Edition 1 Overview

Hello and welcome back for the (very late!) first edition of vNews for Round 123!


This week (and indeed the period in-between round 122 and 123) has certainly seen its fair share of issues throughout the federation. Not least of these is being seen in the International Court, as some citizens of the Federation spoke out against the appointment of YAN as the International Court chairman. This was somewhat compounded after the new chairman began to enforce order in the court and hand out fines to some players, causing some citizens to appeal to the High Council to have YAN removed from court, a request that has not been granted. However, YAN has certainly gained a group of supporters during the round, and has been praised both for keeping the inner workings of the court running at a fair speed (compliments also to the International Court judges for this), and for standing up to his critics.


In related news, the High Council has been searching for a new member to take over the position previously occupied by MoonPokerMoonPoker, who’s appointment showed a fair deal of complaints but who later went on and proved his ability in the High Council, said the decision to leave the High Council was influenced by real-life events taking up his time.


Another of the Federation’s well known issues lies in Virtua, after the shock election of President Tahmores, a new player (some suspect it is a sub account, but this hasn’t been confirmed nor denied) who joined a mere week before the end of round 122. The new president’s reign has seen its fair share of arguments, controversies and problems, such as the lack of a valid Consul of Education at the start of the round, and an attempt (overruled by the International Court and the Federals) to stop judges needing degrees, then hiring himself as a judge and attempting to have his Vice-President, AynRand, fired. However, the situation appears to have quietened down somewhat, although the new President is certainly no longer a stranger to the International Court, something that will likely remain with them throughout the following two weeks, if things do not change from their current circumstance.



Overview Day 20/21

Hello, and Welcome back to the final vNews edition of the round.


The end of the round saw an unusually busy election period for Virtua, with four mayoral candidates for Nasdaqar, unheard of in recent times, stepping forward. There were also three candidates for Cashington, although Centropolis lost two of it’s candidates, tirdebal and lindapinda86 quite early in the election race, after they both opted out in the Fed Request club.

There was also a surprisingly large turnout in the Presidential elections, with multiple candidates running, including (but by no means limited to) current president theovenman , current Consul of Finance bell_1996 and the head of MCrecruitment, AynRand. There are multiple favourites for winning the election, but none of the candidates will know if their advertising and election campaigning clubs will have worked until tomorrow. One notable absence from the presidential race was (Brendan) , who had decided to take some time away from the pressures of the presidential race to focus on other areas.


There was some controversy in the Federal Union club over the changing of votes, after Virtuan President theovenman accidentally voted without the agreement of his Vice-President, which caused one of the newer laws in the Virtuan Law book to come into play. Some people have claimed that the Federal Union has never accepted changes in votes, while others have pointed out that the lack of laws surrounding the changing of votes would mean that the vote is governed by the National laws of that Government.


There were a few complaints posted in the Cashington Town Hall after the Mayor, deki123, taxed the citizens between 2 and 5%. It is currently unknown if this was intentional, or just an innocent mistake by the mayor, but some citizens have acted somewhat hostile to the action.


We’d like to wish the best of luck to both aspiring traders and politicians for the results tomorrow!

Overview Day 14/21

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round!


This week saw many resources throughout the federation drained. Ore and Gold in particular have had the majority of their stores dug up, though there remains small deposits in some cities which are ripe for the taking if you are the right people. However, this is leading many players to suspect that this round will see some very high ending net worths, especially from iron and wood traders, but we will have to wait to see if their suspicions are correct.


This week also saw Bleech, the International Court chairman, replaced by Rednax. This was supposedly due to some lack of activity by Bleech and a few questionable decisions (one of which we reported on last edition).


The question as to whether Virtua should continue allowing restricted goods to be traded in Nasdaqar returned this round, after president theovenman, former Consul of Education Andoversr and National Officer Gean Starwind were all negatively affected by crime this round. The discussion has raised a few familiar points, such as crime’s potential boost to electronics trading, but also some comments about the personnel involved with keeping the country safe, notably Kevin‘s inactivity as a National Officer.


Both the High Council and Federal Union have been having quiet rounds so far this round, with not a huge level of new proposals from either body. However, Federal Union chairman Jonathan Wood has assured citizens of the federation that there are active discussions going on about the three most well known topics in recent rounds; Education, Crime Fines and Ship Subsidies. In the High Council, no law changes have currently been provided for them to discuss about, but they have commented that they are working on some other things behind the scenes, made apparent by their recent advice to the Federals.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition and wish the best to luck to those trading for a high position.

