Digitalia Deserted

The streets of Digitalia stay almost empty. Every half mile you can find back and empty shop, in which sometimes goods are sold but sometimes not. But all traders are complaining about the bad business in their country. Nothing is moving.
This is the opposite of previous trading periods. In the recent history of the country, Digitalia had 2 round winners, one of each city. The main question is: What happened with the country’s population?
Somebody who wanted to stay anonymous told us about rumours that the ship of the king and some important traders were hijacked and that because of this, the country’s trading was still very low. But later this week the king finally arrived in the country. Let’s see if this will bring business back on track and citizens of Digitalia will still be able to end in the top of the ranking at the end of this trading period.

Agitation in Digitalia

Since the roundstart there is upheaval in the criminal country of the Federation.

It all started in the week between the end of round 120 and the start of round 121 when former king Rockenfeller requested the Federals to appoint Marcello Alvarez as the new king of Digitalia.

After loads of disapprovals of ‘high placed’ Digitalians like ikenco the Federals dicided to appoint Marcello Alvarez with this (translated) statement:

Marcello Alvarez is appointed as king of Digitalia. We find the lawbook not clear enough to dismiss the request.  I know some of you have an other view at this, so when you don’t agree you have the right to sue the (former) king at the court.

After some other post from ikenco and Ralgon most citizens of the country stopped with whining and began to prepare for the new king’s rules.

Before the round started the new king announced his tactics in the embassy of Digitalia; the Royal Palace.

The king posted that he was going to use the ‘chickenking’ tactic. Which meant that he wouldn’t trade and stay at the 0-0 position for the whole round.

When the round started the citizens of Digitalie founded a way to get the king of the 0-0 position and shot him bankrupt.

ikenco was choosen to become the new king of Digitalia. His 2nd term as ‘dinky king’. ikenco requested gunpowder licences for MV’s. But when he got shot he requested the Federals to take them back.

When te Digitalian harbour was build some of the Ibishan citizens started doing crimes and began stealing from shops of Digitalians.

After this began a series of criminal activities, which most of are performed by the king of round 120 Rockenfeller, Emily Skill and justinote.

A few nights ago the Ibishan criminal community planned a attack at Digitalia. When the bombings started that night the king of Digitalia began hiring officers, what wasn’t done for a long time because the Digitalian community sees it as a sign of cowardice.

That night the king hid in his house with 2 officers to protect him.

The Ibishans couldn’t kill him but they’ve killed both mayors of the Digitalian cities; Minimize and Baldwin.

The next day king ikenco was also bankrupted by the Ibishans.

Digitalian mayors started with appointing officers and there now in total 5 officers hired by the Mayors.

There’s still not announced who’ll become the new king of Digitalia and who’ll become the new mayor of Monapoli.

The only thing what became clear is that Digi’s aren’t that


To be continued

Digitalië, the dead country?

Last round Emily Skill killed several Digitalians, like Minimize, The King 2 etc. But this round it seems the Digitalians are killing themselves! 

Sources told vNews that it all started as a joke. Someone started with 1 shot. Just for the fun. But after this ‘joke’ several other Digi’s started to rob/shoot/hit aswell!

At the first day of the round, several Digi’s were killed already.

And till now some Digi’s are still commiting crimes on fellow citizens!

Only a few mainaccounts are left, and most of the inhabitants are subs.

The following Digitalians died:

  • loco_tazz
  • Switzisch
  • justinote
  • The King 2
  • djglekke 
  • Tranqer
  • jeroentje312
  • hubinho
  • pkfpeters
  • Fine
  • Euston
  • ikenco
  • Ralgon
  • Naamloze
  • COE
  • Wichard
  • Kippenhok97
  • the mad bomber
  • DROP TABLE Players
  • Torpedo 7

The new king Rockenfeller started already with the reconstruction of the country.

Good luck Digitalië, with this big loss!

The Killer

In the last few days, Emily Skill has killed several Digitalian players. 

The following Digitalians died due to the gunshot wounds sustained from Emily Skill:

  • loco_tazz
  • jeroentje312
  • The King 2
  • Tranqer
  • COE

Potential round winner ikenco reacted startled. ikenco claims that Emily has also fired shots at new players in Digitalia, posting a particular request at Fed Request:

Federals, please look into Emily Skill as she is shooting new players in Digitalia. This is downright childish behavior and not necessary.

Emily Skill reacted:

Unfortunately I was too late to stop shooting, I only did 2k damage and he was a criminal and was at the harbour lot.

Loads of other reactions poured in until Federal Coordinator stopped it with humour:

I think it is a better idea if you start shooting each others.

The discussion continued at the Royal Palace.

Eventually ikenco had posted that he will quit trading due to the actions of Emily Skill. Not because of the shooting of the traders who kept trade running, but because of the shots on new players. A very good statement indeed.

One big question remains; Will ikenco persevere?

We are all wondering how this story will end!