Overview Day10/21

Hello, and welcome to the delayed first edition of vNews for round 137! In this edition, we (of course) have plenty of lovely stats courtesy of Rokta and Federal Researcher, as well as some articles about the goings on with certain citizens in Virtua from AynRand. The overview this week will be slightly shorter due to some short notice writing being required 😉


First of all, vNews would like to thank our main editor for many rounds now, YAN, for his hard work and dedication to keeping the editions coming with plenty of guest content submitted. YAN recently announced that he would be taking a break from Miniconomy and as a consequence, he would be handing the editor position to Forsties for the moment. We hope to see YAN return in a few rounds time with the renewed love for Miniconomy that many returning players have found in their absence.


One of the biggest stories this round is, naturally, the appearance of planes in the Federation. The various scientists that monitor the federation made the startling discovery that Cyberie itself was sinking due to the massive eruption that ended round 136. To combat this, 200 planes are needed to pull Cyberie back above water, 20 from each city (5 representing each Cyberian city). There was also the unfortunate announcement that one city may have to be sacrificed to save the others if not enough planes can be exported in time, meaning that everyone around the federation needs to work together if we want to see Cyberie staying with 4 cities in round 138. The planes, requiring one or more of every resource and product (excluding gunpowder) found in the Federation, are by no means a small investment to smaller traders, and areas where trade is slow are struggling to export any at all, meaning the future for one city in Cyberie seems grim…


As the first ever term of natcha12‘s presidency reaches its halfway point, Virtua appears to be running reasonably well, apart from the ever-troublesome lot state which has caused all three cities’ mayors to call for a diamond deal to take place. Finances are being dealt with aptly, Education is up and running quickly now that a second exam room has been made and the court is looking ready to perform its duties, although it is somewhat difficult to judge the efficiency of a service that is yet to be fully used! Ouside of running the council, natcha12 and Mystq have been having pie wars due to a claim of false advertising and the president has been accused of making the citizens of Virtua feel hungry because of his shops named after various tasty treats. Elsewhere in Virtua, there are calls for the state religion, formally decided by the resident priests, to convert to Orthodox Tunedaism after his holiness, Tuned, returned to the Federation, much to the joy of everyone around.


We wish everyone reading the best of luck for the rest of their round in the Federation and hope you enjoy the rest of the edition!

Overview day 14/21

Hi and welcome back to vNews! Today a shorter edition than normal but it’s still worth reading! This edition includes the turnover-statistics, the ‘Rokta(v)‘ statistics and 2 articles (incl. this overview). Have fun reading!

To kick off of course the appointment of the new Federal Researcher! Former Virtuan Consul ikenco was recently appointed, actually thursday, as the new FeR. He is the replacement of (Brendan) that had to quit the job due to IRL-circumstances.

In this vNews-edition an interview with the brandnew Federal! Ejoy.

In Virtua the President YAN is being sued by Vicepresident natcha12. The VP claims that the President threatened him. Though, the mainjudge of the case, Bleech, is inactive. This will mean it’ll take a time before a verdict has been reached.

Cashington’s and Centropolis’s lotstates are back at 90+ again! The Consul of Finances Forsties arranged several deals with the company of viraxje, Hank MV. A total of around 700 diamonds were added to the lots in both cities. Thank you all!

In Cyberie the President, Tresias Aegirsson, is going to be dismissed. The parliament of Cyberie voted in favour of his dismissal which will mean that vicepresident A Lontra will become the new President. The President was dismissed due to the not exceeding of his tasks.

Last but not least the skyscrapers-news: the tourists are joining scrapers now for higher prices! For example: Podje has/had 4 tourists in presidential suites from around 1500 I-shells each. Please keep that in mind if you are going to determine your prices for rooms!

Overview day 7/12

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the 136th trading period! This edition includes 4 articles, from which one is an interview, the ‘normal’ statistics and the statistics from Roktav concerning lots for example. Have fun reading!

To kick off this overview we want to request all criminals to stop reading here now and to continue at the next paragraph of this article. This due to the problem that vNews is going to bring up here now. So, since two rounds now we have skyscrapers. Big nice things with which you can make a lot of I-shells, if you handle it well. Though, sometimes, I, YAN, just miss the good old houses. This for example due to the rent that you do not have to pay while in a house, haha. But yesterday, a new reason came up, the fact that you’re an easy target. People can just join your skyscraper, get in the building and rob you. That kind of things really annoy me. Maybe the Federals can give the owner of the skyscraper an opportunity to ‘ban’ certain people out of their buildings? I’d at least be a big fan of that idea!

