Overview week 1

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of Round 131! Our excuse for the delay but all our editors were a bit busy the last time. In this overview we say goodbye to YAN as interim maineditor of vNews and there’s a small summary of news which happened last week. Enjoy!

First of all this will be my last edition as internal maineditor of vNews. I published vNews for about 5 rounds till the moment. Together with Refund I came to the conclusion that it has been nice but as I’m too busy in real life and also have to do a lot of other MC stuff I decided to quit the job. I will continue writing for vNews on a regular base though. In my period I experienced a lot of fun and respect from fellow players that were happy to read their newspaper, thats where you do it for. Although most people were very positive about vNews there was always one person who did not really appreciate our work.. Indeed, that person is oscar123. Oscar, you were the biggest whiner in my period, though I always experienced a kind of fun when I discussed with you about it. I want to thank all writers and readers for their faith in me and see you soon again!

Second, there are a lot of cases requested in the International Court. Also PI requests have been made. There are currently +-5 cases pending, with a judge panel of 4 judges, COE, riemer_1990, viraxje and natcha12 the IC needs to work very hard to handle this cases all as well as possible, International Court Chairman riemer_1990 reacts about the high amount of cases requested with the following: ‘Well, as the Dutch speakingword says ‘Ik heb voor hetere vuren gestaan’ which means that he once handled much more cases.

Some Consuls of the Virtuan Council are getting inactive. Examples are dj ricky, oscar123 and AynRand. The President reacts: ‘It is unnaccaptable that people are getting inactive and I will always try to prevent them from getting to. The Consuls have a public function and in my eyes they will always need to be active. I will of course take action if this will become worse.’.

In Virtua there are a lot crimes taking place. Therefore the Council declared a State of Emergency (SoE) two days ago. Several Virtuans like Likemyitem, Podje, YAN, spainman0, OCMan101 or AynRand are being robbed, shot and bombed. The State of Emergency gives the President the right to hire criminals to shoot and maybe bankrupt the other criminals. Sources are telling far the most amount of crimes are being executed by Digitalian King and most wanted Criminal Mastermind (according to the newsfeed) hubinho.

In the Federal Union some governmentleaders are argueing about an education proposal which was proposed by Virtuan Consul of Education and President, YAN. The governmentleaders of Digitalia and Ibisha, hubinho and rokta(v) are not willing to support any laws which will give students more money for earning a degree (that will stimulate education for newer players) if they will not feel any profit of it. Cyberia did not react yet. Will the Federal Union Chairman, Tresias Aegirsson, proof that the FU works and prevent the leaders from a ‘bitchfight’ all the time?

He better would as the Virtuan riemer_1990 is inviting a lot of people to the CoV discussion club. A lot of people recognize the Council of Veterans as an real alternative which may work for the Federation. A lot of important politicians like former President of Cyberie Dr. Strangelove and current President of Virtua YAN believe the plan may work and want to investigate the options. How would that end? Will the FU be dismissed and the CoV join us? The inventor of the FU, The Minic, is very sceptical about the ideas. He wants to name it the ‘Friend Zone’ which suggests the CoV will become corrupt (in which it also ended when it was dismissed by the Federation rounds ago), though his own invention doesn’t work properly as well. Maybe it’s time for change, time will learn!

Last but not least vNews and a lot of other players think that Virtuan/Ibishan/Digitalian Tranqer will win this round easily. He invented a very nice trade tactic, which consists of a lot of ships, international trade and both Virtuans and Digitalians are buying his goods. Will he reach the 1.000.000 ISH networth at the end of the tradingperiod (round)? We are all curious and looking forward to know!

Strange endlist

It is that time. The time where the round ends. The time where everybody will know who has won, based on nettworth and votes. But on both sides there are big suprises. Suprises that makes the endlists look weird. This compared to last round, round 129. This article was written with the unscreend results of round 130 and the screened results of round 129.

First to start of, the winner of round 130, The King 2. Again a winner from Digitalia, with a nettworth of 613,877.14 ISH with plastic. But, round 129 was won by gelaarsdekat with a nettworth of 632,101.03 ISH with the trade of chips and wood.

If you look at the gap between the first and second place, it was bigger last round. YAN ended second in round 129 with 338,419.44 ISH. Between gelaarsdekat and him was a gap off 293,681.59 ISH. This round Joep Eerlijk ended with 457,235.71 ISH, wich is 156,641.43 ISH less then The King 2.

