Overview Day 7/21

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of round 128!

Due to the holidays a lot of MC players are currently enjoying their vacation after a very nice trading period, round 127. Although it’s vacation there still happened a lot of things in our federation. Here the overview for the 1st week!

The High Council has a new member. The former International Court Chairman, Andoversr4 (better known as Andoversr) will replace Forsties. The former HC Chairman who unfortunately became inactive. vNews wishes Andoversr4 the best of luck with his new position!

The International Court has a new Chairman. Switzisch will take over from Andoversr4. The protocol will stay the same in this period. Till the moment of writing no cases were requested. That’s not a big problem as the International Court only has three judges at the moment. Bleech, Rokta and The Minic.

The Focus Groups are currently not active. From the beginning of the round no new posts were made in the Focus on Crime and in the other two Focus Groups, the Focus on Economy and the Focus on Education, there weren’t made much posts either. Did the Federals stop with the project? We will know it soon.

On Cyberian soil 5 members of the parliament were fired due to inactivity! The other members of the parliament are not taking their function serious. At a post of the former Member of the Parliament, Luxorr,  KHP member of the parliament A Lontra reacted: ‘I only have to react once in the 36 hours in the parliament club but as you’re whining I’ll answer now.’.

Not only in the parliament were people fired but also in the cabinet are inactive Ministers! The 1st Minister of Justice of Cyberia, Marcello Alvarez, was fired after 4 days inactivity and also the Vice President Dr. Strangelove was replaced due to inactivity. Their replacements are Luxorr and Charleene. Both are members of the Volkspartij Cyberië.

The Virtuan politics are very stable. Only Vice President Refund were replaced due to his decision to declare him unannounced bankrupt. His replacement is sahib. No other officials were fired till the moment of writing this overview.

Last but not least some internal news! vNews is trying to get more articles and for that we introduced the same system as The Miniconomist. From now there will be a topic in our club, vNews, with hints to write about and a link to the site to send your article. There also will be newsfeedposts with announcements when we will publish our editions and links to our site. Till the end of the 2nd vNews edition you will get paid 100 ISH more for each article you will write! Of course you will also get your normal reward (ISH and/or PM days). So keep an eye on the vNews club and the newsfeed! We’re looking forward to see your article!

This edition concludes articles written by our newest writer dj ricky, Andoversr4 and an exlclusive interview! vNews thanks all players for sending their articles to us! Of course the normal statistics are also here. Thanks to the Federals!

Enjoy reading!

The vNews Team

Overview Day 20/21

Hello, and welcome back to the third and last vNews edition of round 127! 

The whole Federation is looking forward to tomorrow when the round will end and the trade and election results will be published! Who will win the round? Will it be (Quark), MoonPoker or perhaps goudie? Will current Vice President Refund beat the well experienced Mayor lindapinda86 in the elections? We will all know tomorrow!

In Cyberië three parties are fighting for the most amounts of votes. The partij van de Toekomst (Party of the Future) led by old Digitalian Switzisch, the Elite (Elite) led by the new Cyberian citizen Dr. Strangelove and MCVooruit (MC Forward) led by the current Cyberian Minister of Finances and former Minister of Education The Minic.

In the Cyberian cities Kronenburg and Zwollar no candidates subscribed for the Mayorships. In those cities Federal Government, Federal Researcher and Federal Assistant are available for the mayorships. In Eurodam the in this round fired President whooty is the only candidate for the mayorship. In Roebelarendsveen SCOI traag begrip and current Mayor Guilio Alvarez are available for the mayorship of the next round.

In Virtua two candidates are running for the Presidency. Former President and current Vice President Refund and the overexperienced and current Mayor of Centropolis lindapinda86. Both candidates have the same ideas: a simple politic, where all Virtuans have a say.

