Andoversr & MoonPoker

Early this week, Andoversr, an advisor to the Virtuan Council and head of MCRecruitment, had a seemingly innocent flooding spree in the Palacio Presidential de Ibisha, the international club showing the everyday proceedings in Ibisha. This mostly consisted of lots of Virtuan flags, although there were messages aimed towards MoonPoker, a member of the Ibishan leadership at the time, such as offering money to people to ignore him. Although this in itself was not a huge incident, the events following this have become infamous throughout the federation.

Supposedly disgruntled by the flooding spree, one of the deputy recruiters, YAN, allegedly allowed MoonPoker, who had previously applied and been rejected for the role of recruiter, into the Recruiters Private club, and requested that the Federals grant MoonPoker a recruiters degree in an attempt to seemingly hire MoonPoker. While in the club, it is suspected that MoonPoker took a copy of all the posts inside the club and used them to write an article about the inner workings of the recruiter clubs.

This sparked a series of Internation Court cases, first against MoonPoker, and then subsequently against Clicktwo and Mr. Brown, following the bankruptcy of MoonPoker, after a shooting supposedly by the Digitalian hubinho. As well as this, a PI was requested against The Miniconomist to prevent the article being published. This PI was ultimately unsuccessful, and as a result, the article was published in the following TMC edition for all to see.

Now, Andoversr has been encouraged to write an article of his own, after he posted complaints in The Miniconomist club, in order to rectify any wrong ideas gained about the recruiters in the published article. Whether this will happen is yet to be seen.

Rednax & Ibisha

10/6/13 14:26 – MoonPoker – “Our trade have never been better…”

10/6/13 14:45 – Rednax – “You mean you’ve never cheated better?  ;)”


Such was the comment in the Cyberian Embassy club that started a large scale conflict both locally and internationally between Rednax and some members of Ibisha. The comment, supposedly aimed towards the Ibishan state subsidy for owning foreign road lots, may have been meant in a non-serious way, but has sparked a fair amount of controversy.


The story of Rednax and Ibisha allegedly begins with the current President of Cyberie agreeing to move to Ibisha for round 119 to trade there. This was agreed upon before the comment above was made. The comment itself sparked a court case in the International Court between an Ibishan, YAN, represented by MoonPoker, and Rednax, with Rednax being accused of having slandered the Ibishan community.

However, at the same time, YAN had had multiple posts in the Cyberian Embassy, which is administered by Rednax as part of his role as President of Cyberie, removed, which caused yet another court case between YAN and Rednax with accusations of discrimination. Whether the posts were rightfully removed is currently unknown by vNews.

This was not to be the end of the saga however, as Rednax refused to leave the International Court Judge’s Private club for the duration of the two court cases, as is often a tradition, but not enforced by any laws. Yet another court case was to come of this, with YAN accusing Rednax of abusing his power as Chairman of the International Court in an unfair way.

Amidst these court cases, some Ibishans were calling out for Rednax to be fired from his role of International Court Chairman, even going as far as to ask the Presidents of Ibisha and Virtua, Zoe gek wie sjek and viraxje (respectively), to deny the judgement of the International Court until Rednax had been removed from his position of Chairman. Neither President accepted the proposal, however. It was then revealed that Rednax intended to move to Ibisha for round 119, which began a series of arguments among Ibishans, but all of them ending with Rednax sticking to his promise to move and trade.

Although the issues could have stopped there, chaos ran rampant in the International Court, with multiple Ibishan cases being denied by the Chairman for not following the set guidelines. As well as this, a case was closed accidently, as the court had not recognised that YAN  had obtained a lawyer degree, and therefore declared one of his pleas invalid. This provoked an agitated response, to which Rednax responded by giving YAN a warning and that the next unnecessary post would result in a 1000ish fine. Four posts later, and YAN was landed with a fine of 4000ish. This sparked yet another two court cases about the largeness of the fine and more accusations of discrimination.


