Overview Day 5/21

Hello, and welcome to the (slightly early) first edition of the round. We hope you enjoyed yourself during the inbetween round, and we wish those Americans among you a happy thanksgiving!

Also as a side note, we have changed the logo temporarily to reflect Sunday being the first day of Advent. We hope you like it!


In what seems to be the new style, the winner of last round was (once again) a resident of Digitalie. Ikenco followed on from the previous winners, DROPTABLE players and The King 2 to achieve the top result, with another very large net worth. Likemyitem also deserves a mention, as he came a (relatively) close second, with Forsties coming in third, over 100,000ISH behind second place. However, with all the recent shootings, it seems somewhat unlikely that Digitalie will have the traders needed to pull off another wonder victory, and rumours hold that viraxje in Virtua may be the favourite to win this round.


After a remarkably close presidential election in Virtua, that saw a remarkably high turnout of 37 votes, Rokta narrowly beat Andoversr to the role, gaining 20 votes to Andoversr’s 17. (Brendan) in Centropolis dominated the mayoral election, gaining more votes (20) than every other mayoral candidate running in Virtua put together. In Nasdaqar, PHANTOMVIS snapped up the victory with 4 votes to Felix D’s 1. Cashington saw a slightly more exciting election, with Duups gaining 5 votes and narrowly beating Mastrup, who managed 4 votes, with both Kevin and Nr2Speed gaining a respectable 2 votes a piece.

After all this, the final council was announced as:

President – Rokta

Vice President – Andoversr

Consul of Finance – theovenman

Consul of Justice and Safety – sugarfree

Consul of Education – Andoversr

General Consul – tirdebal


After the announcement that Tresias Aegirsson would be leaving the High Council, the new High Council member was finally announced this week as lindapinda86. After recieving its fair share of criticisms last round, the High Council is now slightly more in the public spotlight, but High Council chairman CIT was adamant that lindapinda86 would be a valuable new member to the team.


The Federals created a fair amount of discussion after the “Education” club mysteriously appeared during this week. In the club, the Federals shared their opinions on how degree value is rapidly declining, especially with the stoppage of state exams in Cyberie, and how they would like to see the degrees regain their value. More information can be found in the Education club (.com link), as well as a place where players can give their opinions on the matter.


Cyberian President Le Vainqueur stepped down from his post this week, to be replaced by Jaap Eerlijk, the current Vice President. It appears that this was due to real-life issues.


Good Luck to everyone in the weeks ahead!

Overview Day 20/21

Hello, and welcome back for the final vNews edition of the round!

First things first, we’re currently trailing a new way to submit articles, which can be found here, or in the tab named “ADD YOUR ARTICLE – WE’RE TESTING” at the top of this page. If you wish to add an article to any edition during the trial, please try this link first.

Secondly, vNews is proud to announce that it will be celebrating its first Birthday on Thursday the 28th of November, which will become the first edition of the round, as opposed to the normal Friday edition. We’d like to thank everyone who has leant their support, either as a writer or a reader, that helped make this achievement possible!

– The vNews team


This last week has seen a large shooting spree that has left multiple political figures, traders and other citizens bankrupted. The victims include numerous members of parliament, including Le Vainqueur, who has recently been the figurehead in organising an international conference (The conference of Kronenburg), which was about a new idea for education, The University of Kronenburg. It has also left the El Peso International Shooting Contest (or EPISC) with significant issues, with all of the organisers bankrupted, as well as seven out of the original nine participants, leaving only Ibishan President CIT and Digitalian citizen Marcello Alvarez to battle it out in the final.


A court case in Virtua has ended with a potentially dangerous precedent set in the verdict. VC119-01, the only case in the Virtuan court thus far, was between AynRand, the accusing party, and White Queen as the accused party. The case was set over a particular warning that White Queen had posted as the president of Virtua over two suspect criminals, warning citizens to ban them from their shops for protection. The court ruled that the accused party “posted an accusation without evidence for proof” and decided that they were to pay the two criminals in question 150ish per piece. However, some citizens have complained that this verdict sets the precedent that the Council, or indeed anyone else,  is unable to warn citizens about potential criminals, and thereby reducing security in the community greatly.


