Overview day 13/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of round 127! 

The Federation just passed the first half round and in one week, just like the first week, a lot of things happened! In this article a summary of important things that happened.

After the bankruptcy of former IC Chairman Andoversr, the High Council appointed Andoversr4 as new IC Chairman, it’s for everyone of course clear that Andoversr4 is a sub-account of Andoversr. The judges are ready for cases from the second day of the round but though there are no IC Cases requested yet by citizens from the Federation. But the new IC Chairman devised a plan to still do something! As the club from the International Court doesn’t has a banner he organised a contest for people to make a banner for the IC. When your banner was the best and got chosen by the IC Chairman and judges you would earn 5 PM days. Till this moment dj ricky, The Minic and Refund are participating. But no banner has been choosed yet, so grab your chance and visit the IC club!

The trade in Cyberië has stopped, or anyway it’s very very slow. A lot of Cyberian players who are going for a high rank, and who have all the money, are complaining about the current state of trading. In Digitalië the trade is still going, fore some people though, a lot of people say that the Digitalian nasi is being boosted by the other Digi’s for a high rank. In Virtua the trade is also still going, though it is of course less good than it was in the beginning of the trade period. People are expecting to see quite some Virtuan names in the top10 and top20 spots. The trade in Ibisha is still the same, due to the low amount of active players there are not really a lot of sales on the lonely island. Will president Rednax try to find a solution for this inactivity and get Ibisha back on top at round 128?

Well, he has enough time to try and seek new players! As the inbetween round 127b needs to be over first. The Federals just announced that the current amount of applications for the special MC round is already over the 100!

All those transactions, prices etc need to be checked of course! The Central  Bureau of Investigation had to deal with a lot of complaints this week. An exclusive article about the actual things happening in the CBI is written and is readable in this edition.

In Virtua OCMan101 is trying to reveal secret information about the Virtuan Government to post in his club named the Snowden Conferention. He’s even offering money for it! So when you have valuable (secret) information please contact him!

In this edition as always the overview, the turnover statistics, an exclusive article about the current situation in the CBI and an politics related article written by YAN and OCMan101!




The changes in the Central Bureau of Investigation

Since a few rounds the anti-cheating organisation Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has to deal with a lot of criticism of players. But why? What happened with the old beloved CBI? vNews is going to find that out in this edition!

Round 125, some alert citizens of the Federation noted that the CBI appointed two new Special Agents. Harisson Ford, the current spokesman for the CBI, and Alonzo Harris were hired by the Federals.

In the same round quite some Cyberian citizens were complaining in the CBI Public as they didn’t agree with the fine issued by the CBI Special Agents. The other citizens of the Federation were thinking that those Cyberians were just whining and agreed with the CBI on the fines, which would change soon.

One round later, after the screening and clear victory of Refund, the CBI was preparing for another round of fines, warnings, you name it. The beginning of the new trading period was probably smooth for the CBI. No complaints about fines, no discussions, no postbans given. This could become a quiet period in terms of complaints. 

But that turned out to be a mistake soon. In the second week the complaints started. But now not only the Cyberian citizens were criticizing but now also Virtuan people started to ask questions about fines they received and were complaining about the way the CBI was working.

The first complaint about the CBI from Virtuan soil came from Bleech. Who posted the following:

Thank you for this most constructive remark ever. If the CBI is willing to cooperate in any way, please let me know.Bleech, at CBI Public.

The post of Bleech was a reaction on a weird reaction from the CBI spokesman Harisson Ford.

Some foreknowledge: currently Bleech is organising the Virtuan Awards. The Awards are being organised by Virtuan citizens for quite some rounds and there’s also an option to sponsor the Awards as Virtuan citizen.

As quite some Virtuan citizens were already posting that they would sponsor (higher than 100 ISH) amounts of Ishells the organizer Bleech requested the following in the CBI Public:

Several sponsorships to the Virtuan Awards have already been promised. I would like to receive guidelines from the CBI to know what is allowed and what is not. – Bleech, at CBI Public.

