Ode to Florijnia

The city of Florijnia in Kapitaland,

Had a round of trading all ready and planned.

Last round it gave UB a run for its money,

The future was looking so bright and so sunny.


But as the round ran, we looked, aghast,

At the lack of trade in the land so vast.

And now as the city’s stocks flat-line,

We look and wonder if this is a sign.


Could the country’s days be numbered?

Like the countries of old that lie in slumber;

Old Virtua, Digi, Ibi and Cyb,

Now Florijnia is giving a similar vibe.


And some citizens there, now caught in a trap

Are watching and waiting and beginning to snap

Trying to leave but simply cannot,

Tried asking the Feds (worth a shot).

For mystical travel, a teleport,

But their effort seem to be yielding nought

So there they stay, trapped on the sand

Of the sunny, empty, shore of Kapitaland.


The ups and downs of Virtua

Like everything in life, Virtua also faces her ups-and-downs. Lately, many of the most notable Virtuans have been taking a holiday in Cyberia or outside of the federation. This results in somewhat slow rounds, but most practically also in an ineffective government. This round, we face a lack of functional education department and sufficient judges to preside cases in the Virtuan Court. What will be the answer to these problems?

In this article I wish to highlight my position in a discussion that is not about being right or wrong, but about what feels right for most of the people while respecting the traditions and customs of the greatest nation of the Miniconomy federation.

First of all, having ups and downs are reality. Last round we had almost zero trading activity, but this round the Virtuan economy booms with the NSQ stock quotation being the highest of the entire federation while writing this article. In my opinion, the same can be said for our government. The efficiency of the government and her departments is fully dependant of the input of an active group of players committing themselves to the same noble cause, improving Virtua. Positions like judge and teacher can be taken at the same time as many of the other professions, but still it is a fact that you need at least a group of about 10 players to achieve the minimum level of efficiency.

The solution for solving inefficiency of the government should not be sought in changing the law. The law preserves the most important values and customs most of the inhabitants feel most comfortable with. For example, having an educational system where you have to take an exam to acquire a degree needed for certain jobs maintains a level of professionalism in a country where we take things seriously. At this moment, we are the only country to do so and I think it is not coincidence that the larger part of the international jobs is held by experienced and valued Virtuans like Tuned, Mystq (CoV) and natcha12 (IC).

No, instead of changing the law, we need to guide new players into all the dimensions this game provides. We should contact our old friends who have been taking long holidays from the Miniconomy Federation. And above all, we should cherish everything our fellow Virtuans do for our shared cause.

Viva Virtua!

vNews-interview: Federal Researcher

An interview with ikenco that is recently appointed Federal Researcher! Walking in the streets of Nasdaqar we (the vNews-team) finally reach the gigantic skyscraper of ikenco. Federal Researcher still lives in this scraper. 

Federal Researcher opens te door and looks like a car just hit him. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t sleep a lot last night. TMC, players, vNews, they all want to see me. But come in, though!’

The house of Federal Researcher looks cosy and it’s very hot in his house as well. On his wall are pictures of famous MC-players, there’s one of Podje and one of the previous FeR, (Brendan), as well.

‘Well, let’s start the interview as I don’t have much time, I’ve to go to a Fed-meeting soon’ yells Federal Researcher when I’m on the toilet..

Question 1: How did you feel when you were asked to become Federal?

I felt honored. It’s very nice to be able to be a part of the crew that keeps developing Miniconomy.

Question 2: Did you have to think much about the offer the Federals gave you?

No, but I discussed it though.

Question 3: You are the ‘Federal Researcher‘, are you planning on ‘reasearching’ something? What and when?

I am currently already working on some very intesting things. I cannot tell you more about the topics but I can assure you that there will be more information on this soon.

Question 4: Miniconomy should change certain things to keep the game running. Do you think the removal of cities, or even countries, would contribute to a more active Miniconomy?

My personal opinion is that the removal of cities doesn’t help. In my eyes it’s more likely that players will abandon Miniconomy than that they will stay and be more happy. But though, if it has to be done, we need to consider that option as well. But before we will, a lot of things need to go wrong. ūüėČ

Question 5: What do you think will be the nicest part of your new job?

I think the contact with players will be nice. I think that will be fun for me, and of course I hope it’ll be fun for the players in case too!

Question 6: The former FeR, (Brendan), wasn’t really active. Are you planning on becoming more active than he was?

