vNews-interview: Federal Researcher

An interview with ikenco that is recently appointed Federal Researcher! Walking in the streets of Nasdaqar we (the vNews-team) finally reach the gigantic skyscraper of ikenco. Federal Researcher still lives in this scraper. 

Federal Researcher opens te door and looks like a car just hit him. ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t sleep a lot last night. TMC, players, vNews, they all want to see me. But come in, though!’

The house of Federal Researcher looks cosy and it’s very hot in his house as well. On his wall are pictures of famous MC-players, there’s one of Podje and one of the previous FeR, (Brendan), as well.

‘Well, let’s start the interview as I don’t have much time, I’ve to go to a Fed-meeting soon’ yells Federal Researcher when I’m on the toilet..

Question 1: How did you feel when you were asked to become Federal?

I felt honored. It’s very nice to be able to be a part of the crew that keeps developing Miniconomy.

Question 2: Did you have to think much about the offer the Federals gave you?

No, but I discussed it though.

Question 3: You are the ‘Federal Researcher‘, are you planning on ‘reasearching’ something? What and when?

I am currently already working on some very intesting things. I cannot tell you more about the topics but I can assure you that there will be more information on this soon.

Question 4: Miniconomy should change certain things to keep the game running. Do you think the removal of cities, or even countries, would contribute to a more active Miniconomy?

My personal opinion is that the removal of cities doesn’t help. In my eyes it’s more likely that players will abandon Miniconomy than that they will stay and be more happy. But though, if it has to be done, we need to consider that option as well. But before we will, a lot of things need to go wrong. ūüėČ

Question 5: What do you think will be the nicest part of your new job?

I think the contact with players will be nice. I think that will be fun for me, and of course I hope it’ll be fun for the players in case too!

Question 6: The former FeR, (Brendan), wasn’t really active. Are you planning on becoming more active than he was?

I definitely do not think I will be less active on Federal Researcher than I was on ikenco, my alter-ego. I really enjoy being online and as long as I have sufficient time I will be online very often.

Question 7: Do you have any ideas when you will quit the job?

Nope. Time will learn.

Question 8: Do you have a certain goal in Miniconomy after the being of a Federal?

I didn’t think of that yet. I don’t think that’s good, if you think about that now. I am currently discovering all the Federal-functions and that’s very nice.

Question 9: Is being Federal something that comes after being CBI-agent?

I have no idea if that is right.

Question 10: How many credits did you already spent on this game!?

That’s something what I know and you don’t.

Question 11: What do you like the most, politics or trading?

I like both. The fun-part is that a player can decide himself/herself whether he/she is going to do policits or trade. I did both myself and really enjoyed that. I learned much on politics but on the trading as well.

Question 12: Do you have anything to add?

Yes, if you have an idea about how we could improve Miniconomy, please always contact the Federals!


Thank you Federal Researcher for your time doing this interview!

The anger of Bleech!

It’s the saturday on which whole the Federation is waiting, today it will be¬†the day of a new vNews edition!¬†

Next to the mainoffice of vNews in Nasdaqar, the Virtuan Bleech is already waiting to buy the newest edition. Fellow Virtuans say that he has already been there since 5:00 servertime this morning, to buy the second vNews edition which was scheduled on 12:00 servertime.

He already was there since 5:00 servertime – Fellow Virtuans about Bleech

At 12:00 servertime the maineditor of vNews, YAN, opens the door.¬†Bleech¬†runs inside but local officer and writer for our magazine Rokta blocks his way and sends him back outside. ‘What the hack!?’,¬†Bleech yells!

YAN starts speaking: ‘Dear people, we are very sorry but due to personal circumstances we will not be able to publish the second vNews edition in time. The edition will be published at 21:30 servertime tonight, this evening. After that announcement he runs inside again with Rokta.

vNews’ closest reader¬†Bleech starts crying like a child, ‘they took¬†my vNews edition away!’ he screams. ‘They will pay for this, I will sue this r*t*rds!’. This maineditor is worse than¬†Tresias Aegirsson!’ he yells again while he walks towards the Virtuan Court.

This maineditor is worse than T.A. – Bleech about YAN

And so did he, after a few minutes the Virtuan Consul of Justice and Safety¬†splodge knocks on the door of the vNews office.¬†YAN¬†opens the door, ‘I am planning to leave now so make it quick, splodge‘. ‘I think you ain’t going anywhere, you are being sued in the Virtuan Court.’¬†splodge repeats.