A few moments later the CBI reacted quick with the following:

It would be nice if you give us your idea by e-mail first before asking for guidelines. At the moment, no permission has been given to you or anyone to organise this contest. – Harisson Ford, at CBI Public.

Several players were in shock: did the CBI seriously forbid Bleech to organise the whole contest? As their job isn’t doing that, but only forbidding eventually sponsoring with ISH. A lot of players posted their thoughts about the weird post of Ford.

Refund reacted with irony: ‘So CBI is controlling contests now? lelelelelelele.’

Also Andoversr4, better known as Andoversr, the old Head Recruiter of the MCRecruitment and still recruiter reacted:

If the CBI is controlling who can run contests then you are undermining the effort’s of MCRecruitment and everyone working there trying to save this game. I post this as a long standing recruiter and former Head of Recruitment, CBI back-off and stick to issuing guidelines for contests ONLY , you do not have the right to stop players from running contests! – Andoversr4, at CBI Public.

Did the CBI seriously forbidden an award who is helping the social part of the game? Or did the CBI Special Agent, Harisson Ford, just read the post not well? Till the moment of writing this we still don’t know, and we probably won’t, as the CBI doesn’t admit her mistakes, unless not in a public club.

Another complaint came from YAN, who got fined by the CBI for selling trees for a too high price. He didn’t disagree with the fine but his main problems with the Central Bureau of Investigation were the communication between players and the CBI Agents.

An example is that the CBI sends you a textmessage with for example: ‘Dear Piet, you are selling pumps for a too high price. This will be corrected with a fine of 640. Thanks for your cooperation.’

As player you can’t see the calculation of the CBI Agent who fined you, and when you disagree with the height of the fine you can’t refuse to pay it and ask for a reaction. This is just one example of things that are,  in the opinion of several players, going wrong.

Those are only the Virtuan stories about bad communication from the CBI with players but also Cyberian citizens have complained about the way they are being threatened by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Traag begrip got fined for something he didn’t understand. He had to ask why and didn’t get any valuable information from the CBI about the products, why the auction costs were below the price he bought te products for, you name it. All those information wasn’t sent by the CBI Agents at all. Which would probably prevent the CBI from getting constantly questions about their actions.

This afternoon several Cyberian players started to post mocking messages in the CBI Public. A few shiners:

I just moved to Eurodam. That you know this, because I do not know if this is still allowed by the CBI…. – Marcello Alvarez, at CBI Public.

If you ask it of you, yes, I do have a gold collection. – Justinote, at CBI Public.

Also the former Cyberian president, whooty, and Tresias Aegirsson started to post things like: ‘Is there also a CBI application for andriod?’

A total amount of 36 posts like these two above were posted by these 4 players and they probably want to show their dissatisfaction about the actions which the CBI is taking the last two rounds.

A few moments later all the posts were deleted by Federal Researcher, who posted that the CBI Public isn’t a playground. All the 4 players received a postban and/or ban from the CBI Public club. Can’t the CBI stand critism?

We are now at the 13th day of the round and the CBI is running at full speed. Fines are being written, people are being punished by their, according to the CBI, weird trade behaviour and all that kind of things.

But since a round of two the CBI became much more stricter. Higher fines, worse communication and more complaints about their actions. Would that be the influence from the two new CBI Agents? Or from the Federals? We will probably never know.

Unless this reader is a CBI Agent of course.


Overview day 6/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of round 127! 

We’re just on 1/3 of the round but lots of things happened around the whole federation.

Last week there were a lot of complaints posted in the Assistants Recruiting club. Several people had questions and complaints about some actions of some Assistants. The head assistant, (Brendan), acted quick and responded best he could at the posts.

There’s also news from the International Court. The High Council appointed Andoversr as the new IC chairman. He took over from Rednax who  led the IC several times. But a few minutes ago Andoversr was declared bankrupt by the Federal Government. Who will become the new IC Chairman is unknown.

This week has seen a somewhat shaky start to the round for the Cyberian government. After a few days president whooty and minister of education Marcello Alvarez both got fired by the parliament. The new Cyberian president is A Lontra and there is no successor for the minister of education function yet. One of the members of the parliament, from the opposition, Ralgon is very critical and is trying to ensure a well working government.