In the Virtuan cities there are enough candidates. In Nasdaqar Rokta, when he got elected it will be his 17th time he is Mayor, and Bleech are running for the Mayorship. In Cashington the sub of Andoversr, Andoversr4, and OCMan101 are both willing to become Mayor of the Iron City. Andoversr4 gives this reason to vote for him: ‘OCMan101 will probably try to make Cashington his own mini-country Ocea. I didn’t do that once, so vote me!’. Will this reason be good enough to win? In Centropolis dj ricky subscribed for the mayorship. He will become citizen again at the roundstart. But the Federals were not aware of this and removed him from the electionlist.

In the inactive Ibisha current Mayor and President Rednax wants to run the country for another round. So not much policy will change there. Will Ibisha become active again?

The same counts for Digitalië. Current King hubinho did not request to transfer his crown to another Digitalian so next round he will also stay King in Digitalië. So in the country of crimes there won’t change much things either. Only two new Mayors will have to be elected.

Some other news than politics and candidates is the removal of the Assistant degrees of siemenrey and whooty by Head Assistant (Brendan). Due to abuse of powers. The Head Assistant seems to act stricter on that kind of cases the last rounds.

Yesterday the winners of the Virtuan Awards were announced by the organizer Bleech. The Virtuan (Brendan) won 4 from the 9 Awards! vNews congratulates all winners and thanks Bleech for organising this awesome event!

Since a few hours Podje can officially call himself the new Federal Union Chairman. The Cyberian President A Lontra was the third government leader who voted in favour for his appointment. vNews wishes him the best of luck!

In this vNews edition you can as always read our overview and enjoy the statistics!

Overview day 13/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of round 127! 

The Federation just passed the first half round and in one week, just like the first week, a lot of things happened! In this article a summary of important things that happened.

After the bankruptcy of former IC Chairman Andoversr, the High Council appointed Andoversr4 as new IC Chairman, it’s for everyone of course clear that Andoversr4 is a sub-account of Andoversr. The judges are ready for cases from the second day of the round but though there are no IC Cases requested yet by citizens from the Federation. But the new IC Chairman devised a plan to still do something! As the club from the International Court doesn’t has a banner he organised a contest for people to make a banner for the IC. When your banner was the best and got chosen by the IC Chairman and judges you would earn 5 PM days. Till this moment dj ricky, The Minic and Refund are participating. But no banner has been choosed yet, so grab your chance and visit the IC club!

The trade in Cyberië has stopped, or anyway it’s very very slow. A lot of Cyberian players who are going for a high rank, and who have all the money, are complaining about the current state of trading. In Digitalië the trade is still going, fore some people though, a lot of people say that the Digitalian nasi is being boosted by the other Digi’s for a high rank. In Virtua the trade is also still going, though it is of course less good than it was in the beginning of the trade period. People are expecting to see quite some Virtuan names in the top10 and top20 spots. The trade in Ibisha is still the same, due to the low amount of active players there are not really a lot of sales on the lonely island. Will president Rednax try to find a solution for this inactivity and get Ibisha back on top at round 128?

Well, he has enough time to try and seek new players! As the inbetween round 127b needs to be over first. The Federals just announced that the current amount of applications for the special MC round is already over the 100!

All those transactions, prices etc need to be checked of course! The Central  Bureau of Investigation had to deal with a lot of complaints this week. An exclusive article about the actual things happening in the CBI is written and is readable in this edition.

In Virtua OCMan101 is trying to reveal secret information about the Virtuan Government to post in his club named the Snowden Conferention. He’s even offering money for it! So when you have valuable (secret) information please contact him!

In this edition as always the overview, the turnover statistics, an exclusive article about the current situation in the CBI and an politics related article written by YAN and OCMan101!




The changes in the Central Bureau of Investigation

Since a few rounds the anti-cheating organisation Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has to deal with a lot of criticism of players. But why? What happened with the old beloved CBI? vNews is going to find that out in this edition!

Round 125, some alert citizens of the Federation noted that the CBI appointed two new Special Agents. Harisson Ford, the current spokesman for the CBI, and Alonzo Harris were hired by the Federals.

In the same round quite some Cyberian citizens were complaining in the CBI Public as they didn’t agree with the fine issued by the CBI Special Agents. The other citizens of the Federation were thinking that those Cyberians were just whining and agreed with the CBI on the fines, which would change soon.