Mystq please take him away to the station and inform him about the details of the case’. ‘Yes sir!’ the NSQ officer answers.

Currently we are in the VC waiting on details about the case, sources told us that¬†Bleech demands an 150-Ishells cost compensation for the long and cold waiting for nothing. But as we don’t have acces to the Court Room we don’t know.

To be continued…

The Capital News (1/3)

Indeed, the Capital News is something new in vNews! This Capital News will report the mainstories from the Miniconomy Federation by using the following six important categories: national politics, justice, safety/crimes, FU/HC, trade, vNews. We hope you will enjoy! 


National politics

The Virtuan Law does not has any worth this round – YAN

We will kick off with Virtuan politics in this edition, the Virtuan Council consists now for almost 50% of Virtuans with a criminal status! Even the Virtuan President, viraxje, traded his Master of Industry status for a gray criminal status! The quote above is a common said one in the democracy. Though till this moment with a well functioning Virtuan Court no Virtuan has sued the Virtuan Government yet for these violations, probably the Virtuans are fine with it.



Today we will look into the Judges of the International Court, which is led by Cyberian¬†The Minic this round. Till this moment several Judges died, already 2 of the just appointed Judges, to be exact¬†loco_tazz¬†and¬†OCMan101 we’re killed by criminals. The Chairman now only has a team of two Judges left and some people are wondering if the High Council will react, but as it is inactive (more about that later on) that chance is small. The Chairman reacts with fun and he hopes that his Judges didn’t commited suicide because he’s their boss.



We’re only at 1/3 of this round but a lot of crimes were commited already! At the moment of writing already¬†400 crimes were commited in whole the Federation. Experts see a growing number of crimes this round if you compare it to the last rounds. A simple explaination for it is that the Federation got two new serious offenders of crimes:¬†the Virtuan Consul¬†Duups and our own editor in chief,¬†YAN! Till this moment several of their fellow citizens were killed by them. The Virtuan Government did not declare an Emergency Situation in the country yet.



The Federal Union and the High Council are very inactive at the moment. Since a few days all the Government leaders of the country’s were present in the club but till this moment nothing usefull has been discussed and there were only 2 posts made in the Federal Union club. The Ibishan¬†Rednax¬†already whined about it and the Federal Union Chairman¬†Tresias Aegirsson¬†promised to do best he is able to to try to revive the FU and get it active again. The High Council is inactive as well, it now has 1 inactive member,¬†Sura, and in the private club there wasn’t much discussion yet. Will these international very important organisations manage to get active again? Time will learn.



The trade in our Federation is dominated by two citizens. Indeed those two are gelaarsdekat and Digitalian King hubinho. Those two persons are in the race of winning the 132th trading period! The players are both trying to hurt the other as much as possible, today Digitalian citizens bombed and robbed GK but Virtuans bombed the shops of hubinho. This will become an interesting round as both potential round winners are Criminal Masterminds and have connections in the criminal world.



In this edition enough to read! There are articles written by Rokta, The Federals (statistics) and by YAN. Have fun!

Overview week 1

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of Round 131! Our excuse for the delay but all our editors were a bit busy the last time. In this overview we say goodbye to¬†YAN¬†as interim¬†maineditor of vNews and there’s a small summary of news which happened last week. Enjoy!

First of all this will be my last edition as internal maineditor of vNews. I published vNews for about 5 rounds till the moment. Together with¬†Refund I came to the conclusion that it has been nice but as I’m too busy in real life and also have to do a lot of other MC stuff I decided to quit the job. I will continue writing for vNews on a regular base though. In my period I experienced a lot of fun and respect from fellow players that were happy to read their newspaper, thats where you do it for. Although most people were very positive about vNews there was always one person who did not really appreciate our work.. Indeed, that person is¬†oscar123. Oscar, you were the biggest whiner in my period, though I always experienced a kind of fun when I discussed with you about it. I want to thank all writers and readers for their faith in me and see you soon again!

Second, there are a lot of cases requested in the International Court. Also PI requests have been made. There are currently +-5 cases pending, with a judge panel of 4 judges,¬†COE, riemer_1990, viraxje¬†and¬†natcha12 the IC needs to work very hard to handle this cases all as well as possible, International Court Chairman¬†riemer_1990 reacts about the high amount of cases requested with the following: ‘Well, as the Dutch speakingword says ‘Ik heb voor hetere vuren gestaan’ which means that he once handled much more cases.