However, after this saga, conflicts between Ibisha and Rednax began to stop, although there are still a few unhappy citizens littered around the Island City. It appears that YAN and Rednax have made peace, with all the outstanding court cases being closed by YAN. As well as this, the President of Ibisha, Zoe gek wie sjek, and CIT, one of the President’s chosen leadership,  made it perfectly clear that they would welcome Rednax next round, and as all Ibishans know; The President is always right…

International News

This week had several notable events, first controversy erupted as Rednax , the chair of the International Court, refused to leave the Judges private club while he was being sued, this erupted into arguments in the High Council and International Court clubs. The most vocal of the opponents, YAN , who was the one suing Rednax over this, began arguing with the chair in the Request topics section after some case requests were denied, leading to over 4,000 I-Shells in fines for “disturbance of the court”.

Also in the news was a discovery made about a new Cyberian Party’s platform, in which they proposed having hidden criminals in every country to respond to threats, this sparked outrage, most notably from Ibishan players, Zoe Gek Wie Sjek , the President of Ibisha said that any such soldiers in Ibisha are not welcome.

Lastly the Federals announced this week that they will have a Head Assistant, and selected Virtua’s very own (Brendan) as the head assistant. This decision came after consulting with several players and organizations, from posts made from the former Head Recruiter, Andoversr, in Assistants recruiting. It is believed that MCRecruitment was one of the organizations who helped bring this idea forth.

Election Statements

The following statements from Election candidates were sent to us for this week’s edition:


(Brendan)  – Presidential Candidate

I’m running for Presidency again. I would appreciate all your votes that would put me in office for a third term!

I plan on keeping consistency. I’m not going to promise radical changes or promise discussions on every topic I can think of right now.

Instead, I will promise stability. I will promise that the Council will work for you. If you want us to discuss something, we will.

I will try keeping you upto date with everything that is happening in Virtua and beyond.

In a drive to see what the nation thinks, I will try to roll out more of the surveys many of you will have already filled in this round.

I offer you experience, interest and dedication to Virtua and what is best for us as a united nation.

I thank you for voting me in for the previous 2 rounds and it would be an honour to serve you again.


Tortaam  – Presidential Candidate:

We have had two wonderful rounds under the excellent leadership of (Brendan) in which I was part of the Virtuan Council. Both times I’ve had jobs that shoulder enormous responsibility, knowledge and experience.

Previous round, I’ve had people attack me for my financial policies. I listened to what they said, asked around what the people of Virtua want and made my policy fitting to that situation. With the Virtuan Council we have checked the law for inconsistincies and solved them. We kept a neutral stance on the Digitalian boycot of harbours as a result of the fine system, although we did offer advice on how to solve it. This resulted in the new system of publishing witness reports. Within a few days, we incorporated this into our Virtuan Law. At the end of the round, the people of Virtua rewarded me with enough votes to become the Vice-President.

Already before this round, (Brendan) and I talked about who of the Virtuan people are qualified to take up the position of Consul. We chose for people with experience and we got things done. This round, not a single law suit concerning the Virtuan Council was filed at Court. When situations arose, we solved the problem. This round, I was also chosen as the prestigious Chairman of the International Court. I selected the best and most willing people I could find from the Federation. Under my supervision, requests and cases were dealt with in a short amount of time and our statements hasn’t led to discussion. After rounds of turmoil in the International Court, we’ve had a solid round.

People might also know me as the old Virtuan Criminal Mastermind, Bleech. It was Bleech who, as elected President, proposed the law changes that would allow trade of gunpowder, guns and bombs in Nasdaqar. As you all know, this proposal was approved. Unlike many of my competitors thought, there has been no increase of gunshots or bombings by Virtuans on Virtuans.

I rest my case…


Thank you to all the Candidates who wrote to us. We wish all the Candidates Good Luck in the elections this round.

Overview week 2

Greetings from your Vice-President of Virtua, Andoversr, here is the news from this week in the Federation and Virtua.

Applause and boos could be heard from the International Court as the Court made a verdict upholding the punishment set forth by the Federal Government that Moonpoker and all his alter ego’s will not have their passive election rights (the right to run for office) for the next 5 rounds. The ruling from the court can be found in the International Court topic 28307: IC115-REG01 – Nighttmear v. Federal Coordinator

The High Council this week also made a some new announcements by naming Mariadoc the chair of the International Court this week in leau of Bleech who was bankrupted by unknown cause, and the High Council announced it will be seeking a new member for the organization as well, interested players can apply under the “”New HC Member”” topic in the High Council.