Well, after this whining from me, I think we should go to the news in the Federation! Criminals, you can start reading here again! 😉

Troel was recently appointed as International Court Chairman. The High Council found her suitable to take over from the old Chairman The Minic, that was the Chairman for 4 rounds. A lot of people found The Minic in his last round not very good, read the second edition of last round for more information. The first problems while Troel is being the Chairman came already up though. The are currently not much Judges applying for a position in the IC. If this is due to the new Chairman, we do not know.

In the Virtuan Council it seems that President YAN made a few mistakes at the appointment of Advisors and Consuls. Around 4 consuls and advisers are inactive. The President already fired one of them, dj ricky that only posted 1 post in the Council Room in 6 days, which wasn’t adding anything. When vNews asked the President to react at this he wanted to say the following: ‘Unfortunately I have to admit that a few council-members are being too inactive. I will give those persons a ‘final warning’ before going over to action.’ Will the President be able to solve this problem? He’d better do. Because the consuls and advisers are not paid to do nothing.

Last but not least some international news. The international trade is getting up! Virtuan traders, viraxje, spainman0 and likemyitem opened several shops. On for example Cyberian soil. The grossrevenue that they make seems to be very good, but though, no one of these three traders wanted to tell vNews some details.


Overview of week three

Hello and welcome back to the Final vNews-edition of the 135th trading period! This week has seen some big news both inside the Federation and in that fantasy land known to some only as “real life”. As always, a big thank you to the authors who have sent in articles and statistics for this week’s edition!


The Big news of the Week, naturally, comes from outside of the Federation, as Aximili and Mystq announced on the third of March, 5:38am server time, that their daughter Madeleine Claire was born. We at vNews wish the happy family the very best for the future, and if you would like to do so as well, a topic (with some extra information) has been opened in the Virtuan Embassy for the entire Federation to see!


Inside of the federation, news comes from two of the most important international organisations; the High Council and the Federal Union. The Chairman of the Federal Union, natcha12, decided to make the main Federal Union club, where the various government’s delegates go to discuss  various matters around the federation (in theory at least!), Private once more. As well as this, election sign ups for a new chairman have begun in the Federal Union Public club, as round 136 is natcha12‘s final round as the figurehead of the organisation.


The High Council has also shifted around its leadership; away from the currently inactive Ralgon, who is said to be absent due to real life circumstances known to the other High Council members, to riemer_1990, as the currently bankrupt Andoversr4 has kept to his title of Vice-Chair for now. We would like to wish the chairman good luck in his new role.


There was some shocking news in stall for the Federation from the Federal Government this week in regards to the value of skyscrapers. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, the engineers responsible for the recent introduction of towering skyscrapers to the land decided to build in a secret way for skyscrapers built later in the round, where trade historically tends to slow down somewhat, to have a net worth greater than the skyscrapers built with materials obtained earlier in the round. There were some rules put in place to this effect, such as the luxury of the furnishing not affecting net worth, only the height of the building, but the announcement as to the extent of the value added was a little vague.


Elections in Virtua have seen an oddly unbalanced sign up sheet this round. Whereas a total of 9 different candidates were available for the position of President, the Mayoral elections were much more barren, with Cashington struggling to find any candidates at all until kageshukuun, the current Consul of Education, stepped up to the mark to secure Cashington’s well being for the next round, taking over from previous mayor Riviat. Good luck to all those hoping to win the support of their fellow citizens and secure a position in Government for the round to come!


To finish, a more ominous note. Rumours from the close friends and family of spainman0, the citizen recently involved in a lawsuit against the Federal Government after they Federalised a number of his lots, have suggested that he is considering crimes against his fellow citizens as an outlet for his anger in the next few rounds. vNews tried to secure an exclusive interview of the disgruntled citizen, but he was not willing to comment on the rumours.

Overview of the second week

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews-edition of the 135th trading period! Last week we had a hell of an edition and this edition has a lot of articles as well. We’d like to thank our writers and guest-writers for those.

This week quite some things have happened in our tiny internet Federation. In this week’s edition a summary of them.

