Ordered Effects

Hello everyone. I wanted to write this article in order to let some of you in on a little secret that many of the successful players utilize. This ideology is how some individuals are able to accrue enormous profits and turn-overs. It is also not immediately apparent like some other common tips such as “teamwork” and “specializing”. No, what I’m talking about, is Ordered Effects.

So what are Ordered Effects? Ordered Effects are the fallout of certain decisions we make, and how they impact the environment around us. People are normally highly aware of first order effects. I buy your Computer, I receive a computer and you receive 630ish. Simple enough. I will most likely hunt around for the cheapest computer I can find because that will allow me to save the most money and therefore profit the most? Right?


Let’s take this computer scenario a bit farther into Second Order Effects. Let’s say that I am a chip salesman. Vendor 1 sells his computers for 630ish each. Vendor 2 sells them for 660ish each. My initial instinct may be to buy from vendor one because cheaper, right? However, vendor 2 buys his chips from me whereas vendor 1 buys them from somebody else. By purchasing from vendor 2, I am increasing my own profits because I know he will replenish his stock by purchasing my chips. Make sense? Good. Because next we are going to talk about Third Order Effects.

Second Order Effects aren’t too hard to plan for. Obviously we want to support the vendors that buy from us because that promulgates our own sales. But what if I wasn’t a chip trader, but a wood trader? Wood has nothing to do with computers, right? Who I buy my computer from shouldn’t matter, right? Once again, wrong.

It all goes back to that supply chain. The computer vendor has to get chips from Supplier 2. Supplier 2 uses my wood to dig his gold for his chips which he sells to Vendor 2. By purchasing from Vendor 2, I am benefiting myself in the long run, because the Third Order Effect is that I am part of the supply chain for that computer.

It goes deeper then that. There can be fourth, fifth, even sixth Ordered Effects. Understanding how everything weaves together is how many of the skilled players form their trade alliances in order to maximize their profits. By carefully examining the Ordered Effects and understanding where your product fits in, you too can begin to make even greater profits and hopefully land your name on the leaderboard.

Best of luck to everyone and I hope my article was helpful to a few, if not many.


Japanese Man

Oh, little Japanese man, with your little orange hat. Why do you make me feel so warm and welcome? You sit there all day, giving such a nice and polite bow. I just want to spawn millions of you and watch you all bow in unison. Thank you, little Japanese man, with your little Japanese hat. You’ve impacted my life, if not but enough to bring a smile to my face. Keep doing what you do, little Japanese man, with the little orange hat. And thank you [japan].

A letter to the top 3 players

The second day of this trading period (139), I received a huge fine due to selling trees at 20 ISH. I thought I could combat this fine and continue, but to be honest, I couldn’t. 2 days later I wrote the next letter in Palacio Presidencial de Ibisha and I’ve invited the Ibishans & the top5 players of the round to read this.
10 days later, I want to make this public towards every one. Competitors, suppliers, clients, friends & others. Don’t forget, enjoy the rest of the round!


Dear Tuned, Tyc00n & (Quark)
Dear co-citizens of Ibisha

I’ve decided to continue playing the rest of the round. I want to deliver the goods to my loyal costumers the whole round long. The round started extremely well for me, a brick mv and a try to get a chip monopoly in virtua.

Even after the fine, it went well.
Even after Viraxje killed Princess Peach, my number 1 client in NSQ and digging gold for me, it went well.
Even after I killed Gelaarsdekat for his stupid actions of last round, it went more or less well.
Even after I killed Viraxje to revenge the kill of Princess Peach, it went more or less well.

But the thing is, it’s not about the money…

After my extreme fine, I thought i could fight back. Losing 24k on day 2 due to a fine, what would be cooler than winning with such an enormous fine that soon in the round?

After 2 days of thinking, my mind took a 180° turn. It’s not the fine that hurted me, but all the things around it. Discussion cheater or not? Dubious situation with the MV’s bankrupt.

I didn’t expect that it would weigh that hard.

