Overview Week 1

Welcome to the first edition of vNews! In this edition you can read an overview, an article about spending of I-shells or saving the money, an article of Bleech and of course the turnover statistics. Enjoy!

Firstly, some good news from our own organization. After a long time-out we are back. Editions shall be published weekly and at least consist of the overview and turover statistics. Talking about turnovers, thank you Federal Director for this week’s!

Not only in our organization we had some good news, but there was also good news for Virtua. The only English-only speaking country of our Federation has gotten back at her feet. Virtua previous round was inactive, and had a bad trade. But now, things have changed. The Virtuan economy is active again! With all the mainproducts covered with great traders such as sahibnatcha12likemyitem and Rokta Virtua is ready to rock again.

The Virtuan trade got better, but also Virtuan politics. At this moment, the Virtuan Council is discussing a lot of stuff, such as improvements on financial issues and border control. The position of Consul of Education was free for a while, but yesterday the Office of the Virtuan President announced that Vice President Bleech has accepted this position. We wish him the best of luck!

Not only ‘oldies’ have taken a position in the Virtuan National Government but also new players were given the chance to expand their knowledge about the political system in our country: welcome Lemming Herder as General Consul!

Outside Virtua we can also see a booming trade, especially on Ibishan soil you can see that the map shall be empty very soon (maybe even when you are reading this!). What will the Ibishans do? A very well-known solution is getting your recources from other countries, which the Ibishan citizens will most likely go for.

In Digitalia King The King 2 is dominating the trade, however, his skyscraper is not that big. Especially compared to the almost 400 floors in Nasdaqar of YAN. The MV Kirederf MV supplies plastic to Virtuan citizens, however, it is not known if this MV actually is profitable.

Overall we can see a good roundstart, both on political and trade aspects of our game. Each country of our Federation also has announced their delegates for the Council of Veterans. It will be interesting to see if the Council comes with new ideas, or if they will adress new issues.

Lotstate is an issue though, in almost each and every city of the Federation, the lotstates have dropped below 90, which means trouble. Will the mayors fix these problems themselves, or do the Digitalian diamondtraders have a good round? Who knows..

Overview Day 8/21

Hello, and welcome back to the First vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes an article about life in Centropolis before the most recent volcanic eruption by Jythier as well as the usual juicy stats from Rokta. We also have the equivalent statistics from the same time last round, allowing those interested to compare and see how the shortened round impacted prices and sales!


After the experiments of last round, iron and chip skills have been reverted back to the way they were. As well as this, we are back to a full round length (for this round at least) for reasons thought to be related to the position of Christmas in Round 146. Christmas now falls within the first week of round 146. However, issues with the Fed30 lottery seem to have arisen, with many players reporting that their tickets have been rendered invalid by incorrect numbering on the tickets.


International politics and proceedings have been slow overall this round, with very little heard from either the High Council or the International Court, with the latter yet to have a chairman appointed. However, the Federal Union has shown a surge of public activity compared to normal, with two votes already out in the open. One of these has passed, and the other has yet to be voted on.


Council Infrastructure remains quite primitive in Virtua, with two out of three Departments still not built. A temporary Department of Education has been set up within the Council Public, but Justice is yet to have an area to call its own. The Department of Finance has been built, but some topics remain messy and the club is approaching the limit of its posts.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and wish you good luck for the rest of the round!

Overview Day 21/21

Hello, and welcome to the final vNews edition of round 143! This week’s edition includes the usual lot and price statistics from Rokta, an article about the round in Centropolis from Jythier and we are waiting on the turnover statistics from the Federals.


The elections in Virtua have been wildly unbalanced this round, with only 5 total candidate vying for the position of Mayor, leading to Cashington only having a single candidate in the race for mayorship and the other Virtuan cities each having two candidates to fight it out. However, a massive 8 candidates were in the running to become President, comprising of a combination of Virtuan veterans and players newer to Virtua. vNews would like to Congratulate the new President, Naterthe new VP, Subzidy, and the three new mayors, Troel, Jythier and Forsties.


