The Story of Cyberian Politics

As of this round, Cyberia has a completely new government, under the leadership of the CCP (Cyb. Centrum Partij, or Cyberian Central Party).

In this article, I will deliver a comprehensive update on the current politics in Cyberia for the English players who are interested.

It all started in round 118 when the party Sterk Cyberië (Strong Cyberia) led by Rednax won the elections and received 5 seats at the Cyberian parliament. This means they had a full majority and didn’t have to work together with another party.

Sterk Cyberië changed some laws. For example: they allowed criminals to become a government functionary like officer or minister. Some Cyberian players called the laws the beginning of a dictatorship.

Some players that would stop the coming ‘dictatorship’ started a new party called ‘Cyb. Centrum Partij’. The party was founded by Le Vainqueur, Hubinho1 and Cogito. The CCP was created to remove the dictatorship. Through a combination of a public club, advertisements, a website and experienced politicians, the CCP received 5 seats at the elections of round 118.

Immediately after this awesome result the chairman of the CCP Le Vainqueur posted a speech, with things like:

We will fight with words, we will fight with laws and we will fight with speeches. We will fight in parliament, fighting in the courts and fight in the ministries. We will never surrender, and if it occurs, which we do not support, allies will continue the battle, until the dictatorship is removed!


If we look at our politics, we are all ashamed of how this works, because our politics suffered from inactivity of corrupt and inefficient parties.

People were enthusiastic and were looking forward to the ideas of the CCP.

After a week calmness the CCP announced their cabinet for round 119:

Ralgon – President

Joep Eerlijk – Vice President

Le Vainqueur – Minister of Education

Hubinho1 – Minister of Finances

Cogito – Minister of Justice

With these people in charge,  Cyberia should have worked optimally in the upcoming round. But, in practise,  it seemingly hasn’t risen up to the expectations in place.

The CCP president Ralgon did only requested the parliament seats of the CCP member of the parliament at Fed Requests, with the excuse that he did not know who to appoint on behalf of Sterk Cyberië. But that argument was just bullshit. The 1st blunder of the CCP.

When the Minister of Education Le Vainqueur presented his ideas about the ‘University of Kronenburg’.  The only appointed member of Sterk Cyberië, Cesare former Minister of Education, had some critism about the plans, instead of listening and responding to the questions that were asked, the minister gave him a post ban at his department. The 2nd blunder of the CCP.

A while ago a Digitalian shooted the Cyberian President once. The reaction of the countryleader at the embassy:

I hereby announce the emergency situation.

Everyone found it a weird action. But this action had a reason.

The Minister of Justice Cogito appointed the following people at the responseteam to protect Cyberia: Ralgon, Cogito, Joep Eerlijk and Le Vainqueur. By coincidence these people were ALL member of the CCP and had a political function.

The members of the responseteam ar only allowed to operate and earn salary at an emergency situation. The member earn lots of Ishells for their job. But ONLY Joep Eerlijk shot! We all know Ralgon would never accept losing his COI. And Cogito and LVQ won’t shot. So these people would earn loads of Ishells in salary for being in the response team. For doing NOTHING. Nepotism? The 3rd blunder of the CCP.

Slowly, some people began to realize they were fooled. And began posting complaints about the CCP at the club ‘Achterkamertje’ what is intended for this. Someone who said what they thought of it received the following reaction of Ralgon:

I don’t see any reason for me to interfere with your grizzle.

And this is in the victory speech of the CCP:

The people will keep asking questions, and we will continue to respond!

Breaking a promise, then cutting down and humiliating a citizen who was just giving his opinion. The 4th blunder of the CCP.

4 blunders in 12 days…

There is one thing became clear in these 12 days.

The CCP promises, but does nothing.

The CCP is fair according to their speech, but offers nepotism in reality.

The CCP is open to criticism and will respond nicely, but cuts people off and gives post bans to anyone who does not agree with them.

The CCP is always happy to discuss things in the parliament, but does only appoint the members of the parliament of the CCP.

I am curious about the blunders which will come up in the remaining days of the round.

And I wonder whether this is the democracy or the dictatorship.

The Killer

In the last few days, Emily Skill has killed several Digitalian players. 