In Digitalia Naamloze announced the return of the EPISC or El Peso International Shooting Competition, which is a contest of wits and quick clicking to be the first to shoot your opponent in a 1 vs 1 bracketed tournament.

In Council Public President (Brendan) announced a law proposal being considered by the Federal Union to change how the F.U. is structured, instead of 2 represenatives from each country the Federal Union would consist of the the leaders of Cyberia, Digitalia, Ibisha and Virtua, and 4 “”Veterans”” , 1 chosen from each country. As a member of the Federal Union, the author will only say there has been much debate over the new system and at this time it doesnt appear as if a vote may come anytime soon.

Lastly in International news this week the Digitalian Government made an announcement stating that due to country’s high fines due to networth based increases, Digitalia will not open any harbors up, thus denying Cyberia, Ibisha and Virtua its gold and diamond resources, the reaction is Virtua was met with disapproval towards changing our fine system and belief that a closed Digitalia will not affect our economy, traders have been coping by sailing to Ibisha Island were there are plenty of diamonds and some gold for sale.

This round is being rumored as the award round with there now being 3 award clubs available to Virtuans, first there is the Virtua Awards being run and held in club “”The Virtua Awards”” by Vice-President Andoversr, next there is the Miniconomy International Player Awards or MIP Awards being held in the club “”MIP Awards”” and finally the The Hero Awards being run by Advisor to the Council OcMan101 in the club “”The Hero Awards””.

Finally going into local Virtuan news things appeared to have settled down in the mayorship of our cities, last week there was 2 mid-round elections held for the towns of Cashington and Nasdaqar, thankfully no more elections have been needed and the mayors appear to have be settling in nicely to their new jobs.

The Council has been hard at work discussing a multitude of issues this last week, the Priest Degree was decided to kept as-is, Vice-President Andoversr brought forward a change to the FCS system proposing to allow the Vice-President and President as well as a majority vote of the council to be able to access information from the FCS as opposed to just the Consul of Finance and the Courts. Also the statement from Digitalia brought forward a discussion on the fine levels in Virtua, however most discussion has been done in Council Public by concerned Virtuan’s with little discussion so far by the council itself. There was also some minor changes discussed on chapter 3 and 4 of the Virtuan law. In the discussions on Chapter 1 a few notable changes were proposed, President (Brendan) proposed discussion on VL 1.1.3 (Virtuan’s rights for an attourney) wondering if this law was needed, Vice-President Andoversr brought up adding “”Embassy Virtua”” to 1.1.5 (freedom of speech in public clubs) and argued that foriengers should not be applied to the law and should be able to banned or punished accordingly by club administrators.

As quickly as he had vanished, Nater re-appeared in Virtua this week, vowing to catch up the C.R.O and getting himself involved in many of the on-going discussions.

Court Overview

This week saw a very busy court, to say the least. A total of 24 cases were requested this week, leading to two expansions of the court, leaving it only 5squsts away from the maximum size. As well as this, a new judge, (Brendan), was hired after the resignation of Tortaam from the judging panel. It appears the Consul of Justice and Safety, splodge, has his work cut out for him in the coming week to make sure all the verdicts are posted in time.


The court also bore some controversy after the verdict for the case against Rokta was deleted and changed. The original verdict had given Rokta a 500ish fine and 10 criminal points. However, this was quickly changed to just a 150ish fine. Another part of this verdict was to have the budget of Nasdaqar slashed by 50% for the next three budget rounds, adding additional woes to the city, which had already been struggling with budgets due to the volume of exports being used by the citizens there.


There were also related discussions in the Council Public club about ways in which the court system could be improved, be it via making lawsuits cost money to open, thus avoided frivolous lawsuits, or how to judge whether a judge is biased, and even how judges could be appointed in future.


Join the discussion in the Council Public club to have your views heard!

