Another round has gone

Now another round has almost passed. Another winner is almost exclaimed, and a new president is to be appointed.

In this round the Virtuans have two main contestants for the round winner award, Tranqer & Viraxje. During the round Tranqer have been producing more than 1.5 Million pieces of wood, mainly achieved by supplying almost every harbour city in the Federation, during the round Tranqer had a visit for some days in Ibisha to steal all their trees. Viraxje on the other hand have been living in Virtua for the whole round, but with his efficient way of selling his goods in mainly Cyberie he have probably ensured himself a spot in top 3.

Here in this round vNews have been jumping a bit around editors, but that is to end. We’re looking for a ‘new generation’ to keep the newspaper afloat for the future. Currently vNews have been around for almost 2 years, and hopefully it will continue to supply the Federation with more news in the future. If you are interested in joining up, write in the club or contact Refund. (I, Refund, plan to retire completely from vNews)

Turnover Statistics Day 14/21

Here are the Turnover Statistics for the round so far:

Position Name Turnover (ISH) Home Town
1 AynRand 891,923.86 Cashington
2 A Lontra 795,407.35 Zwollar
3 Iron MV 779,254.36 Zwollar
4 Refund 629,642.04 Ibisha
5 the hawk 621,305.89 Ibisha
6 theovenman 555,143.22 Nasdaqar
7 Forsties 539,941.55 Cashington
8 Federal Government 511,232.30 Sans Francishco
9 traag begrip 507,326.09 Roebelarendsveen
10 Chips MV 497,602.94 Zwollar
11 deki123 469,064.86 Nasdaqar
12 Joep Eerlijk 461,765.50 Zwollar
13 justinote 441,224.94 Ibisha
14 martijn5 425,920.03 Kronenburg
15 theovenman MV 409,997.61 Centropolis
16 swieber 386,806.61 Roebelarendsveen
17 Zoe gek wie sjek 374,733.92 Ibisha
18 bell_1996 374,510.92 Centropolis
19 Rokta 367,699.50 Nasdaqar
20 Coxeraman 336,963.65 Roebelarendsveen
21 gelaarsdekat1 326,946.85 Eurodam
22 The King 2 312,487.35 El Peso
23 the mega handelaar 311,478.89 Zwollar
24 ik_zwollartje 308,669.18 Zwollar
25 jorref 301,086.72 Kronenburg
26 YAN 287,621.17 Ibisha

Additional we were given these stats too:

Number of positions in top 50 networth:

8x Zwollar 6x Roebelarendsveen 6x Kronenburg 2x Eurodam 10x Ibisha
5x Nasdaqar 4x Centropolis 3x Cashington 6x El Peso 0x Monapoli


Thank you to Federal Assistant for providing us with these statistics.

Virtua National Awards – Round 111 – Final results

Welcome to the Virtua National Awards!

We are having a total of 17 Awards which follows:

Last 5 rounds Alltime New
Best Trader Best Trader Best Trader
Best Lawyer Best Lawyer
Best Polician Best Polician
Best Criminal Best Criminal
Most Social Active Most Social Active
Best Officer Best Officer
Best Teacher Best Teacher
Best Mayor Best Mayor

Each award is also having a following prize consisting of 2000 ISH donated by Forsties(Cashington Mayor) & Mystq(Centropolis Mayor).

All the virtuans have been invited for this event at the vNews club, the vNews have been hired drivers and
rented cars for transporting the virtuans to the club. The first players to arrive is our sponsors, Forsties & Mystq, and very thanks to them for helping this come true. Everyone is heading to the scene. It is time for giving out the Awards!


The first award: Forsties’ best new player award

The nominated are: twistedmaniac, bell_1996, walrus…. The winner IS…. twistedmaniac


The second award is Mystq’s best trader of all time

And here the nominated are…. MoonPoker, Tuned & Goudie! And the winned is…. Tuned! This one was very close! just a few votes was making the difference.


Next award is vNews’ best trader of the last 5 rounds

Here we also have 3 nominated players… Nater, Refund & Tuned.. The winner of this one is…. Refund with a big margin to the next player.


Award number 4 is Best laywer of all time

The nominated virtuans are.. (Brendan),Refund & Tuned.. The winner of this one is… Refund it was very very close here too.


Award 5 is Best laywer of the last 5 rounds

The nominated are your fellow virtuans.. MoonPoker, Refund & Tuned.. And our winner here is… Refund


For the next award Best polician of all time

And here we have following players nominated.. (Brendan), Ronald, Tuned.. The winner is.. Tuned this award was also very very close, a few % was making the different.


Our 7th award Best polician of the last 5 rounds

Our nominated players are.. (Brendan), Tuned & Nater… our winner is (Brendan) who was winning with a big margin.


The 8th award of the Virtua National Awards is the popular award: Best criminal of all time

Here we only had 2 nominted.. Bleech & MoonPoker.. The best criminal of all time is.. Bleech


Now to the Best criminal of the last 5 rounds

The nominated are… Bleech, MoonPoker & Triad Best Main.. The winner is.. MoonPoker


The 10th award is Most social active player of all time

We had 3 nominated player here… (Brendan), dj ricky, & MoonPoker.. The winner is.. MoonPoker


Now to the Most social active player of the last 5 rounds

Our nominated virtuans is… Bleech, Forsties & MoonPoker.. And the following virtuan is winning this award.. Forsties


For the 12th award we are having Best officer of all time

The nominated player is.. Gaulamos, natcha12 & the mister… The best officer is.. the mister


Next award up for delivering is Best officer the last 5 rounds

Here we have lindapinda86, natcha12 & the mister as the nominated virtuans.. The winner is.. natcha12


Now we are heading to the award Best teacher of all time

The nominated players are.. Andoversr, Nater & Ronald.. The winner here is… Andoversr


And now we are going for the award Best teacher of the last 5 rounds

The nominated players are.. Andoversr, (Brendan), Tuned.. Our winner is (Brendan) who is our Consul of Education this round.

We are getting to the end of the Virtua National Awards.. The next award is Best mayor of all time

Our nominated virtuans are (Brendan), Bleech & Forsties.. And the winner is.. Forsties who is mayor of Cashington this round.


To the last award of the VNA round 111.. Best mayor of the last 5 rounds

Again we are having Forsties nominated, but we are also having (Brendan) & Mystq nominated.. The winner of the last award is… Forsties


Resuming the winners:

New players
Best Trader twistedmaniac
Last 5 rounds
Best Trader Refund
Best Lawyer Refund
Best Polician (Brendan)
Best Criminal MoonPoker
Most Social Active MoonPoker
Best Officer natcha12
Best Teacher (Brendan)
Best Mayor Forsties
Best Trader Tuned
Best Lawyer Refund
Best Polician Tuned
Best Criminal Bleech
Most Social Active MoonPoker
Best Officer the mister
Best Teacher Andoversr
Best Mayor Forsties

All winners can post their account number for their prizes in the vNews club.

Prizelist:(Most prizes first)

Refund(3) – 6000 ISH

MoonPoker(3) – 6000 ISH

Forsties(2) – 4000 ISH

Tuned(2) – 4000 ISH

(Brendan)(2) – 4000 ISH

natcha12(1) – 2000 ISH

twistedmaniac(1) – 2000 ISH

Bleech(1) – 2000 ISH

the mister(1) – 2000 ISH

Andoversr(1) – 2000 ISH


Thanks for your time! See you in some rounds for the next VNA!


Over and out