I definitely do not think I will be less active on Federal Researcher than I was on ikenco, my alter-ego. I really enjoy being online and as long as I have sufficient time I will be online very often.

Question 7: Do you have any ideas when you will quit the job?

Nope. Time will learn.

Question 8: Do you have a certain goal in Miniconomy after the being of a Federal?

I didn’t think of that yet. I don’t think that’s good, if you think about that now. I am currently discovering all the Federal-functions and that’s very nice.

Question 9: Is being Federal something that comes after being CBI-agent?

I have no idea if that is right.

Question 10: How many credits did you already spent on this game!?

That’s something what I know and you don’t.

Question 11: What do you like the most, politics or trading?

I like both. The fun-part is that a player can decide himself/herself whether he/she is going to do policits or trade. I did both myself and really enjoyed that. I learned much on politics but on the trading as well.

Question 12: Do you have anything to add?

Yes, if you have an idea about how we could improve Miniconomy, please always contact the Federals!


Thank you Federal Researcher for your time doing this interview!

Current or new?

This week the Feds made unnanounced a new road in Centropolis. To make the road they had to grab a few lots from CP-citizens. Most citizens are OK with it but consul spainman0 disagrees with the handling of the Federals.

The Centropolian, that lost 63 lots by the Fed-action finds that the Feds have way too much power to do this kind of actions without approval of the citizens who owns the lots.

The biggest argument from the Federals to defend their policy are the new players. ‘Which everyone ofcourse understands’, according to¬†spainman0. ‘But though, it is very important that we are well-informed about this kind of decisions with a big impact AND give our blessing to the plan, which both didn’t happen in this case’.

The general consul is willing to sue the¬†Federal Government in the International Court of chairman¬†The Minic (more information about him: read the 1st edition). Reasoning: ‘The Feds only compensated 30 I-shells per lot (total: around 1900 I-shells). If I would have sold all the clay which I’d get from those lots I’d have received way more I-shells. I would sell it all, due to the fact that the biggest bricktrader of Virtua is my maincostumer.’ ‘Therefore I’d like to get compensated for that mistake of the¬†Federals.’

Mostly the¬†Federals don’t revise their actions and the expectation is that they won’t do that either at¬†spainman0’s case. Though, we are curious to see what an eventual case and a lot of posts in Fed Request will let happen.

But this is the question: stimulating new players to join or making sure the old ones do not leave?

Welcome to vNews!

Hello and welcome back to the first brand-new vNews edition of round 133. This week quite some things passed in our tiny digital Federation. In this article a small summary of things which happened.

To kick off, this week the¬†Federal Government announed to organise a new edition of the¬†Miniconomy Stay Awake Contest. In this contest people will have to answer one question per hour 24/7. As long as they answer on time (within the hour in which the question was asked) they will still be in the race but if not, they will be one of the losers. The min. amount of MC-players to subscribe a team is two and the maximum amount is five. Several teams have been subscribed yet like for example ‘Team Old School’ which is led by the Digitalian¬†Troel.

Second, it’s special that the International Court, which is already open for around seven days till this moment only has two judges.¬†The Minic, which is also Chairman and handles the PI’s and¬†Tresias Aegirsson. Certain people are worried about the diversity in the team of the International Court. For example: the two judges the IC has are both Cyberian, both Captain of Industry, they both have a ‘T’ in their names etc. There also is a bigger chance now that they could be bribed. Well, time will learn and we do not expect that those two, well experienced players, will abuse the beautiful justice we have in our Federation.

In this edition there are statistics from Rokta(v), an article from Riviat to look back into the situation of Cashington previous round (R132) and of course the turn-over statistics. Have fun reading!

РThe vNews Team


A new start for vNews!

Dear reader of our beloved magazine, in this article an update about the internal situation in the virtualNewspaper. 

I may now call myself the official editor in chief of this beautiful magazine, yesterday announced Refund that I will be taking over vNews from now on. A new face means of course a lot new ideas, a part of these new ideas will be shared in this article already. The others will be posted in the vNews clubs or in the next editions that will be published.

The first point that will be changed from now on is that vNews will be published on each saturday at 12:00 servertime instead of the normal publishdate at fridat at 21:00 servertime. This decision is based on my real-life efforts and timeschedule, with these changes I also want to achieve to get more long and nicer articles in our edition, of course to serve you the best as possible.