Also between 2nd and 3th place is a big difference. In round 129 Gaulamos ended with 209,870.29 ISH on the 3th place. He had 128,549.15 less then YAN. But this round, dj ricky ended with 194,056.26 ISH, leaving a gap of 263,179.45 ISH between Joep Eerlijk.

Compared to round 129, the ranking still looks weird. In round 129, 4 players ended with more then 200k, while in round 130, only 2 players reached more then 400k, but further nobody with more then 200k.

But it gets weirder. If you count up the total nettworth of the top-10 in round 129, you get a total of 2,235,472.90 ISH. But the total of round 130 is 2,440,388.59 ISH. That is 204,915.69 ISH more then round 129.

Looking at the differences between the nettworths of the top-10, in round 129 it looked pretty normal. But looking at round 130, it looks like the top-10 is really close to eachother. I think it allready says enough that the top-10 in round 129 started with 107k and the top-10 of round 130 started with 147k.

Also looking at the players who have reached the 100k. In round 129 that where 14 players. And top 20 started on 75k. But in round 130, 26 players reached 100k as top-20 started at 110k.

It looks like, there was more money, but also the money is more spread to the players. Some questions show up. Is this because of the new resource change? Is this a big advantage for Premium Members against non-Premium Members? What will this say about the future? Who will know the answers.

Since there is no vote history, comparing the vote results isn’t possible. The only thing that can be said is that there are lots of players who where going for president in Virtua, that the results in cyber where a suprise, since dutchdude got 16 votes allready.

And besides that, there is something positive going on. While looking at the local elections, there is no city at all where a Federal comes into play. Also, from the 10 cities, there are 2 cities with 1 candidate, wich are Zwollar and Monapoli. But the 8 other cities have all more then 2 candidates. As the looks of it, the interests in politics are a bit raising again. What will this mean for the future? Will this keep up or even grow? Again, who will know.

Overview day 14/21

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews edition of Round 130! Today we’ve a long edition including an overview, 3 written articles (e.g. statistics from Rokta(v)!) and the turnoverstatistics delivered by the FederalsThis week quite some things happened in our Federation. In this overview a summary of them. Enjoy!

First of all vNews saw that the the international trade between countries of the Federation since this period is becoming bigger and bigger. Virtuans have shops in Cyberie and Digitalie, Ibishans have shops in Virtua, Cyberians have shops in Virtua and even Digitalian citizens own shops in Virtua. Quite rare due to the fact that they don’t really like shops nor international trade in their country, most foreigners who are trading there get threatened or their shops get bombed. A few examples of prices which were made due to int’l trade: bricks in Virtua for 4.5 ISH (by Cyberian President Dr. Strangelove), shovels in Cyberie for 12.5 ISH (by Virtuan president YAN) and diamonds in Virtua for 25 ISH (by Digitalian CM Tranqer). Would this be the effect of the changes made by the Federals? Most people think it’s due to the come-back of Joep Eerlijk.

In Virtua the Council is currently voting about a proposal which will stimulate the social activities. The proposal includes a special subsisdy which can be handed out by the Council (the majority has to approve the idea made by a Virtuan) of Virtua. The idea requires a few things though, for example it has to be doable for all citizens and of course the CBI has to approve the idea. The idea came from Vice President dj ricky. In Cyberie Minister of Finances/State Treasurer Tresias Aegirsson wants to implent a special Minister of Social Activities too. Most countries are thinking about ways how to stimulate the social part of our game, these two ideas are perfect examples of this.

The lotstate in several cities in our Federation is dramatic. Three examples: the lotstate of Kronenburg, currently 70, the lotstate of Roebelarendsveen, currently 85 and the lotstate of Virtuan city Cashington which is currently around the 70. All involved persons, so the government of the countries in which the cities are and of course the mayors are trying to solve the problems by arranging diamond deals, though some experts think there might not be enough diamonds in the Federation to get the lotstate of all cities around the 90+ again. The Virtuan Consul of Finances, Gaulamos,  is currently looking for traders who are offering diamonds and we all hope a diamond deal for Cashington can be arranged as soon as possible (asap). Current Mayor of Cashington likemyitem didn’t manage to keep the state above the 90 and some people are saying that they’d love to have Andoversr4 back as Mayor as his lotstate was always around 100, unfortunately he is currently at the Register of Eligibility and is not egibile to run in any elections.

These three points are the bullet points of things which happened in our digital Federation. We wish you a lot of fun while reading vNews! Thanks.

