Overview of the second week

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews-edition of the 135th trading period! Last week we had a hell of an edition and this edition has a lot of articles as well. We’d like to thank our writers and guest-writers for those.

This week quite some things have happened in our tiny internet Federation. In this week’s edition a summary of them.

The Virtuan Lawbook, a pain in the ass for a lot of Virtuan citizens. It’s too much law, too unclear and way too long. But since this week the Council seems to make speed with the improving of the Virtuan Law (VL). Vicepresident Bleech rewrote the VL together with consul riemer_1990 and White Queen, the mayor of Centropolis. President Mystq started a club named ‘Discuss Virtua Lawbook’ which is meant to involve the Virtuan citizens in the rewritement of the VL. It’s a succes. A lot of Virtuans are happy that the Virtuan Government actually does something about this problem and are waiting for the final approval of the new VL by the Council.

The Virtuan Law is too big and too unclear

Our manager YAN seemed to make a tiny mistake this week. The ‘highly-experienced’ Editor (according to the head-editor in Fed. Req.) tested the newsfeed by trying to post a newsfeed for one minute. The newsfeedsystem automaticly made 1hour from that 1minute which would mean the feed named Podje is awesome and had the following text in it: test would leave in 1hour and not 1 minute.

The head-editor Tresias Aegirsson who is currently resigning from his duties did not like that and based on one-eyewitness he requested the removal of the editor-degree of YAN. After the request was made a lot of Virtuans were angry. For example big daddy and ikenco requested the keeping of YAN his degree, as he is doing a very good job with vNews. Thank you for that! Currently Federal Coordinator and the angry head-editor are working on a solution. We will keep you posted!

Several people didn’t want YAN to lose his degree, ‘as he is doing a very good job with vNews’

Last but not least we would like to point out a big mistake of the Virtuan Consul of Education kageshukuun who accidentally gave Podje the Lawyer degree. Some side-information: Podje is trying to get the degree for ages now but he never actually got it (lawfully). The Federals are requested to remove it. If they will execute this request is still a question.

Federal Union, an obstacle or a pre?

Is it an obstacle or a pre? You tell me. Because I still, after several rounds, didn’t find out/choose a side.

Several rounds ago the discussion started: is the Federal Union (FU) useless? Does it add anything else than mud-fighting and discussions with personal issues on the background? Should we replace it?

Should we replace it? – common said about the current Federal Union

What is and does the FU? According to the International Law:

  1. The Federal Union is the highest political organisation in the Federation.
  2. The Federal Union decides about additions to the International Law and changes of existing articles, with exception of ‘Definitions’, Articles 1, 2 (paragraph 5d) 3, 6 (paragraph 1, 2a), 11 (paragraph 1 until 3), 12 (paragraph 1A, 1C, 1G and 2A) and 15, and this paragraph.
  3. Decisions pass when at least three of the government leaders vote for the same decision during the voting in the club ‘Federal Union Public’.

Well, let’s just go through this four points. And compare them to the meaning of it in the IL and the actual situation about them:

  1. Well, OK. That’s just some theory that cannot be used practically..
  2. So, well, the maintask of the FU. Making laws and making current laws better. With good discussions coming to good results. But is that how it currently goes? Rounds pass and each round people try to achieve some lawchanges. For example: rounds ago I, YAN, wanted to change the educational laws. Idea: seperate national subsidies from education subsidies so that education will get more attractive. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Ofcourse, it does, indeed. But the other delegates, read Rednax for example did not want to implent it. Reason? ‘We don’t benefit from it so we won’t agree’ And that’s how it goes each round. While knowing that their educationsystems fail they still don’t want to let someone else, which country has a good education-system, benefit. And again, this is as it goes. What kind of big implementations were done by the FU in the past 5 rounds? Implementations that did not took rounds to be done. I don’t know? You do? Then you will get free PM from me.

We don’t benefit from it so we won’t agree – common said by Federal Union delegates

Let’s continue on the 3rd point: members. Delegations need to be present? Well, there never is full presence of the members. They aren’t in the FU, like now. natcha12 fails to get a complete Federal Union. And even if they are there: no one discusses. You need to PM the delegates three times and if you are lucky then will post something like: ‘yes, ok’ or ‘no, make it better and come back to me’.