That’s why I’’m not running any longer for number 1 or even number 10 position. I’ll try to get some experience with the skyscrapers, and before the end of the round I’ll rupt myself to avoid the endlist.

I hope every one enjoys the end of the round, and good luck in the potential win of r139.


Why I play Miniconomy

I first started to play MC as I like to play (business) simulation games. What I really like in MC is that there are rounds, so new player have almost equal chance to win. For same reason it is never boring to play, although it need more randomness. MC also has great community, willing to help new players which helped me with basic steps in game. Main reason why I still play is political part of game, in which we players can change some rules how game is played. Since I started playing MC (around 2 years ago), I tried to learn all that would help me win, but even now I am not sure if I know all that is to know about MC.

The International Court

This round I’ve had the pleasure of becoming the Chairman of the International Court yet again. In the two previous rounds, the IC made some questionable actions which inspired me to take up the reigns again. I was glad that the High Council agreed with this.

What exactly makes the International Court work or fail is an important question any Chairman of the International Court has to ask himself. In my opinion, the International Court is the passive protector of the legal foundation of the entire Federation. Whereas the High Council is actively protecting the legal interests by giving feedback on the IC and law proposals, the IC won’t do a thing when nobody is asking. However, when a case is submitted, many from throughout the Federation are all watching is silent guardian.

And they wait and wait and wait some more. Discussions start on the speed, people start taking sides or even tell the IC or HC what they should do. These are the people I want to wake up.

Most have no idea how thin the line is that the Chairman has to walk in keeping the IC running. One the one side there is a small pool of players that are at least adequate to become a Judge. Then, who will you choose to handle the PIs, the quickest form of ‘justice’ in Miniconomy in which mistakes happen and often have disastrous consequences. The team of Judges is the only foundation a Chairman can make.
Then come the case requests. Most of the requesters have absolutely no clue what the function of a PI is. Most of the requesters could seriously use lessons in ‘how to write a case request’, ‘how to write a plea’, ‘how to accept the outcome’ and ‘how to proceed after a PI/NC’.

Most of all, people should start to be thankful to the people offering their own time to review cases they have no interest in just for the sake to help you and others. After all, Miniconomy is just a game.

Open letter towards the Federals

Dear Federals,

I’m truly concerned about the escalating feeling of insecurity in all the countries, mainly due to the deadlock in the Federal Union debate about the fines.
Originally, the FU was created to bring the international parties together. In round 116, the FEDs brought up the idea that criminal activities are knocked out by legislation instead of active officers.

The FU has been discussing this item for over 3 rounds, yet we aren’t one step further. I will try to explain what happened in the Federal Union last week. Then I will sum up the remarkable effects on the strugglings. I hope to convince you that it is about time to intervene on this matters.

Earlier this week, Digitalia stepped out of the FU after three rounds worthless debating about the fines. Digitalia felt a lack of respect toward their politics and population.
Tuesday evening, Ralgon, the current president of Cyberia, invited the presidents of both Ibisha (CIT) and Virtua (White Queen) on a secret meeting. Federal Coordinator was also invited and completed the group. The four were not present in the Cyberian Embassy, nor in Ralgon his house. It had to be on a location outside the Federation. The purpose of the meeting was finding possibilities on how the countries could keep on voting and/or editing laws.
Drop Table Players, King of Digitalia, was furious when she found out about the meeting. Three Federal Union members preferred dumping Digitalia due to the (again) blocked discussion. The presence of a Federal (consisted as neutral between all the countries) was contested .


