What does Woshiempire() have to say?


I welcomed Woshiempire() here today to sit for a short interview about his opinions on multiple topics. As a newer player, his opinion is valuable. As Vice President of Virtua, his experience can be helpful for others who are interested in government affairs. What was meant to be short and sweet turned out to be informative and long, as I found that Woshiempire() has passionate opinions and was eager to share them with us…

Mystq: First, I want to know what made you run for office last round. Why did you have an interest in politics?

Woshiempire(): Well, I’ve always had an interest in political-economic games; that’s why I play MC (Miniconomy). It offers more to do than just trading and I believe that communication and making yourself known (in politics and in conversation) will be helpful in trading. I believe that economies do not work in isolation; mutual gains and cooperation between players is essential.

What other games of this style have you played and how does Miniconomy rank compared to those games?

I’ve played quite a few, some that I’ve already forgotten the name of. In terms of economic module, MC ranks better for trading simplicity and also free market concept. Some games only allow for an average market price and prices cannot be determined by players themselves, but instead have a generated average market place.

However, for the political module, MC does lack much as compared to other games. The political function is too basic and not as deeply linked to the game. There doesn’t seem to be much political game function other than player-driven “forums”. On top of that, there is not much of an “International Game Feature” such as in other games.

I think the credit pricing is reasonable. I choose not to play other games because of expense.

Excellent Feedback! So overall, would Miniconomy make it onto your top 10 list of favorite economic games, considering all of the aspects?

Yes, but there aren’t many economic games available online.

I’ll be more direct. Would you consider Miniconomy to be your favorite game? You’ve been willing to devote many hours. Have the social aspects influenced that decision?

That is why Miniconomy motivates me to try again. My first experience of MC was around round 50. At that time, the game was quite daunting for new players and time consuming for raw materials traders. I made many mistakes.

I do now consider MC as my favorite economic game due to its uniqueness, but I believe that the game needs updates as well (It is 99% the same even after several years). The social aspects motivate me to devote more time. If it is just a trading game, without interaction, the game does not entice me to play. I would just “click and logout”. I believe that a game community is important for players to feel involved, then they will spend time and money on it. No one will spend money on a game in which they mindlessly trade and logout.

This is why I feel the education system is important. The game community and culture will have an impact on how players feel involved. If players cannot be involved, they feel left out. They will think that jobs only cater to veterans and that they, as new players, won’t fit in anywhere.
I think the education system should move beyond just getting degrees and renewing them. It should be a place where Veterans identify new potential players and try to get them more involved in the game, influencing them to become a Premium Member.

I also think that the National Governments should have more in-game features to support their roles. Some examples would be: preventing other nationality’s products selling outside one’s own borders, being able to have closed borders for personalities, and imposing tariffs on products coming from overseas, if they are allowed. I think that these 3 features will help define what a country is and allow players to have more control over international trade, bringing new dimension to international politics and trade.

Thank you for all of your feedback. It’s been a pleasure talking with you. 

As we can see, Woshiempire() is very passionate about these topics. He is taking his job as Vice President very seriously and considering the political aspects here. He is obviously taking his player status very seriously, as well.

Visit to the Dungeon

After I received the invitation to go to Federal Assistant’s house in the middle of the woods of Nasdaqar I was initially quite cautious. I had heard the stories of people disappearing for days in the dungeon, only surfacing months later to Miniconomy again, with their memories wiped on their experience and only thinking that they had been away from a game all the time they were gone. I shudder as I carry on through the jungle-like forest.

Just in case anything bad went down, I always had my trusty phone with me I bought from Flight 815 the week before. I had ran out of lots for brickstores since then but hey, you never know when a phone is handy.

I looked down at the map and note I had found in my pocket after walking around Ibisha, searching for any last remnant of ore. The map was unmarked but for a grubby thumbprint on the back, and the note simply had some coordinates and said;

Come and see me tonight.

F. Ass

Of course, Mr Ass could only be one person in the Federation.

