Overview day 7/12

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the 136th trading period! This edition includes 4 articles, from which one is an interview, the ‘normal’ statistics and the statistics from Roktav concerning lots for example. Have fun reading!

To kick off this overview we want to request all criminals to stop reading here now and to continue at the next paragraph of this article. This due to the problem that vNews is going to bring up here now. So, since two rounds now we have skyscrapers. Big nice things with which you can make a lot of I-shells, if you handle it well. Though, sometimes, I, YAN, just miss the good old houses. This for example due to the rent that you do not have to pay while in a house, haha. But yesterday, a new reason came up, the fact that you’re an easy target. People can just join your skyscraper, get in the building and rob you. That kind of things really annoy me. Maybe the Federals can give the owner of the skyscraper an opportunity to ‘ban’ certain people out of their buildings? I’d at least be a big fan of that idea!

Well, after this whining from me, I think we should go to the news in the Federation! Criminals, you can start reading here again! 😉

Troel was recently appointed as International Court Chairman. The High Council found her suitable to take over from the old Chairman The Minic, that was the Chairman for 4 rounds. A lot of people found The Minic in his last round not very good, read the second edition of last round for more information. The first problems while Troel is being the Chairman came already up though. The are currently not much Judges applying for a position in the IC. If this is due to the new Chairman, we do not know.

In the Virtuan Council it seems that President YAN made a few mistakes at the appointment of Advisors and Consuls. Around 4 consuls and advisers are inactive. The President already fired one of them, dj ricky that only posted 1 post in the Council Room in 6 days, which wasn’t adding anything. When vNews asked the President to react at this he wanted to say the following: ‘Unfortunately I have to admit that a few council-members are being too inactive. I will give those persons a ‘final warning’ before going over to action.’ Will the President be able to solve this problem? He’d better do. Because the consuls and advisers are not paid to do nothing.

Last but not least some international news. The international trade is getting up! Virtuan traders, viraxje, spainman0 and likemyitem opened several shops. On for example Cyberian soil. The grossrevenue that they make seems to be very good, but though, no one of these three traders wanted to tell vNews some details.


send and written to us by Viraxje

Skyscraper Talk

Preseason starts! Unlike last round tourists are already visiting Virtua and staying in the many hotels that already popped up. 

One of our reporters also managed to question the owner of one of the biggest hotels in Virtua.

Reporter: ‘We are standing out here with the owner of one of the biggest hotels in Virtua at the Skyscraper in Nasdaqar. Tourists are missing their bags because the tower is overcrowded, people are leaving the counter after being told all rooms except the extravagant top presidential suite is full.’

Reporter: ‘Hello Troel, thank you for making some time for us. Were you prepared for the tourists already considering last round the tourists came visiting Virtua later in the round?’

Troel: ‘Last round I was the first to build a tower, when building the tower this time I didn’t build it for the tourists at first. I built the tower for the people in Nasdaqar. I was surprised by the visiting tourists and expanded because of them.

Reporter : ‘What kind of tourists are visiting your tower, do they have a room preference?’

Troel : ‘Well I think last round tourists lost a lot of money by visiting rather late in the round as prices for rooms went up, they are looking for cheap rooms now. At this moment the tourists prefer basic and comfort rooms. My presidential suite has not been rented yet.

Reporter: ’Thank you for your time!’

Current statistics reveal that there currently are 164 floors built in Virtua, 83 floors built in Nadaqar Troel owns the tallest skyscraper, Skyscraper 17 floors. There are 43 floors built in Centropolis, Markallen3 being the biggest hotel owner with 14 floors. Cashington has a total of 39 floors with Mystq and Bleech both owning a skyscraper of 14 floors.

We have a total number of 20 skyscrapers in Virtua thus far, making the average a little over 8 floors per skyscraper.

The Vnews staff is excited to see what changes may occur during the second week and will keep monitoring the tourists which are staying overnight in the hotels.