Overview Day 7/21

Hello, and welcome back to another round of Miniconomy, and with it, the first vNews edition of the round!


Having been elected last round, President theovenman and Vice President (Brendan) promptly announced their council, which was as follows:

Consul of Justice and Safety – AynRand

Consul of Finance – bell_1996

Consul of Education – Andoversr

General Consul – Nater

However, swiftly after the start of the round, Andoversr was bankrupted, supposedly by Bleech and Phantomvis, meaning that the search for a consul of Education was resumed. After some consideration, Forsties was chosen as the new Consul of Education.


The International Court and High Council were in the spotlight earlier this week over a controversy involving Tresias Aegirsson being the main judge of a higher appeal in which a sub account of his, Luis Alvarez, was involved. A breakdown in communication between the court and the High Council due to a mistake by Forsties further put the case into the spotlight. However, it seems that the case has died down somewhat after the International Court Chairman, Bleech, took over the case and hired multiple new judges to aid with the proceedings of the Higher Appeal.


Greedgame has begun to pick up once again, after months of inactivity. Over the last week, the round that had lasted for multiple months finally finished, and the following round has nearly met it’s conclusion too, with the leader (locotazz) having already procured 98 of the 100 needed coins. You can find Greedgame here: http://www.greedgame.com/


The results of last round’s MIP awards were finally announced early this week in the Fed Request club, as YAN had a period of inactivity due to real life commitments. We’d like to congratulate everyone who won an award!


viraxje has set up a new minigame in the Virtuan Pub club, which involves searching for his trademark ducks. Finding a duck yields a 50ish prize, as well as the top 5 contestants receiving the following bonuses:

1. 2500 I-Shell
2. 2000 I-Shell
3. 1500 I-Shell
4. 1000 I-Shell
5. 500 I-Shell

Those wishing to enter the competition can do so in the Virtuan Pub club.


The Federals announced in the round mail that they would be introducing a new way of protecting oneself from crime. The new feature allows players to strengthen the doors of their houses, such that it may require multiple bombs for the door to be destroyed. The feature can be accessed only be the owner of the house through the House Manager tab in their residence.


We hope you enjoy the rest of the edition, and good luck to those aiming for a high position at the end of the round!

Overview Day 20/21

Welcome to the final vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes a special set of turnover statistics, an open letter to the public from current IC chairman Bleech, as well as lot statistics researched by Rokta. We hope you enjoy!


Elections returned to the federation once more to mark the beginning of preparations for next round. The number of candidates in elections varied massively, with Centropolis and Nasdaqar only having one candidate a piece run for office (tirdebal and Rokta, respectively), whereas Cashington managed three potential candidates. However, the most popular position to run for was President, which managed five candidates, equal to the sum of all the mayoral candidates put together!

The Presidential Candidates were as follows (alphabetically):

  • Current President (Brendan)
  • Current head of MCResearch Andoversr
  • Current mayor of Centropolis bell_1996
  • Current Consul of Finance Kevin
  • Current Vice President theovenman

Good luck to all those involved in the elections!


Not only did we see the National Elections, but the citizens of the Federation were able to look to the Federal Union, where a new chairman is due to be elected, after The Minic fulfilled their two terms allowed as Federal Union Chairman. It seems that the favourite is currently Jonathan Wood,
the in-between round account of Digitalian ikenco, who was bankrupted earlier this round. Voting has begun on whether Jonathan Wood is to be elected, currently with one vote either way (Digitalia voted for, Ibisha voted against), meaning that both Virtua and Cyberia have to vote for the proposal for Jonathan Wood to be elected.


The International Court received a few complaints this week over the verdict for the case NC03, wherein Andoversr was suing justinote for slander and insults in the case request for NC02. The Verdict said that you cannot sue someone over a case request, and should instead have it incorporated into the case itself. The majority of this criticism was revoked upon the verdict for NC02, which punished the slander/insults included in it’s case request.


Citizens all around the Federation are waiting with baited breath for the result of the MIP awards to be announced tomorrow. The 17 awards, which are carrying a combined reward in excess of 100,000I-shells and 30 credits, will have their winners revealed tomorrow by MIP organiser YAN, who regrettably had to pull out of presenting a night show due to real life issues. Victory in any of these awards will add a sizable sum of money (up to nearly 15000I-shells for some of the awards!) to the winner’s total, meaning it could be crucial for those competing for a top20 or top10 place at the end of this round. We wish all those involved the best of luck!


