Edition II

Welcome to vNews edition 2! This edition includes an article of Bleech, also an article of YAN and the statistics of Federal Researcher. Have fun reading!

The vNews-team

We are back (again)!



Yep, we are back (again!). After a small break, ex-Editor in Chief YAN will be in charge again of publishing the next editions.

What will be different in this editions? Not much. We will keep going the way previous Editor in Chief viraxje did and hopefully we may receive loads of quality articles in the weeks that are coming.

Editions shall be published in the week-ends, for each article you will be paid in I-shells and/or credits. It’s very rewarding to write! We thank Bleech, Federal Researcher and YAN for contributing to this edition. Very much appreciated!

Opening word day 21/21, Round 151

Welcome to the third and last edition of this round.

As you probably all know by now it’s the third week of the round again. The time where activity on the chat is about the same as the resources left on the city maps and you’re happy with any sales you get. Attempts by the game leaders to increase third week activity seem to have failed.

When we look in to politics this round, what started with a bang ended with a whimper. Shady Mouse, who gained Presidency after the unfortunate bankruptcy of Sesam took over and appointed some new Council members. After appointing though little seems to have happened, in fact, we still do not have a Virtuan Court, nor has there been any approved law change. Over the last couple of days it seems President Shady Mouse wants to make up for some of the lost time this round trying to push some laws through the voting process.

As promised before this edition we also selected a vNews writer of the round. With a number of very interesting articles which required quite some preparation this rounds vNews writer of the round is : dj ricky!!
The staff is excited to be able to congratulate dj ricky and hopes there are more articles to come from this great writer.

On a different note, to fill this edition we once again had support of some great writers. We have Mystq writing about her conquest to keep the Mrs MC title, Riviat sharing interesting lottery information, Woshiempire() with has second article of the round and more!

Our reporters also told us that the Federals might not have been able to respond in person, but they managed to get some interesting information. There will be something happening to resources to resolve shortage issues and shooting damage this round was not accurate and will be tested again, so there will be some changes to that as well next round.

Enjoy reading! We will be back next round!

Opening word, Day 15


With delight we present to you vNews second edition of Round 151!



Welcome back to vNews for this second edition. With the trade slowing down a little bit in Virtua we have had a relatively easy week. Resource problems were mainly felt by the oil industry and there were several days of inactivity due to the lack of Engines, Pumps, Plastic and Oil. To overcome the problems Tobilo secured ships and Virtua is back in action again. Each day over 400 squst of products are shipped to Virtua to keep the economy going.

Much like the economy things also slowed down in politics again. Whereas we saw a lot of action in the first week with shootings, a new President and Vice President. The council now seems to have abandoned their posts, after the current council was formed there was quite some activity and they seemed to be working on laws. If you take a look in the Council Room currently however you’ll enter an empty building with a small layer of dust setting in.

Internationally we see Ibisha still going strong and Cyberia and Digitalia almost abandoned. In order to keep Ibisha and Virtua going the other 2 countries are mainly being used for resources and products such as plastic which are imported back.

Where there was a big announcement of the Mr(s) Miniconomy contest this round it stays awfully quiet in the club at the moment. The only activity noticeable are the banners which are posted by the contestants ; Martijn5, Tyc00n and of course our Virtuan contestant Mystq.

Furthermore in this edition we present more statistics gathered by dj ricky, this time he took a closer look at past Virtuan Top 10 places. We also had Riviat in a writing spree, it seems each of his personalities found the time to write something for vNews, which we are thankful for of course.
We have a fresh student player explaining how he enjoyed his first week of Miniconomy, viraxje taking a closer look at the effect of Towers and of course last but not least the turnover statistics.


Enjoy the read!
By your vNews staff,

Welcome to the new vNews!


The staff is delighted to welcome you back after a period of absence.
After having played a very active round 150, it came to our attention that there were not any newspapers active anymore.
Therefor we want to reinstate vNews as what it was originally meant to be, the heartbeat of Virtua.
Our articles will be about everything, what’s happening in Virtua, in the Federation and in the political scene. Our team of reporters will do utmost to inform you about what is going on.

In this first edition we are covering the tale of Sesam and his bankruptcy. What really happened?
We will have interesting stats about participation degrees. Who is the most dedicated Miniconomy player?  We find out what is going in Centropolis and of course, last but not least, the turnover statistics.

On behalf of the vNews staff I wish you a pleasant read.

Introduction Day 15/21

Hello, and welcome back to the Second vNews edition of the round!


Unfortunately, real life circumstances have limited my time and as such I haven’t prepared an overview article for this week’s edition. However, this week’s edition does include Rokta’s signature statistics (as of Day 14) and the turnover statistics courtesy of Federal Researcher.


Next week’s edition will be back to usual with the overview and should also be published on the Saturday (5th September). Any articles you may wish to send in should be sent before the end of Friday if possible, so that payment requests can be sent to the Federal Government in a timely fashion.


I hope you enjoy the rest of the edition!

– Forsties

Overview day 14/21

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews edition of Round 130! Today we’ve a long edition including an overview, 3 written articles (e.g. statistics from Rokta(v)!) and the turnoverstatistics delivered by the FederalsThis week quite some things happened in our Federation. In this overview a summary of them. Enjoy!

First of all vNews saw that the the international trade between countries of the Federation since this period is becoming bigger and bigger. Virtuans have shops in Cyberie and Digitalie, Ibishans have shops in Virtua, Cyberians have shops in Virtua and even Digitalian citizens own shops in Virtua. Quite rare due to the fact that they don’t really like shops nor international trade in their country, most foreigners who are trading there get threatened or their shops get bombed. A few examples of prices which were made due to int’l trade: bricks in Virtua for 4.5 ISH (by Cyberian President Dr. Strangelove), shovels in Cyberie for 12.5 ISH (by Virtuan president YAN) and diamonds in Virtua for 25 ISH (by Digitalian CM Tranqer). Would this be the effect of the changes made by the Federals? Most people think it’s due to the come-back of Joep Eerlijk.

