Virtuan education renewed

With the help of Herr Direktor of the Federals, Virtua is once again able to provide education of those who are worthy enough to ask for it. With the return of the educational standards, Virtua can once again train all old and new citizens for the public services within Virtua and the Federation.

Already, two students have passed all three tests. These students are no less than YAN, the Consul of Finances, and Sesam, our democratically chosen President. Their answers were commemarable and I hope they will encourage others to take up the pen(/keyboard) and fill in their own exam forms!

Also, I wish to note that over the years people have argued that the degree system holds no merit anymore. I cannot disapprove strongly enough of such a statement. The degree and education system in Virtua ensures not only that students have the required knowledge to perform the duties of an officer well, but also have to show their understanding of the bigger picture in the game, including the use and misuse of the law. Maybe you need some maturity to fully appreciate the subtleties of these kind of know-how. It may explain a lot, as all Virtuans know that a certain level of maturity is mostly lacking in our north-western neighbours, but that’s for another discussion.

All in all, Virtua is back in business and booming!

Viva Virtua!

Overview Week 1

Welcome to the first edition of vNews! In this edition you can read an overview, an article about spending of I-shells or saving the money, an article of Bleech and of course the turnover statistics. Enjoy!

Firstly, some good news from our own organization. After a long time-out we are back. Editions shall be published weekly and at least consist of the overview and turover statistics. Talking about turnovers, thank you Federal Director for this week’s!

Not only in our organization we had some good news, but there was also good news for Virtua. The only English-only speaking country of our Federation has gotten back at her feet. Virtua previous round was inactive, and had a bad trade. But now, things have changed. The Virtuan economy is active again! With all the mainproducts covered with great traders such as sahibnatcha12likemyitem and Rokta Virtua is ready to rock again.

The Virtuan trade got better, but also Virtuan politics. At this moment, the Virtuan Council is discussing a lot of stuff, such as improvements on financial issues and border control. The position of Consul of Education was free for a while, but yesterday the Office of the Virtuan President announced that Vice President Bleech has accepted this position. We wish him the best of luck!

Not only ‘oldies’ have taken a position in the Virtuan National Government but also new players were given the chance to expand their knowledge about the political system in our country: welcome Lemming Herder as General Consul!

Outside Virtua we can also see a booming trade, especially on Ibishan soil you can see that the map shall be empty very soon (maybe even when you are reading this!). What will the Ibishans do? A very well-known solution is getting your recources from other countries, which the Ibishan citizens will most likely go for.

In Digitalia King The King 2 is dominating the trade, however, his skyscraper is not that big. Especially compared to the almost 400 floors in Nasdaqar of YAN. The MV Kirederf MV supplies plastic to Virtuan citizens, however, it is not known if this MV actually is profitable.

Overall we can see a good roundstart, both on political and trade aspects of our game. Each country of our Federation also has announced their delegates for the Council of Veterans. It will be interesting to see if the Council comes with new ideas, or if they will adress new issues.

Lotstate is an issue though, in almost each and every city of the Federation, the lotstates have dropped below 90, which means trouble. Will the mayors fix these problems themselves, or do the Digitalian diamondtraders have a good round? Who knows..

The ups and downs of Virtua

Like everything in life, Virtua also faces her ups-and-downs. Lately, many of the most notable Virtuans have been taking a holiday in Cyberia or outside of the federation. This results in somewhat slow rounds, but most practically also in an ineffective government. This round, we face a lack of functional education department and sufficient judges to preside cases in the Virtuan Court. What will be the answer to these problems?

In this article I wish to highlight my position in a discussion that is not about being right or wrong, but about what feels right for most of the people while respecting the traditions and customs of the greatest nation of the Miniconomy federation.

First of all, having ups and downs are reality. Last round we had almost zero trading activity, but this round the Virtuan economy booms with the NSQ stock quotation being the highest of the entire federation while writing this article. In my opinion, the same can be said for our government. The efficiency of the government and her departments is fully dependant of the input of an active group of players committing themselves to the same noble cause, improving Virtua. Positions like judge and teacher can be taken at the same time as many of the other professions, but still it is a fact that you need at least a group of about 10 players to achieve the minimum level of efficiency.

The solution for solving inefficiency of the government should not be sought in changing the law. The law preserves the most important values and customs most of the inhabitants feel most comfortable with. For example, having an educational system where you have to take an exam to acquire a degree needed for certain jobs maintains a level of professionalism in a country where we take things seriously. At this moment, we are the only country to do so and I think it is not coincidence that the larger part of the international jobs is held by experienced and valued Virtuans like Tuned, Mystq (CoV) and natcha12 (IC).

No, instead of changing the law, we need to guide new players into all the dimensions this game provides. We should contact our old friends who have been taking long holidays from the Miniconomy Federation. And above all, we should cherish everything our fellow Virtuans do for our shared cause.

Viva Virtua!

Corrupt Mayors

It’s 4:30. You’ve just finished a hard days work of trading. As you finish restocking your shelves, you go to your backyard and grab your bundle of trees that have been sitting there since day 1. You toss them in your truck and drive to the townhall, hoping that today, you will be able to export them to the Mayor’s warehouse. As you pull up, you read over the list of goods currently being accepted for export. Only iron again for the fourth day in a row. That’s strange. You check the lot map. You notice the mayor owns a lot right next to your neat little parcel on the southeast side of town. That’s weird. You don’t think much of it and go home for the night. Tomorrow you come into work and low-and-behold, all of the property around you has been bought. You’ve been boxed in.

