Is that true?! (we’re experiencing)

Yup, today no capital news neither an old school overview as you could have read in the former editions but today we are doing something else,  a blog named is that true!? with a gossip about persons or actions in the Federation.

Some gossips may have a truth but there will also be fake gossips, please be aware of that. And for the people under us that miss the capital news already: it will be back soon!

1. viraxje bought criminal points from Bleech 

The latest gossip in Virtua; the Virtuan president viraxje bought his criminal points from Bleech. As you might have mentioned the old-school criminal mastermind Bleech returned to our Federation this trade-period. Another fact is that the Virtuan viraxje became a criminal and is gangster already. Sources told our magazine that viraxje in fact only earned 5 criminal points himself and then he got caught and wanted to earn cp’s in an easier way.

Viraxje only got 5 cp’s himself, the rest he bought – anonymous source

He contacted Wouter and asked what the options were, after he bribed wouter with an ice cream he contacted Bleech who wanted to get rid of his cp’s. Wouter transferred his cp’s towards viraxje and that is why viraxje is already gangster.

When we asked the Federal Government about this they did not want to react on the record. We are very sorry about that but it confirms the theory which we posted here.

2. information leaked!

The vNews crew got an anonymous letter this morning which included:

Hi. Some nice information for the gossips:

The I-shells per country in the Federation in safe:

Digitalie: 1*0k

Cyberie: 56*k

Virtua: *50k

The vNews crew still tries to find out who sent this to us but we probably will not find him or her. The ‘*’ stand for an numeral (example: ‘*’ could stand for 3).

The anger of Bleech!

It’s the saturday on which whole the Federation is waiting, today it will be the day of a new vNews edition! 

Next to the mainoffice of vNews in Nasdaqar, the Virtuan Bleech is already waiting to buy the newest edition. Fellow Virtuans say that he has already been there since 5:00 servertime this morning, to buy the second vNews edition which was scheduled on 12:00 servertime.

He already was there since 5:00 servertime – Fellow Virtuans about Bleech

At 12:00 servertime the maineditor of vNews, YAN, opens the door. Bleech runs inside but local officer and writer for our magazine Rokta blocks his way and sends him back outside. ‘What the hack!?’, Bleech yells!

YAN starts speaking: ‘Dear people, we are very sorry but due to personal circumstances we will not be able to publish the second vNews edition in time. The edition will be published at 21:30 servertime tonight, this evening. After that announcement he runs inside again with Rokta.

vNews’ closest reader Bleech starts crying like a child, ‘they took my vNews edition away!’ he screams. ‘They will pay for this, I will sue this r*t*rds!’. This maineditor is worse than Tresias Aegirsson!’ he yells again while he walks towards the Virtuan Court.

This maineditor is worse than T.A. – Bleech about YAN

And so did he, after a few minutes the Virtuan Consul of Justice and Safety splodge knocks on the door of the vNews office. YAN opens the door, ‘I am planning to leave now so make it quick, splodge‘. ‘I think you ain’t going anywhere, you are being sued in the Virtuan Court.’ splodge repeats.

Mystq please take him away to the station and inform him about the details of the case’. ‘Yes sir!’ the NSQ officer answers.

Currently we are in the VC waiting on details about the case, sources told us that Bleech demands an 150-Ishells cost compensation for the long and cold waiting for nothing. But as we don’t have acces to the Court Room we don’t know.

To be continued…

Statistics of the second week of R132

The statistics of the second week of R132, thanks to Federal Researcher!

1 hubinho 909,407.17 El Peso
2 Plastic dame 890,802.70 Roebelarendsveen
3 viraxje 785,687.51 Nasdaqar
4 gelaarsdekat 764,935.51 Centropolis
5 annoniem 2 545,862.27 Cashington
6 Federal Government 540,410.74 Sans Francishco
7 A Lontra 534,288.70 Eurodam
8 Of toch niet MV 492,535.56 El Peso
9 nasi 487,554.40 El Peso
10 alecto 464,693.22 Ibisha
11 Hubinho1 436,630.40 Zwollar
12 Kippenhok97 426,411.38 El Peso
13 Mystq 423,169.63 Centropolis
14 dalor 422,340.99 Kronenburg
15 Ravox 419,474.22 Nasdaqar
16 The King 2 390,408.97 El Peso
17 Gaulamos 386,271.79 Cashington
18 traag begrip 379,204.19 Roebelarendsveen
19 Joerik 378,781.80 Kronenburg
20 mukyrlux 372,511.71 Ibisha
21 Tyc00n 365,580.42 Cashington
22 Tranqer 337,261.37 El Peso
23 natcha12 304,844.67 Centropolis
24 natcha…ibi version 299,207.99 Ibisha
25 jeroentje312 288,003.26 El Peso

