Towers, the real effect

Miniconomy celebrated its 150th trading period last round, however what we all completely missed several rounds ago is the anniversary of the tower. Towers were introduced to keep the economy going in the third week as a lot of players complained that trade slowed and slowly stalled around that time every round. Towers would be something players could invest their cash in for a certain return. This return however was never disclosed by the Feds and therefore it remained a mystery to players if they were profitable or not.
In the first couple of rounds that towers were introduced, there was much discussion about the true value of building a tower. Many players tried calculating their proceeds and weighing up the costs. Towers were soon written off as unworthy of putting any money into;  the return did not seem to match up with the costs. Tranqer wrote in the TMC, Sept 2015: The Uselessness of Skyscrapers.
Recent rounds however have shown a big increase in the investment in towers. Last round, the top 2 in the end ranking together had over 1200 floors. What changed? In recent rounds tourists have shown to be a bit more active again, both in towers and in product purchases. This round again we see many of the top contenders investing heavily in towers.
Why does a top trader invest in towers?
Towers created a new phenomena in Miniconomy, which I like to call: overdrive. Overdrive is when demand for product is always higher than availability. It can be achieved quite easily when top traders in a country work together and all invest in towers. This round we saw Ibisha empty within a week! Coincidentally, they built over 500 floors in the same time-frame. Overdrive makes everyone earn a lot of money in a short period of time until resources are depleted. Overdrive is why resources are the most common products traded internationally.
Do towers work as intended?
Towers were supposed to be a ‘thing’ to keep trade going in the third week. Resources however never make it to the third week anymore. Countries actively trading together and working for their top ranking soon face resource issues. Miniconomy seems to have changed from a trading game to a logistics game, as players must determine who can get the most resources in the right place. This round we can see Natcha12 with in incredible amount of shop space displaying 10,000 iron ore he intends to make into iron bars.
Roebelarendsveen turned into a willing target as prime iron-ore-exporter during the past few rounds.
Plastic & Towers
The introduction of towers also changed the demand for plastic. Plastic back in the day used to be a product with which you could compete with your average brick/iron or wood trader. Skyscrapers increased the demand for plastic tremendously; every floor requires at least 18 plastic. A comfort room however uses 42 plastic. At first, this new demand did not hurt Virtua. Centropolis used to be the city with the highest oil in the Federation, and at an average of just over 200 oil per lot, plastic traders were doing better than ever. However, in the last few rounds the oil situation has changed; cities in the Federation were cut short of resources. Right now in Centropolis, you’re lucky to average 160 per lot. Not only do these changes make the cost of oil much more expensive, but it also means a 20% to 30% drop of oil available in Centropolis. Recent rounds have shown Centropolis is emptied easily, even when trading activity is rather low.

Is the balance gone?
This is another question of mine. Last round Likemyitem and I together decided to go for an active trading round. We would set new records in terms of tower building and net worth. Trade started up nicely and by the time we had our shops built, we started on the towers. Before being able to build over 100 floors, we already noticed that we were going way too fast on the resources if we wanted to keep trading for the entire round. Ships were produced, and thousands of squsts of resources and products were imported to Virtua. Without these imports, trade would ended right after the first week.
Towers were a nice change for a while, however now they’re being worked and in my opinion doing exactly the opposite of what they intended to do. Instead of keeping the trade going for longer, they make resources disappear more quickly.

Chat Commands

When visiting the chat, where natcha12 gives you a slap once in a while, you can use several commands to make your chat visit somewhat more interesting. In this article we will list all the possible chat commands and examples. You’re welcome to try them while you’re reading the article.


/bigchat and /smallchat

If dj ricky  is flooding the chat again due to his conversation with the bot. Then you can make the chat bigger by typing /bigchat. This will make the chat bigger, thus you’re more assured that you won’t miss a message (or that you don’t have to scroll down the whole time). To make you chat smaller again, simply type /smallchat.

/away and /back

When you haven’t checked on the federation for a while then you’re shown at the bottom of the list. Your name will get a grey/black color and will be shown in italic. You can create this yourself as well. By posting /away you’ll be shown as one of the citizens who’s ‘away’ at the chat’s list. By typing /back, you’ll be shown normal again. Perfect if you don’t want Penguin Colony to contact you, you’ve clearly showed that you’re away anyway ;-).


Is tranq spamming the chat again about his banner contest ? You can simple type ‘/ignore tranq’ in the chat. This way, no posts of tranq will be shown to you again. You can undo this by refreshing (F5) or log in/log out.


You can have some fun by using the command /me. When you use this command, your name at the left will be gone and the /me part in your post will be replace by your name. For example : try to post the following message in the chat : Wow ! /me thinks Tuned is the greatest Virtuan ever existed !

