The ups and downs of Virtua

Like everything in life, Virtua also faces her ups-and-downs. Lately, many of the most notable Virtuans have been taking a holiday in Cyberia or outside of the federation. This results in somewhat slow rounds, but most practically also in an ineffective government. This round, we face a lack of functional education department and sufficient judges to preside cases in the Virtuan Court. What will be the answer to these problems?

In this article I wish to highlight my position in a discussion that is not about being right or wrong, but about what feels right for most of the people while respecting the traditions and customs of the greatest nation of the Miniconomy federation.

First of all, having ups and downs are reality. Last round we had almost zero trading activity, but this round the Virtuan economy booms with the NSQ stock quotation being the highest of the entire federation while writing this article. In my opinion, the same can be said for our government. The efficiency of the government and her departments is fully dependant of the input of an active group of players committing themselves to the same noble cause, improving Virtua. Positions like judge and teacher can be taken at the same time as many of the other professions, but still it is a fact that you need at least a group of about 10 players to achieve the minimum level of efficiency.

The solution for solving inefficiency of the government should not be sought in changing the law. The law preserves the most important values and customs most of the inhabitants feel most comfortable with. For example, having an educational system where you have to take an exam to acquire a degree needed for certain jobs maintains a level of professionalism in a country where we take things seriously. At this moment, we are the only country to do so and I think it is not coincidence that the larger part of the international jobs is held by experienced and valued Virtuans like Tuned, Mystq (CoV) and natcha12 (IC).

No, instead of changing the law, we need to guide new players into all the dimensions this game provides. We should contact our old friends who have been taking long holidays from the Miniconomy Federation. And above all, we should cherish everything our fellow Virtuans do for our shared cause.

Viva Virtua!

Gas Crisis

Good Morning, Afternoon, or perhaps Evening. Recently, Virtua has befallen a new crisis. A Gas crisis. As gas becomes evermore sparse, traders are paying through the roof just for a few liters. After a few days of virtually no gas, a number of new MVs have sprung up. All offering gas. Gas prices have recently reached record highs. Prices can be seen as high as 3.89, 3.99, even 4.20.

We are uncertain at this time what sort of impact high gas prices are going to have on the economy. Some people believe it will cause more cars to be left abandoned on the side of the roadways, much like many cars have been left abandoned in Cashington. Hopefully it will not, but alas, we can only hope that in the near future, gas prices will come down and stabilize.

Cashington Bomb target?

Cashington witnessed a huge bombardment early this week when a total of 18 bombs exploded in quick succession. The bombing started at around 3 o’clock in the morning and ended after 30 seconds of destruction. The police arrived the next morning, surprised by both the early bombardment and the scale of it. “The damage done was large. It’s also noted that several bombs were placed, not just one. Meaning that they were probably targeting someone.” replied Mayor Tuned.
In Mainstreet Tunedtown started the bombardment at 02:49 in the morning with 8 bombs which exploded near ‘Engines & Pumps,’ a shop of The Precursor. 8 minutes passed in silence after the first 8 bombs, when suddenly 10 bombs exploded nearby the same shop. The owner was brought to the hospital with major injuries, but sources say she survived. The Precursor is a new player who just arrived from Norway and started a growing business in Cashington. The damage by the bombardment is huge, approximately 3000 ISH. But the victim herself pays the biggest price since doctors say her face had been badly wounded by the explosions.
The perpetrator has not yet been found. “At this very moment it is highly unlikely that most explosives were Virtuan made, as there are no traders trading explosives currently. It’s a crime against the code that you shouldn’t target new players with crime. A code which is usually upheld and held in high regards by almost all criminals.” continues Mayor Tuned.

Hippies Rejoice! Cashington Adopts New Recycling Program!

Hippies Rejoice! After recent environmental hazards, The High Council of Cashington decided to take action. A new “Green Awareness” Program was implemented within the city of Cashington encouraging Citizens of all ages to recycle and reuse the industrial waste that Cashington is known and loved for. Early signs show this to be a great success!

With the installation of the new “Green Awareness Initiative” Hippies from all over the federation have flocked to be part of the “Greener” Cashington. Recent land survey reports suggest that Cashington is the cleanest city in the entire federation!

Good Job hippies and good job citizens of Cashington!

Greetings From Cashington!

Greetings from Cashington!

Hi, I’m your friendly neighborhood Riviat and I just wanted to talk to you guys about the current situation in Cashington, a city formally on the verge of destruction, now a thriving metropolis!

As many of you may have heard, last round Cashington was having riots in the streets from environmentalist groups. The lot state was at an all time low and the citizens were heavily dismayed.

Enter Round 132.

