Statistics week 2

Thanks to Federal Researcher!

1 YAN 2,101,280.44 Nasdaqar
2 natcha12 1,648,299.64 Cashington
3 sahib 1,561,327.19 Gold Coast
4 The King 2 1,474,525.84 El Peso
5 bonanza 1,255,332.84 Kronenburg
6 Hubinho1 1,248,078.39 Zwollar
7 BolleTripolire 1,225,661.43 El Peso
8 Charleene 1,223,248.55 Zwollar
9 Likemyitem 1,079,090.49 Gold Coast
10 Rokta 985,253.30 Nasdaqar
11 desmalen 979,264.55 Kronenburg
12 siemenrey 918,934.96 Roebelarendsveen
13 GK0 894,250.12 Gold Coast
14 hubinho 888,733.00 El Peso
15 nasi 882,486.50 El Peso
16 Fiorelli Alvarez 854,960.26 Ibisha
17 Ritz 847,554.92 Kronenburg
18 TK MV 816,549.93 El Peso
19 martijn5 780,282.02 Bahthoevedorp
20 loco_tazz 757,406.63 Monapoli
21 jeroentje312 688,472.53 El Peso
22 Bleech 683,256.23 Cashington
23 Federal Government 665,428.45 Sans Francishco
24 the mad bomber 661,224.00 Tripolire
25 Oxigeon 632,826.43 Kronenburg

Cash in the banks! Or in the economy?

It’s always depending per player, will they save their cash or will they put it safely(?) at the banks. It’s common known that in the first week (and the second) of the tradingperiod the money needs to ‘flow’, but what do the citizens of the countries think of this concept?

Several sources have let vNews know that the following amounts of I-shells are dropped in the national banks of the countries.

  • Vitua – 125.000 I-shells the banks;
  • Digitalia – 312.000 I-shells in the banks;
  • Cyberia – 508.000 I-shells in the banks;
  • Ibisha – 390.000 I-shells in the banks;

Now, what do these statistics tell us? It’s clear to see that Cyberians don’t like the concept at all, are they greedy? Or not trusting that their money will get back to them eventually? All possible, but what we know is that they don’t really like to spend a lot of money.

In Ibisha and Digitalia we can clearly see that traders put their money on the banks aswell. Virtuans however like to spend money and keep it going, which you can see above, only an amount of 125.000 I-shells is in the banks there!

Well, you just heard some statistics and you might be thinking, what to invest my beloved I-shells in then? We give you a few suggestions:

  1. Skyscrapers: Very effective, especially if you have a lot of stories! 
  2. Get yourself some reserves: makes it way more easier to fill up your stores.
  3. Build a nice club: not really good for your own wallet, but very nice for the social aspect of our game.

Keep the money going! We are only at the beginning of this trading period.

Turnover statistics week 1

Below you may find the turnover statistics of week 1. Special thanks to Federal Researcher for sending us these!

1 YAN 1,016,477.23 Nasdaqar
2 The King 2 1,009,943.92 El Peso
3 natcha12 954,943.29 Cashington
4 Hubinho1 839,680.38 Zwollar
5 Likemyitem 802,993.30 Nasdaqar
6 BolleTripolire 771,730.29 El Peso
7 sahib 767,371.54 Centropolis
8 desmalen 703,623.62 Kronenburg
9 Fiorelli Alvarez 694,891.20 Ibisha
10 Charleene 654,666.72 Zwollar
11 bonanza 640,539.37 Kronenburg
12 siemenrey 585,876.99 Roebelarendsveen
13 Ritz 575,944.67 Kronenburg
14 hubinho 560,975.85 El Peso
15 Federal Government 538,701.85 Sans Francishco
16 Zoe gek wie sjek 531,312.60 Ibisha
17 Rokta 515,518.35 Nasdaqar
18 jeroentje312 513,805.03 El Peso
19 TK MV 507,039.75 El Peso
20 nasi 495,014.00 El Peso
21 martijn5 451,670.20 Kronenburg
22 loco_tazz 448,716.73 Monapoli
23 GK0 415,590.34 Nasdaqar
24 Leonardo_Alvarez 380,718.78 Ibisha
25 Oxigeon 365,710.63 Kronenburg

