Assassination of President Sesam

President Sesam was having his usual routine of drinking coffee in his Izzy Million Chair while at the same time, reprimanding his fellow council members about their performance in a night club. However, he did not know that trouble was brewing when he suggested a total ban of an underground Mafia called Virjax. The leader of Virjax does not take any threats lightly and has been the shadow kingmaker behind the scene.

It was an odd day because all of the President’s bodyguards were on medical leave at the last minute, at the same time. The Vice President had advised Sesam to stay at home, but he threw caution to the wind and went for work in his office anyway.

It was 1pm when 3 masked men rushed up to the Council HQ armed with C4 and AK-47. They started shooting at the staff and planted C4 on the President Bunker. While the security was being breached, Sesam was caught off guard with his pants down but was too late to devise any counter-measures.

3 shots were fired and President Sesam was left lying on the floor while he witnessed the smile on his Vice President face, just before his last breath…

Shortage of penguins in our Federation

It has come to my attention that, all areas apart from Ibisha, Are experiencing a shortfall in penguin production.

This should not be happening and would like to call upon the whole of the Federation to start reproducing penguins at a fast rate to replenish the supply of penguins throughout the Federation. As well to grow their stronghold in Ibisha and other Nations to make us the Penguin Game.

We thank bell_1996 for his input..