I reach the coordinates and notice a rundown shop in the middle of the forest, looking around for any signs of life. All I saw were some Virtuan contracts covered in baby puke. It seemed the Consul of Finance Xzese and Mystq had came here earlier to the shop in the middle of nowhere, for reasons unknown. The shop door is open, almost hanging off it’s hinges infact, so I go in and find myself in a totally unexpected room.

The floor is a pure white marble, glaring with the chandelier 20 metres above me in the cavernous room. The light is no match for my tinted CBI© sunglasses though, so I carry on until I reach what looks like an office door.
Aside from the empty chair behind his desk, the first thing I noticed is the huge map of his favourite city on the wall opposite the door, Monapoli, the city of diamonds. Then I spot the open trapdoor almost concealed behind the desk, leading down into the basement. I follow the stairs down using my quality Ibishan phone’s flashlight app.

At the bottom I am met with the sight of none other then DJ Ricky JUNIOR unceremoniously taped to (a very comfy looking) chair. Federal Assistant walks in from a dark corner of the room and explains that he found a Virtuan for me to interview for Vnews with a cheerful smile on his face.

Ricky was surprisingly very cooperative in his “interview”! I barely had to give him any of the truth serum Federal Assistant left me with which was great, these days Ibisha and Virtua both import everything and you know how expensive shipping can be.

“So how did you begin in Miniconomy Ricky? What got you started?”

“I actually first started by my brother bringing me to one of the Miniconomeetings. I met some players and was even there when skyscrapers were first talked about. They talked all about new ideas and politics but at that point I hadn’t played so most I didn’t understand”

“Sounds fun! Have you gotten into politics at all since joining? Maybe tried the elections for President?”

“No not President yet, I would like to try President but right now I need a bit more experience. Next round I do plan on running for Mayor though. I’ll be doing a lot of campaigning on the chat for Mayor!”

“Nice, good to see you getting involved! Now do you have a game-plan for the rest of this round?”

“I did. I was going to move to Centropolis to make plastic but then dj ricky beat me to it. I might end up going to Cashington now. I liked doing screwdrivers this round, but I ran out of plastic and can’t make any more. Now I rely on saws to get my business back! Next round I might do pumps and engines, or something big like wood as another option. I think bombs and guns aren’t my type though, so if I stay in Nasdaqar I probably won’t trade those.”

“Thanks Ricky! I’ll be sure to put in a good word for you when Federal Assistant comes back. Good luck in the elections too!”

It was getting a bit late by then, so I decided to finish the interview to give me enough hours of light to make it back to my Farmerrari in the Nasdaqar parking lot a few miles hike away. You never can tell what might be prowling around the forests at night…

vNews’ weekly profile: natcha12

Today in vNews weekly profile: natcha12. The person who leads the Federal Union, is in charge of the justice in Virtua and is member of the High Council as well. Enjoy this interview! 

Do you think the Federal Union currently as it needs to function?
What do you think about replacing the FU for an alternative organization?

The FU is able to function. I would not say that all the time I have been watching the FU clubs it has been, especially with problems like activity and also lead flying around in Digitalia. Many don’t agree with replacing the FU as riemer wants, but those same people also put no effort into their opinion. For example, they might say riemer is crazy to try and call him an idiot, but they are not helping their cause, just damaging his. The FU is runned by people that need to do stuff :P, that stuff sometimes taking a lot longer than it should be for an organization as important as the FU. It can function, but improvements are needed that every Chairman should look into doing in their time, as who else but the Chairman would want to keep the FU?

What are your goals in the future of Miniconomy?

I still have not been President! You may not believe but I have been vice maybe 3 times but not president. I blame it on my success being mayor thinking I am trying to get the wrong job :D. After president I can relax a little on the career side. Things have changed a lot since I was away for about 10 rounds and came back during the run up to xmas. I thought I would have no chance at winning the elections as people do prefer someone who has been around a while before trust is regained, so was quite surprised really. President is the goal for me.

What do you prefer, skyscrapers or houses? Why?

Well, personally I like the addition, but do not see it as a viable replacement. I think that normal houses should remain in some sort of form, but that skyscrapers be made much better at security and features available to tenants. Houses should still be in the game but at a round start sort of level, like the market booth version of a home.