OCMan 101 was elected Mayor and the citizens crossed their fingers in the hopes of him bringing prosperity to their fine city. They were sadly mistaken.

OCMANs inexperience showed immediately and after numerous poor decisions and arguments he ended up bankrupted, leaving the city poised once again to enter a state of abysmal terror as all the road lots filled up and no possible solution seemed to be in sight to the deteriorating situation.

Enter Refund

Refund took up the reigns as interim mayor, attempting to open a new road to allow more shops but due to the terrible locations and the already over-burdened roads, was unsuccessful in his endeavors.

Enter your friendly neighborhood Riviat.

Riviat was a new kid on the block, partaking in his 3rd full round of trade, he brazenly stepped up to assume the position as mayor of Cashington.
After much study of the laws and calling in a few favors, Mayor Riviat was successful in opening up a large new road, doubling the potential lots to build shops upon.

However, Cashington’s lot state was still creeping towards disaster once again.

Fortunately, your friendly neighborhood Riviat fought tooth and nail for his beloved city. He began funding the development for many parks to be built and started attacking the lot state problem head on.

After hours of meetings with the higher ups, environmental lobbyists, and citizens alike, your friendly neighborhood Mayor Riviat has some great news to report

Cashingtons average lot state was raised to over 100! Environmental lobbyists were dancing in the streets for joy and the citizens breathed a sigh of relief as their property value held its worth.

Although Cashington still has a lot of work to be done on it, the environmentalists are happy, the tourists are happy, the citizens are happy and trade is flourishing!

So here’s to Cashington, the thriving metropolis of Iron!

Future of Miniconomy?

Dear friends in this Federation,

In the past, the activity in our Federation has been greater than it now is. Instead of having tough competition to become Mayor, you can now be pretty sure to become one if you subscribe in the right city. After three days of trade, the “Capital” of Cyberië has 9 accounts that logged in at least once this round, of which one is the player account of a Federal. Also, the trade activity is low. During the last rounds, voices were raised to delete Ibisha for a third time as solution to its inactivity.

People expect the Federals and Wouter to solve this. People expect that they, volunteers to the benefit of the players of Miniconomy, to invest even more time they now spend (mostly dealing with whining comments in Fed Requests) in this game in ways that they may not even be capable of. That they have access to the tuning of game variables, does not mean that they can do all themselves.

I wish to convince you that the changes below need to take place. I hope that you’ll help me pull this off and will help to convince others to do likewise!

#1 – Contact your old friends! Many profiles feature emailaddresses, nothing works as good as an old friend contacting you to come back, ask Gaulamos!

#2 – Have respect! Not only to your closest friends, but also to the others. We need at least all of us to keep Miniconomy running.

#3 – Never underestimate the Federals! They invest a lot of time and energy so you can have fun. They may not always do what you want them to do, but they always strive to act in the good of the entire game. Also, if they make a small mistake, don’t hate them for it. They are merely as human as we are and perhaps were tired as hell, but still wanted to help people.

#4 Follow the rules! They are there to make the game fun for everybody. With all the whining and seeking the limits of what is allowed, you may annoy players so that they leave the game or occupy the Federals so much, they have no time for the things they ought to do.

I also have a plan of directly promoting Miniconomy not as a game but as a simulation to students of economical and political studies. If you are interested in help thinking how it should be done, contact me.

The Ibisha Series: The Founding of Ibisha

This will be a series of my recollection of the history of Ibisha. It will cover the founding to the first disappearance and to the reappearance again with The Socialist as lead. My memory hasn’t been the best lately so I might have a few things wrong, so feel free to correct!

I do not recall the exact round when the island in the center of our federation was first walkable. It has more than 5 years ago after all. However at a certain round, when the lava has been cooled down and all citizens went back to their hometown by the Duku river, there was another lump of land never seen before.

The Federal Government decided not to issue permits to buy the land just yet, the Federals decided to contact a few scientists to investigate whether the island would return with every volcano eruption. This eruption happens after every round end and gives us our beloved resources we use every day as you might know. The leader of this group of scientists was Franklin Ibisha, which will have a greater role in our story later on. Franklin and his team contacted every country (then only Cyberia, Digitalia and Virtua) for help to map the island and test its sustainability for future rounds. Some exports were set to deliver goods to the new found island to plot it and helped the federal economy greatly. I however do recall Digitalia had some problems with the scientists, found them disrespectful and actually shot a few of them. But after negotiations everything was settled and the research continued.

The scientists were almost done with their findings and wanted to report to the Federal Government, until something terrible happened… But that will be an article of the next time. Stay tuned

Cashington Environmental Problems

As people are well aware Cashington is facing s an environmental problem this round, despite the city trying the average condition has continued to plummet, going to as low as 83 at one point at the moment of writing this article.