The Virtuan Lawbook, a pain in the ass for a lot of Virtuan citizens. It’s too much law, too unclear and way too long. But since this week the Council seems to make speed with the improving of the Virtuan Law (VL). Vicepresident Bleech rewrote the VL together with consul riemer_1990 and White Queen, the mayor of Centropolis. President Mystq started a club named ‘Discuss Virtua Lawbook’ which is meant to involve the Virtuan citizens in the rewritement of the VL. It’s a succes. A lot of Virtuans are happy that the Virtuan Government actually does something about this problem and are waiting for the final approval of the new VL by the Council.

The Virtuan Law is too big and too unclear

Our manager YAN seemed to make a tiny mistake this week. The ‘highly-experienced’ Editor (according to the head-editor in Fed. Req.) tested the newsfeed by trying to post a newsfeed for one minute. The newsfeedsystem automaticly made 1hour from that 1minute which would mean the feed named Podje is awesome and had the following text in it: test would leave in 1hour and not 1 minute.

The head-editor Tresias Aegirsson who is currently resigning from his duties did not like that and based on one-eyewitness he requested the removal of the editor-degree of YAN. After the request was made a lot of Virtuans were angry. For example big daddy and ikenco requested the keeping of YAN his degree, as he is doing a very good job with vNews. Thank you for that! Currently Federal Coordinator and the angry head-editor are working on a solution. We will keep you posted!

Several people didn’t want YAN to lose his degree, ‘as he is doing a very good job with vNews’

Last but not least we would like to point out a big mistake of the Virtuan Consul of Education kageshukuun who accidentally gave Podje the Lawyer degree. Some side-information: Podje is trying to get the degree for ages now but he never actually got it (lawfully). The Federals are requested to remove it. If they will execute this request is still a question.

Welcome to vNews!

Hello and welcome back to the first brand-new vNews edition of round 133. This week quite some things passed in our tiny digital Federation. In this article a small summary of things which happened.

To kick off, this week the Federal Government announed to organise a new edition of the Miniconomy Stay Awake Contest. In this contest people will have to answer one question per hour 24/7. As long as they answer on time (within the hour in which the question was asked) they will still be in the race but if not, they will be one of the losers. The min. amount of MC-players to subscribe a team is two and the maximum amount is five. Several teams have been subscribed yet like for example ‘Team Old School’ which is led by the Digitalian Troel.

Second, it’s special that the International Court, which is already open for around seven days till this moment only has two judges. The Minic, which is also Chairman and handles the PI’s and Tresias Aegirsson. Certain people are worried about the diversity in the team of the International Court. For example: the two judges the IC has are both Cyberian, both Captain of Industry, they both have a ‘T’ in their names etc. There also is a bigger chance now that they could be bribed. Well, time will learn and we do not expect that those two, well experienced players, will abuse the beautiful justice we have in our Federation.

In this edition there are statistics from Rokta(v), an article from Riviat to look back into the situation of Cashington previous round (R132) and of course the turn-over statistics. Have fun reading!

– The vNews Team


Is that true?! (we’re experiencing)

Yup, today no capital news neither an old school overview as you could have read in the former editions but today we are doing something else,  a blog named is that true!? with a gossip about persons or actions in the Federation.

Some gossips may have a truth but there will also be fake gossips, please be aware of that. And for the people under us that miss the capital news already: it will be back soon!

1. viraxje bought criminal points from Bleech 

The latest gossip in Virtua; the Virtuan president viraxje bought his criminal points from Bleech. As you might have mentioned the old-school criminal mastermind Bleech returned to our Federation this trade-period. Another fact is that the Virtuan viraxje became a criminal and is gangster already. Sources told our magazine that viraxje in fact only earned 5 criminal points himself and then he got caught and wanted to earn cp’s in an easier way.

Viraxje only got 5 cp’s himself, the rest he bought – anonymous source

He contacted Wouter and asked what the options were, after he bribed wouter with an ice cream he contacted Bleech who wanted to get rid of his cp’s. Wouter transferred his cp’s towards viraxje and that is why viraxje is already gangster.

When we asked the Federal Government about this they did not want to react on the record. We are very sorry about that but it confirms the theory which we posted here.

2. information leaked!

The vNews crew got an anonymous letter this morning which included:

Hi. Some nice information for the gossips:

The I-shells per country in the Federation in safe:

Digitalie: 1*0k

Cyberie: 56*k

Virtua: *50k

The vNews crew still tries to find out who sent this to us but we probably will not find him or her. The ‘*’ stand for an numeral (example: ‘*’ could stand for 3).