As a consequence of the struggles on this debate there has been a feeling of insecurity in every country. In round 118 effects of this high level of insecurity were visible in both Virtua and Ibisha, in round 119 Cyberia and Virtua stick out.
In round 118 the Virtuan Government started with bounties to fight criminality with criminality. A bounty list was published with three names on it, wichard, the mad bomber and jeroentje312. Wichard was bankrupted shortly after the list was published after which criminality seemed to drop again in Virtua. This unconventional way of reacting by the council, on the question why they chose for the bountylist the council had a simple answer. This was the most effective way to fight the crime, the council did not have many other posibilities. During the same round Ibishan shops were raided by thieves. Megastores protected with alarms were targetted on a daily basis, low fines and changes in the Shops protected with shops lived through thefts on daily basis, due to the low fine and the decrease in the chance of getting caught.
In round 119, early in the round the Cyberian Government formed a response squad. This team of players was formed in response to a feeling of insecurity and prior received threats. This secret organisation overpaid by the government has been created to tackle any the threats towards Cyberia. Again state money is spent to counter criminal activities. A parliament member shot a citizen from El Peso with state funds. Virtua is still on a lockdown, still no harbours have been built. Rumours go Virtua will not build any harbours this round. Not only for trading advantages, but also due to the possibility of criminals coming from abroad.

To end my whole plea and the give reason for writing this letter. The members of the Federal Union have been discussing for more than three rounds, they came up with ideas and the ideas have been discussed. But they can’t keep on debating all the time to form the ideas. The atmosphere between the FU members is becoming more hostile every round. Digitalia (and the Federals) want to lower fines and they have got the right to keep that statement. The other countries will need something to seize the feeling of insecurity. My point is, we have been at a standstill for over 3 rounds. The FU has been a platform,but now it is time for the Federals to wake up and do something with the prepositions. Only the Federals are able to end this endless discussion. If the discussion would continue for several rounds, the feeling of insecurity will keep growing and the bounties off the Governments will escalate. All this will end in criminal activities sponsored by the national Goverments, where is the core business of the game then? Trade?

At the moment, we are standing still!
– Tranqer


Original Article by Tranqer, with the English translation provided to us by viraxje. We would like to thank both of these players for their contribution to this article.

Open brief aan de Federals na een bewogen dag

Beste Federals,
Sinds de meeting – toen Ralgon vaker bij ikenco was dan voor mij goed was – begon ik te mijmeren over de dictatoriale instelling in het huidig Cyberië. Zelf ikenco (de rijkst geschatte man in de Federatie) durfde voor zijn eigen vel zich niet in Cyberië te moeien. Eerlijk gezegd, de situatie had met Alvarez misschien nog kunnen ontsporen, maar hoe CCP het nu aanpakt lijkt mij ook allesbehalve democratisch. Criminele parlementairen, schietpartijen met geld van de staatskas omdat het de eigen partij goed uitkomt, terwijl het volk van niets weet. Daarom trok ik er als reporter op uit om Ralgon of Joep Eerlijk te interviewen.
Na lang aandringen via de Cybchat, kreeg ik ze dinsdagavond allebei te pakken. Via Skype kwam ik hun bedoelingen te weten, waarbij vooral Joep Eerlijk een goeie indruk bij me maakte. Dat ze alles van Alvarez (SC) terugdraaiden vond ik goed klinken, dat het respond team uiterst geheim moest blijven kon ik al moeilijker mee leven. Ik bleef het moeilijk vinden dat er een verhoogde staat werd uitgeroepen, om onbekende redenen. Het doet me denken aan de problemen in Egypte waar men de ene president de deur uitwijst, maar de volgende president even corrupte zaken doet voor zijn partij.
Omdat ik met Tranqer weinig kan doen, laat staan interesse heb in Cyberische noch internationale politiek, besloot ik dan toch om Joep Eerlijk te schieten. Hij schoot namelijk eerder mijn stadsgenoot, The Mad Bomber, op kosten van de Cyberische staat. Dus vond ik me het gerechtvaardigd met mijn laatste centen en mijn laatste bails toch actie te ondernemen. En ik moet er eerlijk bij zeggen, hulp gekregen van COE en Chiara Alvarez.
Kort nadien schoot Emily Skill (als wraak voor enkele schotjes van mij op Bossebol, als wroeging voor de tussenronde, of gewoon omdat het kan?) mij neer, en daarbij ook The King 2 en COE. Ik kan op deze manier sneller aan mijn geplande pauze beginnen, en een mooie MC periode afsluiten met 3 (hopelijk een vierde) Digitaliaanse overwinning op rij.
Diezelfde dinsdagavond. Het lekte uit dat er een onderonsje tussen 3 staatshoofden en de FeC op Skype plaats had gevonden. Op deze bijeenkomst was de Koning Drop Table Players niet uitgenodigd, wat niet in dank werd afgenomen. Cyberië maakte maar al te graag misbruik van de situatie – dat Digitalië zich uit de FU gesprekken terugtrok – om dan toch plots van start te willen gaan met gesprekken. Dat de FeC hierbij aanwezig was, schoot bij Drop Table Players in het verkeerde keelgat.
Ik heb de afgelopen 3 handelsrondes zeer actief meegedraaid in El Peso, en stond dicht tegen Drop Table Players. Ik begrijp dat de meeste info die ik op deze manier verkrijg gekleurd is. Desalniettemin moet ik toegeven dat ik niemand anders in Digitalië zoveel tijd en energie heb zien steken in internationale politiek, sinds ik op MC ben toegekomen. Ze zwoegt nu al drie rondes aan een stuk op de boeteverlaging, maar uiteindelijk blijven concrete of effectieve ingrepen uit.
Na een tiental uur kwam ik weer inloggen. Bleek dat “Jaap Eerlijk” was aangesteld als VP en al zijn postjes terugkreeg. Ik dacht dat ik erbij ging neervallen. Bails kwijt, ishes weg, en daarbij een makkelijk target geweest voor Emily Skill. Verder blijkt uit logs van het internationaal onderonsje dat de FeC meedacht aan een methode om FU te laten werken, zonder stem van Digitalie. Bijvoorbeeld door The Minic te laten verhuizen. Voor Drop Table Players de druppel die de emmer deed overlopen, en ik kan haar hier helemaal in vinden. Ineens lijkt het alsof niet enkel naar Drop Table Players hoeft geluisterd te worden, maar ook het hele Digitaliaanse volk de veranderingen niet mogen meebepalen.