Some Consuls of the Virtuan Council are getting inactive. Examples are¬†dj ricky, oscar123 and¬†AynRand.¬†The President reacts:¬†‘It is unnaccaptable that people are getting inactive and I will always try to prevent them from getting to. The Consuls have a public function and in my eyes they will always need to be active. I will of course take action if this will become worse.’.

In Virtua there are a lot crimes taking place. Therefore the Council declared a State of Emergency (SoE) two days ago. Several Virtuans like Likemyitem, Podje, YAN, spainman0, OCMan101 or AynRand are being robbed, shot and bombed. The State of Emergency gives the President the right to hire criminals to shoot and maybe bankrupt the other criminals. Sources are telling far the most amount of crimes are being executed by Digitalian King and most wanted Criminal Mastermind (according to the newsfeed) hubinho.

In the Federal Union some governmentleaders are argueing about an education proposal which was proposed by Virtuan Consul of Education and President,¬†YAN. The governmentleaders of Digitalia and Ibisha,¬†hubinho and¬†rokta(v) are not willing to support any laws which will give students more money for earning a degree (that will stimulate education for newer players) if they will not feel any profit of it. Cyberia did not react yet. Will the Federal Union Chairman,¬†Tresias Aegirsson, proof that the FU works and prevent the leaders from a ‘bitchfight’ all the time?

He better would as the Virtuan¬†riemer_1990¬†is inviting a lot of people to the CoV discussion club. A lot of people recognize the Council of Veterans as an real alternative which may work for the Federation. A lot of important politicians like former President of Cyberie¬†Dr. Strangelove and current President of Virtua¬†YAN believe the plan may work and want to investigate the options. How would that end? Will the FU be dismissed and the CoV join us? The inventor of the¬†FU,¬†The Minic, is very sceptical about the ideas. He wants to name it the ‘Friend Zone’ which suggests the CoV will become corrupt (in which it also ended when it was dismissed by the Federation rounds ago), though his own invention doesn’t work properly as well. Maybe it’s time for change, time will learn!

Last but not least vNews and a lot of other players think that Virtuan/Ibishan/Digitalian Tranqer will win this round easily. He invented a very nice trade tactic, which consists of a lot of ships, international trade and both Virtuans and Digitalians are buying his goods. Will he reach the 1.000.000 ISH networth at the end of the tradingperiod (round)? We are all curious and looking forward to know!

Interview of the week: dj ricky

Each edition vNews will interview a player of the Federation. Also today we are going to visit a very special person. He started playing in Cyberi√ę, was Mayor of Zwollar for several times and is currently working for the Virtuan Government as Consul of Justice and Safety. Indeed, it’s dj ricky!

Last week I went to Andoversr,¬†I think it was a very nice interview. I’m curious about dj ricky. Till this moment I only saw him on television when he was walking in the Virtuan Court and said: ‘No, I’m not a Judge so I won’t give my opinion about this pleas, excuse me I have an important meeting in the Council Room.’. He looked very serious there, I think he takes his job as CoJS very serious. But we’ll know soon.

I grap my jack and leave Fort Bleech, let’s go to the taxi-station. No cabs. After waiting for 30 minutes still no cabs.. I see a big board. ‘SHIP TO ROEBELARENDSVEEN DEPARTING IN 10 MINUTES, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY TO GO BACK TO CENTROPOLIS FROM RV’. I don’t like waiting so I take the ship. After a 10 minute trip I arrive at the Harbour of RV, but I don’t like what I see. The first view of Roebelarendsveen: a criminal (I saw him on billboards where people were putting a bounty on his head!) who is robbing riemer_1990! Wait, it’s siemenrey.¬†I want to leave this city as soon as possible. And I’m lucky! 2 minutes later I’m back on a ship of the MV of Mayor¬†Andoversr4¬†heading to the city of oil, Centropolis.

After a short hop I finally reach Centropolis. Again I don’t know the adress of ricky so I decide to call him. ‘Hello, CoJS here, what do you want?’. ‘Erhm, YAN from vNews here, I’m currently in Centropolis and I need to know your adress.’. ‘Wait where you are.’. Well, that was a weird conversation. I decide to wait and after two minutes I see Officer Fritts coming. ‘Ricky called me to bring you to his house..’. So I follow him and finally I arrive. I thank Fritts and observe the house. It’s a small cosy house. When I want to make a picture of it I see someone coming outside. ‘Hey! Stop! You need my permission for that! Oh, you are YAN?’. After apologizing we can finally start the interview!