The end of the round marks the beginning of the elections throughout the Federation. We’d like to wish all the candidates the best of luck, whether it be for a place in Cyberian parliament, the Virtuan council, President or Mayor. We’d also like to Congratulate the new Ibishan President, CIT, and both Rokta and Andoversr for securing a place as either President or Vice President of Virtua next round.


There was a heated discussion in the High council public club about a new Cyberian law regarding the election rights of alter-egos and student accounts, which ultimately ended in a late round lawsuit in the International Court between Andoversr and Ralgon. It is unknown whether the case will finish in time, but the judges have retreated to create a verdict, so hopefully the International Court will finish the case in time for the round to end.

Overview Day 13/21

Hello, and welcome back to vNews for the second edition of the round! This week’s edition contains numerous articles by Andoversr and YAN, the newest author to the vNews team. As well as this, we have an analysis about lot states from Rokta, the long-standing and well known mayor of Nasdaqar, and an Open letter to the Federals by Tranqer, both it it’s original Dutch form, and an English version translated by viraxje.


The El-Peso International Shooting Competition (EPISC) has returned! The competition this round has attracted some interest from overseas, with Ibishan President CIT even going out of his way to enter, as well as Marcello Alvarez, who has taken the journey from Cyberie to make the competition. The First round of the competition involves three groups of three members, who are paired together and have to land shots on the other, with a best of three system in place. The groups are as follows:

Group 1: DROP TABLE players, gelaarsdekat, Tranqer

Group 2: CIT, COEloco_tazz 

Group 3: Marcello Alvarez, The King 2, You know me

The Results so far are as follows:

Group 1: DROP TABLE players 2 – 1 Tranqer

Group 2: CIT 2 – 1 COE

Group 3: The King 2 2-1 You know me


CIT 2 – 1 gelaarsdekat

CIT 3 – 0 You know me

You’ll notice that many of the players mentioned have had their names struck through. This is due to the recent shootings in Digitalie conducted by Emily Skill, who has so far bankrupted multiple players. It is unknown if this will in any way stop the EPISC from continuing, but we will surely find out soon.


It was announced that Tresias Aegirsson would step down from his position as Chairman of the High Council, giving CIT, the President of Ibisha the role. The High Council also made some advise to the Federal Union about the order of the International Court.


There was some controversy earlier this week after the bankruptcy of Joep Eerlijk, and the appointment of Jaap Eerlijk as his replacement. This sparked multiple discussions about which roles in the federation should be dedicated to natural people, as opposed to separate player accounts. There were also arguments about the nature of Joep Eerlijk‘s actions as part of the Cyberian “response team”, earning large bonus salaries for the shootings he allegedly committed, which can only be paid under an emergency situation.


Le Vainqueur has recently been attempting to set up a teaching conference with the other leaders in the Federation. This has come while a new initiative, The University of Kronenburg, was set up, and is searching for workers to get going.


Once more, as with last round, gold supplies in the Federation are dwindling. Even in Eurodam, which was granted one huge gold field this round, the gold lots are running short, with the majority of the remaining undug lots being owned by Cyberian trader gelaarsdekat1. As such, electronics trade has begun to subside somewhat, but hopefully it will continue at a slightly lower rate until the end of the round, avoiding the seemingly inevitable trade stoppage in the final days of the round.


Good Luck to everyone for the last week of the round!

Overview Day 6/21

Welcome back to the Federation for round 119. On a side note before we begin, we hope you enjoyed Halloween yesterday! 


This round has seen a conclusion in the Federal Union over the proposed Ship subsidies. The completed proposal now allows ship buyers to receive up to 50% of the price of the purchased ship, up to a maximum of 5000Ish per boat. Some players have criticised the subsidy, saying it is open for abuse, whereas others have praised the initiative, saying it will increase the desirability of international trade.


However, the Federal Union is set to come to a stand still for at least a short amount of time due to a very recent announcement across the news-feeds in every country that Digitalie has opted to stop participating in the Federal Union. The announcement, seemingly sparked by the lack of progress in the Federal Union about removing fines that have an added % of the criminal’s Net Worth, would stop any proposals in the Federal Union from being adopted, as this would require the approval of all four countries in the Federation.


A big conflict between the Head of MCRecruitment, Andoversr, and the late MoonPoker, arised this week after MoonPoker gained access to the private recruiters club. A more detailed recount can be found in the Andoversr & MoonPoker article.