Second I want to discuss the organisation structure of vNews. As editor in chief I can of course also be ill sometimes, which would mean there wouldn’t be an edition that week. But we want to avoid that of course, we need to deliver your weekly newspaper as much as possible. Therefore we will ensure there’s someone that could eventually take over from me, that person will become the¬†deputy-editor in chief. I hope to announce that person as soon as possible but as I want to ensure we will have the best of the best it might take a little while.

The last point that I want to discuss is that vNews will use the newsfeed more often. This will mean that we will be able ¬†to report you stories more often and you won’t need to wait a while before receiving a notification of important (international) news.

There will defenitely come more changes in the vNews structure but for now we will stick to these three most important ones. Though, I want to ensure you that all the decisions that will be made are, in our eyes, the best for the readers, the editor and the editor in chief as well.

I thank you for your attention and I wish you a great time while reading this first new vNews edition!


Editor in chief of vNews

Welcome to vNews!

Hi and welcome to the second vNews edition of this round! Today¬†Refund asked me to manage this edition as he’s too busy IRL. I accepted that but though I do not have enough time to write a whole overview we will have to skip that part of our edition. Though we received more¬†articles than usual, that was submitted by our writers!¬†

We wish you a very nice edition with a lot of fun.

The vNews team.

The changes in the Central Bureau of Investigation

Since a few rounds the anti-cheating organisation Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has to deal with a lot of criticism of players. But why? What happened with the old beloved CBI? vNews is going to find that out in this edition!

Round 125, some alert citizens of the Federation noted that the CBI appointed two new Special Agents. Harisson Ford, the current spokesman for the CBI, and Alonzo Harris were hired by the Federals.

In the same round quite some Cyberian citizens were complaining in the CBI Public as they didn’t agree with the fine issued by the CBI Special Agents. The other citizens of the Federation were thinking that those Cyberians were just whining and agreed with the CBI on the fines, which would change soon.

One round later, after the screening and clear victory of Refund, the CBI was preparing for another round of fines, warnings, you name it. The beginning of the new trading period was probably smooth for the CBI. No complaints about fines, no discussions, no postbans given. This could become a quiet period in terms of complaints. 

But that turned out to be a mistake soon. In the second week the complaints started. But now not only the Cyberian citizens were criticizing but now also Virtuan people started to ask questions about fines they received and were complaining about the way the CBI was working.

The first complaint about the CBI from Virtuan soil came from Bleech. Who posted the following:

Thank you for this most constructive remark ever. If the CBI is willing to cooperate in any way, please let me know.Bleech, at CBI Public.

The post of Bleech was a reaction on a weird reaction from the CBI spokesman Harisson Ford.

Some¬†foreknowledge: currently Bleech is organising the Virtuan Awards. The Awards are being organised by Virtuan citizens for quite some rounds and there’s also an option to sponsor the Awards as Virtuan citizen.

As quite some Virtuan citizens were already posting that they would sponsor (higher than 100 ISH) amounts of Ishells the organizer Bleech requested the following in the CBI Public:

Several sponsorships to the Virtuan Awards have already been promised. I would like to receive guidelines from the CBI to know what is allowed and what is not. – Bleech, at CBI Public.

A few moments later the CBI reacted quick with the following:

It would be nice if you give us your idea by e-mail first before asking for guidelines. At the moment, no permission has been given to you or anyone to organise this contest. – Harisson Ford, at CBI Public.

Several players were in shock: did the CBI seriously forbid Bleech to organise the whole contest? As their job isn’t doing that, but only forbidding eventually sponsoring with ISH. A lot of players posted their thoughts about the weird post of Ford.

Refund reacted with¬†irony: ‘So CBI is controlling contests now? lelelelelelele.’

Also Andoversr4, better known as Andoversr, the old Head Recruiter of the MCRecruitment and still recruiter reacted:

If the CBI is controlling who can run contests then you are undermining the effort’s of MCRecruitment and everyone working there trying to save this game. I post this as a long standing recruiter and former Head of Recruitment, CBI back-off and stick to issuing guidelines for contests ONLY , you do not have the right to stop players from running contests! – Andoversr4, at CBI Public.

Did the CBI seriously forbidden an award who is helping the social part of the game? Or did the CBI Special Agent, Harisson Ford, just read the post not well? Till the moment of writing this we still don’t know, and we probably won’t, as the CBI doesn’t admit her mistakes, unless not in a public club.