One round later, after the screening and clear victory of Refund, the CBI was preparing for another round of fines, warnings, you name it. The beginning of the new trading period was probably smooth for the CBI. No complaints about fines, no discussions, no postbans given. This could become a quiet period in terms of complaints. 

But that turned out to be a mistake soon. In the second week the complaints started. But now not only the Cyberian citizens were criticizing but now also Virtuan people started to ask questions about fines they received and were complaining about the way the CBI was working.

The first complaint about the CBI from Virtuan soil came from Bleech. Who posted the following:

Thank you for this most constructive remark ever. If the CBI is willing to cooperate in any way, please let me know.Bleech, at CBI Public.

The post of Bleech was a reaction on a weird reaction from the CBI spokesman Harisson Ford.

Some foreknowledge: currently Bleech is organising the Virtuan Awards. The Awards are being organised by Virtuan citizens for quite some rounds and there’s also an option to sponsor the Awards as Virtuan citizen.

As quite some Virtuan citizens were already posting that they would sponsor (higher than 100 ISH) amounts of Ishells the organizer Bleech requested the following in the CBI Public:

Several sponsorships to the Virtuan Awards have already been promised. I would like to receive guidelines from the CBI to know what is allowed and what is not. – Bleech, at CBI Public.

A few moments later the CBI reacted quick with the following:

It would be nice if you give us your idea by e-mail first before asking for guidelines. At the moment, no permission has been given to you or anyone to organise this contest. – Harisson Ford, at CBI Public.

Several players were in shock: did the CBI seriously forbid Bleech to organise the whole contest? As their job isn’t doing that, but only forbidding eventually sponsoring with ISH. A lot of players posted their thoughts about the weird post of Ford.

Refund reacted with irony: ‘So CBI is controlling contests now? lelelelelelele.’

Also Andoversr4, better known as Andoversr, the old Head Recruiter of the MCRecruitment and still recruiter reacted:

If the CBI is controlling who can run contests then you are undermining the effort’s of MCRecruitment and everyone working there trying to save this game. I post this as a long standing recruiter and former Head of Recruitment, CBI back-off and stick to issuing guidelines for contests ONLY , you do not have the right to stop players from running contests! – Andoversr4, at CBI Public.

Did the CBI seriously forbidden an award who is helping the social part of the game? Or did the CBI Special Agent, Harisson Ford, just read the post not well? Till the moment of writing this we still don’t know, and we probably won’t, as the CBI doesn’t admit her mistakes, unless not in a public club.

Another complaint came from YAN, who got fined by the CBI for selling trees for a too high price. He didn’t disagree with the fine but his main problems with the Central Bureau of Investigation were the communication between players and the CBI Agents.

An example is that the CBI sends you a textmessage with for example: ‘Dear Piet, you are selling pumps for a too high price. This will be corrected with a fine of 640. Thanks for your cooperation.’

As player you can’t see the calculation of the CBI Agent who fined you, and when you disagree with the height of the fine you can’t refuse to pay it and ask for a reaction. This is just one example of things that are,  in the opinion of several players, going wrong.

Those are only the Virtuan stories about bad communication from the CBI with players but also Cyberian citizens have complained about the way they are being threatened by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Traag begrip got fined for something he didn’t understand. He had to ask why and didn’t get any valuable information from the CBI about the products, why the auction costs were below the price he bought te products for, you name it. All those information wasn’t sent by the CBI Agents at all. Which would probably prevent the CBI from getting constantly questions about their actions.

This afternoon several Cyberian players started to post mocking messages in the CBI Public. A few shiners:

I just moved to Eurodam. That you know this, because I do not know if this is still allowed by the CBI…. – Marcello Alvarez, at CBI Public.

If you ask it of you, yes, I do have a gold collection. – Justinote, at CBI Public.

Also the former Cyberian president, whooty, and Tresias Aegirsson started to post things like: ‘Is there also a CBI application for andriod?’

A total amount of 36 posts like these two above were posted by these 4 players and they probably want to show their dissatisfaction about the actions which the CBI is taking the last two rounds.