Overview week 1

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of round 130! First we want to apologize for the late edition and the delay but that will only make you enjoying the edition more! This edition concludes 1 article written by Gaulamos, the overview and the statistics. Enjoy reading!

As I dont have much time to write a ‘normal’ overview hereby a list of short bullet points about things that happened and which are worth it to name them in the editions overview, no worries, next week a normal overview will be back.

This happened (e.g.) in the federation:

Tresias Aegirsson will probably become Federal Union Chairman. Only Cyberie has to vote in favour which their president will do as he posted.

– A lot of cases were requested in the International Court. The case between the Fed Gov./CBI and Andoversr4 is very interesting. See IC club for more information and details.

– Former Mayor WhutWhut got a cheater status for acting against the good of the whole federation (by e.g. raising vat to 20% and removing all parking lots) by the Federals.

– The new Mayor of Centropolis will be the second MoI of the federation, viraxje, he already was the interim Mayor. He was the only candidate.

– The round will probably be won by Joep Eerlijk or The King 2.

Resource skills gone… what now?

For trading period 130 digging resources no longer requires skills. This simple change allows for any trader to dig all the resources he wants without spending skills on them, this allowed for traders to search for other combinations of skills that will allow them to look for even higher profits.
Two of the most popular combinations are wood with iron and plastic with chips, but many other combinations are now possible cause of the extra skills that are saved from not needing to use them on resources.

It’s almost recognized that the most money made is done by traders that use resources to make the so called main products, such as wood, iron, bricks and plastic, and that if you want to end up in the millionaires club you need to trade those. Not needing to spend skills on resources increases even the value of doing this sort of products since it allows for possible combinations of more than one of those main products.

All of this also has a more harmful consequence, it aggravates the already huge differences between traders that do products based on resources and the ones that do products that don’t use them directly, such as shovels, saws and electronics.
Sure they can also get part of the action selling resources to traders that are paying huge lot taxes however this is just a small piece of the immense cake bigger traders will continue to get.
This also increases further the difference between normal traders and premium members, although I believe this was intentional.

However another even bigger change that was introduced this round is the fact that MVs can no longer search for resources. One of the direct consequences of this is that less MVs have been founded by traders, simply put the options to make them have been significantly reduced.

Before if you wanted to do something like gas you just needed someone to get you the oil using one MV and you could do the gas with another, now you need to find local traders that can dig the oil for you. If you’re trying to compete with a local gas trader chances are you won’t get a reliable supply of oil and it’s very likely that you won’t be able to continue to offer your products for a long time or not for a good trading price.
So MVs for products are now more likely to only be used in cases of shortages of a specific product and not to address competitors directly.

The strain made by MVs on some cities was pointed out as the main reason for this change. Although in fact that strain was reduced, the amount of MVs was reduced as well and it’s not looking like this will be a solution for cities since traders are adapting and finding new ways to profit and getting the resources they need. Will this change remain? Will it help or hurt more traders and their cities?

Overview day 20/21

Hellow and welcome back to the third vNews edition of this round! Todat we’ve a small edition with the regular overview, the usual statistics and one article written by Tranqer/Tranq. We hope you’ll still enjoy vNews!

Tomorrow the big day! Who’ll win?! Probably gelaarsdekat. That’s at least what a lot of citizens out of the Federation think. And he thinks it himself too. Sources say that he has a networth about the 750.000 I-shells. Quite much! Most people think that the top10 will exsist out of: qelaarsdekat, YAN, Gaulamos, Oscar123, Rokta, Podje, Hubinho1, traag begrip, martijn5 and DutchDude. We’ll know tomorrow!

In Virtua there are only a few people running for the elections. dj ricky and YAN are both running for president. Only 2 people running is rare in Virtua, normally like 4 or more citizens are willing to become the president of the nicest country in our Federation!

In the Virtuan Mayor elections are also only a few people running! WhutWhut (better known as MoonPoker) and current Virtuan Vice President oscar123 are running for the Mayorships of Centropolis, which had to struggle with an sub-inactive Mayor White Queen this round, and Nasdaqar. In Cashington the brother of Virtuan terrorist Andoversr, Andoversr4 is willing to become Mayor for the 3rd time in a row and also SCOI Likemyitem is running. Would the citizens prefer someone that has shot a lot of Virtuans and other citizens or the one who once subsidized crimes against Virtuans when LMI lived at Ibisha?