You’ll see that the ‘/me’ part is replaced by your name and your name, left, will be gone.


Well this command is the command most players use the most, especially natcha12. I could explain what this command does. But it’s even better if you just try it yourself. Type/copy the following in the chat : /slap natcha12 . You’ll see what it does ;-).

Millions Tuned In: He’s Back

Cashington’s Beta Street is a scene out of a story. Thousands and thousands of people have lined the road, gathering
in front of Mr. Velde’s “In The Cloud” Apartments hoping to get even a glimpse of the megastar known as Tuned.

“I can’t believe he’s back! This is a dream come true!” says tourist Arianna Roche, a lifelong
fan of Tuned. “I’ve been reading the news, watching the ads, searching shops, but he was just gone, but not any longer.”
Arianna has been a Tuned fan since she was a little girl, she explains, and hopes to one day have bestowed upon her
the privilege of kissing his feet. She even owns a Tuned doll she received as a gift when she was 5, and during her
play-time, she would hold lavish marriage ceremonies with the doll in her bedroom, anticipating a dream come true in her

Melissa Gordon, who lives above Arianna, is also a Tuned fan. “I can’t believe he’s back, and even living next door to me!”
says Gordon, and avid collector of all-things-Tuned. “I have 15 autographs and other variouso memorabilia that I’ve
collected in my day. At 57 years old, Melissa isn’t hoping for a dream marriage with the Miracle Man, but her idolizing
doesn’t stop short of eccentric. “As you can see here on my walls, I have all these documents, paintings, everything
that has to do with Tuned, I have, and is all autographed. I’ve never been able to get a live autograph, but now that
he’s living next door, maybe this will be a possibility. But with the thousands outside waiting for his appearance,
it might not be possible at the moment. Maybe when and if the crowd clears.”

Not all are happy, though, at his return.
“I can’t even get out of my own apartment!”, says “In The Cloud” tourist-resident John Simon. “This is a travesty.
I can’t imagine how someone could be so famous for doing almost nothing. How am I supposed to go shopping with
thousands of people crowding the street in front of my home? Not to mention the noise!
The crowd is so loud, I can’t sleep! The Mayor must do something about this.”

When asked about the mayhem that has befallen Cashington, Mayor Mystq isn’t as concerned. “I think it’s great.
The more people that come to Cashington to see the infamous Tuned, the more money they’ll be enticed to spend.”
And for the noise? “I’m currently looking for a trader to make earplugs, but apparently it’s not an option. Blame Wouter.”
she says, referring to the Federation Architect.

Tuned’s renewed stardom has even reached fans overseas. He’s even went as far as to ask the Federals to expand his fanclub
to International accessibility. “The love of Cyberians, Digitalians and Ibishans must be expressed. Their voices can’t be ignored.
His Holiness wants to make it possible for all to love him.”

Tuned has yet to announce the time and date of his first official public appearance, where he will give a speech in front of the
thousands of his adoring fans. He will also take the time to sign autographs and take photos. As for John Simon, we can only hope that he’s found a pair of earplugs.

Overview of the second week

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews-edition of the 135th trading period! Last week we had a hell of an edition and this edition has a lot of articles as well. We’d like to thank our writers and guest-writers for those.

This week quite some things have happened in our tiny internet Federation. In this week’s edition a summary of them.

The Virtuan Lawbook, a pain in the ass for a lot of Virtuan citizens. It’s too much law, too unclear and way too long. But since this week the Council seems to make speed with the improving of the Virtuan Law (VL). Vicepresident Bleech rewrote the VL together with consul riemer_1990 and White Queen, the mayor of Centropolis. President Mystq started a club named ‘Discuss Virtua Lawbook’ which is meant to involve the Virtuan citizens in the rewritement of the VL. It’s a succes. A lot of Virtuans are happy that the Virtuan Government actually does something about this problem and are waiting for the final approval of the new VL by the Council.

The Virtuan Law is too big and too unclear

Our manager YAN seemed to make a tiny mistake this week. The ‘highly-experienced’ Editor (according to the head-editor in Fed. Req.) tested the newsfeed by trying to post a newsfeed for one minute. The newsfeedsystem automaticly made 1hour from that 1minute which would mean the feed named Podje is awesome and had the following text in it: test would leave in 1hour and not 1 minute.

The head-editor Tresias Aegirsson who is currently resigning from his duties did not like that and based on one-eyewitness he requested the removal of the editor-degree of YAN. After the request was made a lot of Virtuans were angry. For example big daddy and ikenco requested the keeping of YAN his degree, as he is doing a very good job with vNews. Thank you for that! Currently Federal Coordinator and the angry head-editor are working on a solution. We will keep you posted!