A few moments later all the posts were deleted by Federal Researcher, who posted that the CBI Public isn’t a playground. All the 4 players received a postban and/or ban from the CBI Public club. Can’t the CBI stand critism?

We are now at the 13th day of the round and the CBI is running at full speed. Fines are being written, people are being punished by their, according to the CBI, weird trade behaviour and all that kind of things.

But since a round of two the CBI became much more stricter. Higher fines, worse communication and more complaints about their actions. Would that be the influence from the two new CBI Agents? Or from the Federals? We will probably never know.

Unless this reader is a CBI Agent of course.


Overview Day 6/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the round! After a break of one round due to some technical difficulties, we’re back to our usual timetable for the moment.

Also, vNews is looking for writers! Whether you just want to write one article or write regularly, we would be pleased to accept your contributions to the edition!


This week saw the Mr/Mrs Miniconomy awards being announced by Tresias Aegirsson. The competition, which is being hosted by the Miniconomist and a panel of judges from across the federation will see one individual from each country compete for the prestigious title of Mr or Mrs Miniconomy, a title sure to adorn their profile with pride for many rounds to come.


This round has also seen a slow start, particularly in Ibisha, where very few traders showed up for the round start. This has slowed the progress of some traders in the Federation greatly, but with MVs and some friendly sub-accounts now mostly covering the areas of trade that were initially missed, trade has begun to pick up again. Due to this though, many traders seem to believe that the top25 places will be somewhat easier to achieve this round.


This week has seen a somewhat shaky start to the round for the Virtuan government. After a few days into the round, the Consul of Justice and Safety, fenisnad1, was fired for supposed inactivity during building the clubs he was responsible for, a move criticised as hasty, after it was revealed that fenisnad1 was busy raising the necessary funds for the clubs when he was fired. As well as this, the Consul of Finance, gelaarsdekat, was under fire for a short time for missing out subsidies that some people had applied for. The most recent installment saw the Consul of Education, bell_1996 and his national teacher Andoversr come under fire for what some describe as unsuitable exams, an accusation they periodically deny. However, the controversy has mostly died down and the government looks forward to proving their mettle for the rest of the round.


Good luck to everyone for the coming round!

Overview Day 20/21

Hello, and welcome back to the final edition of vNews for round 124!


This week saw another round of Greedgame finish, with Rednax as the victor. Now, players are waiting for Wouter to reset the round so that they can once more trade some coins. You can find greedgame here: http://www.greedgame.com/


This week also saw the unveiling of a set of law change proposals from the Ibishan leader viraxje, set on returning Ibisha to its previous City-state position. This proposal comes at the end of a controversial round for Ibisha, with there being plenty of arguments on whether the island was under Virtuan ownership or not, with a court case against the entire International Court for its supposed involvement with the island’s status, a claim denied by the current International Court chairman, Ralgon. It is thought that the International Convention club, was commandeered by the Virtuan Council and Ibishan leadership in order for negotiations to take place following the death of ex-Virtuan President theovenman earlier in the round.


The High Council also saw a busy period, with a flood of new law change proposals being sent into the organisation mere days before the round ends. As a result, the High Council sent out a request to future country leaders to have their law change proposals sent in in a more timely fashion to allow for plenty of time for the High Council to discuss the changes.


There were also some complaints in the Virtuan Council Public clubs about the huge spending on aeroplane tourists by the president, tirdebal. However, the president denied that he had caused any damage to the Virtuan economy due to the huge turnovers (and therefore VAT/lot income) from the production of aeroplanes balancing this out. Whether permanent damage to the Virtuan economy will be an issue is et to be seen, but with mayors posting announcements that exports will be reduced in the last few days of the round, the cities seem to be in quite safe hands in terms of finishing with a negative value.


Good luck to both aspiring traders and politicians for the final results tomorrow!

Overview Day 13/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round!