This would never happen, right? Mayor’s would never abuse their powers, right? Think again.

It is an unfortunate fact that sometimes Mayors put their own interests ahead of those of the city’s and their people. Take round 149 for instance. It was discovered that the Mayor of Centropolis was not only saving the most profitable exports for only himself, he was also over-paying with city funds for his own property while refusing to build parks for citizens unless they made purchases from him. Even worse, he would threaten and also attempt to box his own citizens in by utilizing the ability of the Mayor’s account to buy lots far away from his own, sell them cheaply back to himself, and then proceed to try to box in his citizens.

Although I do not believe any of the current mayors are this bad, I do believe it is the responsibility of Virtuan citizens to vote responsibly in local elections and to run in the elections themselves if they do not see any good candidates on the tickets.

Trouble in Paradise

The political scene in Virtua was very intense even before the beginning of Round 151. Five Virtuans ran for President and criminal Viraxje won by a landslide, beating his competition with more than half of the votes of all of the citizens! Chaos quickly followed as runner-up candidate, Sesam, brought to everyone’s attention that Viraxje was unable to hold the position of president because of his indulgence in criminal activities. Tempers flared as citizens and officials argued about what was right and what was legal.

Once the decision was made to appoint Sesam as President, the discussion turned to who would become Vice President. Because of multiple candidates and position possibilities, attitudes and confusion continued until the Federal Government stepped in to assist. By the time the dust settled, one president was bankrupted, the next in line was sworn in, a new vice president with no current political affiliation was appointed, and Mayors were even switched! These changes left the country in a state of disarray. Citizens were worried if there would be a functioning Council. City Officials were worried about their budgets.

Shady Mouse stepped up to the plate, taking over the half-staffed Council and promising to bring the chaos under control. As Consuls were employed and assigned duties, it appeared once again that the National Government of Virtua might become functional. After only a few days, tempers are beginning to cool.

When asked how he felt about these events, President Shady Mouse explained that he was “very surprised” at the outcome. He disclosed that while he does feel the current administration is “stable”, he has doubts of its ability to be productive in its current form. He leaves his citizens with hope, however as he states:

“Expect changes coming along.”

Assassination of President Sesam

President Sesam was having his usual routine of drinking coffee in his Izzy Million Chair while at the same time, reprimanding his fellow council members about their performance in a night club. However, he did not know that trouble was brewing when he suggested a total ban of an underground Mafia called Virjax. The leader of Virjax does not take any threats lightly and has been the shadow kingmaker behind the scene.

It was an odd day because all of the President’s bodyguards were on medical leave at the last minute, at the same time. The Vice President had advised Sesam to stay at home, but he threw caution to the wind and went for work in his office anyway.

It was 1pm when 3 masked men rushed up to the Council HQ armed with C4 and AK-47. They started shooting at the staff and planted C4 on the President Bunker. While the security was being breached, Sesam was caught off guard with his pants down but was too late to devise any counter-measures.

3 shots were fired and President Sesam was left lying on the floor while he witnessed the smile on his Vice President face, just before his last breath…

Virtua Presidential Election Results Breakdown

Talk about a hot election folks! A total of 9 people ran to become the next president of Virtua and I would like to congratulate YAN on becoming president once again with natcha12 coming in a close second and becoming the vice president, again!

Here is the breakdown for those of you out of the loop!

As stated before, there was a total of 9 candidates receiving a total of 41 votes from across the federation!

Player: Votes: Percentage:
YAN 9 22%
natcha12 7 17%
Bleech 6 14.5%
ikenco 6 14.5%
Riviat 5 12%
spainman0 3 7%
42shadow42 2 5%
benjaminvin 2 5%
dj ricky 1 2.5%

As you can see, the election was quite diverse! Not a single candidate was able to receive even a quarter of the entire votes. Such a large spread of votes could spell trouble in the coming round but this reporter has faith that YAN will do a splendid job in uniting the country and bringing out his promised revision on the Virtuan Law.

Best of luck to YAN, natcha12 and their staff!

The Political Machine is Off!

Citizens of Virtua have caught the political fever! Just 12 hours before the closing of the sign-up table there have been 9 confirmed citizens running for President for round 136!

Those people are:
Benjaminvin – a recent immigrant to the great(est) city of Cashington!

Bleech – A politically active citizen who once won the award for best criminal of all time!

DJ Ricky – Another politically active citizen who has filled many positions over the rounds, both in Virtua and abroad.

ikenco – Recently immigrated to NSQ from across the sea. Has served previously King over yonder.

natcha12 – AKA “SlapHappy” has been seeking the Office of the President for a while now. Recently had his best round ever!

Riviat – Self Proclaimed “Your Friendly Neighborhood Riviat!” Running straight out of the Mayor of Cashington office and perhaps into the Presidential Office.

Spainman0 – Known for his bold stances on matters and not afraid to speak his mind. Virtuas loudest protester in all sorts of matters.

YAN – best known for running vNews. Lots of political involvement and previous presidential experience.

42Shadow42 – Just immigrated to Miniconomy last January! Has gotten his feet wet as a judge recently and now aims for higher office.

Well, the line-up folks! Be sure to back your favorite candidate and get ready to head to the polls for a hot race!