Overview Day 15/21

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round! This week’s delayed edition contains a bunch of statistics from Rokta, as well as the turnover statistics courtesy of Federal Coordinator.


The round continues to be quiet in clubs, while remaining hectic in trade. The Virtuan government clubs remain dormant as the search for a replacement Consul of Education to complete the council continues, as does the search for judges to staff the Virtuan Court.


The International Court has also continued it’s quiet round, with no cases put before the team of judges as of yet. This marks yet another round where the International Court has been primed to handle cases and has not been given the chance to do so, making the reviews of the International Court by the High Council once again likely to repeat its self.


Good luck to all for the rest of the round and we hope you enjoy the rest of the edition!

Overview Day 7/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of round 140! This week’s edition includes plenty of stats from Rokta as well as a yacht sale counter to go with the turnover statistics!


The start of the round seems to be a more subdued one, in stark contrast with the hectic nature of the inbetween round. MVs were slow to form in the starting hours, and (in Virtua at least) the state budget was kept low by a lack of lot buying balanced with a large demand for city exports. This was coupled with issues in the activity of the Virtuan council, leading to clubs taking a while to form and discussions to progress slowly, ultimately coupled with president Penguin Colony deciding to resign from office to leave Bleech as the new president of Virtua.


The ? has returned in a different form. Earlier this week, the Federals announced that the wealthier population of Venetia would be coming to the Federation specifically to purchase yachts, which now occupy the ? space. The yachts seem to have a far easier resource requirement than some of the alternate ? products seen in previous reincarnations of it. Some traders estimate the amount of yachts it is possible to sell to tourists per day is around 5.


Cyberie has started it’s first round under the new lawbook, which has overhauled the political system in place, much to the chagrin of some of the citizens there. The new system, implemented in round 139 under the leadership of Hubinho1, has come under some flak for both the content of the lawbook and the circumstances in which it was implemented, though the Federals have not taken action on these allegations as of yet, instead opting to observe the situation in Cyberie in the coming weeks.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition!

Overview Day 21/21

Hello, and welcome back to the final vNews edition of the round. This week’s edition contains the usual juicy stats from Rokta, as well as the overview and turnover statistics (courtesy of Federal Researcher).


Digitalie at long last has a king. Earlier this week, the Federals announced that Kippenhok97 would be the next king of Digitalie, after an extended period of time without one. The knock of effects of this have been seen particularly in the Federal Union, which reported an inactive round, without the government delegates even agreeing on a new Federal Union chairman. This leaves MoonPoker as the chairman for another round.


The High Council once again has its work cut out for it, as yet another law book overhaul was presented to them, this time from Virtua. The new law book was a project compiled by Bleech multiple rounds ago that recently resurfaced after a couple of rounds had passed. Unfortunately, the discussion on that law book had been deleted, meaning all discussion had to start anew.


This comes amid continued drama in the Virtuan Council, after the former consul of education-turned-general consul, YAN, called for a vote of dismissal for the new President, Penguin Colony. This was due to claims by the former that both the President and Consul of Justice and Safety (MoonPoker) had been offering large amounts of money to potential shooters to bankrupt YAN.


Good luck in the results and we hope you enjoy the rest of the edition!

Overview Day 15/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round! In this week’s edition, we have an open letter from Tranqer and plenty of juicy statistics courtesy of Rokta.


The Virtuan Council has continued to shift around, with President dj ricky being removed from office by a majority vote. This left Virtua with a new vice president, BringerofRain20, and president, Penguin Colony. The new president’s first move was to appoint Bleech as the new Consul of Education, much to the discontent of the previous Consul of Education, YAN.


Disputes have being going on in various embassies, after multiple citizens of the federation were post banned supposedly for the reason of speaking the wrong language in the clubs. This began in the Virtuan embassy with then-Vice President Penguin Colony handing out post bans for speaking Dutch. This was then re-aggravated after some complaints of bombings in the Cyberian embassy eventually led to Cyberian President Hubinho1 handing out post bans to the Virtuan citizens who posted English messages in it.


Digitalie has been running without a king for most of the past week. After king loco_tazz was bankrupted, his advisors (and the moderators of the royal palace) were also bankrupted, leaving very few officials alive in the country. Multiple citizens have asked for an announcement of the new king, whereas others have replied that the mayor of Monapoli position is being sorted out before the new King is appointed.


Good luck in the final week of the round, we hope yu enjoy the rest of the edition!

Overview Day 7/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes a crime report from The Precursor and some juicy statistics from Rokta and Federal Researcher.


The Last man standing competition has once again begun in Digitalie. After the competition failed to come to a full conclusion due to a late start last round, this round’s competition has begun much earlier. The half-time scores show Switzisch in a large lead over loco_tazz in second place.