Do you think we currently have a well-functioning Federal Team?

Well, the little contact I have had in various clubs and in the chat cannot cover all Federals enough for a good summary. Knowing that FeR is (Brendan) means anything coming from him would be taken a lot more friendly (if possible :P) than the other Feds. Remco likes some fun here and there, but is pretty serious 99% of the time. The other feds I barely see or talk to. I can give a little info that 1 federal *may* be thinking about moving to Ibisha, as there are no Federals currently with their hometown there.

How do you like your tea? Milk and sugar?

I’m not picky. Milk I don’t mind, sometimes 1 sugar. Who cares, its still tea at the end of drinking it. One thing I can’t stand is it being too weak, strength is a must. If I wanted hot water I could have saved time just pouring from the kettle.

Do you have any regrets in Miniconomy?

One biggy is my timing getting into things. I look back at the unfortunate 10 round gap between joining MC in ’89 and starting in politics (I hear you laughing there!) and think now how much I could have been involved in that time. I can’t get those rounds back, but I believe I have made up for it since in various places. Yet, there is much and more to do!

What is the meaning of life?

Death, slowly, so make the best of it :-D!

What’s the most challenging situation you ever experienced while playing Miniconomy?

Over my whole time playing, one name comes to mind. I will not say the name but wow, have we had some clashes in the courts. One round we exchanged about 10 cases between us, me being relatively new at the time won none of mine, but I was fined 500 ISH. Hehe. I have not been fined in the courts since then I am happy to say, yet coincidentally we have not had any disputes since then either.

Another: at the start of the round I was ofcourse not very experienced. I was boxed in and wondered why haha, then had no idea there were other roads with cheaper peoples products on (my shop was on second, noooooob). Since then I take it all in my stride.

Do you think, the level of activity in the High Council is acceptable?

There is less activity in the HC than I thought before being part of it. It will take time to see if the new additions will bring things back to life, and cogs were moving nicely already inside the top secret dusty windows of the club when I joined. I will take some time to adjust, as ofc not many can really explain the HC without both of you being part of it. Ando got me started really well with some good advice from the beginning too, and other than the new members, I think he is the most active.

The Minic for IC Chairman at R136 or someone else?

 I don’t think it would be wise for me to answer this question. No comment.

Interview with Ibishan President

I asked for this interview a long time ago, but there was no answer until now. So I packed my notepad and pencil and go to Presidential palace. Before President met me I was taken on tour across Palace where I saw beautiful gardens, research facility and quite big art gallery, in some pictures I saw oddly costumed people possible native, in almost all other were previous rulers of Ibisha.

Good morning Mr. President, you have nice home here.
Good morning to you too, I manage to renovate my palace here as we manage to earn more money since I become President.

Interesting, what did change in Ibisha so far?
First I fix up law book so it don’t have so much holes in it, then I hired active mayor, but you should know this. And last major change was different attitude toward other countries. It is hard to admit but we need more international trade to succeed as greatest nation in Federation.

You mention International trade, how is it looking this round and what do you think about trade in general in Ibisha?
This round we build harbour quite soon, but there wasn’t to much impact on our trade yet, except there is more shooting than last round. Trade as whole I think it is great this round, but I hope it will go even bigger next round.

Could you guess which Ibishans would finish in top 20?
This round we have few very good trader so I think we will have at least them in top 20. So to put it in names:
Rednax, Alecto and Mukyrlux. But maybe even natcha…ibi version and ibitravis will manage it.

What are your plans for future of Ibisha?
I will continue with improving Ibisha, which mean changing law book, raise importance of Ibisha in Federation, help our citizens to achieve victory and more.

What about Education in Ibisha?
I tried to organise education even in previous round so I make it free for all, heck I even promise to pay them to participate in it, but still no response. So next round I will stop with it, but others all welcome to try, if they do I will support them.

When you show me your research department one of scientist said something about “diosmose of salt water”. Can you tell me what this research is about?
Yes, our scientists are now focusing how to produce clean cheap energy so we wouldn’t be dependent on oil and coal. Basically they try to find efficient way to gain energy from mixing salt and fresh water.

