all resources.

However everything went wrong after Nater left and we was missing Gas for several hours, not only was he the only gas trader, but he was also the Vice President, CoF and the IC Chairman.

We had cities without budget for for more then 24 hours and it left a few scares on our economy.

Our trade went back to normal after Twistedmaniac made a gas mv, which could fill the gap after Nater left us.

Bleech was fired doing the first day for having overlook a part of our lawbook, which didn’t allow him to perform crimes, sadly he learned it the hard way and was fired for hitting someone with a plank.

Cyberians has been invading Virtua with MV’s based in Nasdaqar & Cashington, Bleech said in chat that it was to get the trade going in NSQ, however many seems to think otherwise.

Our own President MoonPoker came in troubles after missing a new addition to our law book, since only allowed either the President or Vice-President to have another Council title, that meant he have been breaking the law since day 1 without even noticing it himself…


Virtua court has been busy with 6 cases, which meant that Forsties, Dj Ricky and Refund have been working 24/7 to make verdicts.



To sum up, our VP left without notice, Trade had a few problems but overcame them, Cyberians invading Virtua with MVs.

Election list and President Articles


Tranq, Experience: unknown.

The Mister,  Experience: Several times as mayor.

Natcha12, Experience: few times a mayor

mystq, Experience: None

Andoversr, Experience: He say several times a mayor.




Forsties, Experience: Round 110



Rokta: Experience: Round 110



President Candidates:

dj ricky, Experience: unknown


Nater, Experience: Few times as President, but also as VP and in the council.


Hello My Fellow Viruans!

I am once again running for president of our fine nation! I won’t be as long winded as usual, as I think you are getting to know me well.

There are two things I would like to work on in the coming round if you honor me with being your president.

1) The economy – In honesty I think our economy is doing quite well. Yet as it it such a crucial part of the game, I don’t think we should ever stop working on it. I would like to see Virtua have all products covered early on in the round, and I would like to see Virtuan being more international in the trading of her good. I will endeavor to help push Virtua in that direction.

2) The safety of our government and way of life. We have seen recent attacks on your way of life in Virtua. People who don’t like the way we do things and want to changes us. Either by pushing is in a certain direction, or by taking over our country and changing our laws. I want to work at strengthening the security of our government from being exploited, while still preserving the freedoms we have.

I hope that I can count on your vote in the elections, and your support next round in creating an even better Virtua!




MoonPoker, Experience: Once as VP and several times in the council.


Hello People.

I will be running as President for next round.

Justice: I will be looking into our court system and hoping to close a few holes and change a few laws to ensure a better trial.

Economy: I will look on it and see if it need changes, it might or it might not, but you can never be to careful, since economy is one of the most important things in MC.

Education: I will be looking into the laws and maybe suggest laws against the use of schools and to improve the government owned eduction.

Else I wish everyone a good round in 111.




Aztech, Experience: unknown.


I am officially throwing my hat in the ring again. I support lower council salary’s, a more person to person governmental policy, Interactive schools and exams, small town economics and Big Stick, soft voice National security.


Virtua, End of round 110

Round 110 has bought many fun things and the trade has been flowing and we haven’t really experienced the problems from earlier rounds with slow or no trade in a long time.

However Nasdaqar was a bit dead doing the first week, but there came more activity in the second week.

It has been clear in virtua that many of the basic products were covered by few, and it gave some problems.

Wood was hard to get in Centropolis some days and the same went for Iron.

Following players was on the basic in round 110 in Virtua.

Wood: MoonPoker and Aqib

Iron: Felix D and Refund

Bricks: Nater and Mystq

Plastic: gelaarsdekat and Refunds MV.

Our President doing the whole round has been (Brendan) and Nater was our Vice President.

Refund as CoF, he faced challenges this round with two active cities and one that was less active, it was also this round that playermanager was made public.


Centropolis with natcha12 as mayor has been burning through money and it was clear that with their 96 “active” players that they would need more than the rest. Natcha12 did a good job as mayor of Centropolis, though he and refund had their clashes about the budgets.


Cashington with Forsties as mayor did a really good job and through Cashington had bought Iron and Brick traders, Forsties managed to keep the lot state close to 100 most of the time. Cashington has a few problems with the budget the first couple of days but was quickly solved.


Nasdaqar with Rokta as mayor had a rough couple of days in the start with 1-3 active traders, which meant that it was close to a ghost town, however it seemed that trade picked up after both Refund and MoonPoker moved there, and stores was built. Nasdaqar never had budget problems and enjoyed the life of being the rich city in Virtua.


There has been close to no crimes in virtua, a few small traders tried the way of being criminal, and some had more luck than others.

As a closure, it seems it has been a good round and we hope to see a few of our traders in top 25.