vNews edition 2 round 152


Hi and welcome to a shortened version of vNews.

As some of you may know I, viraxje, was bankrupted this round.
Turns out having a newspaper is a lot less interesting when you are bankrupt.
I found it difficult myself to still log in and keep encouraging players to write articles for the paper, Hence also this short edition(which I apologize for).
To be fair I haven’t done much of the work this round,  I am very grateful to both Riviat and Mystq this round for keeping the activity going behind the scenes. Actually Riviat managed to write articles his fourth edition in a row now, which is quite the achievement! Therefore Riviat is winner of the vNews Writer of the Round award!
I also wish to thank Mystq for publishing edition 1 this round whilst I was on vacation.

Since my holiday period is coming up I won’t be able to spend as much time on vNews as I have been able to last round.
However I do find it very beneficial for the English community to also have a newspaper in English around, therefore I ask you to contact me if you’re interesting in helping out ensuring the continuity of vNews.



Opening word day 21/21, Round 151

Welcome to the third and last edition of this round.

As you probably all know by now it’s the third week of the round again. The time where activity on the chat is about the same as the resources left on the city maps and you’re happy with any sales you get. Attempts by the game leaders to increase third week activity seem to have failed.

When we look in to politics this round, what started with a bang ended with a whimper. Shady Mouse, who gained Presidency after the unfortunate bankruptcy of Sesam took over and appointed some new Council members. After appointing though little seems to have happened, in fact, we still do not have a Virtuan Court, nor has there been any approved law change. Over the last couple of days it seems President Shady Mouse wants to make up for some of the lost time this round trying to push some laws through the voting process.

As promised before this edition we also selected a vNews writer of the round. With a number of very interesting articles which required quite some preparation this rounds vNews writer of the round is : dj ricky!!
The staff is excited to be able to congratulate dj ricky and hopes there are more articles to come from this great writer.

On a different note, to fill this edition we once again had support of some great writers. We have Mystq writing about her conquest to keep the Mrs MC title, Riviat sharing interesting lottery information, Woshiempire() with has second article of the round and more!

Our reporters also told us that the Federals might not have been able to respond in person, but they managed to get some interesting information. There will be something happening to resources to resolve shortage issues and shooting damage this round was not accurate and will be tested again, so there will be some changes to that as well next round.

Enjoy reading! We will be back next round!

Turnover stats 20/21 Round 151

Total shop revenues: 36,855,864.63 ISH
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 2,487,398.14 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 2,099,319.63 Ibisha
3 Leonardo_Alvarez 1,875,241.34 Ibisha
4 viraxje 1,696,768.40 Nasdaqar
5 The Ibishan Boss 1,259,099.96 Ibisha
6 Flight 815 1,250,833.18 Ibisha
7 Plastic dame 1,214,947.18 Kronenburg
8 AynRand 1,171,427.26 Ibisha
9 Tresias Aegirsson 1,153,108.72 Roebelarendsveen
10 Samurai02 971,177.70 Cashington
11 Mystq 792,984.03 Centropolis
12 Zoe gek wie sjek 754,568.38 Ibisha
13 Federal Government 715,953.09 Sans Francishco
14 dj ricky 707,016.74 Centropolis
15 traag begrip 694,710.18 Roebelarendsveen
16 desmalen 620,081.83 Kronenburg
17 azarik 616,774.13 Nasdaqar
18 Riviat 599,161.11 Cashington
19 el-capo 593,089.12 Roebelarendsveen
20 The Badass 536,975.00 Ibisha
21 Tobilo 512,045.77 Nasdaqar
22 martijn5 472,217.51 Kronenburg
23 jackot 457,495.41 Roebelarendsveen
24 Rats! 452,911.57 El Peso
25 dalor 422,955.34 Kronenburg
26 katchitonme 417,782.46 Nasdaqar

Opening word, Day 15


With delight we present to you vNews second edition of Round 151!



Welcome back to vNews for this second edition. With the trade slowing down a little bit in Virtua we have had a relatively easy week. Resource problems were mainly felt by the oil industry and there were several days of inactivity due to the lack of Engines, Pumps, Plastic and Oil. To overcome the problems Tobilo secured ships and Virtua is back in action again. Each day over 400 squst of products are shipped to Virtua to keep the economy going.

