The first editorial consultation of vNews

Finally! vNews is back, in an active way. Each week new editions, at least that is the plan, manager YAN tells.

It is 9:00 AM. The vans of TH Turbo Taxi MV drive back and forth with the newest goods. For example, the newest computers with word 2015 produced by Nasdaqarian ikenco. In front of our office our recently appointed co-manager viraxje tells Roktav and Bleech what to do. vNews hired Podje and ikenco to help with the moving.

For the reader: the new building is fully transparant (100% glass-made), except the toilets (luckily).. When you come in at the front, you first enter our lobby where you can see Bleech after the desk, handling all complaints about our articles and writers.

In the lobby you will see three doors, the first door leads to our new editorial office, in which you can see Roktav calling to all traders of our Federation to compare prices of products or you can see co-manager viraxje eating out of his nose.

After walking through the second door you will see YAN calling with Federal Assistant. ‘Dangit, Johan! I though we had an agreement about that statistics! No, don’t change the subject of this conversation now. Johan!? Hello?’ ‘Grrrr…’. Well, let’s skip the part about YAN throwing chairs..

The last door is also very very important… indeed.. the toilets. Here you can do your needs and lavatory attendant ikenco will happily clean the toilet after you used it. Costs: 1.5 I-shells per visit, unless you are a vNews-employee.

11:30 AM. The starttime of the first editorial consulation of our newspaper. At the conference-room (in the editorial office) you see from the right to the left sitting: YAN, Roktav, Bleech, viraxje and Federal Coordinator. ‘He still loves to join our meetings to see how our paper is doing, maybe that’s a inheritance of his time as TMC-manager’ viraxje jokes.

We want to spread high-quality newspapers regulary. – YAN, manager of vNews

In the meeting manager YAN tells about the new vision of vNews: ‘So, welcome all here in this meeting! Our new goals: we want to spread a high-quality newspaper as regular as possible. To achieve that goal we appointed the best writers of our Federation and have a co-manager that will make sure vNews will be published. Also, I want more communication with citizens, our clubs need to be up-to-date. Last but not least: we need to promote to write, for example by handing out PM-days more frequently and promote the writing by chat-spam. Let people become crazy from the vNews-chatposts and force them to write! That’s how I earned my first presidentcy’.

Let people become crazy from the vNews-chatpost and force them to write! Thats how I earned my first presidentcy – YAN, manager of vNews

‘But, YAN. Isn’t that how you eared them all?’ Bleech jokes. Laughter appears. After they were discussing the new vision and agreeing with it Federal Coordinator has to run. ‘Wait!’ someone out of a nook yells. ‘I baked a cake for you all!’, it’s porter natcha12. 

‘OK, OK’ FeC mutters. ‘I want two slices!’ ikenco yells. And he grabs whole the cake out of natcha12’s hands. ‘Go back to your toilets!’, viraxje yells. And ikenco stumbles back to his workplace, without eating any cake.

After this good morning vNews can finally start with their new vision and plans. More articles, less hassle. The new slogan will be.

More articles, less hassle. End of message.