As you can see gelaarsdekat dropped a lot of positions. The reasoning for this is that the criminal mastermind knew he wouldn’t win this round which would mean the king of Digitalia hubinho probably would. He wanted to avoid this so he bought 100 bombs to commit crimes on him and his other puppets.

In the statistics of Rokta(v) this edition you can explain the positions of certain people on this list. We wish you the best of luck with that.

The Capital News (1/3)

Indeed, the Capital News is something new in vNews! This Capital News will report the mainstories from the Miniconomy Federation by using the following six important categories: national politics, justice, safety/crimes, FU/HC, trade, vNews. We hope you will enjoy! 


National politics

The Virtuan Law does not has any worth this round – YAN

We will kick off with Virtuan politics in this edition, the Virtuan Council consists now for almost 50% of Virtuans with a criminal status! Even the Virtuan President, viraxje, traded his Master of Industry status for a gray criminal status! The quote above is a common said one in the democracy. Though till this moment with a well functioning Virtuan Court no Virtuan has sued the Virtuan Government yet for these violations, probably the Virtuans are fine with it.



Today we will look into the Judges of the International Court, which is led by Cyberian The Minic this round. Till this moment several Judges died, already 2 of the just appointed Judges, to be exact loco_tazz and OCMan101 we’re killed by criminals. The Chairman now only has a team of two Judges left and some people are wondering if the High Council will react, but as it is inactive (more about that later on) that chance is small. The Chairman reacts with fun and he hopes that his Judges didn’t commited suicide because he’s their boss.



We’re only at 1/3 of this round but a lot of crimes were commited already! At the moment of writing already 400 crimes were commited in whole the Federation. Experts see a growing number of crimes this round if you compare it to the last rounds. A simple explaination for it is that the Federation got two new serious offenders of crimes: the Virtuan Consul Duups and our own editor in chief, YAN! Till this moment several of their fellow citizens were killed by them. The Virtuan Government did not declare an Emergency Situation in the country yet.



The Federal Union and the High Council are very inactive at the moment. Since a few days all the Government leaders of the country’s were present in the club but till this moment nothing usefull has been discussed and there were only 2 posts made in the Federal Union club. The Ibishan Rednax already whined about it and the Federal Union Chairman Tresias Aegirsson promised to do best he is able to to try to revive the FU and get it active again. The High Council is inactive as well, it now has 1 inactive member, Sura, and in the private club there wasn’t much discussion yet. Will these international very important organisations manage to get active again? Time will learn.



The trade in our Federation is dominated by two citizens. Indeed those two are gelaarsdekat and Digitalian King hubinho. Those two persons are in the race of winning the 132th trading period! The players are both trying to hurt the other as much as possible, today Digitalian citizens bombed and robbed GK but Virtuans bombed the shops of hubinho. This will become an interesting round as both potential round winners are Criminal Masterminds and have connections in the criminal world.



In this edition enough to read! There are articles written by RoktaThe Federals (statistics) and by YAN. Have fun!

A new start for vNews!

Dear reader of our beloved magazine, in this article an update about the internal situation in the virtualNewspaper. 

I may now call myself the official editor in chief of this beautiful magazine, yesterday announced Refund that I will be taking over vNews from now on. A new face means of course a lot new ideas, a part of these new ideas will be shared in this article already. The others will be posted in the vNews clubs or in the next editions that will be published.

The first point that will be changed from now on is that vNews will be published on each saturday at 12:00 servertime instead of the normal publishdate at fridat at 21:00 servertime. This decision is based on my real-life efforts and timeschedule, with these changes I also want to achieve to get more long and nicer articles in our edition, of course to serve you the best as possible.

Second I want to discuss the organisation structure of vNews. As editor in chief I can of course also be ill sometimes, which would mean there wouldn’t be an edition that week. But we want to avoid that of course, we need to deliver your weekly newspaper as much as possible. Therefore we will ensure there’s someone that could eventually take over from me, that person will become the deputy-editor in chief. I hope to announce that person as soon as possible but as I want to ensure we will have the best of the best it might take a little while.