You will need to PM the delegates three times and if you are luckily then then will post a very short message without any value – YAN

Especially the Digitalian delegation never has anything to say. Never, really. If there’s a person that is not skilled in discussing and communication it’s hubinho. One of the worst discussion-partners I ever had. I am glad there will be changes in the Digitalian country-governance. There was done nothing, for too long now.

Last but not least, what should a good FU chairman do? We have had a few in the past rounds. My experience with them:

  1. Switzisch – didn’t discuss, only opened topics. Never really concerned at the work of the FU. Got two terms. Nothing major happened.
  2. Podje – didn’t discuss, only opened topics. Even headers were too much work for him. But though, he managed to get plenty lawchanges. Compared to the other chairmans. Compliment about that.
  3. Tresias Aegirsson – was very overcast in the work. He was the most capable chairman in my eyes, till this moment. He made the Federal Union public. Except the fact that he decided that on his own, that was a good idea. Communication with citizens wasn’t his best skill, though.
  4. natcha12 – I don’t know, he seems to be a kida mix of Podje and Tresias Aegirsson. But time will tell. At least he fails to even get a three-quarters full delegate-staff in the FU. Though, the mess in Digitalia contributes to that. I think he is potential and he is what the FU currently needs, only ofcourse if he will work hard.

The perfect FU chairman is :concerned, hyperactive, found terrible by all delegates, active in all discussions and pokes (PM’s) the delegates so much that their chat spaces all the day.

A lot of people think that the only option is to replace the doomed organisation. For example by a Council of Veterans (COV)Riemer_1990 is a big fan of that. But I always think: the CoV left MC for a reason as well.. Will it function properly? The current solution for me is: a critical mindchange from the chairman and the delegates as well. Make the FU live again! Revive it! Try the best you can..

Well, that is my opinion, and my current view on the Federal Union. The FU has been screwed up by the past generations of delegates and some chairmans and a lot of work needs to be done to compensate that. I’m curious what my thoughts about the FU will be after natcha12’s term ended: will he do an outstanding job or make the reputation of the FU worse?

Good luck to natcha12! You will defenitely need it.

The Minic, has he been chairman of the IC for too long?

As the chairman of the International Court is sueing and sueing a lot of people ask themselves the question: how objective is the International Court?

The Minic, appointed as International Court (IC) chairman in trading-period 132 and still wasn’t replaced by the High Council. In all evaluations published of the High Council the Cyberian gets a lot of compliments. Four rounds later he still leads the IC. But though, less adequate as he did, according to several people.

This round, the chairman has to deal with a lot of critism. It all started when the IC chairman started a registery procedure. He sued the Cyberian government on that. The ruling in that case was summarized: The Minic is right but we will agree with the Cyberian Court. Why? Are the judges affraid of The Minic as chairman?

The Minic is stubborn and still wants to be right, even considering he losed the RP-case about exactly the same he tries it on a different way. The chairman also has some critics on his own judges. For example on the handling of the cases by spokeswoman Troel. Won’t this affect the relationship between him and his judges? Can they still work properly with each other? The chairman seems to want his right so bad that he doesn’t care about how to get it.

Something else that strikes is that the chairman did not want to leave the club of the judges, that club is still administrated by himself. Isn’t that a bit weird? It’s a standard-procedure that in cases against the chairman the club will be transfered to the vice-chairman or another judge. Especially at cases you request yourself, as IC chairman, it would be the best solution to transfer the club. Now you give a wrong sign to your team of judges and you have information about the case-consulation aswell. Isn’t that more than unfair?

In all careers there is a moment to quit the job. Just for a while, so that others can try the job on their way and so that you can think about other options regarding careers. After doing a job for more than three rounds it may be time for someone else to take over the controls, even if you don’t like to give your power away.

There are enough functions and jobs to be done, for example an active role in the MCRecruitment, which is slowly dying. Maybe it’s time to move from the IC for a while, The Minic.

Only then people will realise how good you were (or how bad).