The International Court cases that have been reported on about auctions were unable to finish before the round did. The cases, of which the case between natcha12 and the Virtuan Government had progressed the most, have been a constant source of contention, with many of the citizens of the federation pitching in to a debate on the case in the public area of the International Court.


There have been some concerns about the members of the Virtuan Government this week which have mirrored the concerns of previous rounds. The Consul of Education, Bleech, has allegedly denied giving degree renewals to Andoversr(4), which sparked a discussion after multiple complaints in the Fed Request club. As well as this, the Consul of Finance, Forsties, was behind on paying salaries come the second salary payments of the round. However, on the whole, complaints other than these have been minimal.


We hope you enjoy the remainder of the edition and look forward to seeing you again in round 144!

Overview Day 14/21

Hello, and welcome back for the second vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes all the usual juicy statistics from Rokta, though we have not yet received the turnover statistics from the Federals.


After the bankruptcy of king loco_tazz last week, Digitalie has now had a new king crowned, Kippenhok97. There have been concerns from the Federal Union in the mean time, however, as it has been claimed that a vote that lead to The Minic being chosen as the FU Chairman for the next 3 rounds was finished without Digitalie being a full member.


natcha12 started an interesting case in the International Court regarding the Virtuan Government allegedly violating International law Article 6, Paragraph 5 due to the large amount of auctions completed in Virtua. Later, it was revealed that Cyberie has also violated this limit and so a case was also requested against the National Government of Cyberie. It would appear that Ibisha has now also violated the law, having passed over the 100000ish limit described (if auctions are to be counted, as is the main focus of the case in question).


The Virtuan Court is also seeing an unusually large amount of action, with 4 case requests currently waiting to be opened. However, there have been issues in the Court with finding the judges required to process these cases, and this has lead to yet another case in the International Court accusing the Virtuan government of failing to set up the necessary framework for cases to be processed. The Consul of Justice and Safety, Subzidy has repeatedly posted announcements that judges are being searched for but has unfortunately found a lack of interest in the positions.


We hope you enjoy the remainder of the Edition and wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the round!

Overview Day 8/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes the usual juicy statistics from Rokta, as well as the turnover statistics, courtesy of Federal Researcher.


Virtua’s government has seen a lively start to the round, with President Mystq resigning from her position via bankruptcy mid-way through the week. Some mysterious magic, the powers granted by the mighty Wouter upon his chosen few, managed to speed up the former president’s hospital treatment and ensure a speedy return. In the mean time, Vice President Bleech has taken over Mystq‘s office, with Sesam taking over the vacant Vice President position.


There has also been a clash between the Virtuan council and the mayor of Cashington, Tuned, over a by-law written by the latter. The by-law in question allows Tuned to hire officers in cashington without the citizen owning an officer degree, as is the usual requirement. The Virtuan Council has challenged this so far in the International Court in the form of a Preliminary Injunction request, and has now moved onto challenging the by-law in the Virtuan Court due to the PI requests being eventually denied by the International Court.


Digitalie’s King, loco_tazz was shot bankrupt late in the week, with a party called DRK claiming credit, posting via The Reactionary, who has also been shot bankrupt since these posts were revealed. As of yet, no new King has been crowned.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and wish you good luck for the rest of the round!

Overview Day 21/21

Hello, and welcome back to the third and final vNews edition of round 142! 


The feud between Andoversr and Bleech mentioned in the last edition has since continued, as it was revealed that Andeversr required degree renewals immediately for both Andoversr and Andoversr4, as they would be expiring at the end of the round. Because of this, Andoversr has since posted multiple times in the chat and fed request club about the Federals needing to testify in the Virtuan court case set up to solve the alleged post ban in question, though has received no such testimony from the Federals.


natcha12 has set up a new news organisation known as “the Ibishan News Network and Weather,” or INNeW for short. The club is currently a little bare, but natcha12 has already begun forecasting the weather for the citizens of the Federation in the newsfeeds, and looks to be searching for news/articles and interviews to complete the show.


