The Smartboard

“Want to discuss something but couldn’t find the club to discuss it in? This is your chance!” – Club header, Smartboard.


Earlier this round, Rednax set up a club called “Smartboard”. The Smartboard is a club designed to allow the public to discuss issues in the Federation that they may or may not feel need resolving.


So far the main issues being discussed are the New shop system, the tourist system and allowing mayors to trade. The latter is particularly relevant this round, with President CIT in Ibisha selling wood for an extremely low price, which some players have criticised as unfair play, and not in the spirit of the game. It has also been relevant due to the banning of trading for some mayors earlier this round.


The New shop system is one that many newer inhabitants to the Federation (author included), are unlikely to know about. Indeed, many are unaware that there was another shop system in place before the system we are now so used to. However, it is a prime opportunity for those more veteran players to reflect on the changes and whether it has worked as intended.


The tourist discussion has led to many different ideas for tourist systems being presented. Indeed, the discussion has even been joined by the federals, which goes to show that this club may gain a large amount of influence as time passes.


Want your Opinion heard? Join the discussions in the Smartboard club! Think something else needs changing? Request a topic about it and see what others think.



Overview day 20/21

Welcome to the final edition of vNews for this round! We’d like to wish you the best of luck in the results tomorrow!


Earlier this week, natcha12 decided to point out the lack of spamming/flooding prohibition in some of the Virtuan clubs, including the Embassy and the Council Room. This resulted in a frantic rush to block such practises by many Virtuan club owners.


Another result of the flooding attacks (supposedly) is our Vice President, Ronald, shooting natcha12 multiple times, as well as bombing the house he stayed in at the time. Ronald has now achieved Gangster status from the shootings, but unfortunately had to be removed from his position in accordance with the Virtuan lawbooks.


The Virtuan Court has had a busy week, with several new cases being opened, one of which was against the government itself. After the replacement of Andoversr by Forsties after some complaints, the court had to find new judges. Rokta and OCMan101 stepped up to the mark, and filled out the court, allowing it to continue functioning.


As with every round, the last few days mean Election time has come again. The candidates for President and Vice President are:

 – Andoversr 


As we approach the end of the round, vNews would like to wish everyone the best of luck in the final results and, if applicable, the election results too.

We’ll see you next round!


Overview day 13/21

Hello, and Welcome to the second edition of vNews this round!

Earlier this week, Tresias Aegirsson unveiled a new concept for the Federal Union, know as the Federal Parliament, or Federal Union 2.0. The concept is designed to replace the currant Federal Union, which has long been criticized about how it chooses representatives. Currently  a government leader may be a country’s delegate for the Federal Union without wanting to be, leading to a lack of input and a more frustrating experience for the other delegates. Whether the FU 2.0 will improve this, or even be passed, is open for debate in the FU 2.0 club.


A Federal Union-esqe club, Smartboard, was set up by Rednax. This club is fully accessible to the public, and provides a place for all players to discuss issues around the federation. The topic currently being discussed are Mayor Trading, Criminality and an evaluation of the New Shop System.


Virtua was suffering a diamond shortage early this week. This was due to a combination of Triad Best Main, the Nasdaqar mayor and diamond trader, being barred from trading, but also a dissapoining number of diamond lots being assigned to Nasdaqar. However, Virtuan traders have stepped up to the mark and begun importing Diamonds from Digitalia and Ibisha, ending the shortage for now.


This week, our resident Criminal Mastermind Bleech announced that he was going to move to Digitalia, while his sub-account, tirdebal, was destined to move to Virtua and run for the mayorship of Nasdaqar. The currant reasoning behind this switch is unknown, but we are sure to find out in time…


The Virtuan Court has gotten off to a very slow start. Two weeks in, no cases have been brought forward. Will we see a round with no Virtuans involved in Court cases, be it the Virtuan Court or the International Court?


He came, He saw, He dug. Then he said hello. After a memorable Rage quit at the beginning of the round, bell_1996‘s Ibishan account, bell ibi version, has moved to Centropolis in search of Oil. This, together with the large number of oil, gas and plastic traders already digging in Centropolis, could see the city of oil stripped of oil over the next week.


After the opening of the harbours late last week, Foreign shops have begun to show up all over Virtua, especially iron traders, given the issues we had with our iron supply. vNews would like to encourage Virtuan traders to buy local, and keep the money flowing inside of Virtua.


Good Luck to all the Virtuan traders in the final week of the round! Remember to buy local to give our traders the best chance of a top 25 finish!

Federal Union 2.0 arises!

Earlier this week, Tresias Aegirsson unveiled a new concept for the Federal Union, know as the Federal Parliament, or Federal Union 2.0. The concept involves a separate international election at the end of the round for places on an international board, which will then be able to make decisions regarding the High Council and factors of the Countries, finance for example.