The reason for this drop has been the combination of major clay digging for bricks and glass as well as the sudden boom of Iron ore digging which has resulted in the average condition dropping very sharply at time.

At the time of writing this issue here are the number of parks built by city.

Cashington: 31
Nasdaqar: 19
Centropolis: 25

How can we fix this?

The CBI has approved a diamond deal for cashington to allow me (as mayor) to buy diamonds for up to 20 I-Shells each, if you can sell me some diamonds in Cashington (and 1 drill) I can restore the city to over 90 condition and save it from the environmental problems plaguing us.

Please, help Cashington, sell diamonds here.

-Mayor Andoversr4

Rational Motivation

This article was written and sent to us by the Rationality group, a seemingly ever-growing group based in Cashington.

Rationality is a group of players who want to reactivate Cashington, without stopping their own main account activities. Our goal is to make Cashington active in 3 rounds, and to disappear when we are assured Cashington will stay active without any Rationality help.

Cashington has lacked some worthy activity in the last two rounds. We’ve decided that observing will be our main business in trading period 117. We arrived too late in this trading period to get a nice view on what happens in Cashington. Our target for trading period 117 is to have at least one top-20 player in Cashington, preferably a non-Rationality member, of course. However, if Cashington is dead in that period, some members will step forward and give a hand with trading.

Between trading period 117 and 118, we will evaluate the round. We will keep our eyes open and try to make a plan in consultation with all the active Cashington citizens of period 117.

We hope that we are able to deliver a top-10 and a top-20 spot for Cashington citizens in period 118. Before period 119 we will evaluate it again.

We will trade as little as possible to give the citizens their chance to shine. But we could play more aggressively, if we see that nothing has changed comparing to the previous 4 periods. The ultimate aim is to achieve a top5 player in Cashington and a top 10 player during period 119. We hope that, by doing this, we’ll have set Cashington on the right track and that we can disappear in period 120. Every Rationality member will then have the choice to continue under their main, or can continue as a Rationality one, if they so wish.

If you can see the rationality in this plan, and would like to help, feel free to sign up and ask to join. Coherent Rationality will check the coherency upon you signing up.

vNews would like to thank the Rationality group for their contribution to this week’s edition.

The Mayor of Cashington

Controversy surrounded Cashington early in the round, especially the mayor, MoonPoker.

Even before the round had begun, MoonPoker had angered some citizens of Virtua by deleting the Cashington Hall of Fame topic in the Cashington Town hall. Luckily, White Queen, the mayor of Centropolis, displayed her initiative by taking a log of the topic, and saving the records in the process. More controversy was created by the unusual road placement MoonPoker chose, building a road with multiple harbour lots and only 31 lots long, instead of the usual maximum of  50 for Cashington. At this point, some citizens (even some council members) called for MoonPoker to be fired, despite the fact the round had not even begun!


Things quietened down for a few hours after the round had begun, with MoonPoker building parks and preparing for a new road. Some citizens complained about odd exports, but overall, the situation seemed to have been resolved (or wasn’t getting worse at least ;)).


Then came the second wave of Controversy. MoonPoker had decided to give out mass subsidies to the citizens of Cashington, which somewhat angered Tortaam, the Consul of Finance, as his budget plan required mayors to have permission from himself before they were to distribute mass subsidies. As a result of this, Tortaam refused to give Cashington extra budget outside of reimbursements for parks, officers and parking lots, until MoonPoker had learnt his lesson.


This, in turn, led to MoonPoker raising the VAT in Cashington to 20%, the highest it can possibly be set to, claiming that it was to make sure that Cashington did not go into negative budget. This seemed the final straw to some Council members, who began a vote to have MoonPoker removed from office. In the mean time, MoonPoker had taken the liberty of taxing all of his citizens 20% of their net worth, once again claiming it was to stop the city falling into negative budgets, and causing the remaining uncertain council members to vote him out of office, which was completed moments afterwards.


Federal Coordinator then asked for MoonPoker to be placed on the registry for 5 rounds, meaning he would lose his rights to run for any political position in the elections. Nightmear then set up a registry procedure against this in the International Court, which is still ongoing.


Back in Cashington, spainman0 had been named the interim mayor of Cashington. He then went on to win the mid-round election that took place, leaving him as the new mayor of Cashington. Luckily, the Federals allowed the VAT to be set back to 5% without having to wait a whole week as per normal.


We wish spainman0 and all of the citizens of Cashington the best of luck with the rest of the round, and hope that this bad start doesn’t stop Cashington citizens getting some high rankings!