Turnover Stats! Day 7/21 Round 152

Total shop revenues: 14,217,395.83 ISH
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 Tranqer 973,476.49 El Peso
2 Tyc00n 591,100.74 Ibisha
3 You know me 581,978.60 Monapoli
4 Leonardo_Alvarez 580,904.74 Ibisha
5 natcha12 571,536.16 El Peso
6 De Vier Digies MV 511,041.87 El Peso
7 Fiorelli Alvarez 489,982.70 Ibisha
8 nasi 421,544.06 El Peso
9 BolleTripolire 408,553.95 El Peso
10 The Socialist 394,637.33 Ibisha
11 El tomacho 384,020.92 El Peso
12 gelaarsdekat 334,359.47 Cashington
13 Federal Government 333,078.05 Sans Francishco
14 Aximili 311,640.67 Centropolis
15 martijn5 309,061.75 Kronenburg
16 el-capo 295,393.20 Roebelarendsveen
17 Woshiempire() 285,984.75 Cashington
18 The King 2 280,068.41 El Peso
19 desmalen 278,693.26 Kronenburg
20 Giulio Alvarez 232,587.35 Ibisha
21 the mega handelaar 228,466.64 Kronenburg
22 Plastic dame 226,968.75 Kronenburg
23 Shady Mouse 226,493.03 Cashington
24 Tobilopeso 225,786.75 El Peso
25 A Lontra 222,860.99 Zwollar
26 MR electro 204,049.51 Ibisha

Stats Corner: Top-10 Country Player Base

Today is another day for a statistics article. Today we are going to take a look at how many players are in each country in Miniconomy. I used the statistics page for this article and there is a note: “The countries are shown as entered with registration. This will not be completely accurate, but should give a good indication of where players live.” Let’s get it on!

To start this article off, it is no surprise that the country with the most payers is The Netherlands. The Home-base of Miniconomy, where it was born. There are 53.952 players based in The Netherlands.

Following the second country, which was to my surprise: the United States, a non-European country.I was expecting Belgium to be second, as a big part of Belgium is dutch. But the facts say something else. I think it’s good; Miniconomy is an international game, and with having lots of players in the US, is even better for the international status of Miniconomy. The US is known as a big country, with lots of people living there. But, the player group based in the US is very small compared to the number of people living there. 11.880 players are based in the US.

At third we have Belgium, and to be honest, it doesn’t have much difference with the number of players based there as in the US. 10.931 Players are from Belgium.

The United Kingdom is following Belgium, but with way less players than Belgium has. 3.985 players, that is almost 6000 players less than Belgium.

Something I really did not expected to be in the top-10 is Afghanistan. The country that is in war for years now. And still 1093 players are based in that country.

Here is the chart for the top-10 countries with most players.

image (8)

We will see you next week again. Have fun and good luck in the round!

Turnover stats 20/21 Round 151

Total shop revenues: 36,855,864.63 ISH
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 2,487,398.14 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 2,099,319.63 Ibisha
3 Leonardo_Alvarez 1,875,241.34 Ibisha
4 viraxje 1,696,768.40 Nasdaqar
5 The Ibishan Boss 1,259,099.96 Ibisha
6 Flight 815 1,250,833.18 Ibisha
7 Plastic dame 1,214,947.18 Kronenburg
8 AynRand 1,171,427.26 Ibisha
9 Tresias Aegirsson 1,153,108.72 Roebelarendsveen
10 Samurai02 971,177.70 Cashington
11 Mystq 792,984.03 Centropolis
12 Zoe gek wie sjek 754,568.38 Ibisha
13 Federal Government 715,953.09 Sans Francishco
14 dj ricky 707,016.74 Centropolis
15 traag begrip 694,710.18 Roebelarendsveen
16 desmalen 620,081.83 Kronenburg
17 azarik 616,774.13 Nasdaqar
18 Riviat 599,161.11 Cashington
19 el-capo 593,089.12 Roebelarendsveen
20 The Badass 536,975.00 Ibisha
21 Tobilo 512,045.77 Nasdaqar
22 martijn5 472,217.51 Kronenburg
23 jackot 457,495.41 Roebelarendsveen
24 Rats! 452,911.57 El Peso
25 dalor 422,955.34 Kronenburg
26 katchitonme 417,782.46 Nasdaqar


[Day 18/21]

Do you like money? Do you like paying small amounts of money for larger amounts of money? Do you like striking it rich overnight? Well then do I have good news for you!

