The Second week of Virtuan trade

VIRTUA – After a second week of trading in our beloved country, it is time to look at our gains (and losses?).
The trade this week was booming, however due to a lack of iron () the trade stalled several times, which had a negative impact on the trade in general. However, that situation has changed yesterday, when the V MV started supplying iron.

A harbour in Virtua has been build, which makes it possible for Virtuan citizens to travel to other countries in the Federation, and for foreigners to visit our beloved Republic.The Financial department of Virtua stated that the budgets of both country and cities are excellent, due to that the Virtuan government employees were paid 50% extra bonus for two weeks already! It is important if you have not done yet, to request your national subsidy, this is possible to do in the Virtuan DoF-club.The second week of trade was lovely, with a few bummers of course. What will the third week bring? Keep the I-shells rolling, Virtuans!

Edition II

Welcome to vNews edition 2! This edition includes an article of Bleech, also an article of YAN and the statistics of Federal Researcher. Have fun reading!

The vNews-team

Statistics week 2

Thanks to Federal Researcher!

1 YAN 2,101,280.44 Nasdaqar
2 natcha12 1,648,299.64 Cashington
3 sahib 1,561,327.19 Gold Coast
4 The King 2 1,474,525.84 El Peso
5 bonanza 1,255,332.84 Kronenburg
6 Hubinho1 1,248,078.39 Zwollar
7 BolleTripolire 1,225,661.43 El Peso
8 Charleene 1,223,248.55 Zwollar
9 Likemyitem 1,079,090.49 Gold Coast
10 Rokta 985,253.30 Nasdaqar
11 desmalen 979,264.55 Kronenburg
12 siemenrey 918,934.96 Roebelarendsveen
13 GK0 894,250.12 Gold Coast
14 hubinho 888,733.00 El Peso
15 nasi 882,486.50 El Peso
16 Fiorelli Alvarez 854,960.26 Ibisha
17 Ritz 847,554.92 Kronenburg
18 TK MV 816,549.93 El Peso
19 martijn5 780,282.02 Bahthoevedorp
20 loco_tazz 757,406.63 Monapoli
21 jeroentje312 688,472.53 El Peso
22 Bleech 683,256.23 Cashington
23 Federal Government 665,428.45 Sans Francishco
24 the mad bomber 661,224.00 Tripolire
25 Oxigeon 632,826.43 Kronenburg

Cash in the banks! Or in the economy?

It’s always depending per player, will they save their cash or will they put it safely(?) at the banks. It’s common known that in the first week (and the second) of the tradingperiod the money needs to ‘flow’, but what do the citizens of the countries think of this concept?

Several sources have let vNews know that the following amounts of I-shells are dropped in the national banks of the countries.

  • Vitua – 125.000 I-shells the banks;
  • Digitalia – 312.000 I-shells in the banks;
  • Cyberia – 508.000 I-shells in the banks;
  • Ibisha – 390.000 I-shells in the banks;

Now, what do these statistics tell us? It’s clear to see that Cyberians don’t like the concept at all, are they greedy? Or not trusting that their money will get back to them eventually? All possible, but what we know is that they don’t really like to spend a lot of money.

In Ibisha and Digitalia we can clearly see that traders put their money on the banks aswell. Virtuans however like to spend money and keep it going, which you can see above, only an amount of 125.000 I-shells is in the banks there!

Well, you just heard some statistics and you might be thinking, what to invest my beloved I-shells in then? We give you a few suggestions:

  1. Skyscrapers: Very effective, especially if you have a lot of stories! 
  2. Get yourself some reserves: makes it way more easier to fill up your stores.
  3. Build a nice club: not really good for your own wallet, but very nice for the social aspect of our game.

Keep the money going! We are only at the beginning of this trading period.

We are back (again)!



Yep, we are back (again!). After a small break, ex-Editor in Chief YAN will be in charge again of publishing the next editions.

What will be different in this editions? Not much. We will keep going the way previous Editor in Chief viraxje did and hopefully we may receive loads of quality articles in the weeks that are coming.

Editions shall be published in the week-ends, for each article you will be paid in I-shells and/or credits. It’s very rewarding to write! We thank Bleech, Federal Researcher and YAN for contributing to this edition. Very much appreciated!

Overview Week 1

Welcome to the first edition of vNews! In this edition you can read an overview, an article about spending of I-shells or saving the money, an article of Bleech and of course the turnover statistics. Enjoy!