As you might read in the head of this article, dear reader, you can see dj ricky didn’t play his whole MC life in Virtua. He started in Cyberi√ę. He’s sounding very¬†satisfied when he tells about his time there: ‘I had a very nice time in Cyberi√ę, I had to learn the game, and when I did that I became Mayor of Zwollar. When I was Mayor for my 3rd time I couldn’t run for the Mayorship of the next round (CL forbids it). That was a shame. After the three rounds of Mayorship I started with the National Politics. I became Minister of Education (the Cyberian Consul of Education) and was in the Cyberian Parliament quite some times. ‘

But a few rounds dj ricky decided to move to Virtua, when I ask about that he smiles. ‘Yup, a few rounds later I didn’t enjoy the Cyberian politics as lot as I used to do. Furthermore I wanted to see more of the Federation. Those two factors made me decide to move to Virtua.’. When I moved from Ibisha to Virtua I saw a lot of differences. dj ricky about the differences he saw on his 1st Virtuand day: ‘The ¬†nice players! They were helpfull and always nice to each other, something what was different in Cyberi√ę. Also the stable political system. A very nice 1st day, and I still enjoy living here like the 1st day!’.

Just like Andoversr, dj ricky¬†doesn’t has a lot of trading ambitions. ‘I never have a goal, when I have a lot of ISH I normally try to get rid of them or going to test things with it. It’s nice when I end in the top20 or top10 but I’m not trading for one of those positions, just for the fun’. ‘When I’d have my COI I would just shoot it away from me.’ says he with a big smile. We laugh.

In Virtua dj ricky doesn’t really have National Political Ambitions either. ‘I like all the Consul Positions, being President for once would be fun I think but I prefer the Mayorship of our beautiful Centropolis.’.

The player that the Virtuan CoJS can remember the best is grondstoffenman. He doesn’t has to think long about that question. ‘We were both crazy and always had a lot of fun, even in the Cyberian politics!.’ ‘I just sent him a Facebook message that we miss him!’.

When I want to ask the last question an alarm starts ringing. ‘Sorry! I’ve to go, we got a case request, first things first’ says our CoJS. What a workoholic! Well, I guess it will be over then… After saying thanks and goodbye to dj ricky I walk to the cab-station. Yes! There’s one cab from Crazy Taxi MV.¬†I take it back to Nasdaqar and get back home. Woohoo! Federal Assistant just finished cooking!

Overview Day 7/21

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of round 128!

Due to the holidays a lot of MC players are currently enjoying their vacation after a very nice trading period, round 127.¬†Although it’s vacation there still happened a lot of things in our federation. Here the overview for the 1st week!

The High Council has a new member. The former International Court Chairman, Andoversr4 (better known as Andoversr) will replace Forsties. The former HC Chairman who unfortunately became inactive. vNews wishes Andoversr4 the best of luck with his new position!

The International Court has a new Chairman. Switzisch will take over from Andoversr4. The protocol will stay the same in this period. Till the moment of writing no cases were requested. That’s not a big problem as the International Court only has three judges at the moment. Bleech, Rokta and The Minic.

The Focus Groups are currently not active. From the beginning of the round no new posts were made in the Focus on Crime and in the other two Focus Groups, the Focus on Economy and the Focus on Education, there weren’t made much posts either. Did the Federals stop with the project? We will know it soon.

On Cyberian soil 5 members of the parliament were fired due to inactivity! The other members of the parliament are not taking their function serious. At a post of the former Member of the Parliament, Luxorr, ¬†KHP member of the parliament A Lontra reacted: ‘I only have to react once in the 36 hours in the parliament club but as you’re whining I’ll answer now.’.

Not only in the parliament were people fired but also in the cabinet are inactive Ministers! The 1st Minister of Justice of Cyberia, Marcello Alvarez, was fired after 4 days inactivity and also the Vice President Dr. Strangelove was replaced due to inactivity. Their replacements are Luxorr and Charleene. Both are members of the Volkspartij Cyberi√ę.