As the round begins, it seems Digitalie is hoping to repeat their previous two huge victories, this time with Ikenco as the figurehead, owning two main product MVs already. However, over in Virtua, Likemyitem and Duups seem to be planning something similar in an effort to revive Cashington, which has seen lacklustre activity in the last few rounds. In Cyberie, Martijn5 and gelaarsdekat1 are sitting on a large part of the huge gold field in Eurodam, with a couple of competing MVs taking up the remaining lots. In Ibisha, international trade seems to be a focus, which has lead to some unpleasantness between some Ibishans and Virtua, given the relative lateness of Virtuan harbours being built.


An inexplicably sucessful robbing spree was committed over the course of this week, leaving many players (and even some MVs) feeling frustrated, with some nearly crippled having lost a large amount of products. It appears that there was a bug in the robbing system that allowed criminals to rob almost without failure, when exploited correctly. It seems one notable criminal using this bug was wichard, who was subsequently bankrupted by the Federals, as he didn’t have enough Ish to pay fines on the goods. As a consequence, the Federals granted all the victims of the bug their robbed products back, which has greatly improved the financial situation of multiple traders around the situation.


Best wishes to everyone for the following two weeks of Round 119! We also hope all the people going to the MC meeting enjoy themselves.

– the vNews team

Round Overview day 20/21

Hello, and welcome back for the last vNews edition of the round!


As we approach the end of the round, the rumours about who is going to finish well are circulating heartily. In Virtua, President viraxje is said to have a large net worth built up. In Cyberie, Miquel Alvarez and gelaarsdekat1 are rumoured, among others, to have a sizeable net worth, and in Ibisha, Forsties, bell_1996 and MoonPoker are said to have competetive net worths also. However, the rumours coming from Digitalie suggest that at the end of the round, we may be seeing another gargantuan net worth from an El Pesoan winning the round.


Earlier this week, following an extended absence by Nater and a resulting few complaints, the High Council began to search for a new member. After a few days of searching, they eventually settled on choosing Forsties as the new member.


A stream of by-laws were created in Virtua earlier this week, after a crime wave of bombings and thefts supposedly carried out by wichard, jeroentje and themadbomber. The five by-laws are set out to make security in Virtua easier to come by by making officer degrees available for purchase, and reimbursements for citizens acting in the interests of Virtua. It’s also rumoured that the crime wave had a knock on effect on the lower fines discussion in the Federal Union, after DROP TABLE players set out a request in the Federal Request club asking for criminals to be given more information to counter the large fines. Another result of the crime wave was a large bounty set on the three criminals’ heads by multiple people, including Presidents viraxje and Zoe gek wie sjekMoonPoker later collected the bounty on wichard, having bankrupted him while he was jailed for attempting to rob a bank.


There have been other political worries in Cyberie this round, with a new law introduced that gives the president the power to name the president for next round, in a similar way to in Ibisha. These laws have come under a fair bit of scrutiny, but have been passed nonetheless for this round. Whether we will see the law revoked in coming rounds remains to be seen, but according to some sources, it seems very doubtful.


The woes throughout the federation about gold shortage continued this week, with chips becoming an extremely rare commodity to come by. Despite this, the Federals pointed out that there was a huge amount of gold still in the federation in it’s mixed lots (particularly in Eurodam), but a low yield from these lots have made them seem less viable to most traders.


Good luck to everyone for the results tomorrow!

Overview Day 13/21

Hello, and welcome to the second vNews edition of round 118!


Earlier this week, after thegreat1 posted a potential idea to improve the auction system, the Federals announced the release of the new and improved auctions. The auctions were received gratefully throughout the federation, with auctions soon becoming a very large cost facing the governments of the Federation. This was especially noticeable in Ibisha, where the lack of lots bought compared to the amount of products being auctioned nearly bankrupted the country, and as such, the auction system in Ibisha was returned to it’s previous state for the foreseeable future.


Lot-states have struggled to stay above 90 in many cities this week. At one point, there were four cities; Cashington, Roebelarendsveen, Eurodam and Kronenburg, all below the threshold for lot-state, with Zwollar being very close to the edge as well. This has improved in the later part of the week, with Kronenburg escaping the lot state issues, and with mayor sugarfree pumping a large number of diamonds into the struggling city, which has currently got multiple ore diggers, both Local and foreign, depending on it to supply their iron trade.