After this answer, one of President’s clerks came in and talk with President, which apologise to me saying that he has urgent matter to attend. So I left palace and went home to write this interview before I forget his answers.

The Federations Most (un)wanted

vNews managed to catch up with this rounds most notorious and (un)wanted Criminal Mastermind, Andoversr!

vNews reporter: So tell me Andoversr, how does it feel to be Public Enemy Number 1 of Cyberie and probably just as hated by your fellow Virtuans?

Andoversr: I dont care, they can come get me if they want and I expect next round they probably will , let them try as they might I will give em heck all the way.

vNews reporter: So has crime been very profitable for you?

Andoversr: Yes, especially my “visits” to Cyberie , I typically make at least 1-2k per trip to their unguarded / lightly guarded shops , the first time I went over there I made around 6-8k I-Shells profit in only 2 or 3 trips. In Addition the occasional shoot contracts are nice too.

vNews reporter: If we may ask, how many Crime Points did you start the round with? How much do you have now?

Andoversr: I started this round at about 155 (Gangster) and now am at almost 600 Crime Points , giving me Mastermind status long enough to last even through next round.

vNews reporter: Cyberie has issued a emergency situation because of you and Virtua’s President has labeled you a “Terrorist” , are you worried about joint retaliation by these 2 governments?

Andoversr: Well I have yet to only see words from both Governments, Cyberie has formed a response team which, with what it’s done so far, appears only to be an excuse to pay extra daily salary to members of that team, as they have yet to try and bombings or shots against me. Virtua has not taken any action either and is just words.

vNews reporter: What has been the highlight of your round so far?

Andoversr: This week I got into a gun fight with his Majesty the King of Digitialie aka Hubinho , in Nasdaqar , that was alot of fun going toe to toe against a King and a Criminal Mastermind.

vNews reporter: Any big plans for the rest of the round?

Andoversr: Do what I am doing now, and bring my CP up as high as I can get it.

As we thank Andoversr for his time we and walk away we check our pockets to make sure our wallet are still there and we check our bags to make sure no stray bombs have found their way into them.

Interview of the week: dj ricky

Each edition vNews will interview a player of the Federation. Also today we are going to visit a very special person. He started playing in Cyberië, was Mayor of Zwollar for several times and is currently working for the Virtuan Government as Consul of Justice and Safety. Indeed, it’s dj ricky!

Last week I went to Andoversr, I think it was a very nice interview. I’m curious about dj ricky. Till this moment I only saw him on television when he was walking in the Virtuan Court and said: ‘No, I’m not a Judge so I won’t give my opinion about this pleas, excuse me I have an important meeting in the Council Room.’. He looked very serious there, I think he takes his job as CoJS very serious. But we’ll know soon.

I grap my jack and leave Fort Bleech, let’s go to the taxi-station. No cabs. After waiting for 30 minutes still no cabs.. I see a big board. ‘SHIP TO ROEBELARENDSVEEN DEPARTING IN 10 MINUTES, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY TO GO BACK TO CENTROPOLIS FROM RV’. I don’t like waiting so I take the ship. After a 10 minute trip I arrive at the Harbour of RV, but I don’t like what I see. The first view of Roebelarendsveen: a criminal (I saw him on billboards where people were putting a bounty on his head!) who is robbing riemer_1990! Wait, it’s siemenrey. I want to leave this city as soon as possible. And I’m lucky! 2 minutes later I’m back on a ship of the MV of Mayor Andoversr4 heading to the city of oil, Centropolis.

After a short hop I finally reach Centropolis. Again I don’t know the adress of ricky so I decide to call him. ‘Hello, CoJS here, what do you want?’. ‘Erhm, YAN from vNews here, I’m currently in Centropolis and I need to know your adress.’. ‘Wait where you are.’. Well, that was a weird conversation. I decide to wait and after two minutes I see Officer Fritts coming. ‘Ricky called me to bring you to his house..’. So I follow him and finally I arrive. I thank Fritts and observe the house. It’s a small cosy house. When I want to make a picture of it I see someone coming outside. ‘Hey! Stop! You need my permission for that! Oh, you are YAN?’. After apologizing we can finally start the interview!