Firstly, some good news from our own organization. After a long time-out we are back. Editions shall be published weekly and at least consist of the overview and turover statistics. Talking about turnovers, thank you Federal Director for this week’s!

Not only in our organization we had some good news, but there was also good news for Virtua. The only English-only speaking country of our Federation has gotten back at her feet. Virtua previous round was inactive, and had a bad trade. But now, things have changed. The Virtuan economy is active again! With all the mainproducts covered with great traders such as sahibnatcha12likemyitem and Rokta Virtua is ready to rock again.

The Virtuan trade got better, but also Virtuan politics. At this moment, the Virtuan Council is discussing a lot of stuff, such as improvements on financial issues and border control. The position of Consul of Education was free for a while, but yesterday the Office of the Virtuan President announced that Vice President Bleech has accepted this position. We wish him the best of luck!

Not only ‘oldies’ have taken a position in the Virtuan National Government but also new players were given the chance to expand their knowledge about the political system in our country: welcome Lemming Herder as General Consul!

Outside Virtua we can also see a booming trade, especially on Ibishan soil you can see that the map shall be empty very soon (maybe even when you are reading this!). What will the Ibishans do? A very well-known solution is getting your recources from other countries, which the Ibishan citizens will most likely go for.

In Digitalia King The King 2 is dominating the trade, however, his skyscraper is not that big. Especially compared to the almost 400 floors in Nasdaqar of YAN. The MV Kirederf MV supplies plastic to Virtuan citizens, however, it is not known if this MV actually is profitable.

Overall we can see a good roundstart, both on political and trade aspects of our game. Each country of our Federation also has announced their delegates for the Council of Veterans. It will be interesting to see if the Council comes with new ideas, or if they will adress new issues.

Lotstate is an issue though, in almost each and every city of the Federation, the lotstates have dropped below 90, which means trouble. Will the mayors fix these problems themselves, or do the Digitalian diamondtraders have a good round? Who knows..

Turnover statistics week 1

Below you may find the turnover statistics of week 1. Special thanks to Federal Researcher for sending us these!

1 YAN 1,016,477.23 Nasdaqar
2 The King 2 1,009,943.92 El Peso
3 natcha12 954,943.29 Cashington
4 Hubinho1 839,680.38 Zwollar
5 Likemyitem 802,993.30 Nasdaqar
6 BolleTripolire 771,730.29 El Peso
7 sahib 767,371.54 Centropolis
8 desmalen 703,623.62 Kronenburg
9 Fiorelli Alvarez 694,891.20 Ibisha
10 Charleene 654,666.72 Zwollar
11 bonanza 640,539.37 Kronenburg
12 siemenrey 585,876.99 Roebelarendsveen
13 Ritz 575,944.67 Kronenburg
14 hubinho 560,975.85 El Peso
15 Federal Government 538,701.85 Sans Francishco
16 Zoe gek wie sjek 531,312.60 Ibisha
17 Rokta 515,518.35 Nasdaqar
18 jeroentje312 513,805.03 El Peso
19 TK MV 507,039.75 El Peso
20 nasi 495,014.00 El Peso
21 martijn5 451,670.20 Kronenburg
22 loco_tazz 448,716.73 Monapoli
23 GK0 415,590.34 Nasdaqar
24 Leonardo_Alvarez 380,718.78 Ibisha
25 Oxigeon 365,710.63 Kronenburg

Overview day 14/21

Hi and welcome back to vNews! Today a shorter edition than normal but it’s still worth reading! This edition includes the turnover-statistics, the ‘Rokta(v)‘ statistics and 2 articles (incl. this overview). Have fun reading!

To kick off of course the appointment of the new Federal Researcher! Former Virtuan Consul ikenco was recently appointed, actually thursday, as the new FeR. He is the replacement of (Brendan) that had to quit the job due to IRL-circumstances.

In this vNews-edition an interview with the brandnew Federal! Ejoy.

In Virtua the President YAN is being sued by Vicepresident natcha12. The VP claims that the President threatened him. Though, the mainjudge of the case, Bleech, is inactive. This will mean it’ll take a time before a verdict has been reached.

Cashington’s and Centropolis’s lotstates are back at 90+ again! The Consul of Finances Forsties arranged several deals with the company of viraxje, Hank MV. A total of around 700 diamonds were added to the lots in both cities. Thank you all!

In Cyberie the President, Tresias Aegirsson, is going to be dismissed. The parliament of Cyberie voted in favour of his dismissal which will mean that vicepresident A Lontra will become the new President. The President was dismissed due to the not exceeding of his tasks.