This week saw a turn for the better in many people’s opinions, after Virtuan president tirdebal and Ibishan leader viraxje agreed to discuss Ibisha’s future diplomatically (for now, at least). This comes partly due to complaints from inside the Virtuan council on annexing the country, and partly from possible sanctions placed on Virtua (supposedly in the form of reduced tourism) by the Federals. Many feared the worst for the possibility of discussions after the late Virtuan president, theovenman was shot over two hundred times under contract from multiple high standing Ibishans and subsequently bankrupted.


The International Court continued to have a busy round, with multiple new court cases arising this week, including a case against the Federal Government over it’s behaviour when claiming a bank as bankrupt. However, Ibisha also announced this week that it would not recognise any statement from the International Court after claiming that Ibishan citizens have not been given the same rights in the court as others. Despite this, the Federals have announced that they will continue to enforce any verdicts requiring something from them should one arise.


On the topic of Federal announcements, the Federals revealed that aeroplanes would once again be a feature of the final week of the round. However, unlike last round, bids for aeroplane buyers now come from government leaders (on account of some abnormally high bids from mayors last round), and bidding is done in the privacy of SMS messaging. As well as this, aeroplane buyers will now act within an entire country as opposed to the city that won the bid, meaning that countries can now have up to three buyers roaming the land in the hunt for aeroplanes.


We wish all readers the best of luck in the final week of the round!

Overview Day 8/21

Hello, and welcome back to the first vNews edition of the round!


This week started out with a warning for Virtua; Free Ibisha from Virtuan annexation or be prepared to face financial consequences. This warning comes after the unexpected decision by the Federals to allow the laws proposed by last round’s president De Nada about Ibisha becoming Virtua’s fourth city, despite complaints both from the Ibishan locals (or whoever was left alive of them), and advice against the laws from the High Council after they received no indication from the Virtuan government that Ibisha was to become Virtuan. However, despite this warning, it seems that the current Virtuan Council is leaning towards continuing their efforts to make Ibisha into Virtua’s fourth city, and they made a public announcement about this in the Virtuan embassy.


A spanner was well and truly thrown into Cyberie’s political workings after the deletion of three vital government clubs (the Cyberian embassy, Parliament and Achterkamertje (Back-room)) by the then-President entertje. Following this, the Federals rebuilt the demolished clubs, but were unable to recover the lost documents from inside these clubs, and gave entertje a cheater status for his role in the situation. This marks the first cheater status given out by the Federals in multiple rounds, despite their usual preference to deal with issues in ways other than this.


The International Court has once again been bust this round, with three cases already begun this week. Beginning under the leadership of YAN, a controversial chairman last round but one who the High Council saw merit in, the court was running quite smoothly until punishments for unruly behaviour once again became commonplace in the court. Following the bankruptcy of YANRalgon has taken over the role for the rest of the round, after a brief stint of Jonathan Wood being the interim International Court chairman. There have also been the very first cassation requests this round, following the somewhat delayed inclusion of the High Council’s proposal into the International lawbook.


On a lighter note, a welcome addition to the library of Miniconomy smilies was unveiled this week. The smilies include every product makable in the game, and can be created using [product], with some products allowing shortened names to be used (e.g cam for camera). As well as this, after rounds of demand (mostly/entirely by bell_1996), Wouter has added a penguin smiley, accessible with [penguin]


We wish traders and politicians alike the best of luck for the rest of what looks to be another interesting round!

Overview Day 20/21

Hello, and welcome back to the final vNews edition of the round!


This week saw an interesting turn for the future of Ibisha. Having successfully taken over the Ibishan throne last week, Ralgon, the President, gave his position over to De Nada, the well known sub-account of Bleech, who proceeded to set in place a proposal to rewrite the entire Ibishan law book in favour of Virtua, effectively annexing the Island under Virtua’s name. Whether this proposal will be accepted this round is looking doubtful however, as the Virtuan Council is yet to put in place the corresponding laws in their lawbook, which would render the entire Ibishan lawbook unusable if not in place.