The last point that I want to discuss is that vNews will use the newsfeed more often. This will mean that we will be able  to report you stories more often and you won’t need to wait a while before receiving a notification of important (international) news.

There will defenitely come more changes in the vNews structure but for now we will stick to these three most important ones. Though, I want to ensure you that all the decisions that will be made are, in our eyes, the best for the readers, the editor and the editor in chief as well.

I thank you for your attention and I wish you a great time while reading this first new vNews edition!


Editor in chief of vNews

Total shop revenues: 9,101,839.16 ISH

We thank Federal Assistant!
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 gelaarsdekat 496,895.75 Centropolis
2 Federal Government 466,444.51 Sans Francishco
3 viraxje 401,178.79 Nasdaqar
4 Plastic dame 366,292.25 Roebelarendsveen
5 hubinho 349,652.65 El Peso
6 The King 2 279,955.07 El Peso
7 annoniem 2 275,953.14 Cashington
8 Ravox 257,416.35 Nasdaqar
9 Kippenhok97 234,848.57 El Peso
10 Of toch niet MV 226,942.18 El Peso
11 A Lontra 212,942.80 Eurodam
12 Mystq 206,972.07 Centropolis
13 dalor 196,433.90 Kronenburg
14 Gaulamos 184,225.23 Cashington
15 Hubinho1 176,891.40 Zwollar
16 nasi 174,889.25 El Peso
17 Hub mega prutser MV 160,767.92 El Peso
18 mukyrlux 157,771.83 Ibisha
19 Tyc00n 153,177.00 Cashington
20 Joerik 146,286.00 Kronenburg
21 Tranqer 146,026.66 El Peso
22 GK I MV 143,678.87 Nasdaqar
23 alecto 141,348.46 Ibisha
24 natcha12 134,872.39 Centropolis
25 natcha…ibi version 125,506.50 Ibisha
26 jeroentje312 124,825.10 El Peso

Welcome to vNews!

Hi and welcome to the second vNews edition of this round! Today Refund asked me to manage this edition as he’s too busy IRL. I accepted that but though I do not have enough time to write a whole overview we will have to skip that part of our edition. Though we received more articles than usual, that was submitted by our writers! 

We wish you a very nice edition with a lot of fun.

The vNews team.

Overview week 1

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of Round 131! Our excuse for the delay but all our editors were a bit busy the last time. In this overview we say goodbye to YAN as interim maineditor of vNews and there’s a small summary of news which happened last week. Enjoy!

First of all this will be my last edition as internal maineditor of vNews. I published vNews for about 5 rounds till the moment. Together with Refund I came to the conclusion that it has been nice but as I’m too busy in real life and also have to do a lot of other MC stuff I decided to quit the job. I will continue writing for vNews on a regular base though. In my period I experienced a lot of fun and respect from fellow players that were happy to read their newspaper, thats where you do it for. Although most people were very positive about vNews there was always one person who did not really appreciate our work.. Indeed, that person is oscar123. Oscar, you were the biggest whiner in my period, though I always experienced a kind of fun when I discussed with you about it. I want to thank all writers and readers for their faith in me and see you soon again!

Second, there are a lot of cases requested in the International Court. Also PI requests have been made. There are currently +-5 cases pending, with a judge panel of 4 judges, COE, riemer_1990, viraxje and natcha12 the IC needs to work very hard to handle this cases all as well as possible, International Court Chairman riemer_1990 reacts about the high amount of cases requested with the following: ‘Well, as the Dutch speakingword says ‘Ik heb voor hetere vuren gestaan’ which means that he once handled much more cases.

Some Consuls of the Virtuan Council are getting inactive. Examples are dj ricky, oscar123 and AynRand. The President reacts: ‘It is unnaccaptable that people are getting inactive and I will always try to prevent them from getting to. The Consuls have a public function and in my eyes they will always need to be active. I will of course take action if this will become worse.’.

In Virtua there are a lot crimes taking place. Therefore the Council declared a State of Emergency (SoE) two days ago. Several Virtuans like Likemyitem, Podje, YAN, spainman0, OCMan101 or AynRand are being robbed, shot and bombed. The State of Emergency gives the President the right to hire criminals to shoot and maybe bankrupt the other criminals. Sources are telling far the most amount of crimes are being executed by Digitalian King and most wanted Criminal Mastermind (according to the newsfeed) hubinho.