A large amount of newer and/or less active players have been bankrupted while in Centropolis, due to the large number of explosions seen throughout the city in the last week or two. The explosions are allegedly due to the actions of gelaarsdekat, who was seen in the chat explaining he wanted to break the lot condition to below 90 in the city with the explosions alone, supposedly due to his task of gaining criminal points. Though there have been plenty of injuries, mayor Mukyrlax has successfully managed to combat the damage to the lot conditions with the help of exports from his citizens.


We wish you all the best of luck in the results and hope to see you in R143!

Overview Day 14/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes the lot and product based statistics, courtesy of Rokta, as well as the turnover statistics, provided by Federal Assistant.


Having opened applications for new members without providing some further detail into the reason, the High Council finally announced this week that they would regretfully be losing dj ricky from the team due to a prolonged period of absence. The applying members have been asked a series of questions in public with the probable aim of avoiding inactivity in the near future.


There have been complaints to the Federals/CBI over a change in the maximum price of diamonds purchased for use in a diamond deal. The new maximum of price of 15ish, lowered from 25ish, has been set due to an apparent increase in the yield of diamonds from lots, most notably in Monapoli. Many cities in recent rounds have needed or requested permission for a diamond deal due to low lot condition, creating a large demand for the precious gemstones.


In Virtua, many of the issues reported in last week’s edition have been settled between the traders. Recently, however, there has been a clash between Andoversr and the Virtuan president, Bleech, which resulted in the former being post-banned from the Council Public club, and the latter becoming the accused in one of the few lawsuits the Virtuan Court has seen in recent rounds for doing so.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and wish everyone the best of luck for the remainder of the round!

Overview Day 7/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes plenty of juicy stats courtesy of our resident statistician Rokta as well as the recent turnover statistics thanks to Federal Assistant. We hope you enjoy!


Virtua has come off to a comparatively solid beginning of the round, with trade starting up reasonably quickly all over the country and the consuls making sure government facilities such as the Virtuan court and DoF are built in a timely manor for the public. However, there has been some infighting within the public after certain traders were accused of breaking the unwritten rule of criminals to not shoot newer players in the club “Petition for a Safe Virtua”.


The Miniconomist appears to be a no show this round, after it’s editor, The Minic, was found gravely wounded in his home. He was swiftly rushed to hospital and is said to be in a serious but not life-threatening condition by his doctors. However, the doctors went on to say that he was unlikely to be able to write due to his current condition. There are also issues in the Federal Union due to chairman The Minic‘s absence, meaning we may be unlikely to see much from the Federal Union during this round.


The Federals have set up two Focus clubs, one for the general public and one for private discussions between a select few citizens. Currently, the public club is focused on a discussion on the high council, whereas the private club is following a (somewhat similar) discussion on the International Lawbook and changes to it.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the Edition and wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the round!

Overview Day 7/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the round! After last round’s inactivity (mostly due to holidays and issues with getting organised) we are back in action and hope you will enjoy! This week’s edition includes the turnovers, Rokta‘s signature statistics and an article about political issues in recent Virtuan history.


The Mr./Mrs. MC contest has returned once again! The winner of the prestigious contest this round will receive:

  • The Mr./Mrs. MC-degree
  • 100.000 I-shell
  • An extra tourist for his/her country in the next round

Which makes the prizes this time round more focused on the person than the country. There were some issues with candidacy from Cyberie but that has now been resolved leaving the four candidates as:

  • Joep Eerlijk of Cyberie
  • Torpedo7 of Digitalie
  • CIT of Ibisha
  • gelaarsdekat of Virtua

All of which are hoping to gain the award which was most recently won by Mystq.


After an usual starting 72 hours without a council, Virtua has had a new president, Podje and a new vice president, lindapinda86. They quickly named a new council consisting of:

  • Consul of Education – Bleech
  • Consul of Finances – Forsties (who had been granted access to the financial manager by the federals prior to this)
  • Consul of Justice and Safety – Tuned


After the Federal Union failed to come to an agreement as to who the new chairman would be after chairman MoonPoker‘s final round, the Federals opened up the voting to the citizens of the federation as to who the new chairman would be. After a few days of voting, The Minic came out on top, with 14 votes, closely followed by Tresias Aegirsson on 8 votes.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and good luck for the rest of the round!