Uiteindelijk kom ik uit bij het niet effectief functioneren van het FU, maar meer nog. Een drietal rondes geleden kwamen de FEDs met het voorstel van een boeteverlaging, dat de landen dit onderling konden bespreken. Iedereen weet dat Digitalië de boetes lager wil. Net als het een publiek geheim is dat de andere landen beseffen dat hun boetes te hoog zijn.
Ik begrijp ten zeerste het standpunt van alle landen. Maar één standpunt heb ik moeite mee te begrijpen. Deze van de Federals. Waarom nemen zij geen actief deel aan de hele discussie? Er zijn ondertussen best wel een pak interessante ideëen opgeworpen, maar waarom gebeurd er niets mee? Of althans, lijkt het alsof niets gebeurd. Hierdoor moet men in de internationale politiek drie rondes lang op elkaar zeiken zonder enige vordering.
Ik denk in eerste plaats aan het getuigensysteem. Dat is ondertussen geïmplementeerd. Maar voorlopig blijkt dit ongeloofelijk nutteloos. Zo kan ik wel een waslijst voorstellen opsommen, stuk voor stuk nog nutteloos en onaangeraakt.
De enige manier waarop Cyberie of Virtua zich tegenwoordig denken te weren, is door criminaliteit af te slaan door zelf (via staatsteun) criminaliteit op te starten. In mijn ogen gaat dit de foute kant op, zeker voor spelers die enkel komen om hun handeltje te doen.
Tijd om constructief en efficiënt samen te zitten, de regeringsleiders niet meer aan het lijntje te houden, en de handelaars die liever geen criminaliteit hebben iets te geven waardoor ze zich kunnen indekken. Iedereen is het moe. Met dit schrijven hoop ik, net als bij de botensubsidie, een snelle effectieve reactie op te wekken. Hiervoor kijk ik in eerste plaats naar de FEDs, die een actieve rol moeten innemen in het debat.

– Tranqer


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