The Virtuan Council has had a rocky start to the round. Before the round had even begun, Vice President natcha12 left the country before the round began, leaving a split tie for third place between Penguin Colony and BringerofRain20, the former of which was voted to be the new vice president. There was then disputes over the Consul of Education, after YAN was hired late in the week. The vice president then chose to veto this appointment, which was later overturned by a council majority.


Skyscraper owners have overall noticed a lower occupancy rating in their giant buildings than most have claimed in previous rounds. Some estimate that only 25-40% of the larger buildings are usually occupied by tourists at any one time, meaning those building huge skyscrapers may have to be prepared for less profit than in rounds gone by.


Good luck for the rest of the round and we hope you enjoy the remainder of the edition!

Overview Day 21/21

Hello, and welcome back to the third and final vNews edition of the round! This edition is somewhat smaller than last week’s one, but is still packed to the brim with lots of statistics courtesy of Rokta and Federal Coordinator.


The king of Digitalie, Tranqer, has announced that he will be handing the crown down to another of his subjects. To decide on the subject that is granted the honour of wearing the new crown, a new game mode dubbed “gotcha” was set up. In this game, each participant was given a target to shoot, and doing so would eliminate their target from the game until there was one lone survivor. The winner of the competition, and therefore new king of Digitalie, was Minimize.


The Department of Education has been flooded with exam requests this week, after a new school joined the citizens of Virtua. This has unfortunately lead to a backup of exam requests that are unlikely to finish before the end of the round. There have also been some rumours of foul play in the exams, after one player managed to post a set of answers to the exam without even having access to the exam room to see the questions!


As the round draws to a close, both the International Court and the Virtuan Court can breath a sigh of relief, having both had very busy rounds. The International Court, under the guidance of The Minic, managed to process and deal with 11 separate cases, whereas the Virtuan court, originally run by 42shadow42 and taken over by Penguin Colony later in the round,  was tasked with dealing with 5 cases (6 if you count judging the dismissal of Juizyboy).


Good Luck to everyone in the final results, as we hope you enjoy the rest of the edition!

Overview Day 14/21

Hello, and welcome to the second vNews edition of round 138! In this week’s edition, we have yet more strange messages, a competition announcement from tranq, an article on chat commands from Tuned and some more extra juicy statistics from Rokta.


The Virtuan Vice-President, Juizyboy, was removed from office this week, after the Virtuan Court gave permission for President Rokta to dismiss him on the basis of inactivity. The Vice President has been called into question throughout this round due to inactivity, spawning multiple cases in the Virtuan Court and even one in the International Court. Previous consul of education, dj ricky, now takes over Juizyboy‘s position while still retaining his own.


Relations between Virtua and Cyberie remain strained, as bombings in both countries continue. Cyberian mayor traag begrip was also caught paying the recently deceased Switzisch to shoot the hawk, only serving to further reduce trust between the two nations. While the governments of both countries seem to have no real interest in declaring all out war again, neither have displayed a particular desire to prevent it.


The Virtuan Court has seen an episode this week, after both the person running it and the judges working for them have changed dramatically. What  began as Penguin Colony resigning from his judge position lead to a second judge, markallen3, also leaving the club. In the mean time, the consul of justice and safety, 42shadow42, stepped down from his position, only to be eventually replaced with former judge Penguin Colony, who quickly worked to restore a full judging team.


Chaos reigned in the Virtuan live newsfeed, after a point made by natcha12 was taken up by a number of other citizens and used to full effect. natcha12 went to court over a newsfeed accusing him of misdeeds, as he felt it lessened his reputation, only to find that nothing could be done about it. This lead to a whole host of anonymous new messages on the feed, which someone decided to take too far and insult a seperate citizen of the federation with. After this, the Federals have removed the feature from credit accounts for the time being.


The Mystq and Aximili tornado aid fund is fast approaching 1000 euros! On behalf of everyone at vNews, we would like to thank the community for showing the best of what Miniconomy has to offer!


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition!

Overview Day 7/21

Hello, and welcome to the first vNews edition of round 138! This week’s edition includes an article sent to us anonymously from a representative of the so called “Virtuan Secret Order”, as well as the usual Turnover statistics and some resource lot statistics from Rokta.


The First story of the week comes from outside of the federation, after a tornado hit the town of Van in Texas, injuring 40 people & killing 2, as well as destroying the house of Aximili’s and Mystq‘s family. Luckily, they escaped the incident with no serious injuries, though they are currently staying with friends and family until further notice. The Minic and lindapinda86 have since set up a donation fund for them – further information can be found in the club “Tornado aid Aximili and Mystq“.


Tensions between Cyberie and Virtua have been frayed once again, as traders in Cyberie have gone up in arms against harbour prices in Virtua. The harbour, owned by Virtuan trader the hawk, currently has a price of 50ish/squst. Complaints about the situation are mostly limited to the Cyberian embassy, though Tresias Aegirsson has started a case regarding the incident in the International Court. This comes amidst suspicions cast last round due to multiple bombings in Cyberie, which injured an estimated 38 citizens.