Critics of the concept have pointed out that the Federal Parliament would appear to have a large amount of power over the runnings of the different countries, which would make the National Government less powerful in the running of their own country. There have also been quarrels as to members of the national governmant being unallowed to participate in the international elections for Federal parliament.


However, supporters of the concept have said that the Federal Parliament will solve the problem of Government leaders who are disinterested in the runnings of the currant Federal Union having to be a part of international politics. They have also said that the Federal Parliament will allow the best of the best to be elected, due to the international voting scheme.


A Full Explanation of the Federal Parliament concept can be found in the FU2.0 Club. Join the discussion (in the same club) to have your views heard!

Overview Day 6/21

First of all, welcome back to the new round of Miniconomy! Round 113 has gone off with a bang, and has already created plenty of controversy, and we look forward to seeing what happens next!


The day before the round started, the new President, Forsties, and the new Vice President, Ronald, finally finished choosing the consuls for round 113, after a huge amount of applications left a lot of work and discussion to be done. The Council for round 113 is as follows:

Consul of Education(Brendan)

Consul of FinanceRefund

Consul of Justice and SafetyAndoversr

Advisor to the Councilnatcha12

The Mayors this round are as follows:


NasdaqarTriad Best Main



Once again, Virtua stormed ahead with MV creation early round, creating the first 2 MVs (R-taxi MV and G-taxi MV), and creating 6 out of the first 10 MVs this round. Well done to those traders who managed one so early.


The Virtuan National Archives have finally gotten up and running again under the leadership of dj ricky. The VNA was hit hard by the loss of dj ricky‘s predecessor to the position, Nater, and was out of use throughout some of Round 111, and most of Round 112. If you have any information about previous rounds that hasn’t been recorded yet, please send it to the VNA.


A new organisation, the Virtuan Criminal Council (VCC) has been created under the leadership of Virtua’s criminals, with the intent of becoming a permanent feature. This is explained in more detail in the article also in this edition specifically about it.


The Federals created a lot of controversy by banning Mayors all over the federation from trading due to a supposed violation of the Mayor Manual. natcha12 and Triad Best Main have been affected by this, which has harmed the business of some Virtuan traders. Cashington mayor splodge was unaffected.




Federals drop a Bombshell!

“Several mayors have received a ban to trade for the remainder of the round due to the violation of Article 1.3 of the Mayor Manual.

We want to stress once more it is not allowed to buy lots before the round starts and use these lots for personal gain. They can only be used for city purposes.”


This was the bombshell posted in the Announcement topic of the Federal Communications club yesterday. As soon as it was posted, gossip and questions arose to which mayors were affected and why.


Mayors are given access to their funds and have guest access removed a few days before the start of the round to allow them to prepare their city for the big day (building roads and parking, buying any harbour lot they may have made and positioning clubs and the FES). However, the federals hold a strict rule that buying lots for personal gain during this period. natcha12 and Triad Best Main have both been affected as they had bought non-harbour lots before the round began, although it has been argued by some that this was for a valid reason. Cashington mayor splodge was unaffected by the ban.


Whatever the reasoning, the problems are only just being apparent. Questions are being asked as to whether these mayors are now banned from giving personal subsidies and/or using their MVs. This may slow down our shipping considerably, as well as cutting out an iron ore supplier in Cashington, and a chip maker in Kronenburg.


This is certainly one of the most drastic actions taken by the Federals since the infamous stock playing scandal, which landed the number 1 position player at the time, Metal Alvarez, a 400,000ISH fine, leaving him bankrupt, along with several others. However, with 2 out of our 3 mayors barred from trade, this may affect the Virtuan people far more…


The Virtuan Criminal Council

A group of Virtua’s most infamous criminals came together this week to create a concept called the Virtuan Criminal Council, or VCC for short. The VCC is a seperate council that allows a vote to players with the Criminal Mastermind status, and those with Gangster statuses are allowed to view the club.

The VCC has already caused quite a stir, having now posted two proposals in the Council Public club. The first proposal is based around a new lawset the focuses on a criminal’s Moral Code, and when it is OK to commit crimes. The second is to ask for their club to be reset-proof and for the Virtuan City of Crime club to stop being so.


The first proposal has sparked much discussion as it appears the more important. People have discussed how the laws are written, and whether they should be implemented at all.


However, the second proposal, although seemingly small, may be the more important one. By effectively deleting the Virtuan City of Crime club, the City of Crime idea would effectively cemented into the Virtuan culture,despite the fact that the general public seems to still be undecided about the idea, as shown by the research done by (Brendan) last round.

 Want your Views known, or just want to know more about the proposals? Head over to the “Council Public” club and check out the “Virtuan Criminal Council Proposals” thread!

Virtuan Court Overview

This round saw a much quieter court in Virtua. There were far fewer cases this round (3 vs 12 last round) and of the three cases, only one actually began.