For those of you who have been trapped under a rock or perhaps in one of Xzese’s broken down cars on the side of the road in Virtua, you should come out and head over to the services section of your local Government. There you can find the largest jackpot this reporter has ever seen, possibly ever! 9,000 I-shell are up for grabs and a mere 100 I-shell is enough to earn 10 attempts to win this prize! Out of 500 potential numbers drawn, that’s a 2% chance! What are the odds of that!?!

But wait! It gets better! Some of you may be wondering how rare it is for the jackpot to climb this high. Well, you’re in luck because I’m about to get all scientific and mathematical on you!

You see, on average I would say that about 150 lottery tickets are sold or 30% of the tickets. That means the odds of someones number NOT getting drawn is 70%! That may seem quite high but here is where things get interesting.

The odds of someone’s number NOT getting drawn twice in a row is 0.7*0.7(70%*70%) which equals 0.49 or 49%! That means there’s over a 50% chance that someone wins every two draws.

This pattern goes on. Below are the probabilities that we reach certain jackpots:
1,000 I-shell = 100%
2,000 I-shell = 70%
3,000 I-shell = 49%
4,000 I-shell = 34%
5,000 I-shell = 24%
6,000 I-shell = 17%
7,000 I-shell = 12%
8,000 I-shell = 8%
9,000 I-shell = 5.7%

A 5.7% chance of a 9,000 I-shell lottery prize means this only happens once every 17.5 rounds which means that this is approximately the 8th time this has ever happened in the game! (assuming the lottery was implemented in round 1)

So head on over to your local government services, buy a ticket and make some history! (and some big bucks!)

Turnovers day 14/21

Total shop revenues: 29,372,168.17 ISH


# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 1,771,017.14 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 1,603,034.36 Ibisha
3 viraxje 1,437,229.57 Nasdaqar
4 Leonardo_Alvarez 1,358,120.44 Ibisha
5 AynRand 1,035,131.28 Ibisha
6 Plastic dame 933,794.64 Kronenburg
7 Tresias Aegirsson 905,233.31 Roebelarendsveen
8 Flight 815 882,823.93 Ibisha
9 The Ibishan Boss 855,691.87 Ibisha
10 Samurai02 855,093.75 Cashington
11 Mystq 677,996.71 Centropolis
12 Federal Government 658,274.91 Sans Francishco
13 Zoe gek wie sjek 647,486.86 Ibisha
14 dj ricky 605,247.38 Centropolis
15 desmalen 539,685.89 Kronenburg
16 traag begrip 493,322.02 Roebelarendsveen
17 el-capo 478,908.00 Roebelarendsveen
18 Riviat 474,059.00 Cashington
19 Tobilo 469,225.64 Nasdaqar
20 azarik 431,172.59 Nasdaqar
21 martijn5 406,789.45 Kronenburg
22 jackot 396,504.82 Roebelarendsveen
23 Xzese 366,445.63 Centropolis
24 dalor 358,537.76 Kronenburg
25 The Badass 358,313.50 Ibisha

Stats Corner

This week, we take a closer look at Virtuan top traders, as promised last week. More specifically we will look at Virtuan top-10 players between the rounds 100 and 150.  Who made it into the top-10 most often? That is the questions we will be answering this week. Enjoy this week statistics corner!

To start with, i will point out that these stats will only show the top-10 traders between round 100 and 150. With that being said, let’s continue.

Let’s get it started. Here’s the top-10:

10. goudie: 5 ; even though his last top-10 round was in round 127, he managed to get 5 top-10 places in the 27 rounds before

9. Lepejian: 5; also one of the old players who has not been in the top-10 after round 127, but als won one round.

8. Likemyitem: 5 ; is a known player of these days, as he managed to get to place 2 in round 149.

7. Primetimer: 6 ; if you ask someone on the chat who Primetimer is, most players will not know him, but he is one of the Virtuan trading veterans, he has been more successful than goudie and Lepejian, but did not win a round yet. His last top-10 was in Round 113, which he barely made with 10th place.