Several people didn’t want YAN to lose his degree, ‘as he is doing a very good job with vNews’

Last but not least we would like to point out a big mistake of the Virtuan Consul of Education kageshukuun who accidentally gave Podje the Lawyer degree. Some side-information: Podje is trying to get the degree for ages now but he never actually got it (lawfully). The Federals are requested to remove it. If they will execute this request is still a question.

Statistics day 14/21

A big thank you to the Federals for delevering in time.

# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 Tyc00n 854,953.94 Cashington

2 Mystq 730,387.09 Cashington

3 Likemyitem 657,199.66 Nasdaqar

4 viraxje 643,329.90 Nasdaqar

5 gelaarsdekat 598,885.20 El Peso

6 mof688 581,624.56 El Peso

7 Roktav 523,215.12 Ibisha

8 Rednax 496,831.46 Roebelarendsveen

9 A. Banderas 465,984.25 Ibisha

10 Federal Government 456,879.11 Sans Francishco

11 rico.vito 434,187.37 Centropolis

12 jeroentje312 428,686.48 El Peso

13 Hubinho1 412,983.02 Zwollar

14 Plastic dame 393,224.95 Kronenburg

15 natcha12 382,952.30 Centropolis

16 ikenco 377,814.89 Nasdaqar

17 spainman0 366,204.65 Centropolis

18 jolev 349,727.25 Cashington

19 crazy_niels 344,833.56 El Peso

20 The King 2 338,662.75 El Peso

The first editorial consultation of vNews

Finally! vNews is back, in an active way. Each week new editions, at least that is the plan, manager YAN tells.

It is 9:00 AM. The vans of TH Turbo Taxi MV drive back and forth with the newest goods. For example, the newest computers with word 2015 produced by Nasdaqarian ikenco. In front of our office our recently appointed co-manager viraxje tells Roktav and Bleech what to do. vNews hired Podje and ikenco to help with the moving.

For the reader: the new building is fully transparant (100% glass-made), except the toilets (luckily).. When you come in at the front, you first enter our lobby where you can see Bleech after the desk, handling all complaints about our articles and writers.

In the lobby you will see three doors, the first door leads to our new editorial office, in which you can see Roktav calling to all traders of our Federation to compare prices of products or you can see co-manager viraxje eating out of his nose.

After walking through the second door you will see YAN calling with Federal Assistant. ‘Dangit, Johan! I though we had an agreement about that statistics! No, don’t change the subject of this conversation now. Johan!? Hello?’ ‘Grrrr…’. Well, let’s skip the part about YAN throwing chairs..

The last door is also very very important… indeed.. the toilets. Here you can do your needs and lavatory attendant ikenco will happily clean the toilet after you used it. Costs: 1.5 I-shells per visit, unless you are a vNews-employee.

11:30 AM. The starttime of the first editorial consulation of our newspaper. At the conference-room (in the editorial office) you see from the right to the left sitting: YAN, Roktav, Bleech, viraxje and Federal Coordinator. ‘He still loves to join our meetings to see how our paper is doing, maybe that’s a inheritance of his time as TMC-manager’ viraxje jokes.

We want to spread high-quality newspapers regulary. – YAN, manager of vNews

In the meeting manager YAN tells about the new vision of vNews: ‘So, welcome all here in this meeting! Our new goals: we want to spread a high-quality newspaper as regular as possible. To achieve that goal we appointed the best writers of our Federation and have a co-manager that will make sure vNews will be published. Also, I want more communication with citizens, our clubs need to be up-to-date. Last but not least: we need to promote to write, for example by handing out PM-days more frequently and promote the writing by chat-spam. Let people become crazy from the vNews-chatposts and force them to write! That’s how I earned my first presidentcy’.

Let people become crazy from the vNews-chatpost and force them to write! Thats how I earned my first presidentcy – YAN, manager of vNews

‘But, YAN. Isn’t that how you eared them all?’ Bleech jokes. Laughter appears. After they were discussing the new vision and agreeing with it Federal Coordinator has to run. ‘Wait!’ someone out of a nook yells. ‘I baked a cake for you all!’, it’s porter natcha12. 

‘OK, OK’ FeC mutters. ‘I want two slices!’ ikenco yells. And he grabs whole the cake out of natcha12’s hands. ‘Go back to your toilets!’, viraxje yells. And ikenco stumbles back to his workplace, without eating any cake.

After this good morning vNews can finally start with their new vision and plans. More articles, less hassle. The new slogan will be.

More articles, less hassle. End of message.