Another complaint came from YAN, who got fined by the CBI for selling trees for a too high price. He didn’t disagree with the fine but his main problems with the Central Bureau of Investigation were the communication between players and the CBI Agents.

An example is that the CBI sends you a textmessage with for example: ‘Dear Piet, you are selling pumps for a too high price. This will be corrected with a fine of 640. Thanks for your cooperation.’

As player you can’t see the calculation of the CBI Agent who fined you, and when you disagree with the height of the fine you can’t refuse to pay it and ask for a reaction. This is just one example of things that are, ¬†in the opinion of several players, going wrong.

Those are only the Virtuan stories about bad communication from the CBI with players but also Cyberian citizens have complained about the way they are being threatened by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Traag begrip got fined for something he didn’t understand. He had to ask why and didn’t get any valuable information from the CBI about the products, why the auction costs were below the price he bought te products for, you name it. All those information wasn’t sent by the CBI Agents at all. Which would probably prevent the CBI from getting constantly questions about their actions.

This afternoon several Cyberian players started to post mocking messages in the CBI Public. A few shiners:

I just moved to Eurodam. That you know this, because I do not know if this is still allowed by the CBI…. – Marcello Alvarez, at CBI Public.

If you ask it of you, yes, I do have a gold collection. – Justinote, at CBI Public.

Also the former Cyberian president,¬†whooty, and Tresias Aegirsson¬†started to post things like: ‘Is there also a CBI application for andriod?’

A total amount of 36 posts like these two above were posted by these 4 players and they probably want to show their dissatisfaction about the actions which the CBI is taking the last two rounds.

A few moments later all the posts were deleted by Federal Researcher, who posted that the CBI Public isn’t a¬†playground. All the 4 players received a postban and/or ban from the CBI Public club. Can’t the CBI stand critism?

We are now at the 13th day of the round and the CBI is running at full speed. Fines are being written, people are being punished by their, according to the CBI, weird trade behaviour and all that kind of things.

But since a round of two the CBI became much more stricter. Higher fines, worse communication and more complaints about their actions. Would that be the influence from the two new CBI Agents? Or from the Federals? We will probably never know.

Unless this reader is a CBI Agent of course.