There was also some news of the Federals this week. You can now subscribe for the special inbetween-round 127b in the Fed Request club! Those rounds are different than the normal rounds and mostly there are a lot of criminal activities. The Federals didn’t announce the theme of the next inbetween-round yet.

In Centropolis some of the citizens are mad at the mayor who made a special by-law to give new players the chance to buy mainstreetlots as all the lots were property of 2 or 3 players. Several people agreed with it but as said there are also much people who don’t. One of them, OCMan101, requested a Virtuan Court against it.

Last but not least we have some other news from Virtua is the contests who are being held. Another round of the Virtuan Awards will be organised by Bleech and dj ricky is organising a special Virtuan music contest. When you want more information about it you can visit their clubs (‘Virtuan Awards’ and ‘VNA’)

In this vNews edition there are turnoverstatistics and articles written by Rokta and YAN. Enjoy!

vNews wishes everyone good luck and see you at the next edition!


Agitation in Digitalia

Since the roundstart there is upheaval in the criminal country of the Federation.

It all started in the week between the end of round 120 and the start of round 121 when former king Rockenfeller requested the Federals to appoint Marcello Alvarez as the new king of Digitalia.

After loads of disapprovals of ‘high placed’ Digitalians like ikenco the Federals dicided to appoint Marcello Alvarez with this (translated) statement:

Marcello Alvarez is appointed as king of Digitalia. We find the lawbook not clear enough to dismiss the request.  I know some of you have an other view at this, so when you don’t agree you have the right to sue the (former) king at the court.

After some other post from ikenco and Ralgon most citizens of the country stopped with whining and began to prepare for the new king’s rules.

Before the round started the new king announced his tactics in the embassy of Digitalia; the Royal Palace.

The king posted that he was going to use the ‘chickenking’ tactic. Which meant that he wouldn’t trade and stay at the 0-0 position for the whole round.

When the round started the citizens of Digitalie founded a way to get the king of the 0-0 position and shot him bankrupt.

ikenco was choosen to become the new king of Digitalia. His 2nd term as ‘dinky king’. ikenco requested gunpowder licences for MV’s. But when he got shot he requested the Federals to take them back.

When te Digitalian harbour was build some of the Ibishan citizens started doing crimes and began stealing from shops of Digitalians.

After this began a series of criminal activities, which most of are performed by the king of round 120 Rockenfeller, Emily Skill and justinote.

A few nights ago the Ibishan criminal community planned a attack at Digitalia. When the bombings started that night the king of Digitalia began hiring officers, what wasn’t done for a long time because the Digitalian community sees it as a sign of cowardice.

That night the king hid in his house with 2 officers to protect him.

The Ibishans couldn’t kill him but they’ve killed both mayors of the Digitalian cities; Minimize and Baldwin.

The next day king ikenco was also bankrupted by the Ibishans.

Digitalian mayors started with appointing officers and there now in total 5 officers hired by the Mayors.

There’s still not announced who’ll become the new king of Digitalia and who’ll become the new mayor of Monapoli.

The only thing what became clear is that Digi’s aren’t that


To be continued

Extreme quantity of crimes at Cyberia

Since a few days there are extreme much crimes in Cyberia.

The crimes in Cyberia started with some small thefs, done by Cyberian criminals like siemenrey or Luis Alvarez. But since the harbour has been build at Zwollar the total of thefts rose gigantic. On average 10 succesfull thefts per hour.

The total amount of thefts per city (at the moment, 19:00):

Zwollar: 45

Kronenburg: 35

Roebelarendsveen: 38

Eurodam: 29

Most time the electronica traders are the victim of lots of thefts. The Cyberian minister of Justice and Safety gelaarsdekat1 reacts concerned at the thefts and tries to find a solution for this problem with the parliament.

People in Cyberia are trying to avoid this thefts. With normal things like cams and alarms ofcourse but also with some other thinks. Like swieber, a citizen of Roebelarendsveen does.