Last but not least the skyscrapers-news: the tourists are joining scrapers now for higher prices! For example: Podje has/had 4 tourists in presidential suites from around 1500 I-shells each. Please keep that in mind if you are going to determine your prices for rooms!

vNews-interview: Federal Researcher

An interview with ikenco that is recently appointed Federal Researcher! Walking in the streets of Nasdaqar we (the vNews-team) finally reach the gigantic skyscraper of ikenco. Federal Researcher still lives in this scraper. 

Federal Researcher opens te door and looks like a car just hit him. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t sleep a lot last night. TMC, players, vNews, they all want to see me. But come in, though!’

The house of Federal Researcher looks cosy and it’s very hot in his house as well. On his wall are pictures of famous MC-players, there’s one of Podje and one of the previous FeR, (Brendan), as well.

‘Well, let’s start the interview as I don’t have much time, I’ve to go to a Fed-meeting soon’ yells Federal Researcher when I’m on the toilet..

Question 1: How did you feel when you were asked to become Federal?

I felt honored. It’s very nice to be able to be a part of the crew that keeps developing Miniconomy.

Question 2: Did you have to think much about the offer the Federals gave you?

No, but I discussed it though.

Question 3: You are the ‘Federal Researcher‘, are you planning on ‘reasearching’ something? What and when?

I am currently already working on some very intesting things. I cannot tell you more about the topics but I can assure you that there will be more information on this soon.

Question 4: Miniconomy should change certain things to keep the game running. Do you think the removal of cities, or even countries, would contribute to a more active Miniconomy?

My personal opinion is that the removal of cities doesn’t help. In my eyes it’s more likely that players will abandon Miniconomy than that they will stay and be more happy. But though, if it has to be done, we need to consider that option as well. But before we will, a lot of things need to go wrong. 😉

Question 5: What do you think will be the nicest part of your new job?

I think the contact with players will be nice. I think that will be fun for me, and of course I hope it’ll be fun for the players in case too!

Question 6: The former FeR, (Brendan), wasn’t really active. Are you planning on becoming more active than he was?

I definitely do not think I will be less active on Federal Researcher than I was on ikenco, my alter-ego. I really enjoy being online and as long as I have sufficient time I will be online very often.

Question 7: Do you have any ideas when you will quit the job?

Nope. Time will learn.

Question 8: Do you have a certain goal in Miniconomy after the being of a Federal?

I didn’t think of that yet. I don’t think that’s good, if you think about that now. I am currently discovering all the Federal-functions and that’s very nice.

Question 9: Is being Federal something that comes after being CBI-agent?

I have no idea if that is right.

Question 10: How many credits did you already spent on this game!?

That’s something what I know and you don’t.

Question 11: What do you like the most, politics or trading?

I like both. The fun-part is that a player can decide himself/herself whether he/she is going to do policits or trade. I did both myself and really enjoyed that. I learned much on politics but on the trading as well.

Question 12: Do you have anything to add?

Yes, if you have an idea about how we could improve Miniconomy, please always contact the Federals!


Thank you Federal Researcher for your time doing this interview!

Turnoverstatistics week 2

Thanks to FeR!

1    viraxje    1,631,566.61    Centropolis
2    Likemyitem    1,592,642.25    Nasdaqar
3    Hank MV    818,900.92    Nasdaqar
4    Roktav    668,115.76    Ibisha
5    YAN    661,933.82    Nasdaqar
6    Mystq    636,455.62    Cashington
7    DROP TABLE players    635,580.17    El Peso
8    jeroentje312    578,923.25    El Peso
9    Rednax    504,659.61    Roebelarendsveen
10    natcha12    496,649.41    Centropolis
11    Federal Government    479,304.51    Sans Francishco
12    Forsties    459,254.07    Nasdaqar
13    martijn5    452,755.00    Eurodam
14    Podje    431,188.85    Nasdaqar
15    Fresca_88    419,869.41    El Peso
16    markallen3    400,136.18    Centropolis
17    The King 2    396,372.33    El Peso
18    jorref    360,883.40    Zwollar
19    Plastic dame    334,097.39    Kronenburg
20    ikenco    332,662.06    Nasdaqar
21    Aximili    329,696.00    Centropolis
22    A. Banderas    326,985.60    Ibisha
23    Troel    324,954.13    Nasdaqar
24    crazy_niels    298,005.44    El Peso
25    BolleTripolire    290,370.49    El Peso