The following Digitalians died due to the gunshot wounds sustained from Emily Skill:

  • loco_tazz
  • jeroentje312
  • The King 2
  • Tranqer
  • COE

Potential round winner ikenco reacted startled. ikenco claims that Emily has also fired shots at new players in Digitalia, posting a particular request at Fed Request:

Federals, please look into Emily Skill as she is shooting new players in Digitalia. This is downright childish behavior and not necessary.

Emily Skill reacted:

Unfortunately I was too late to stop shooting, I only did 2k damage and he was a criminal and was at the harbour lot.

Loads of other reactions poured in until Federal Coordinator stopped it with humour:

I think it is a better idea if you start shooting each others.

The discussion continued at the Royal Palace.

Eventually ikenco had posted that he will quit trading due to the actions of Emily Skill. Not because of the shooting of the traders who kept trade running, but because of the shots on new players. A very good statement indeed.

One big question remains; Will ikenco persevere?

We are all wondering how this story will end!

Breaking News 1 119

Written and sent to us by YAN



Digitalia had decided that it will withdraw from the Federal Union as announced by COE. The reason of this action we’re the discussions about the high fines at Cyberia and Virtua. This action is taken due to a ‘lack of progress’ at the discussion about the fines. Digitalia will contribute to the FU again if there is a serious proposal that ensures fines without the added %-net worth fine.


As you can see at the International Court Rednax sued the Federals. The reason is that they didn’t appointe the rightful president says Rednax. The Federals use the argument that Rednax can’t proof that he was president previous round. Interested in this case? See the club ‘International Court’


As you can see at the map of the federation the gold lots almost ran out. Only at Eurodam and El Peso are some lots left. Players says that the gold will ran out in a few days. Previous round the federation had the same problem.


Written and sent to us by YAN

Round Update I – 118

Dear Reader,

From now on I will post an article with small news.

Good luck reading it!

 – YAN – 

New Head Assistant

Yesterday the federals appointed a ‘head assistant’. The head assistant will help and advise other assistants when executing their jobs. The new head assistant is (Brendan). The reaction from (Brendan) on his appointment: ‘I feel flattered. I’m glad that the Federals could trust me to hold such a responsible position. Furthermore, it’s definitely a role that I would have wanted as it suits what I enjoy, being both an assistant and a leader.’

Ibisha booming!

This round Ibisha is doing great at trade.
The statistics say Ibisha has 6 players into the top20.
And Ibisha has 5 players in the top10 turnover statistics.
So we can only say: Ibisha is booming!


Some days ago the party leader of the Cyberië Centrum Partij Le Vainqueur posted his idea for a ‘Cyberian Foreign Corps’. This ‘corps’ will defend Cyberia in a war and will have ‘spies’ in all countries. A lot of players reacted with abhorrence. When you want to read the discussion please look at the club: ‘Embassy Cyberia’.


This article was written and sent to us by Bruno Provenzano.


Hello, my name is Bruno Provenzano.
Since Monday the 22nd of July I live in Virtua, and it was not a bad choice!
The reason of my movement were the (sick) politics in Cyberia.

A short summary:
My political party Lijst Provenzano (List Provenzano) won after the elections 2 seats in the Cyberian parliament. After the negotiations my party had permission to deliver the Cyberian minister of justice and the vice president. I became VP and Sesam the minister of justice.

After 24 hours my party left the coalition, we supported resigning of Chiara Alvarez, and the one of Miquel Alvarez. The coalition was broken. After a case at the International Court I become president of Cyberia, but not for long…

After 3 hours I quit the function because I was inexperienced and I was going on a two day holiday trip. Mr Geld become the new Cyberian president. After my 2 day holiday trip I returned to the Cyberian parliament.

I thought the Cyberian politics were nice and cool. But the weren’t. The Cyberian politics are sick. I hate them. After thinking I decided to move to Virtua, and it was a good choice!

The nice things fromVirtua:
1. There’s nice people who are very helpful.
2. There is no parliament.
3. No manning.
4. No stupid players.
5. Very nice politics. (I think :D)

And there much more! But I have to discover them.

I like Virtua, I’ll write more for vNews because I like to write.
This was a short introduction from me.

I hope you liked it, thank you Virtua!


We’d like to thank Bruno Provenzano for taking the time to write an article for this week’s edition 😀