Open brief aan de Federals na een bewogen dag

Beste Federals,
Sinds de meeting – toen Ralgon vaker bij ikenco was dan voor mij goed was – begon ik te mijmeren over de dictatoriale instelling in het huidig Cyberi√ę. Zelf ikenco (de rijkst geschatte man in de Federatie) durfde voor zijn eigen vel zich niet in Cyberi√ę te moeien. Eerlijk gezegd, de situatie had met Alvarez misschien nog kunnen ontsporen, maar hoe CCP het nu aanpakt lijkt mij ook allesbehalve democratisch. Criminele parlementairen, schietpartijen met geld van de staatskas omdat het de eigen partij goed uitkomt, terwijl het volk van niets weet. Daarom trok ik er als reporter op uit om Ralgon of Joep Eerlijk te interviewen.
Na lang aandringen via de Cybchat, kreeg ik ze dinsdagavond allebei te pakken. Via Skype kwam ik hun bedoelingen te weten, waarbij vooral Joep Eerlijk een goeie indruk bij me maakte. Dat ze alles van Alvarez (SC) terugdraaiden vond ik goed klinken, dat het respond team uiterst geheim moest blijven kon ik al moeilijker mee leven. Ik bleef het moeilijk vinden dat er een verhoogde staat werd uitgeroepen, om onbekende redenen. Het doet me denken aan de problemen in Egypte waar men de ene president de deur uitwijst, maar de volgende president even corrupte zaken doet voor zijn partij.
Omdat ik met Tranqer weinig kan doen, laat staan interesse heb in Cyberische noch internationale politiek, besloot ik dan toch om Joep Eerlijk te schieten. Hij schoot namelijk eerder mijn stadsgenoot, The Mad Bomber, op kosten van de Cyberische staat. Dus vond ik me het gerechtvaardigd met mijn laatste centen en mijn laatste bails toch actie te ondernemen. En ik moet er eerlijk bij zeggen, hulp gekregen van COE en Chiara Alvarez.
Kort nadien schoot Emily Skill (als wraak voor enkele schotjes van mij op Bossebol, als wroeging voor de tussenronde, of gewoon omdat het kan?) mij neer, en daarbij ook The King 2 en COE. Ik kan op deze manier sneller aan mijn geplande pauze beginnen, en een mooie MC periode afsluiten met 3 (hopelijk een vierde) Digitaliaanse overwinning op rij.
Diezelfde dinsdagavond. Het lekte uit dat er een onderonsje tussen 3 staatshoofden en de FeC op Skype plaats had gevonden. Op deze bijeenkomst was de Koning Drop Table Players niet uitgenodigd, wat niet in dank werd afgenomen. Cyberi√ę maakte maar al te graag misbruik van de situatie ‚Äď dat Digitali√ę zich uit de FU gesprekken terugtrok ‚Äď om dan toch plots van start te willen gaan met gesprekken. Dat de FeC hierbij aanwezig was, schoot bij Drop Table Players in het verkeerde keelgat.
Ik heb de afgelopen 3 handelsrondes zeer actief meegedraaid in El Peso, en stond dicht tegen Drop Table Players. Ik begrijp dat de meeste info die ik op deze manier verkrijg gekleurd is. Desalniettemin moet ik toegeven dat ik niemand anders in Digitali√ę zoveel tijd en energie heb zien steken in internationale politiek, sinds ik op MC ben toegekomen. Ze zwoegt nu al drie rondes aan een stuk op de boeteverlaging, maar uiteindelijk blijven concrete of effectieve ingrepen uit.
Na een tiental uur kwam ik weer inloggen. Bleek dat ‚ÄúJaap Eerlijk‚ÄĚ was aangesteld als VP en al zijn postjes terugkreeg. Ik dacht dat ik erbij ging neervallen. Bails kwijt, ishes weg, en daarbij een makkelijk target geweest voor Emily Skill. Verder blijkt uit logs van het internationaal onderonsje dat de FeC meedacht aan een methode om FU te laten werken, zonder stem van Digitalie. Bijvoorbeeld door The Minic te laten verhuizen. Voor Drop Table Players de druppel die de emmer deed overlopen, en ik kan haar hier helemaal in vinden. Ineens lijkt het alsof niet enkel naar Drop Table Players hoeft geluisterd te worden, maar ook het hele Digitaliaanse volk de veranderingen niet mogen meebepalen.

Uiteindelijk kom ik uit bij het niet effectief functioneren van het FU, maar meer nog. Een drietal rondes geleden kwamen de FEDs met het voorstel van een boeteverlaging, dat de landen dit onderling konden bespreken. Iedereen weet dat Digitali√ę de boetes lager wil. Net als het een publiek geheim is dat de andere landen beseffen dat hun boetes te hoog zijn.
Ik begrijp ten zeerste het standpunt van alle landen. Maar √©√©n standpunt heb ik moeite mee te begrijpen. Deze van de Federals. Waarom nemen zij geen actief deel aan de hele discussie? Er zijn ondertussen best wel een pak interessante ide√ęen opgeworpen, maar waarom gebeurd er niets mee? Of althans, lijkt het alsof niets gebeurd. Hierdoor moet men in de internationale politiek drie rondes lang op elkaar zeiken zonder enige vordering.
Ik denk in eerste plaats aan het getuigensysteem. Dat is ondertussen ge√Įmplementeerd. Maar voorlopig blijkt dit ongeloofelijk nutteloos. Zo kan ik wel een waslijst voorstellen opsommen, stuk voor stuk nog nutteloos en onaangeraakt.
De enige manier waarop Cyberie of Virtua zich tegenwoordig denken te weren, is door criminaliteit af te slaan door zelf (via staatsteun) criminaliteit op te starten. In mijn ogen gaat dit de foute kant op, zeker voor spelers die enkel komen om hun handeltje te doen.
Tijd om constructief en effici√ęnt samen te zitten, de regeringsleiders niet meer aan het lijntje te houden, en de handelaars die liever geen criminaliteit hebben iets te geven waardoor ze zich kunnen indekken. Iedereen is het moe. Met dit schrijven hoop ik, net als bij de botensubsidie, een snelle effectieve reactie op te wekken. Hiervoor kijk ik in eerste plaats naar de FEDs, die een actieve rol moeten innemen in het debat.

– Tranqer


Edit: Some formatting didn’t work out, sorry. – Refund