News from Abroad

This article was written and sent to us by Tortaam



Digitalie seems to slumber yet again. A large part of the most feared Criminals seem to have forgotten how to respond a threat. Earlier, the Cyberian bandit Siemenrey claimed some kind of superiority, which got himself one of the laziest manhunts Digitalie has ever seen. Rumour has it, that Siemenrey was never seen as a threat in the first place, but more like a puppet of the Cyberian politics. The Digitalian Public Relations officer, COE, made it very clear to the Cyberian Government that the Digitalians are not amused by this puppet show.


Cyberian President Ralgon almost got himself marked by claiming he only accepts statements of the Digitalian King, which was responded by a ‘Respect my authority!’ by the Majestic You Know Me. The Cyberian President then cowered behind the good relations between Digitalie and his Cyberie. Yet again, the Cyberians try to solve issues with fairy tales. However, these fairy tales never seem to end well, in this case particularly for Siemenrey. May he rest in pieces.



Instead of the usual sounds of protest from the Spanish Colony, the remaining inhabitants of this island now protest in silence. In contrary to their expectations, everybody seems to enjoy the silence. Only a few explosions and gunshots are heard now and then. The currant President, Marcelbuter, claims that this is the work of the terrorist De Nada and his companions. Unfortunately, De Nada was not available for comments, as he seemed to be very busy in the computer room of his house.


We would like to thank Tortaam for taking the time to write and send this article to us. Tortaam will join the team soon.

MoonPoker returns!

This week saw the return of MoonPoker, after a few rounds absence.


It was thought by many that MoonPoker had originally rage-quitted from Miniconomy after being removed from his post of Consul of Finance after some arguments with local mayors. However, it was revealed that he was already becoming less active in MC, and had left due to other reasons as well.


MoonPoker has already applied for multiple legal positions around the federation, and has already contributed some legal intuition to the government, leading to a corrective by-law by the President.


Whether MoonPoker is planning to stay with us in the long run, or is just visiting, is unknown, but we’d like to take the opportunity to welcome him back to Virtua, and to the game!

Overview day 20/21

Welcome to the final edition of vNews for this round! We’d like to wish you the best of luck in the results tomorrow!


Earlier this week, natcha12 decided to point out the lack of spamming/flooding prohibition in some of the Virtuan clubs, including the Embassy and the Council Room. This resulted in a frantic rush to block such practises by many Virtuan club owners.


Another result of the flooding attacks (supposedly) is our Vice President, Ronald, shooting natcha12 multiple times, as well as bombing the house he stayed in at the time. Ronald has now achieved Gangster status from the shootings, but unfortunately had to be removed from his position in accordance with the Virtuan lawbooks.


The Virtuan Court has had a busy week, with several new cases being opened, one of which was against the government itself. After the replacement of Andoversr by Forsties after some complaints, the court had to find new judges. Rokta and OCMan101 stepped up to the mark, and filled out the court, allowing it to continue functioning.


As with every round, the last few days mean Election time has come again. The candidates for President and Vice President are:

 – Andoversr 


As we approach the end of the round, vNews would like to wish everyone the best of luck in the final results and, if applicable, the election results too.

We’ll see you next round!


Federal Union 2.0 arises!

Earlier this week, Tresias Aegirsson unveiled a new concept for the Federal Union, know as the Federal Parliament, or Federal Union 2.0. The concept involves a separate international election at the end of the round for places on an international board, which will then be able to make decisions regarding the High Council and factors of the Countries, finance for example.


Critics of the concept have pointed out that the Federal Parliament would appear to have a large amount of power over the runnings of the different countries, which would make the National Government less powerful in the running of their own country. There have also been quarrels as to members of the national governmant being unallowed to participate in the international elections for Federal parliament.


However, supporters of the concept have said that the Federal Parliament will solve the problem of Government leaders who are disinterested in the runnings of the currant Federal Union having to be a part of international politics. They have also said that the Federal Parliament will allow the best of the best to be elected, due to the international voting scheme.


A Full Explanation of the Federal Parliament concept can be found in the FU2.0 Club. Join the discussion (in the same club) to have your views heard!