In Cyberie the party of the current President, Elite, will probably win the National Elections again. Would Dr. Strangelove get another term? We’ll know that tomorrow!

‘In Ibisha it seems that the whole community who are living there are running!’ Those sentences are circulating at chats at the moment. 5 people are running for the Ibishan Presidentcy, which also includes the Mayorship. Former president Rednax, current president Roktav, MC Trader and a few others are trying to become the boss of the Island. Would the Ibishans prefer Mayor Roktav again who introduced a educational (same as the Virtuan) system in Ibisha or would they prefer a native-Ibishan? We’ll know tomorrow too!

In Digitalie King hubinho is not planning to give up his golden crown. ‘I’m not going to leave, I like the palace too much!’ he jokes. So the national government of the monarch will likely concist of the same people from which it consisted this round. Hubinho, Torpedo 7, The King 2 and Kippenhok97.

This vNews edition includes 1 article sent to us by Tranqer (also known in Virtua as Tranq) and as always the statistics are here. Gelaarsdekat still at #1! Congrats!

Overview Day 14/21

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews edition of this round! As each week, except in the Holidays, a lot of things happens there are this week also a lot of things to write about in our weekly overview! In this edition the weekly overview, the statistics (which are finally in time!) and an interview with Virtuan Criminal Mastermind Andoversr. Enjoy!

The International and Virtuan Courthouses are running at high speed! In the International Court this week two cases took place, at least the verdicts were posted and behind the scences there was a lot of discussion about the verdicts. In the Virtuan Court the Virtuan President, YAN, is sueing Andoversr who in his eyes violated several laws like IL 1.7 and VL 5.2.2. After the first, four full posts long, plea of YAN Andoversr posted a case request and sues YAN for calling him a terrorist. Also today Virtuan citizen WhutWhut, better known as MoonPoker, has sued Andoversr for shooting him and is demanding a costcompensation. vNews is looking forward to see all the verdicts of this cases and wishes the VC Judges the best of luck!

In the Virtuan Council there are also quite some things happening. The Council has already changed 5 Virtuan Laws till the moment of writing. Most of the changed laws are corrected versions of the former law. The President is very happy to see that a lot of Virtuans are posting their thoughts about things that are being discussed in the Council Room. President YAN: ‘As I always say I care very much about the thoughts of the Virtuan citizens, together with the Council they are my boss. I do not vote on behalf on YAN in the FU but I on behalf of Virtua, therefore I always open a topic for Virtuans to share their thoughts at proposals and post Federal Union updates regulary. I’m very glad to see the Virtuan citizens are willing to deliver us a lot of input!’.

In the Cyberian Parliament things are going very smooth. Not much posts are made the last few days and it seems that all things are going as they should. There only is a lot of critism of Cyberian citizens that are whining about the Mayors. People say that the Mayors of Kronenburg and Eurodam, Jeroentjah and Gunnar Andersson are too inactive with setting exports and building parks etc. In Virtua White Queen also had some critism about that but it seems that she’s back in bussiness!

The trade in the Federation is very slow. Sententces like: ‘I didnt sell anything for a whole day now!’ or ‘I think the tourists died..’ are circuling at the chats. The current top-25 border is at 50.000 I-shells. The top-10 border will probably be around the 100.000 I-shells, like previous round. According to the latest information there are five Virtuans, four Cyberians and one Digitalian in the top-10. We are looking forward to see the results!

It also seems that the Federals are trying to revive their Focus Groups. The Focus Groups are groups of a few players who are trying to think about subjects and are writing a vision at for example Crimes. We are curious the action will succeed, we’ll see.

This is a short summary of all things that happened! We hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. vNews congratulates gelaarsdekat on his 1st place in the turnover statistics!



Overview Day 7/21

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of Round 129! In this article you can read a summary of all the things which happened in the past week! In this edition there are a total of 5 articles written by Gaulamos, Bleech and YAN. Have fun with reading it!

This week some players were suprised by the fact that the High Council appointed the penguin-loving bell_1996 as Chairman of the International Court. Till the moment there were two cases handled by the International Court and most of the people agree with them, although of course some people from our Federation don’t. A few complaints about the vedicts of the IC were posted in the High Council Public club, the HC didn’t publish an official statement yet.

Other noteworthy news is that gelaarsdekat, son of the retired MoI gelaarsdekat1 and probably the roundwinner of this period, now already has 5 MV’s. He makes shovels, ovens and a lot of other products. Some people argue about his prices, although the prices in Virtua are on average higher than in the other countries of our Federation. Example: chips in Virtua are 39.9 ISH per chip and in Cyberie they cost around the 25 ISH per chip.