As you might read in the head of this article, dear reader, you can see dj ricky didn’t play his whole MC life in Virtua. He started in Cyberië. He’s sounding very satisfied when he tells about his time there: ‘I had a very nice time in Cyberië, I had to learn the game, and when I did that I became Mayor of Zwollar. When I was Mayor for my 3rd time I couldn’t run for the Mayorship of the next round (CL forbids it). That was a shame. After the three rounds of Mayorship I started with the National Politics. I became Minister of Education (the Cyberian Consul of Education) and was in the Cyberian Parliament quite some times. ‘

But a few rounds dj ricky decided to move to Virtua, when I ask about that he smiles. ‘Yup, a few rounds later I didn’t enjoy the Cyberian politics as lot as I used to do. Furthermore I wanted to see more of the Federation. Those two factors made me decide to move to Virtua.’. When I moved from Ibisha to Virtua I saw a lot of differences. dj ricky about the differences he saw on his 1st Virtuand day: ‘The  nice players! They were helpfull and always nice to each other, something what was different in Cyberië. Also the stable political system. A very nice 1st day, and I still enjoy living here like the 1st day!’.

Just like Andoversr, dj ricky doesn’t has a lot of trading ambitions. ‘I never have a goal, when I have a lot of ISH I normally try to get rid of them or going to test things with it. It’s nice when I end in the top20 or top10 but I’m not trading for one of those positions, just for the fun’. ‘When I’d have my COI I would just shoot it away from me.’ says he with a big smile. We laugh.

In Virtua dj ricky doesn’t really have National Political Ambitions either. ‘I like all the Consul Positions, being President for once would be fun I think but I prefer the Mayorship of our beautiful Centropolis.’.

The player that the Virtuan CoJS can remember the best is grondstoffenman. He doesn’t has to think long about that question. ‘We were both crazy and always had a lot of fun, even in the Cyberian politics!.’ ‘I just sent him a Facebook message that we miss him!’.

When I want to ask the last question an alarm starts ringing. ‘Sorry! I’ve to go, we got a case request, first things first’ says our CoJS. What a workoholic! Well, I guess it will be over then… After saying thanks and goodbye to dj ricky I walk to the cab-station. Yes! There’s one cab from Crazy Taxi MV. I take it back to Nasdaqar and get back home. Woohoo! Federal Assistant just finished cooking!

Interview of the week: Andoversr

From this edition vNews will interview a player who is playing MC each edition! Our first guest is a Virtuan citizen who plays MC for a very very long time! He began his carrier as a Local Officer Cashington and now he just joined the High Council! You might know it already, indeed, it is Andoversr!

After a short trip from Nasdaqar with a very cosy cab from Penguin Cabs MV I just arrived in the small city Cashington. I’m seeing some small houses, I see the very big townhall and the streets are dominated by big shops. For a small village like Cashington there are a lot of players trading actively. But it seems that in the round before this one Cashington wasn’t active at all, would the new Mayor Andoversr have changed this?

I don’t know were to go to find him so I think it’s smart to ask a citizen. Ah! Is that our famous Mister Miniconomy Podje over there? I’ve never seen him for real! Only on big boards with a lot of lights shining on it. So I start walking to Podje, of course a bit nervous when you never saw him before but he looks nice, I ask him where I can find the Mayor of his city. His reaction is very short: ‘In house.’. I think he is too busy with trading, those people like him don’t have much time for interuptions. So I start walking towards the house of the Mayor, on Minternet I searched for it already, it was a big white villa very close to the famous rocks of Cashington.

After looking around I finally see it! It looks for real much bigger than on the Minternet! So I walk towards the front door and then I hear: ‘Here, this way YAN!’. I look behind me and I see Andoversr coming out of his garage. He offers me a nice cup of tea and then we can finally start with the best thing of the day: the interview!