Centropolis had a rocky start to the round after new mayor XXXTOMATOXXX was removed from office, partially due to using the taxation feature on his citizens. This left the city mayor-less until dj ricky stepped in as interim mayor. After a set of mid-round elections, natcha12 was named the new mayor of Centropolis.


The CBI and Federals have been under questioning this week in the International Court, after court cases opened by OCMan101 and Tuned/Tuned2 questioned both the ability of the CBI to fine people for selling goods under cost price and the definition of a political function. So far neither case has come to a conclusion, but Federal Coordinator has certainly got plenty of extra work to be doing for the Federal group as the accused’s legal representative in both cases.


We hope you enjoy the rest of this week’s edition, and we wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the round!

Overview Day 21/21

Hello, and welcome to the third vNews edition of round 137! In this week’s edition, we have plenty of juicy statistics courtesy of Rokta, and will have the Turnover Statistics uploaded as soon as we receive them. We hope you enjoy!


Virtua breathed a sigh of relief as the lot conditions in all three cities were saved last minute thanks to some long negotiated diamond deals in Cashington and Centropolis. The mayors in Cashington and Centropolis particularly have had struggles with lot conditions in the past few rounds, resulting in a very lucrative trade in diamonds primarily for the residents of Nasdaqar and Monapoli.


However, things were not so peaceful in international politics this week, after Cyberie declared war on Virtua due to an alleged restriction in the freedom of their politicians to post in the Virtuan embassy. As a consequence, the citizens of the federation have been treated to plenty of explosion sounds, the causes of which are said to have injured around 38 Cyberian citizens.


The El Peso International Shooting Contest is nearing completion, after the group stages came to their conclusion. loco_tazz and viraxje came out as clear winners in their respective groups (A & C), whereas group B came out as a tie between Kippenhok97 and  The King 2 on two points a piece. After some deliberation, the judges decided that Kippenhok97 had taken one extra shot in hit heats than The King 2 and so ultimately came out on top of the group.


As the round end draws ever closer, it has become apparent that not all of the planes have been exported around the federation, meaning that one of the Cyberian cities may be lost to the sea come the volcanic eruption. The city which will suffer this fate is as of yet unknown but it is almost certain that one will be lost.


The Virtuan court had an odd week, with the second open case of the round (the first was suspended until the council could decide on unbiased judges which is yet to happen) coming to the odd conclusion of the accusing party, 42shadow42 requesting that all charges be dropped against the accused party, AynRand after both parties had already posted two pleas. This comes after issues earlier in the round where the court was accused of supporting criminal activities after it denied multiple cases on the grounds of the accused and accusing part being the same person.


After a long period of inactivity, MCRecruitment has gained a new head of recruitment. Since Mystq was announced as the new head recruiter, the club has already shown more signs of life, which onlookers hope will allow the club to fulfil its purpose more effectively than before.


We hope you enjoy the remainder of the edition and wish everyone the best of luck in the vote/trade results.

Overview Day 14/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition contains fewer submitted articles, as some of the articles that would be in this edition were instead put into the edition on Tuesday. However, we have the full set of statistics from Rokta, as well as the Top20 turnovers for the round so far (thanks to Federal Researcher). As a side note, please look to the poll in the vNews club if you haven’t already, as it may change how the club is run from edition to edition.

The El Peso International Shooting Contest (better known as the EPISC) is in full swing, with some of the heats already coming to an end. The scores for the heats so far are as follows:
Group A:
loco_tazz – 1

Group B:

The King 2 – 2
COE – 1
Kippenhok97 – 2
jeroentje312 – 1

Group C:
viraxje – 1
Schattenjager Torp

The Winner of the EPISC will be receiving 10,000ISH from the Federals, as well as bragging rights in the criminal community.


The Virtuan Court found itself in trouble this week after the court itself was sued by 42shadow42. Naturally, suing the court itself lead to complications with the laws of biased judges as all the judges hired are affiliated directly with the court. The case as of yet has not begun, but has been opened and delayed until council-decided unbiased judges can be found. However, a certain post by the CoJS, AynRand, has caused 42shadow42 to seek assistance in the International Court over getting his case going. The case in question has also sparked the council to look into some of the laws regarding the courts to see if these can be improved.


The lot state issues in Virtua continue, with the exception of Nasdaqar which has managed to regain a decent lot condition thanks to both the efforts of mayor Podje and the lack of gold lots left to dig. Centropolis is in the middle of a diamond deal and Cashington has gotten permission for one, leaving the cities in good stead for improving the lot condition by the end of the round.


We hope you enjoy both the rest of the round and the rest of the edition!