In the Federal Union some governmentleaders are argueing about an education proposal which was proposed by Virtuan Consul of Education and President, YAN. The governmentleaders of Digitalia and Ibisha, hubinho and rokta(v) are not willing to support any laws which will give students more money for earning a degree (that will stimulate education for newer players) if they will not feel any profit of it. Cyberia did not react yet. Will the Federal Union Chairman, Tresias Aegirsson, proof that the FU works and prevent the leaders from a ‘bitchfight’ all the time?

He better would as the Virtuan riemer_1990 is inviting a lot of people to the CoV discussion club. A lot of people recognize the Council of Veterans as an real alternative which may work for the Federation. A lot of important politicians like former President of Cyberie Dr. Strangelove and current President of Virtua YAN believe the plan may work and want to investigate the options. How would that end? Will the FU be dismissed and the CoV join us? The inventor of the FU, The Minic, is very sceptical about the ideas. He wants to name it the ‘Friend Zone’ which suggests the CoV will become corrupt (in which it also ended when it was dismissed by the Federation rounds ago), though his own invention doesn’t work properly as well. Maybe it’s time for change, time will learn!

Last but not least vNews and a lot of other players think that Virtuan/Ibishan/Digitalian Tranqer will win this round easily. He invented a very nice trade tactic, which consists of a lot of ships, international trade and both Virtuans and Digitalians are buying his goods. Will he reach the 1.000.000 ISH networth at the end of the tradingperiod (round)? We are all curious and looking forward to know!

Statistics from today!

# Name Turnover(ISH) Hometown
1 Tranqer 2,004,881.09 Nasdaqar
2 viraxje 825,795.72 Centropolis
3 Gaulamos 650,235.77 Cashington
4 Joep Eerlijk MV 586,960.69 Zwollar
5 Viraxje MV 552,937.68 Cashington
6 The King 2 518,593.78 El Peso
7 Federal Government 479,195.75 Sans Francishco
8 Refund 437,785.91 Cashington
9 Hubinho1 426,435.95 Roebelarendsveen
10 Ja Na 29 Min al MV 397,354.80 El Peso
11 gelaarsdekat 379,127.94 Nasdaqar
12 A Lontra 352,408.06 Eurodam
13 Kippenhok97 340,580.93 El Peso
14 Joep Eerlijk 326,606.89 Zwollar
15 Rednax 325,365.36 Ibisha
16 AynRand 300,191.29 Nasdaqar
17 oscar123 299,160.95 Cashington
18 COE 292,868.05 El Peso
19 travismk 268,010.69 Nasdaqar
20 BolleTripolire 254,687.91 El Peso
21 hubinho 252,180.62 El Peso
22 Joerik 248,190.02 Kronenburg
23 Roktav 245,904.25 Ibisha
24 Plastic dame 239,443.50 Kronenburg
25 Likemyitem 237,247.50 Cashington


Thanks to Federal Researcher for providing us with these statistics!

Turnover statistics day 20/21

1 Joep Eerlijk 1,303,163.42 Kronenburg
2 The King 2 1,210,739.72 El Peso
3 leguvan 946,763.10 Cashington
4 COE 736,125.73 Monapoli
5 A Lontra 674,111.65 Zwollar
6 DutchDude 669,484.21 Roebelarendsveen
7 bell_1996 614,942.67 Nasdaqar
8 Hubinho1 614,123.60 Roebelarendsveen
9 Federal Government 586,721.11 Sans Francishco
10 dj ricky 569,210.65 Centropolis
11 Riviat 545,118.06 Nasdaqar
12 oscar123 529,610.45 Nasdaqar
13 Roktav 520,905.70 Ibisha
14 riemer_1990 515,735.84 Cashington
15 Gaulamos 514,708.07 Nasdaqar
16 Plastic dame 508,368.95 Kronenburg
17 viraxje 473,574.35 Centropolis
18 Tranqer 467,168.60 Monapoli
19 Podje 466,130.85 Nasdaqar
20 hubinho 454,982.22 El Peso
21 BolleTripolire 429,645.54 El Peso
22 Tyc00n 423,176.81 Cashington
23 lebouwski 405,073.68 Monapoli
24 YAN 395,368.69 Cashington
25 ALPACA 391,507.93 El Peso