Good luck to everyone in the results tomorrow!

Overview Day 14/21

Hello, and welcome to the second vNews edition of the round! First of all, we apologise for it’s lateness this week. We will return to normal timing next week.


This week, the Federals announced that Podje, who had worked with the Federals as Federal Assistant for around 2 and a half years, would be stepping down from the role to once again trade in the Federation. In Podje‘s absence, sugarfree, took over the role of Federal Assistant. We’d like to both Congratulate sugarfree on his appointment and welcome Podje back into the trade game.


As we approach the last week of the round, gold supplies are holding out more strongly than usual. This is most likely due to the reduced levels of activity over the Christmas and New Year period, but may lead to trade continuing more strongly than usual into the last few days of the round.


The International court has seen an episode this week, with Andoversr and Justinote both starting fairly hostile cases against each other. The cases supposedly began after Andoversr was postbanned from the Ibishan club “Palacio Presidential de Ibisha”, which the Federals then decided was to be the Ibishan town hall. In response to this, the Ibishan president MoonPoker built an embassy for Ibisha to represent it internationally, separating the Palacio from it’s role of Ibishan embassy.


Good Luck to everyone for the last week of the round. We hope to see trade keep strong!

Overview Day 6/21

Hello, and welcome to a particularly Christmassy round in the Federation!

This week’s edition of vNews includes multiple articles from YAN and Rokta, some of which may help you with calculating costs of production, as well as the Turnover Statistics for the round so far. We hope you enjoy them!


Once again, Digitalie is facing mass bankruptcies. These included the bankruptcy of the new king Marcello Alvarez mere hours after the round begun, and then once more after the Federals ruled foul play and revived the king. However, unlike last round, a fair proportion of the bankruptcies were due to Ibishan influences, notably the bankruptcy of ikenco ,who was the king elected after Marcello Alvarez. This comes after the round that Digitalie’s winning streak was finally ended by viraxje, in a round that was dominated by Virtuan traders.


Meanwhile in Ibisha, trade picked up rapidly, with Refund, The hawk and justinote making a particularly good start ( somewhat due to high pricing in the latter two players), and continuing to trade well through the first week, with two resource digging MVs, a taxi MV and a gas MV between them. The rest of Ibisha is visibly benefitting from the high capacity of trading, making them a clear favourite to grab multiple high positions.


The Federals also unveiled their own method for stimulating harbour building, with the announcement that they would be reducing the levels of tourism in countries that had not built a harbour by the first weekend. This was met by grumbles, not least from Virtua, which had already been reeling from threats and foreign resource MVs already this round, and were conflicted whether they were going to build a harbour at all.


This week also saw a new round of the MIP (Miniconomy International Players) awards! Nominations for the catagories are currently ongoing, and you can contribute your own nominations in the MIP Awards club. Voting will be beginning next week, so make sure to get nominating if you plan to this round!


We hope you had a Great Christmas, and have a Happy New Year next week. Good luck to everyone this round!

~vNews team

Overview Day 20/21

Hello, and welcome back to the final vNews edition of the round. This week’s edition includes a set of resource statistics, as well as an amalgamation of interviews from some of the candidates for the Virtuan presidency on various issues. 


Virtua has continued it’s very successful round by gaining a wide range of Presidential candidates. The five candidates; (Brendan), Andoversr, Kevin, theovenman and White Queen, each of which have given information about some of their proposals (see “Views from candidates for Virtuan President on actual topics” for some details, and various Virtuan clubs from some other candidates), face some tough competition in their race for the presidency this round. Meanwhile, in Ibisha, President CIT took the decision to appoint MoonPoker as the next president. MoonPoker, who was on the Register of Eligibility for previous actions as mayor of Cashington until recently, was also Ibisha’s FU delegate and a member of the Ibishan leadership this round.


The later part of this week has seen plenty of commotion in the Federal Union, after the Cyberian delegates, Jaap Eerlijk and Mariadoc were bankrupted in the midst of a vote on a proposal. What followed can only be described as chaotic, after it was pointed out that the Federal Union hadn’t compensated for Ibisha and Digitalie not having national laws regarding second delegates. As well as this, there was a delay for the appointment of gelaarsdekat1 as the new Cyberian president in which time another vote was passed. Now, the Cyberian delegates have renounced the FU altogether, which has been frowned upon by many.