Andoversr tells about the history 0f Virtua. When he started he had to play in a Dutch country he tells. ‘Well that was very hard, I couldn’t understand them properly and they didn’t want to speak much English too of course, but when Virtua was founded that changed!’.

He also tells a lot (too much to write down here) about the difference between Virtua in that time, around round 20(!), and the current Virtua. But one thing is very clear. ‘The people and the government, there are a lot less of the “oldie” players I remember from back when Virtua started.’ . I can imagine that’s very stupid. I had the same case a few times too and I can tell you, dear reader, that it didn’t feel very nice.

When I ask him the question: ‘Which player can you remember the most? And why?’ he answers directly, I think he didn’t need time to think for this answer. ‘The player I remember the most is riemer_1990 , he was a very hard working Virtua, he served many times on the former Board of Consuls (currently the Virtuan Council), ran the Virtuan Business Academy, and was the main shareholder of Ibisha Island. I can see a bit of a tear in his eyes, the effect of losing a very talented and cool player I think.

Another thing I looked up at the Minternet was the trade-history of Andoversr. Well I can only say it in one way, it didn’t look very spectacular. So I’m curious why he focus that much on the politics and laws and he plays for such a long time and never ended in the top20. But also at this point his answer is very clear. ‘I don’t have trading ambitions, I only really trade actively in the first week of the round, only to make it harder for getting rupted and to do clubs or other things I need built.’. Well, that sounds like a clear tactic in my eyes.

The former International Court Chairman isn’t really thinking about his further MC life. But he has one thing he would like to get done in the upcoming 5 rounds. ‘I’d like to get MC Research legitimized with it’s own permanent + international club(s).’.

Furthermore he wants to continue with working hard for the High Council and of course for MCRecruitment.

After the interview the Mayor drives me to the Cashington harbour. We drink a nice cup of tea and talk about my ambitions. I can only say that Andoversr was a very very nice interlocutor. He listens well and has a clear view at things.

I thank him and I drive home with a Royal Cab of Royal Cabs MV. A very nice day.

Interview with the old and new Federal Assistant!

Here I am again, writing to you all of my latest adventure. In fact, I’m glad I made it out alive!

It all started with a phone call in the middle of the night, “Podje is stopping as Federal and starts to trade again, Sugarfree will follow up as Federal Assistant. GET ME AN INTERVIEW NOW!”. I went back to bed, hoping to sleep it off. The next morning I thought it a most excellent joke I dreamed of until I saw the news headlines of CNN. They already made a big story on this topic, I should’ve known they knew already…

I went out and about asking people if they’ve seen Sugarfree lately. Most believed he locked himself up in his stronghold somewhere in the Nasdaqar forest. Instead, I went to the immense skyscraper of the Central Bureau of Investigation. In the main hall I saw, next to an impressive statue of the god Wouter, several portrets of old Federals, although the one of Gelaarsdekat1 was heavily vandalized.

I filed a request to interview the latest Federal Assistant and got 23 forms to fill in. After handing them back to Abraham Lincoln, I was told that I could expect an answer on them somewhere the coming year after which he returned to practise his nap-techniques.

After some time, I got a response from the secretary of Federal Assistant, bonanza, saying that his Highness is “[i]not lazy, but is saving energy[/i]” and if I would be so kind to send him a letter with my questions. Read his response just below:

What events lead to you becoming a Federal?
I think that Wouter and the Federals have faith in me.

Why did you choose/accept to become a Federal?
The new experience and challenge.

What do you want to achieve as a Federal?
I just want to support the game as best as I can.

How is the cooperation between all Federals and Wouter?
From my experience there are some heated discussions at times, but always for the good of the game.

What happened to your dungeon?
Well, lets just say I received some anonymous donations after I joined the Federal team.

As a personal favour to Head Editor, I have to ask you, what kind of fruit is your favourite?
I can really appreciate a Galia. (Melon)

Can you tell us your opinion on the good and bad sides of each country in the Federation?
The ‘good and bad sides’ of a country is what makes it unique. It is what makes the game interesting. A country with only ‘good’ is no fun at all in my opinion.