However, I would like to thank the judges for the very in-depth discussions they have had in the Judge’s Private Club. I hope the judges continue their dedication to the Court next round, and that the next Consul of Justice and Safety is just as pleased with them as I was this round.

Judges League Table:

– Splodge, Ronald, Refund – 3 cases each

– dj ricky – unfortunately no cases, mostly because he was involved in all of them this round…


Once again, thank you all for your hard work, even despite the fact the court was quiet.


Overview Day 20/21

As the round comes to a close, trade has once again slowed to a near stop. Stock prices have crashed and people are online less and less, with some traders stopping production altogether, but we would like to wish good luck to everyone in the closing days. Make the most of them!

The end of the round brings along the next presidential election. The candidates this round for the presidential elections are as follows:


The mayoral election candidates are as follows:

Nasdaqar: Triad Best Main
Cashington: splodge (the third round in a row where there has only been one Cashington candidate)
Centropolis: natcha12, Xtrabu77on, the mister
vNews wishes both the Mayoral and Presidential candidates the best of luck! We also wish Triad Best Main and splodge the best of luck in their role as mayor next round!
After a somewhat quieter round, the Virtuan Court has shut it’s doors. We’d like to thank the judges for their work, and wish the Consul of Justice and Safety next round the best of luck.
In the rush to get some extra net worth and/or criminal points, criminals from all over the federation have been involved in a massive spree of robbing and shooting. We’d like to take the opportunity to remind everyone to be sure they log out inside a house if possible, to reduce the chances of this happening to them.
The National Registry was a hotly debated topic this week, with some people arguing that it conflicts with the International law Article 5 (Paragraph 5.11 especially). As such, the council has approved the removal of the National registry from our law book. The only question remaining is whether we will see another attempt at a coup of Virtua from foreign parties, which was the reason the NR was originally introduced.
This week saw a huge fed30 jackpot build up. The draw that happened today at 19:00 had a jackpot of 8000ish, which is the highest the jackpot has been since the huge 30,000ish jackpot held at Christmas time.
Good Luck to all Virtuan Traders in the final days of the round! 

Overview Day 13/21

This week, travismk set up a gold MV in el peso called, fittingly, “ep gold MV“. This MV should signal the end of the shortages of gold which were beginning to hit virtua, and hopefully will ensure that our electronic and chip traders can continue to trade for as long as possible this round, hopefully allowing for overall higher positions for Virtuan citizens.



Last week, Andoversr was bankrupted by Bleech and Triad Best Main, after a short and controversial time as Mayor of Cashington. This week, vNews can report that Andoversr4 has also been bankrupted (perpetrator(s) currently unknown). This has led to Andoversr2 skipping back and forth between Ibisha and Virtua.



Peckkoo caused trouble to Virtuan traders earlier in the round when they, along with Rednax, set up an Iron and Ore MV. Although NSQ Iz MV, the iron MV, appears to have died out somewhat, it seems that Peckkoo’s Taxi MV, PK taxi MV, has gotten hold of some cars in Virtua, and is threatening to crash the prices of the taxi MVs here.



This round saw the return of a club based around the recruitment of new players. MCRecruitment was set up by Andoversr2 to try and get more new players joining the game, but also to get new players to stay playing. Wouter himself gave a statistic that only 1 in 100 new players continue playing Miniconomy. The recruiters so far are:

  • Andoversr2 (English)
  • Bleech (English and Dutch)
  • travismk (English and Spanish)
  • Mr Geld (English, Dutch and German)
  • CIT (English and Dutch)

We at vNews wish the recruitment team the best of luck in their endeavours, and we hope to see an influx of new players who are here to stay!



Royal Ore MV was set up last week by Rednax, in co-operation with NSQ Iz MV, by Peckkoo, in an attempt  to grab some extra profits from Virtua. Although this ultimately failed, Royal Ore MV was revived this week due to (supposedly) the creation of Loop MV by Refund. Loop MV now owns a large proportion of Ibisha’s iron ore lots, and this angered the Ibishans to the extent of asking Royal Ore MV to ship ore from Cashington to Ibisha rather than buying ore from their own country.

In the mean time, Loop MV is shipping ore from Ibisha to Nasdaqar for Primetimer to use in his iron, which has created the odd situation of Virtua both importing and exporting ore at the same time.

Ibishan/Virtuan relationships were also strained when Ibi Wood MV, Bleech‘s MV originally planned to supply Ibisha with wood, Bought up the Ibishan diamond lots. Ibi Wood MV was rejected by the Ibishans in favour of another MV by Rednax, Royal Wood MV. Rednax now has MVs supplying Ibisha with Gas, Wood and Ore, so it will be a tough fight for Virtuan traders to best him for Position 1 at the end of the round.



Good Luck to all Virtuan Traders in the Weeks to Come! Remember to buy local to give Virtua the best chance for top-25 places!