The Capital News (1/3)

Indeed, the Capital News is something new in vNews! This Capital News will report the mainstories from the Miniconomy Federation by using the following six important categories: national politics, justice, safety/crimes, FU/HC, trade, vNews. We hope you will enjoy! 


National politics

The Virtuan Law does not has any worth this round – YAN

We will kick off with Virtuan politics in this edition, the Virtuan Council consists now for almost 50% of Virtuans with a criminal status! Even the Virtuan President, viraxje, traded his Master of Industry status for a gray criminal status! The quote above is a common said one in the democracy. Though till this moment with a well functioning Virtuan Court no Virtuan has sued the Virtuan Government yet for these violations, probably the Virtuans are fine with it.



Today we will look into the Judges of the International Court, which is led by Cyberian The Minic this round. Till this moment several Judges died, already 2 of the just appointed Judges, to be exact loco_tazz and OCMan101 we’re killed by criminals. The Chairman now only has a team of two Judges left and some people are wondering if the High Council will react, but as it is inactive (more about that later on) that chance is small. The Chairman reacts with fun and he hopes that his Judges didn’t commited suicide because he’s their boss.



We’re only at 1/3 of this round but a lot of crimes were commited already! At the moment of writing already 400 crimes were commited in whole the Federation. Experts see a growing number of crimes this round if you compare it to the last rounds. A simple explaination for it is that the Federation got two new serious offenders of crimes: the Virtuan Consul Duups and our own editor in chief, YAN! Till this moment several of their fellow citizens were killed by them. The Virtuan Government did not declare an Emergency Situation in the country yet.



The Federal Union and the High Council are very inactive at the moment. Since a few days all the Government leaders of the country’s were present in the club but till this moment nothing usefull has been discussed and there were only 2 posts made in the Federal Union club. The Ibishan Rednax already whined about it and the Federal Union Chairman Tresias Aegirsson promised to do best he is able to to try to revive the FU and get it active again. The High Council is inactive as well, it now has 1 inactive member, Sura, and in the private club there wasn’t much discussion yet. Will these international very important organisations manage to get active again? Time will learn.



The trade in our Federation is dominated by two citizens. Indeed those two are gelaarsdekat and Digitalian King hubinho. Those two persons are in the race of winning the 132th trading period! The players are both trying to hurt the other as much as possible, today Digitalian citizens bombed and robbed GK but Virtuans bombed the shops of hubinho. This will become an interesting round as both potential round winners are Criminal Masterminds and have connections in the criminal world.



In this edition enough to read! There are articles written by RoktaThe Federals (statistics) and by YAN. Have fun!

A new start for vNews!

Dear reader of our beloved magazine, in this article an update about the internal situation in the virtualNewspaper. 

I may now call myself the official editor in chief of this beautiful magazine, yesterday announced Refund that I will be taking over vNews from now on. A new face means of course a lot new ideas, a part of these new ideas will be shared in this article already. The others will be posted in the vNews clubs or in the next editions that will be published.

The first point that will be changed from now on is that vNews will be published on each saturday at 12:00 servertime instead of the normal publishdate at fridat at 21:00 servertime. This decision is based on my real-life efforts and timeschedule, with these changes I also want to achieve to get more long and nicer articles in our edition, of course to serve you the best as possible.

Second I want to discuss the organisation structure of vNews. As editor in chief I can of course also be ill sometimes, which would mean there wouldn’t be an edition that week. But we want to avoid that of course, we need to deliver your weekly newspaper as much as possible. Therefore we will ensure there’s someone that could eventually take over from me, that person will become the deputy-editor in chief. I hope to announce that person as soon as possible but as I want to ensure we will have the best of the best it might take a little while.

The last point that I want to discuss is that vNews will use the newsfeed more often. This will mean that we will be able  to report you stories more often and you won’t need to wait a while before receiving a notification of important (international) news.

There will defenitely come more changes in the vNews structure but for now we will stick to these three most important ones. Though, I want to ensure you that all the decisions that will be made are, in our eyes, the best for the readers, the editor and the editor in chief as well.

I thank you for your attention and I wish you a great time while reading this first new vNews edition!


Editor in chief of vNews

Welcome to vNews!

Hi and welcome to the second vNews edition of this round! Today Refund asked me to manage this edition as he’s too busy IRL. I accepted that but though I do not have enough time to write a whole overview we will have to skip that part of our edition. Though we received more articles than usual, that was submitted by our writers! 

We wish you a very nice edition with a lot of fun.

The vNews team.