Criminals Wanted

A call to all Virtuan citizens! Recently our economy has been smashed by the crime spree of our adversaries. They shot our primary shooters dead and are making immense profit in their stead. They single-handedly caused our economy to go from a booming metropolis to a barely surviving homestead. This is unacceptable! We are Virtuans! We are United! Let us show those who wish to blow up our homes and shoot our citizens what it means to mess with Virtua!

I do not speak on behalf of the Government. I speak on behalf of Riviat, a Virtuan citizen whose trade was brought to a crashing halt because some of our primary traders were shot dead. I may not have agreed with all of their prices or trading methods, but shooting them dead, all of them dead, that is completely unacceptable. So join me in lobbying our government to allow criminals to prosper in our land. Let us take back that which is rightfully ours. Let us show the others that we are united. Viva La Virtua!

Game community

I believe that in any game, its game community has a heavy influence on retaining its players. That is why I think Miniconomy should work towards that direction. Attracting new players is important, but retaining existing players holds more value for the game itself and for other players.

Browser strategy games are a dying breed of games in a generation where iPhone and iPad are gaining dominance for those mobile players that cannot be tied down in an MMORPG game. This means that to attract new players in this generation, Miniconomy needs to have a presence in the App store/Google Play store that is set for an international audience.

In an attempt to spice up the gameplay and feeling lonely, I am married to DJ Ricky JUNIOR. But we didn’t have any physical touch yet. :p

End of an Era for MCRecruitment

After 1 year of service to the Federation as Head Recruiter, Andoversr, reported this week he will be retiring from the position and naming a new Head Recruiter. It is unknown at this time who the new Head of Recruitment is however the announcement is said to come during the between round after Round 120 ends.

During his service he gave the Federals a list of new ideas and fixes to current systems to work on, I will highlight some of them below:

Referral System 2.0 : Once Implemented PM days will be awarded for the clay trough Diamond levels, allowing referrer’s to get up to 159 PM days. This idea has been approved by the Federals and is awaiting implementation.

Voting System Improvement: Once Implemented PM or extra ISH will be awarded for players who vote at least 20 days per round.

Google Chrome: Miniconomy will be getting added to their games list, hopefully bringing new players in abundance to the game.

New Player Assistance: Andoversr helped to rally discussions with the Federals and Recruiters on new players and getting more and better help which resulted (after the Federals spoke with other organizations) in a “Head Assistant” and paved the way for the improvements that have been made in helping them.

If you wish to leave your wishes for the outgoing Head Recruiter please post in the topic found in the club “MCRecruitment”


There are some upcoming changes I am pleased to announce:

Voting System: This will eventually have an adjustment made, allowing players who vote all 20 days of a round to get a chance at bonus PM days or I-Shells (with amounts to be decided by the Federals).

Referral System: As you know we have a change planned for eventual release to change this system to add flat rate PM bonuses after reaching each achievement threshold giving the potential of up to 159 PM days awarded if you get every achievement.

Schools: While there isn’t a lot we can do to make sure schools who say they will join do so,  we are working with Wouter on updates and stuff to give good information to prepare students.

If you are interested in helping Miniconomy become a better game, please consider applying to be a Recruiter in the MCRecruitment-club.