Much like the economy things also slowed down in politics again. Whereas we saw a lot of action in the first week with shootings, a new President and Vice President. The council now seems to have abandoned their posts, after the current council was formed there was quite some activity and they seemed to be working on laws. If you take a look in the Council Room currently however you’ll enter an empty building with a small layer of dust setting in.

Internationally we see Ibisha still going strong and Cyberia and Digitalia almost abandoned. In order to keep Ibisha and Virtua going the other 2 countries are mainly being used for resources and products such as plastic which are imported back.

Where there was a big announcement of the Mr(s) Miniconomy contest this round it stays awfully quiet in the club at the moment. The only activity noticeable are the banners which are posted by the contestants ; Martijn5, Tyc00n and of course our Virtuan contestant Mystq.

Furthermore in this edition we present more statistics gathered by dj ricky, this time he took a closer look at past Virtuan Top 10 places. We also had Riviat in a writing spree, it seems each of his personalities found the time to write something for vNews, which we are thankful for of course.
We have a fresh student player explaining how he enjoyed his first week of Miniconomy, viraxje taking a closer look at the effect of Towers and of course last but not least the turnover statistics.


Enjoy the read!
By your vNews staff,

Turnovers day 14/21

Total shop revenues: 29,372,168.17 ISH


# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 1,771,017.14 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 1,603,034.36 Ibisha
3 viraxje 1,437,229.57 Nasdaqar
4 Leonardo_Alvarez 1,358,120.44 Ibisha
5 AynRand 1,035,131.28 Ibisha
6 Plastic dame 933,794.64 Kronenburg
7 Tresias Aegirsson 905,233.31 Roebelarendsveen
8 Flight 815 882,823.93 Ibisha
9 The Ibishan Boss 855,691.87 Ibisha
10 Samurai02 855,093.75 Cashington
11 Mystq 677,996.71 Centropolis
12 Federal Government 658,274.91 Sans Francishco
13 Zoe gek wie sjek 647,486.86 Ibisha
14 dj ricky 605,247.38 Centropolis
15 desmalen 539,685.89 Kronenburg
16 traag begrip 493,322.02 Roebelarendsveen
17 el-capo 478,908.00 Roebelarendsveen
18 Riviat 474,059.00 Cashington
19 Tobilo 469,225.64 Nasdaqar
20 azarik 431,172.59 Nasdaqar
21 martijn5 406,789.45 Kronenburg
22 jackot 396,504.82 Roebelarendsveen
23 Xzese 366,445.63 Centropolis
24 dalor 358,537.76 Kronenburg
25 The Badass 358,313.50 Ibisha

Towers, the real effect

Miniconomy celebrated its 150th trading period last round, however what we all completely missed several rounds ago is the anniversary of the tower. Towers were introduced to keep the economy going in the third week as a lot of players complained that trade slowed and slowly stalled around that time every round. Towers would be something players could invest their cash in for a certain return. This return however was never disclosed by the Feds and therefore it remained a mystery to players if they were profitable or not.
In the first couple of rounds that towers were introduced, there was much discussion about the true value of building a tower. Many players tried calculating their proceeds and weighing up the costs. Towers were soon written off as unworthy of putting any money into;  the return did not seem to match up with the costs. Tranqer wrote in the TMC, Sept 2015: The Uselessness of Skyscrapers.
Recent rounds however have shown a big increase in the investment in towers. Last round, the top 2 in the end ranking together had over 1200 floors. What changed? In recent rounds tourists have shown to be a bit more active again, both in towers and in product purchases. This round again we see many of the top contenders investing heavily in towers.
Why does a top trader invest in towers?
Towers created a new phenomena in Miniconomy, which I like to call: overdrive. Overdrive is when demand for product is always higher than availability. It can be achieved quite easily when top traders in a country work together and all invest in towers. This round we saw Ibisha empty within a week! Coincidentally, they built over 500 floors in the same time-frame. Overdrive makes everyone earn a lot of money in a short period of time until resources are depleted. Overdrive is why resources are the most common products traded internationally.
Do towers work as intended?
Towers were supposed to be a ‘thing’ to keep trade going in the third week. Resources however never make it to the third week anymore. Countries actively trading together and working for their top ranking soon face resource issues. Miniconomy seems to have changed from a trading game to a logistics game, as players must determine who can get the most resources in the right place. This round we can see Natcha12 with in incredible amount of shop space displaying 10,000 iron ore he intends to make into iron bars.
Roebelarendsveen turned into a willing target as prime iron-ore-exporter during the past few rounds.
Plastic & Towers
The introduction of towers also changed the demand for plastic. Plastic back in the day used to be a product with which you could compete with your average brick/iron or wood trader. Skyscrapers increased the demand for plastic tremendously; every floor requires at least 18 plastic. A comfort room however uses 42 plastic. At first, this new demand did not hurt Virtua. Centropolis used to be the city with the highest oil in the Federation, and at an average of just over 200 oil per lot, plastic traders were doing better than ever. However, in the last few rounds the oil situation has changed; cities in the Federation were cut short of resources. Right now in Centropolis, you’re lucky to average 160 per lot. Not only do these changes make the cost of oil much more expensive, but it also means a 20% to 30% drop of oil available in Centropolis. Recent rounds have shown Centropolis is emptied easily, even when trading activity is rather low.