Not only is ore a major import for some, but gold is also an import that traders have begun to rely on heavily as the round progresses. This is especially true in Ibisha, where the local gold lots have been almost entirely dug up, following the Federals’ decision to reduce the amount of gold in Ibisha, and transferring it to Nasdaqar and Monapoli at the beginning of the round. However, gold in Nasdaqar and Eurodam has become quite a lot more scarce, following two Ibishan MVs buying up large amounts of the pure gold lots in the first week of the round. Now, some traders are demanding a gold auctions from the federals, similar to the one held a few rounds ago, but they have so far refused. Whether they will change their mind about this as the round comes closer to a close is unknown as of yet.


The Federals also unveiled a new proposal to overhaul the Bodyguard system. The Bodyguard system, which has fallen out of use by many players, is proposed to be related to the number of criminal points the prospective bodyguard has, following the logic that it takes a criminal to know a criminal. This has been dealt with a large deal of enthusiasm, and many players have suggested small improvements to the system that they would like seen. The topic can be found in the Miniconomy Ideas club. The Federals have also overhauled the Assistant system, creating the new title of Head Assistant, which was given to (Brendan).


We wish everyone in the Federation good luck with the final week of the round! Trade well!

Overview Day 6/21

Hello, and welcome back to another round of Miniconomy! Round 118 has a lot to live up to following The King 2‘s extraordinary final total net worth  of 646910.96 I-Shells. We’d also like to apologise for the lack of an edition in the final week  of last round, which was due to some RL issues with the editor.


Round 118 began with the appointment of a new President, viraxje, and a new Vice President, Nater. These two players triumphed over their competition in the final votes, with a total of 19 and 15 votes respectively. Their choson Council was as follows:

President – viraxje

Vice President and Consul of Finance – Nater

Consul of Education – Andoversr

Consul of Justice and Safety –  Mr Geld

However, real life issues struck Nater, who has since stopped playing for the round. This left viraxje to take over the role of Consul of Finance as a caretaker until he could find a suitable applicant. Recently, gelaarsdekat, took over the role, leaving the council once again complete.


Trade in Virtua started out slow, particularly in Cashington, owing to a lack of both players and activity from those who were present, as well as a fairly unpopular state subsidy plan, that left little chance for the average trader to begin quickly, or even get the full 2500I-Shells available to them. However, as the round has gone on, trade in Virtua has begun to pick up, with Centropolis in particular holding a consistent stock value of over 300I-shells per stock.


A new Initiative was created this round, co-founded by CIT and bell_1996. The Club, dubbed the Ibisha Lawcollege, is a club designed for new and inexperienced lawyers to be given a chance to take part in a court case, without the pressures of consequences should the case be lost. The club has been met with plenty of praise, with Virtuan consul of education Andoversr even selecting it to be included as part of his set lawyer exam. Unfortunately, this has since been revoked due to legal issues.


It was announced that three new student classes, two from the USA and one from the Netherlands, would be joining the Federation during round 118. So far, preparations for these classes have been made, with assistants and recruiters both informed about them, as well as special international clubs being built for the classes. No obvious signs of the classes have appeared yet, but the Federation is ready to welcome them with open arms (hopefully) in the next few days.


After a fair few self-confessed bad rounds, particularly last round where Virtuan gelaarsdekat  quickly grabbed up the island’s gold supply, Ibisha has had a particularly quick start, under the guidance of President Zoe gek wie sjek, and his leadership consisting of CIT, Likemyitem and bell_1996. Their traders managed to secure harbour lots and build ports in Ibisha, Virtua and Cyberie within the first few days, bringing with them plenty of homemade products to sell. They have also been quick to secure resources, which puts them in a strong position for the next two weeks to come. Rumour has it that the winning spot is currently held by either an Ibishan or a Cyberian, but nobody can be sure until the final results are published…

Overview Day 13/21

Welcome back to the second vNews edition of the round! Before we begin the overview, we have a small note: vNews will have a different schedule for the last week of the round, publishing a small edition (hopefully with statistics) on Monday and another small edition on Thursday to cover any extra news that has happened. This is an experiment, and may or may not become a permanent feature for the last week in future.