People are building a new shed each 24 hours, as new sheds have a ’24 hours beginnersprotection’ this is very smart and it is much cheaper than losing lots of your products each round.

Most of the crimes are commited by the Cyberian and Ibishan criminals but also Digitalians grap their chance to steal!

This is a huge problem for the Cyberian people and I am curious how they will fix this.

To be continued.




Who’s going to win the round? (week 1)

The thoughts of some players of the whole federation:

Question: Who do you think who’s going to win?


justinote: ‘Justinote because he’s such an awesome guy, joking I think A Lontra!’

the hawk: ‘It is early to say but when I’ve to choose: Joep Eerlijk or A Lontra.’

Zoe gek wie sjek: ‘A Lontra.’

traag begrip: ‘I think I will, or no let’s say Joep Eerlijk

AynRand: ‘No comments.’

Cesare: ‘I don’t know, and I don’t care. But when I’ve to choose I hope A Lontra or Joep Eerlijk will.’

gelaarsdekat1: ‘A Lontra/Joep Eerlijk/the hawk. And I think I’ll become 5th.’

Forsties: ‘I would be tempted to say the hawk.’

As you can read most named are Joep Eerlijk, A Lontra and the hawk!

In the next edition an update about this!


News-update Week II

In this article 2 short articles about (inter)national news. 


Head Recruiter of MCRecruitment Andoversr will quit his position at the end of the round. As he said at the MCRecruitment club he wants a fresh new face. His successor will be announced at the end of the round. On behalf of the whole vNews team I want to thank Andoversr for all the work and effort he has put into MCRecruitment!


Next round the Federal Union will get a new chairman. Current chairman The Minic reached his maximum amount of rounds to be FU Chairman. At the FU Public club you can apply for the function. The country leaders will choose who’ll become the new Federal Union chairman.


Digitalië, the dead country?

Last round Emily Skill killed several Digitalians, like Minimize, The King 2 etc. But this round it seems the Digitalians are killing themselves! 

Sources told vNews that it all started as a joke. Someone started with 1 shot. Just for the fun. But after this ‘joke’ several other Digi’s started to rob/shoot/hit aswell!

At the first day of the round, several Digi’s were killed already.

And till now some Digi’s are still commiting crimes on fellow citizens!

Only a few mainaccounts are left, and most of the inhabitants are subs.

The following Digitalians died:

  • loco_tazz
  • Switzisch
  • justinote
  • The King 2
  • djglekke 
  • Tranqer
  • jeroentje312
  • hubinho
  • pkfpeters
  • Fine
  • Euston
  • ikenco
  • Ralgon
  • Naamloze
  • COE
  • Wichard
  • Kippenhok97
  • the mad bomber
  • DROP TABLE Players
  • Torpedo 7

The new king Rockenfeller started already with the reconstruction of the country.

Good luck Digitalië, with this big loss!

President Cyberië Resigned

This afternoon the president of Cyberië Le Vainqueur resigned. 

The president can’t be active anymore due to real life reasons as he posted in the parliament:

I  hereby declare that I renounce the presidency. Due to the death of a friend of mine, I am emotionally unable to lead Cyberië and to play.

His successor, the vice president of Cyberië, is Jaap Eerlijk (better known as Joep Eerlijk).

Cogito will take over the party of Le Vainqueur, CCP.

Will the cabinet stay stable now the big leader is gone?

Who is going to win the round!?

Who is going to win the round? We all want to know that! Forsties? ikencoor maybe Likemyitem. In this article vNews is going to ask players there opinion about who’ll win the round!

Likemyitem probably and I am gonna be the richest Cyber! – Hubinho1

I have no idea to be honest. – A Lontra

I’ve not really an idea. But I know ikenco probably isn’t, Likemyitem has much chance on a high rank. – Torpedo 7

I don’t know for sure. ikenco or Likemyitem? – Kevin

1 Ikenco 2 LMI 3 Forsties. – Zoe gek wie sjek

Ikenco probably. – CIT

I think LMI – Marcello Alvarez

As you can see, the opinions are all differently!

But we know 1 thing; Tomorrow there will be clarity!