The Plane Auction set up by the Federals came to it’s conclusion early this week, with the results being as follows:

1) Junior Purchaser Kamasino
– Low total purchase budget
– Will only buy airplanes that are averagely priced
– Buys max. 2 airplanes per citizen per day
==> El Peso for 22,500ISH

2) Senior Purchaser ‘the squeezer’ Wamasaki
– High total purchase budget
– Will only buy airplanes that are averagely priced
– Buys max. 2 airplanes per citizen per day
==> Cashington for 70,000ISH

3) Rooky Purchaser Tomotani
– Low total purchase budget
– Will buy airplanes you can make quite some profit on
– Buys max. 2 airplanes per citizen per day
==> Ibisha for 100,000ISH (won in the final three seconds of the auction!)

4) Senior Purchaser ‘Big Stack Bully’ Wohatan
– Very high total purchase budget
– Will only buy airplanes that are sharply prized
– Buys max. 3 airplanes per citizen per day
==> Kronenburg for 300,000ISH

5) Interim Purchaser ‘Sold Out’ Kiwari
– Very low total purchase budget
– Will buy airplanes for way too high prices
– Buys max. 1 airplane per citizen per day
==> Zwollar for 55,555ISH

6) Purchaser Kamasokra
– High total purchase budget
– Will buy airplanes so you can make some good profit
– Buys max. 2 airplanes per citizen per day
==> Monapoli for 79,500ISH

7) Purchaser Nigasame
– High total purchase budget
– Will buy airplanes so you can make some good profit
– Buys max. 2 airplanes per citizen per day
==> Nasdaqar for 150,000ISH]

However, it seemed some traders were not hugely pleased with the planes, as they were quite expensive to make (~5-6k), and prices purchased for were not much higher. Those traders who did make the planes were certainly helping out the component manufacturers, meaning many were encouraged to grin and bear a small profit on each plane.


White Queen was announced as the new Chairman to the International Court, following the bankruptcy of YAN. YAN‘s bankruptcy also contributed to the declaration of an emergency situation in Virtua, which has subsequently come under fire for the apparent lack of action taken during it. However, the government insists that it had reasons to declare the State of Emergency but would not want to make them public in fear of jeopardizing any plans.

Day 13/21 Overview

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round!


This week saw it’s fair share of shooting and bombing, with a large number of Ibishan traders, including the President, CIT, being bankrupted, as well as the International Court chairman YAN who is said to have been caught in a crossfire of bombings after the house he was staying in, owned by Bleech was attacked during the night, causing a fair amount of damage to Bleech as well. These shootings have led to Virtua declaring an emergency situation, as well as a somewhat disputed claim to the Ibishan Presidency (the majority being by the locals, who tried to elect a president through the leadership but having this election rejected by the Federals) by Ralgon, who fired the killing blow on CIT earlier in the week. With the bankruptcy count seemingly set to rise in the final week of the round, many traders will be investigating the recent feature of being able to strengthen doors in order to keep themselves alive and trading until the end.


The Federals also revealed their plans to shake things up in the Federation by bringing a limited time Aeroplane event to the Federation. The event sees the 10 mayors in the Federation bidding money from their city finances to purchase one of seven aeroplane buyers each of whom have a distinctive set of traits. Bidding for the event concludes on Monday at 7PM server time, leaving Finance officials and Mayors in every city considering both which buyer they want most, and how much they are willing to pay for said buyer. There was also the included incentive that only citizens of the city would be able to sell aeroplanes to the buyer that the city had won, meaning that missing out on a buyer could spell disaster for the traders there.


The International Court has remained busy this week, having come under fire for it’s policy of closing court cases when one of the parties in bankrupt. It has also seen a court case against the High Council, who failed to post the evaluations for the Intenational Court and High Council for round 122. With the Chairman, YAN, bankrupted in the afore mentioned bombings/shootings, the judges have declared their intention to keep the court running, and it is now up the the High Council who the new chairman will be.


After the removal of President Tahmores last week, the Virtuan council is looking almost back to full speed, with the Department of Finance, Virtuan Judge Private and two exam room clubs being built. However, there was some confusion in the later part of the week, after President AynRand requested the removal of Vice President theovenman as the Consul of Finance, without much explanation available to the public. Since then, the President has retracted the request, although the original motives for the request remain unknown.