As a result of this, Joep Eerlijk, the chairman of the International court, resigned and was replaced by Rednax. The International Court then saw it’s own fair share of controversy, with judge AynRand declaring all the other judges biased and taking it upon himself to post an undiscussed verdict, leaving some citizens of the Federation confused or angered. Now some players are shifting their attention IC chairman Rednax as well as the High Council, which recently announced it was searching for a new member amongst the chaos of this round. One thing has become clear during this time though:  The federation has it’s work cut out for it to repair all the issues created.


The Ibisha awards reached their conclusion this week, with winners including:

  •  marcelbuter (Best politician, Joint Best Mayor)
  •  CIT (Best General Player, Joint best President)
  •  The Socialist (Joint Best President)
  •  YAN (Joint Best Mayor)
  •  the hawk (Best Trader)
  •  DjKrapula (Best New Player)
  •  MoonPoker (Best Ibishan Criminal)

We’d like to thank YAN for setting up this initiative and shaking things up a little in the Federation.


A discussion arose in the MC Premium Members club about starting amounts. The most popular options seem to be 1000ish, with supporters noting the nostalgia and how there are multiple ways for extra cash to be made, and 2000ish, with supporters for this noting how it could help new players, and how it would help offset the changes to subsidy rules in recent rounds. You can vote for yourself in the MC Premium Members club, in the topic aptly named “Starting Budget”.


Good Luck to both traders and politicians for the end of the round. We hope you achieve the results you were hoping for!


Overview Day 13/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second edition of vNews for round 120! This week’s edition includes articles from YAN, Andoversr, Rokta and MoonPoker about events this week.

Edit – Turnover stats will be added as soon as possible!


This week has seen a new initiative in Ibisha set up by Ibishan mayor YAN. The Ibisha Awards are a local competition similar to the MIP awards or Virtuan National Awards schemes, meaning that the nominees, winners and prizes are all decided by the public. Next week’s edition will include the results of this competition, which has only recently begun it’s voting stage, and we wish the best of luck for all those involved.


It seems this round will be a round of change in the international game, after the announcement that Federal Union chairman The Minic will be stepping down from the position (should a suitable replacement be found), after 2 terms of service in the role. As well as this, the head of MCRecruitment, Andoversr, announced that he would be resigning from his post as head after one year at the helm of the organisation. We’d like to thank both of these players for their commitment to aiding the Federation over previous few rounds.


This week also saw a short feud between Virtuan criminal mastermind Bleech and Cyberian gangster Joep Eerlijk, after the former planted multiple bombs around Joep Eerlijk‘s Virtuan megastore in Nasdaqar, destroying as much as 268 bricks, 8 machines and 9 ovens (or so it is claimed) in the most recent attack, and then proceeding to claim responsibility publicly on the Virtuan and Cyberian newsfeeds. In retaliation, the Cyberian gangster shot Bleech bankrupt and posted his own claim of involvement, effectively ending the feud for the mean time.


The Wiki Public club was set up this week, after the news that the updated miniconomy wiki was released the week before, and welcoming any comments about the new page. The new wiki can be found here, and any help with misinformation or missing parts is appreciated.


Marcello Alvarez set up a new club to help citizens learn about some of the jobs they can perform in, following his promotion to  an Advisor to the Virtuan Council. The Club, aptly named Job Training, is currently only accessible to Virtuans, but allows aspiring job seekers/traders/criminals to practise and/or gain some valuable information which can help them in their pursuits.


Good luck to all traders for the last week of the round, and also good luck in advance to those aspiring politicians who will be able to sign up for voting soon!

Ibisha Overview

Ibisha News.

The first 2 weeks of round 120 have been a bit slow compared to the last two rounds.

The Federal Government decided to change the rules for subsidy, this meant a big change in how ibisha normal starts, and we could no longer secure main street lots in other cities. It meant that a few players had a rather big problem with ish the first few hours, since there was no round mail to announce it for those who did not log in between rounds.

Our main traders was Mr Geld, CIT, Zoe and Refund. After the first two days Ibisha started to notices the absent of Mr Geld during the mid-day hours and early evening, It meant slow trade and CIT started his Iron MV.

Ibisha never got into the international trading this round, Ibisha own stores in Cyberia, but Virtua managed to stay off the radar. Virtua was also fast to take out the resource MV’s there were created there.

Ibisha Leadership have this round been:
CIT – President

MoonPoker – FU Member

YAN – Mayor





To end the article of, we at vNews would like to wish CIT happy birthday, he was so lucky to have birthday the 5th December :D!.