The conclusion of the Case in the Virtuan Court surrounding the legality of a fine that was over 7000ish awarded to gelaarsdekat was finally reached this week, after two rounds of very long pleas. The Court ruled that the fine was legal.


A new discussion about sub-accounts and their usage sparked in the Fed Request club, and following on into the Federal Union public club. The discussion sparked after some questionable behaviour displayed by sub-accounts in Ibisha. Some players have advocated that sub-accounts should be banned altogether, whereas others have pointed out that they can be a great addition to the game when used correctly. Whether this will be taken up as a topic in the Federal Union is as of yet unknown.


Following a lack of citizens with a lawyer degree, the Government issued their first by-law of the round. This by-law increases the bonus that successful exam candidates can receive for passing their lawyer exam, and is valid until Friday.


A new club has been set up by the head of MCRecruitment, Andoversr. The club, named HELP!, is designed to help newer players get answers to any questions they might have when there are not any assistants around to answer the question. The club has come under some fire by some players, who say that the Assistance Tips and Tricks club renders it unnecessary. Whether this proves true or not remains to be seen.


Good Luck to everyone in the last week of trading!

Overview Day 6/21

Hello, and welcome back to the start of the new round! vNews is pleased to officially announce that authors will now receive bonus ish (and possibly even PM days) for articles they send to us!

Because of this, we will be altering our publication days in the final week of the round to allow for the federals to process any proposed rewards. More information will be available at a later date.


After 42 votes, the results of the Virtuan Presidential elections were announced, with (Brendan) securing a third consecutive term as president with 15 votes, closely beating the new vice president, Nater, who received 14 votes. The council chosen for round 117 is as follows:

President – (Brendan)

Vice President – Nater

Consul of Finance – viraxje

Consul of Justice and Safety – splodge

Consul of Social Affairs – Bruno Provenzano

Consul of Education – Forsties

Council Advisor – White Queen

Council Advisor – Holy Rationality

In the Mayoral elections, Rokta once again managed to secure the mayorship of Nasdaqar, beating Gean Starwind with 8 votes to 4. In Centropolis, lindapinda86 edged out her rival candidates, Bruno Provenzano and RoyalTank, with the final vote count being 10 votes to 5 and 3 (respective of order of names mentioned). Cashington’s mayoral race lead to a shock result, with No Rationality securing 12 votes, amidst some accusations of cheating, compared to fenisnad1‘s 3 votes. The CBI later cleared No Rationality of cheating, by confirming that the rationality group were all different natural players.


The Multiple-time President of Cyberie, Mr Geld, decided to join Virtua to trade here for this round. It is unknown if he will stay beyond this round, but we would like to welcome him to Virtua! Similarly, Bruno Provenzano, who moved here amidst a fair bit on controversy last round, has elected to stay in Virtua for another round, and has already managed to get a job as Consul of Social Affairs and Head Archivist!


Issues with the number of federal government road lots in Centropolis lead to the introduction of a by-law by mayor Lindapinda86. This bylaw was challenged by some Centropolis residents, most specifically gelaarsdekat, who was in line to lose in excess of 10,000ish in fines. This lead to a PI inquiry in the International Court, which was granted, but expired 48 hours after as gelaarsdekat failed to begin the necessary follow-up case in the Virtuan Court.


A harbour opened early in the week, earlier than is often seen in Virtua. It is unknown whether this will affect the main trade of Virtua in the long run as much as normal. However, combined with the recent changes of wood to only use 0.02sq of space per plank, there are new possibilities for international trade in the federation. Remember to buy local to benefit the local economy!


A large number of Taxi MVs have appeared in Virtua, with some local and some foreign. As of the time this was written, there are 5; Taxi MV (owned by gelaarsdekat), The Cereal MV (owned by Forsties), T Transport MV (owned by Tranqer)Taxi II MV (owned by Oxigeon) and Transport MV (owned by RoyalTank). Hopefully, this will not contribute much more to the issues with parking (especially in Cashington) that Virtua has experienced.


Fine levels are still being discussed in the Federal Union, after the Federals encouraged Government leaders to reduce the fine levels last round. It is unknown if we will see any progress in this discussion, but now that Federal Union chairman The Minic has announced that veto rights have been revoked, we may see a majority agreement in the future.


Good Luck to everyone in the following weeks, and remember to buy local if you want to see Virtua doing well in the results!