Who are the most promising new players around?
I believe theovenman is very promising in both politics and trade.

Do you have anything else to share with our beloved vNews readers?
I’m not lazy, I am simply saving energy!

After sending the interview questions to Federal Assistant, I’ve tried to interview Podje as well. I found him hurrying across Virtua trying to get his trade up. While trying to catch up with him, I heard him muttering fragments that sounded like “…not fair…” “…gelaarsdekat1…” “…merely top 10 position…” “…I need to be first to Master of…”. He was startled when I finally caught his sleeve. When I asked him if I could interview him, his response was “Yes, yes, of course. Soon. Not now, I need to work. Send it and I’ll look at it tonight. Now go buy more gunpowder!” Or do you want bricks? I have lovely bricks, here have some! No don’t run away, stay here and buy my goods!”

Yes people, I fled Podje fearing for my life. When I covered enough distance and was sure he wouldn’t try to knock me down to steal my wallet, I vaguely tried to make sure my wallet was still in my pocket. It wasn’t. I don’t know how he did it, but Podje does seem to have a gift in acquiring money! When I got home, I sent him the interview, this is his response:

You are now a trader again, what made you decide to step down as Federal?
I wanted to become a trader again.

What will you always remember of your time as Federal?
I’ll forever miss the memorable moments in the club “Het Beugeltje”…

What is now your big goal?
Having fun in Miniconomy!

Why did you choose to start in Nasdaqar?
Nasdaqar is the city of trees and gold, who wouldn’t want to live there?

As a personal favour to the Head Editor, I have to ask you, what kind of fruit is your favourite?
Hop! (main ingredient of beer)

Can you tell us your opinion on the good and bad sides of each country in the Federation?
I can only see the good sides of every country:
– Cyberie has a lively political system and generally a healthy economy.
– Digitalie has its own charming way of dealing with problems.
– Ibisha has the strongest sense of unity, perhaps partly because you can only get out by boat.
– Virtua is the counrty that reminds me the most of the days in the past, a lively economy, good resources and very friendly people!

Who are the most promising new players around?
I would say Zofona, he has some very promising meat balls!

Do you have anything else to share with our beloved vNews readers?
Pay a visit to the club “Het Beugeltje”!

And that was it. My job was done. My head editor hasn’t killed me for being late, I’ve had no further experience in Sugarfree’s Dungeon and I managed to escape from Podje.

Who’s going to win the round? (week 1)

The thoughts of some players of the whole federation:

Question: Who do you think who’s going to win?


justinote: ‘Justinote because he’s such an awesome guy, joking I think A Lontra!’

the hawk: ‘It is early to say but when I’ve to choose: Joep Eerlijk or A Lontra.’

Zoe gek wie sjek: ‘A Lontra.’

traag begrip: ‘I think I will, or no let’s say Joep Eerlijk

AynRand: ‘No comments.’

Cesare: ‘I don’t know, and I don’t care. But when I’ve to choose I hope A Lontra or Joep Eerlijk will.’

gelaarsdekat1: ‘A Lontra/Joep Eerlijk/the hawk. And I think I’ll become 5th.’

Forsties: ‘I would be tempted to say the hawk.’

As you can read most named are Joep Eerlijk, A Lontra and the hawk!

In the next edition an update about this!


Who is going to win the round!?

Who is going to win the round? We all want to know that! Forsties? ikencoor maybe Likemyitem. In this article vNews is going to ask players there opinion about who’ll win the round!

Likemyitem probably and I am gonna be the richest Cyber! – Hubinho1

I have no idea to be honest. – A Lontra

I’ve not really an idea. But I know ikenco probably isn’t, Likemyitem has much chance on a high rank. – Torpedo 7

I don’t know for sure. ikenco or Likemyitem? – Kevin

1 Ikenco 2 LMI 3 Forsties. – Zoe gek wie sjek

Ikenco probably. – CIT

I think LMI – Marcello Alvarez

As you can see, the opinions are all differently!

But we know 1 thing; Tomorrow there will be clarity!