6. Gelaarsdekat: 7 ; also a known player of these days, also known as criminal in Virtua. He won 3 times a rounds even. His top-10 places are spread all over the rounds between 100 and 150, starting from 108, ending with his last win in round 144.

5. Refund: 7 ; with 2 wins on his name, he got 7 top-10 places in total between the rounds of 111 and 134, currently you will see him once in a while, but not active anymore.

4. Bleech: 9 ; in his wide range of rounds, bleech was able to get 9 top-10 places and 2 of those he won. Also bleech is not seen recently.

3. Viraxje: 9 ; still active as player, with roots in the older rounds. Viraxje managed to earn the most money in the 9 rounds he played. Mainly thanks to his last rounds (round 150) win with a net worth of 1,7 mil.

2. Gaulamos: 11 ; also an old player who most players don’t know. This player is who I have respect for, he has been in top-10 4 times in a row between round 128 and 131. Before he managed to get 7 top-10 places in 8 rounds, between 100 and 107.

1. Podje: 12 ; podje is topping this top-10 with the most top-10 places of all Virtuans in 51 rounds. He got all those 12 top-10 places between round 122 and 145. That is 23 rounds! But nowadays, you will see podje in action in Cyberia.

With this top-10 I have made clear who has the most top-10 places of Virtua. In total 60 Virtuan players have been in the top-10 in the 51 rounds. Together these 60 players have managed to get 167 top-10 places in those 51 rounds.

That wraps it up for this week, if you want to see more about the Virtuan top traders, or maybe other country top traders, let us know! Next week on the schedule will be a surprise article. I hope you enjoyed this weeks statistics and I will see you guys next week with new statistics!

Statistics Day 8/21

Consistent with our previous editions, vNews will also try to publish turnover statistics with every edition.
With help from the federals we proudly present the top26 turnovers.

Total shop revenues: 17,108,017.42 ISH
# Name Revenue (ISH) Home town
1 natcha12 990,655.75 Ibisha
2 Tyc00n 983,083.96 Ibisha
3 viraxje 858,032.08 Nasdaqar
4 Leonardo_Alvarez 727,393.95 Ibisha
5 AynRand 628,392.48 Ibisha
6 Federal Government 560,880.30 Sans Francishco
7 Samurai02 552,520.48 Cashington
8 Tresias Aegirsson 523,538.58 Roebelarendsveen
9 Mystq 513,871.31 Nasdaqar
10 The Ibishan Boss 505,428.94 Ibisha
11 Plastic dame 468,779.17 Kronenburg
12 Flight 815 401,222.96 Ibisha
13 Xzese 363,905.99 Centropolis
14 Tobilo 342,655.10 Nasdaqar
15 desmalen 319,941.03 Kronenburg
16 Riviat 290,061.20 Cashington
17 dj ricky 269,955.57 Centropolis
18 azarik 254,828.13 Nasdaqar
19 Podje 252,776.13 Kronenburg
20 martijn5 242,105.74 Kronenburg
21 el-capo 239,889.19 Roebelarendsveen
22 traag begrip 236,036.55 Roebelarendsveen
23 Iron MV 220,181.62 Nasdaqar
24 Tranqer 214,803.96 Nasdaqar
25 Zoe gek wie sjek 206,613.34 Ibisha
26 dalor 206,250.90 Kronenburg

Country top 10 turnovers 
Ibisha : 5
Virtua : 3
Cyberia : 1

Country top 25 turnovers
Virtua : 10
Cyberia : 8
Ibisha : 7

Top cities :
Ibisha : 7
Nasdaqar : 6
Kronenburg : 5

We can see after several rounds of only penguins flapping around in Ibisha, the traders present decided to take matters in their own hands again. After supposedly wiping out the entire penguin population on the island, Ibisha is booming with not less than 5 players represented in the top10 turnovers.