Turnover statistics day 7/21

Total shop revenues: 11,725,414.93 ISH

# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 Likemyitem 846,890.06 Nasdaqar
2 viraxje 643,889.43 Centropolis
3 DROP TABLE players 418,597.56 El Peso
4 Federal Government 387,191.27 Sans Francishco
5 YAN 383,437.74 Nasdaqar
6 Hank MV 372,843.12 Nasdaqar
7 Mystq 344,185.51 Cashington
8 jeroentje312 325,684.72 El Peso
9 Rednax 309,557.11 Roebelarendsveen
10 Roktav 309,532.96 Ibisha
11 martijn5 256,868.30 Eurodam
12 markallen3 233,290.37 Centropolis
13 The King 2 231,548.20 El Peso
14 crazy_niels 216,895.04 El Peso
15 Fresca_88 214,503.34 El Peso
16 jorref 213,179.90 Zwollar
17 Forsties 210,327.23 Nasdaqar
18 Podje 208,089.05 Nasdaqar
19 natcha12 197,745.34 Centropolis
20 Hubinho1 180,388.85 Zwollar
21 Kirederf 179,649.31 Zwollar
22 BolleTripolire 179,498.85 El Peso
23 MoonPoker 179,396.79 Ibisha
24 ikenco 176,716.95 Nasdaqar
25 Troel 171,412.50 Nasdaqar
26 A Lontra 170,436.60 Kronenburg

Overview of the second week

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews-edition of the 135th trading period! Last week we had a hell of an edition and this edition has a lot of articles as well. We’d like to thank our writers and guest-writers for those.

This week quite some things have happened in our tiny internet Federation. In this week’s edition a summary of them.

The Virtuan Lawbook, a pain in the ass for a lot of Virtuan citizens. It’s too much law, too unclear and way too long. But since this week the Council seems to make speed with the improving of the Virtuan Law (VL). Vicepresident Bleech rewrote the VL together with consul riemer_1990 and White Queen, the mayor of Centropolis. President Mystq started a club named ‘Discuss Virtua Lawbook’ which is meant to involve the Virtuan citizens in the rewritement of the VL. It’s a succes. A lot of Virtuans are happy that the Virtuan Government actually does something about this problem and are waiting for the final approval of the new VL by the Council.

The Virtuan Law is too big and too unclear

Our manager YAN seemed to make a tiny mistake this week. The ‘highly-experienced’ Editor (according to the head-editor in Fed. Req.) tested the newsfeed by trying to post a newsfeed for one minute. The newsfeedsystem automaticly made 1hour from that 1minute which would mean the feed named Podje is awesome and had the following text in it: test would leave in 1hour and not 1 minute.

The head-editor Tresias Aegirsson who is currently resigning from his duties did not like that and based on one-eyewitness he requested the removal of the editor-degree of YAN. After the request was made a lot of Virtuans were angry. For example big daddy and ikenco requested the keeping of YAN his degree, as he is doing a very good job with vNews. Thank you for that! Currently Federal Coordinator and the angry head-editor are working on a solution. We will keep you posted!

Several people didn’t want YAN to lose his degree, ‘as he is doing a very good job with vNews’

Last but not least we would like to point out a big mistake of the Virtuan Consul of Education kageshukuun who accidentally gave Podje the Lawyer degree. Some side-information: Podje is trying to get the degree for ages now but he never actually got it (lawfully). The Federals are requested to remove it. If they will execute this request is still a question.

Current or new?

This week the Feds made unnanounced a new road in Centropolis. To make the road they had to grab a few lots from CP-citizens. Most citizens are OK with it but consul spainman0 disagrees with the handling of the Federals.

The Centropolian, that lost 63 lots by the Fed-action finds that the Feds have way too much power to do this kind of actions without approval of the citizens who owns the lots.

The biggest argument from the Federals to defend their policy are the new players. ‘Which everyone ofcourse understands’, according to spainman0. ‘But though, it is very important that we are well-informed about this kind of decisions with a big impact AND give our blessing to the plan, which both didn’t happen in this case’.

The general consul is willing to sue the Federal Government in the International Court of chairman The Minic (more information about him: read the 1st edition). Reasoning: ‘The Feds only compensated 30 I-shells per lot (total: around 1900 I-shells). If I would have sold all the clay which I’d get from those lots I’d have received way more I-shells. I would sell it all, due to the fact that the biggest bricktrader of Virtua is my maincostumer.’ ‘Therefore I’d like to get compensated for that mistake of the Federals.’

Mostly the Federals don’t revise their actions and the expectation is that they won’t do that either at spainman0’s case. Though, we are curious to see what an eventual case and a lot of posts in Fed Request will let happen.

But this is the question: stimulating new players to join or making sure the old ones do not leave?

Statistics day 14/21

A big thank you to the Federals for delevering in time.

# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 Tyc00n 854,953.94 Cashington

2 Mystq 730,387.09 Cashington

3 Likemyitem 657,199.66 Nasdaqar

4 viraxje 643,329.90 Nasdaqar

5 gelaarsdekat 598,885.20 El Peso

6 mof688 581,624.56 El Peso

7 Roktav 523,215.12 Ibisha

8 Rednax 496,831.46 Roebelarendsveen

9 A. Banderas 465,984.25 Ibisha

10 Federal Government 456,879.11 Sans Francishco

11 rico.vito 434,187.37 Centropolis

12 jeroentje312 428,686.48 El Peso

13 Hubinho1 412,983.02 Zwollar

14 Plastic dame 393,224.95 Kronenburg

15 natcha12 382,952.30 Centropolis

16 ikenco 377,814.89 Nasdaqar

17 spainman0 366,204.65 Centropolis

18 jolev 349,727.25 Cashington

19 crazy_niels 344,833.56 El Peso

20 The King 2 338,662.75 El Peso


Hi and welcome to this very.. very.. very.. big vNews edition! We have a total of 16 articles in this edition. We thank our writers very much!

We hope you will enjoy this edition and wish you a nice upcoming week!

The vNews-team

vNews’ weekly profile: natcha12

Today in vNews weekly profile: natcha12. The person who leads the Federal Union, is in charge of the justice in Virtua and is member of the High Council as well. Enjoy this interview! 

Do you think the Federal Union currently as it needs to function?
What do you think about replacing the FU for an alternative organization?

The FU is able to function. I would not say that all the time I have been watching the FU clubs it has been, especially with problems like activity and also lead flying around in Digitalia. Many don’t agree with replacing the FU as riemer wants, but those same people also put no effort into their opinion. For example, they might say riemer is crazy to try and call him an idiot, but they are not helping their cause, just damaging his. The FU is runned by people that need to do stuff :P, that stuff sometimes taking a lot longer than it should be for an organization as important as the FU. It can function, but improvements are needed that every Chairman should look into doing in their time, as who else but the Chairman would want to keep the FU?

What are your goals in the future of Miniconomy?

I still have not been President! You may not believe but I have been vice maybe 3 times but not president. I blame it on my success being mayor thinking I am trying to get the wrong job :D. After president I can relax a little on the career side. Things have changed a lot since I was away for about 10 rounds and came back during the run up to xmas. I thought I would have no chance at winning the elections as people do prefer someone who has been around a while before trust is regained, so was quite surprised really. President is the goal for me.

What do you prefer, skyscrapers or houses? Why?

Well, personally I like the addition, but do not see it as a viable replacement. I think that normal houses should remain in some sort of form, but that skyscrapers be made much better at security and features available to tenants. Houses should still be in the game but at a round start sort of level, like the market booth version of a home.

Do you think we currently have a well-functioning Federal Team?

Well, the little contact I have had in various clubs and in the chat cannot cover all Federals enough for a good summary. Knowing that FeR is (Brendan) means anything coming from him would be taken a lot more friendly (if possible :P) than the other Feds. Remco likes some fun here and there, but is pretty serious 99% of the time. The other feds I barely see or talk to. I can give a little info that 1 federal *may* be thinking about moving to Ibisha, as there are no Federals currently with their hometown there.

How do you like your tea? Milk and sugar?

I’m not picky. Milk I don’t mind, sometimes 1 sugar. Who cares, its still tea at the end of drinking it. One thing I can’t stand is it being too weak, strength is a must. If I wanted hot water I could have saved time just pouring from the kettle.

Do you have any regrets in Miniconomy?

One biggy is my timing getting into things. I look back at the unfortunate 10 round gap between joining MC in ’89 and starting in politics (I hear you laughing there!) and think now how much I could have been involved in that time. I can’t get those rounds back, but I believe I have made up for it since in various places. Yet, there is much and more to do!

What is the meaning of life?

Death, slowly, so make the best of it :-D!

What’s the most challenging situation you ever experienced while playing Miniconomy?

Over my whole time playing, one name comes to mind. I will not say the name but wow, have we had some clashes in the courts. One round we exchanged about 10 cases between us, me being relatively new at the time won none of mine, but I was fined 500 ISH. Hehe. I have not been fined in the courts since then I am happy to say, yet coincidentally we have not had any disputes since then either.

Another: at the start of the round I was ofcourse not very experienced. I was boxed in and wondered why haha, then had no idea there were other roads with cheaper peoples products on (my shop was on second, noooooob). Since then I take it all in my stride.

Do you think, the level of activity in the High Council is acceptable?

There is less activity in the HC than I thought before being part of it. It will take time to see if the new additions will bring things back to life, and cogs were moving nicely already inside the top secret dusty windows of the club when I joined. I will take some time to adjust, as ofc not many can really explain the HC without both of you being part of it. Ando got me started really well with some good advice from the beginning too, and other than the new members, I think he is the most active.

The Minic for IC Chairman at R136 or someone else?

 I don’t think it would be wise for me to answer this question. No comment.