Is the balance gone?
This is another question of mine. Last round Likemyitem and I together decided to go for an active trading round. We would set new records in terms of tower building and net worth. Trade started up nicely and by the time we had our shops built, we started on the towers. Before being able to build over 100 floors, we already noticed that we were going way too fast on the resources if we wanted to keep trading for the entire round. Ships were produced, and thousands of squsts of resources and products were imported to Virtua. Without these imports, trade would ended right after the first week.
Towers were a nice change for a while, however now they’re being worked and in my opinion doing exactly the opposite of what they intended to do. Instead of keeping the trade going for longer, they make resources disappear more quickly.

Welcome to the new vNews!


The staff is delighted to welcome you back after a period of absence.
After having played a very active round 150, it came to our attention that there were not any newspapers active anymore.
Therefor we want to reinstate vNews as what it was originally meant to be, the heartbeat of Virtua.
Our articles will be about everything, what’s happening in Virtua, in the Federation and in the political scene. Our team of reporters will do utmost to inform you about what is going on.

In this first edition we are covering the tale of Sesam and his bankruptcy. What really happened?
We will have interesting stats about participation degrees. Who is the most dedicated Miniconomy player?  We find out what is going in Centropolis and of course, last but not least, the turnover statistics.

On behalf of the vNews staff I wish you a pleasant read.

Statistics Day 8/21

Consistent with our previous editions, vNews will also try to publish turnover statistics with every edition.
With help from the federals we proudly present the top26 turnovers.

Total shop revenues: 17,108,017.42 ISH
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 990,655.75 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 983,083.96 Ibisha
3 viraxje 858,032.08 Nasdaqar
4 Leonardo_Alvarez 727,393.95 Ibisha
5 AynRand 628,392.48 Ibisha
6 Federal Government 560,880.30 Sans Francishco
7 Samurai02 552,520.48 Cashington
8 Tresias Aegirsson 523,538.58 Roebelarendsveen
9 Mystq 513,871.31 Nasdaqar
10 The Ibishan Boss 505,428.94 Ibisha
11 Plastic dame 468,779.17 Kronenburg
12 Flight 815 401,222.96 Ibisha
13 Xzese 363,905.99 Centropolis
14 Tobilo 342,655.10 Nasdaqar
15 desmalen 319,941.03 Kronenburg
16 Riviat 290,061.20 Cashington
17 dj ricky 269,955.57 Centropolis
18 azarik 254,828.13 Nasdaqar
19 Podje 252,776.13 Kronenburg
20 martijn5 242,105.74 Kronenburg
21 el-capo 239,889.19 Roebelarendsveen
22 traag begrip 236,036.55 Roebelarendsveen
23 Iron MV 220,181.62 Nasdaqar
24 Tranqer 214,803.96 Nasdaqar
25 Zoe gek wie sjek 206,613.34 Ibisha
26 dalor 206,250.90 Kronenburg

Country top 10 turnovers 
Ibisha : 5
Virtua : 3
Cyberia : 1

Country top 25 turnovers
Virtua : 10
Cyberia : 8
Ibisha : 7

Top cities :
Ibisha : 7
Nasdaqar : 6
Kronenburg : 5

We can see after several rounds of only penguins flapping around in Ibisha, the traders present decided to take matters in their own hands again. After supposedly wiping out the entire penguin population on the island, Ibisha is booming with not less than 5 players represented in the top10 turnovers.