The Virtuan politics are very stable. Only Vice President Refund were replaced due to his decision to declare him unannounced bankrupt. His replacement is sahib. No other officials were fired till the moment of writing this overview.

Last but not least some internal news! vNews is trying to get more articles and for that we introduced the same system as The Miniconomist. From now there will be a topic in our club, vNews, with hints to write about and a link to the site to send your article. There also will be newsfeedposts with announcements when we will publish our editions and links to our site. Till the end of the 2nd vNews edition you will get paid 100 ISH more for each article you will write! Of course you will also get your normal reward (ISH and/or PM days). So keep an eye on the vNews club and the newsfeed! We’re looking forward to see your article!

This edition concludes articles written by our newest writer dj ricky, Andoversr4 and an exlclusive interview! vNews thanks all players for sending their articles to us! Of course the normal statistics are also here. Thanks to the Federals!

Enjoy reading!

The vNews Team

Interview of the week: Andoversr

From this edition vNews will interview a player who is playing MC each edition! Our first guest is a Virtuan citizen who plays MC for a very very long time! He began his carrier as a Local Officer Cashington and now he just joined the High Council! You might know it already, indeed, it is Andoversr!

After a short trip from Nasdaqar with a very cosy cab from Penguin Cabs MV I just arrived in the small city Cashington. I’m seeing some small houses, I see the very big townhall and the streets are dominated by big shops. For a small village like Cashington there are a lot of players trading actively. But it seems that in the round before this one Cashington wasn’t active at all, would the new Mayor Andoversr have changed this?

I don’t know were to go to find him so I think it’s smart to ask a citizen. Ah! Is that our famous Mister Miniconomy Podje over there? I’ve never seen him for real! Only on big boards with a lot of lights shining on it. So I start walking to Podje, of course a bit nervous when you never saw him before but he looks nice, I ask him where I can find the Mayor of his city. His reaction is very short: ‘In house.’. I think he is too busy with trading, those people like him don’t have much time for interuptions. So I start walking towards the house of the Mayor, on Minternet I searched for it already, it was a big white villa very close to the famous rocks of Cashington.

After looking around I finally see it! It looks for real much bigger than on the Minternet! So I walk towards the front door and then I hear: ‘Here, this way YAN!’. I look behind me and I see Andoversr coming out of his garage. He offers me a nice cup of tea and then we can finally start with the best thing of the day: the interview!

Andoversr tells about the history 0f Virtua. When he started he had to play in a Dutch country he tells. ‘Well that was very hard, I couldn’t understand them properly and they didn’t want to speak much English too of course, but when Virtua was founded that changed!’.

He also tells a lot (too much to write down here) about the difference between Virtua in that time, around round 20(!), and the current Virtua. But one thing is very clear. ‘The people and the government, there are a lot less of the “oldie” players I remember from back when Virtua started.’ . I can imagine that’s very stupid. I had the same case a few times too and I can tell you, dear reader, that it didn’t feel very nice.

When I ask him the question: ‘Which player can you remember the most? And why?’ he answers directly, I think he didn’t need time to think for this answer. ‘The player I remember the most is riemer_1990 , he was a very hard working Virtua, he served many times on the former Board of Consuls (currently the Virtuan Council), ran the Virtuan Business Academy, and was the main shareholder of Ibisha Island. I can see a bit of a¬†tear in his eyes, the effect of losing a very talented and cool player I think.

Another thing I looked up at the Minternet was the trade-history of Andoversr. Well I can only say it in one way, it didn’t look very¬†spectacular. So I’m curious why he focus that much on the politics and laws and he plays for such a long time and never ended in the top20. But also at this point his answer is very clear. ‘I don’t have trading ambitions,¬†I only really trade actively in the first week of the round, only to make it harder for getting rupted and to do clubs or other things I need built.’. Well, that sounds like a clear tactic in my eyes.

The former International Court Chairman isn’t really thinking about his further MC life. But he has one thing he would like to get done in the upcoming 5 rounds. ‘I’d like to get MC Research legitimized with it’s own permanent + international club(s).’.

Furthermore he wants to continue with working hard for the High Council and of course for MCRecruitment.

After the interview the Mayor drives me to the Cashington harbour. We drink a nice cup of tea and talk about my ambitions. I can only say that Andoversr was a very very nice interlocutor. He listens well and has a clear view at things.

I thank him and I drive home with a Royal Cab of Royal Cabs MV. A very nice day.