International news this week is that the Federal Union probably has finally reached an agreement about the new Head of the Case Records Office (CRO), a place to store up old cases so that they can be used as for example courses how to write a plea. The Virtuan dj ricky will probably become the new Head, already two governmentleaders voted in favour of his appointment. Other candidates were Tresias Aegirsson and thiefo3.

In the Cyberian politics, Minister of Justice (the Consul of Justice and Safety from Cyberie) The Minic appointed his own wife, Virtuan Consul lindapinda86 as Public Prosector. Some members of the Parliament, like Tresias Aegirsson, think what he did is illegal. Some others, like DutchDude, think The Minic didn’t do anything wrong. As DutchDude is from the same party from The Minic (MCV) some people doubt his objectivity. Lawsuits will probably be started. To be continued.

Last but not least some news about a fellow newspaper! A few days ago lindapinda86 Started again with Linda’s Glossy Gossips! From all the gossips from for example about some Consuls who are in love or Federal Assistant’s basement please check out their (Linda’s Glossy Gossips, findable in the clubsview, International Club) club where you can find a link to the newspaper.


Overview Day 20/21

Good evening! As YAN is on a well-deserved vacation (we finally got him deported), I’ll take care of this weeks edition of vNews!

We are nearing the end of an interesting round. After the hectics and turmoil of round 127b, we now have had a refreshingly ordinary round. Even the Federals could withhold spicing things up by keeping away the Japanese tourists or the UN Security Council.

During this round, we’ve see the effects of timing a round quite clearly. The Federals gave their own vacation planning a higher priority than that of most players. This had two effects. On the one hand, and most clearly, you have the absence of players in Cyberie and Ibisha. On the other hand, some of the old players now have the time again to check with old friends.

The crew of vNews wishes a very warm welcome back to respected Virtuans like Gaulamos, riemer_1990, oscar123, Demonic Hammy and Tuned. We would also like to stress that not much is needed to reach out to old friends. Just look if there are email address on their profiles and send them a “Hey buddy, come and have a chat!”.

This week in particular was quite uneventful pretty much everywhere but the International Court. After a round with no case at all, the IC this round has to deal with 3 PIs, 2 Normal cases and two Higher Appeals.

Prospects for coming round are already heavily discussed in Virtua. After Gaulamos came to say hello at the beginning of the round, he got so addicted he now leads the time log and promised to trade iron next round. He’s also the most favourite candidate for the position of Consul of Finances, whoever the next President and Vice-President will be! Don’t forget to check out the club Council Public to remain up to date on the latest political and trade related discussions!

Overview Day 14/21

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews edition of round 128! As always we will start with the weekly overview. This week a lot of things happened in our Federation, in this overview a summary of them! 

This week the Cyberian President, Tresias Aegirsson, was threatening the Virtuan citizens. The President is angry about a post from the Virtuan Consul of Finances Switzisch stating that the United States of America should intervene in Cyberië due to the political system there. The President sees the post from one Consul as the thoughts of whole Virtua and now wants apologize from Switzisch or otherwise Cyberië would declare war against Virtua. Currently the threats are being discussed in the Virtuan Council Room and no apologizes or war statements were made yet. Will be continued.

Yesterday there also was a discussion in Fed Request. DutchTrader the Mayor of Eurodam quit his job due to the fact that he (with his sub-account DutchDude) wants to become a member of the Cyberian Parliament. When he posted the request in the Fed Request club Federal Researcher posted that he didn’t like it that he quit his job and left Eurodam for another function. He even threated DutchDude with a place on the Register of Eligibility. A lot of players reacted on the statements and it now seems to be that DutchTrader will receive a warning. The Cyberian Law does also forbids it for a player to get 2 or more political functions in 1 trading period.

In Virtua President lindapinda86 started a lawsuit against the Mayor of Centropolis the hawk. She states that the Mayor is not willing to pay her subsidy which she requests, gives her postingbans and isn’t responding at her request to remove it. Would it be revenge from the fact that lindapinda86 made the by-law previous round about the mainstreetslots which gave the hawk a lot of fines?  We’ll see.

As you read there are a lot of things happening in the Federation! This edition is unfortunately not as long as the previous one but it has some articles though! It has one interview and 2 articles sent to us by players and of course the turnoverstatistics! Enjoy reading!