In Virtua the Council is currently voting about a proposal which will stimulate the social activities. The proposal includes a special subsisdy which can be handed out by the Council (the majority has to approve the idea made by a Virtuan) of Virtua. The idea requires a few things though, for example it has to be doable for all citizens and of course the CBI has to approve the idea. The idea came from Vice President dj ricky. In Cyberie Minister of Finances/State Treasurer Tresias Aegirsson wants to implent a special Minister of Social Activities too. Most countries are thinking about ways how to stimulate the social part of our game, these two ideas are perfect examples of this.

The lotstate in several cities in our Federation is dramatic. Three examples: the lotstate of Kronenburg, currently 70, the lotstate of Roebelarendsveen, currently 85 and the lotstate of Virtuan city Cashington which is currently around the 70. All involved persons, so the government of the countries in which the cities are and of course the mayors are trying to solve the problems by arranging diamond deals, though some experts think there might not be enough diamonds in the Federation to get the lotstate of all cities around the 90+ again. The Virtuan Consul of Finances, Gaulamos,  is currently looking for traders who are offering diamonds and we all hope a diamond deal for Cashington can be arranged as soon as possible (asap). Current Mayor of Cashington likemyitem didn’t manage to keep the state above the 90 and some people are saying that they’d love to have Andoversr4 back as Mayor as his lotstate was always around 100, unfortunately he is currently at the Register of Eligibility and is not egibile to run in any elections.

These three points are the bullet points of things which happened in our digital Federation. We wish you a lot of fun while reading vNews! Thanks.

Overview Day 7/21

Hello and welcome back to the first vNews edition of round 128!

Due to the holidays a lot of MC players are currently enjoying their vacation after a very nice trading period, round 127. Although it’s vacation there still happened a lot of things in our federation. Here the overview for the 1st week!

The High Council has a new member. The former International Court Chairman, Andoversr4 (better known as Andoversr) will replace Forsties. The former HC Chairman who unfortunately became inactive. vNews wishes Andoversr4 the best of luck with his new position!

The International Court has a new Chairman. Switzisch will take over from Andoversr4. The protocol will stay the same in this period. Till the moment of writing no cases were requested. That’s not a big problem as the International Court only has three judges at the moment. Bleech, Rokta and The Minic.

The Focus Groups are currently not active. From the beginning of the round no new posts were made in the Focus on Crime and in the other two Focus Groups, the Focus on Economy and the Focus on Education, there weren’t made much posts either. Did the Federals stop with the project? We will know it soon.

On Cyberian soil 5 members of the parliament were fired due to inactivity! The other members of the parliament are not taking their function serious. At a post of the former Member of the Parliament, Luxorr,  KHP member of the parliament A Lontra reacted: ‘I only have to react once in the 36 hours in the parliament club but as you’re whining I’ll answer now.’.

Not only in the parliament were people fired but also in the cabinet are inactive Ministers! The 1st Minister of Justice of Cyberia, Marcello Alvarez, was fired after 4 days inactivity and also the Vice President Dr. Strangelove was replaced due to inactivity. Their replacements are Luxorr and Charleene. Both are members of the Volkspartij Cyberië.

The Virtuan politics are very stable. Only Vice President Refund were replaced due to his decision to declare him unannounced bankrupt. His replacement is sahib. No other officials were fired till the moment of writing this overview.

Last but not least some internal news! vNews is trying to get more articles and for that we introduced the same system as The Miniconomist. From now there will be a topic in our club, vNews, with hints to write about and a link to the site to send your article. There also will be newsfeedposts with announcements when we will publish our editions and links to our site. Till the end of the 2nd vNews edition you will get paid 100 ISH more for each article you will write! Of course you will also get your normal reward (ISH and/or PM days). So keep an eye on the vNews club and the newsfeed! We’re looking forward to see your article!

This edition concludes articles written by our newest writer dj ricky, Andoversr4 and an exlclusive interview! vNews thanks all players for sending their articles to us! Of course the normal statistics are also here. Thanks to the Federals!

Enjoy reading!

The vNews Team

Overview Day 20/21

Hello, and welcome back to the third and last vNews edition of round 127! 

The whole Federation is looking forward to tomorrow when the round will end and the trade and election results will be published! Who will win the round? Will it be (Quark), MoonPoker or perhaps goudie? Will current Vice President Refund beat the well experienced Mayor lindapinda86 in the elections? We will all know tomorrow!

In Cyberië three parties are fighting for the most amounts of votes. The partij van de Toekomst (Party of the Future) led by old Digitalian Switzisch, the Elite (Elite) led by the new Cyberian citizen Dr. Strangelove and MCVooruit (MC Forward) led by the current Cyberian Minister of Finances and former Minister of Education The Minic.

In the Cyberian cities Kronenburg and Zwollar no candidates subscribed for the Mayorships. In those cities Federal Government, Federal Researcher and Federal Assistant are available for the mayorships. In Eurodam the in this round fired President whooty is the only candidate for the mayorship. In Roebelarendsveen SCOI traag begrip and current Mayor Guilio Alvarez are available for the mayorship of the next round.

In Virtua two candidates are running for the Presidency. Former President and current Vice President Refund and the overexperienced and current Mayor of Centropolis lindapinda86. Both candidates have the same ideas: a simple politic, where all Virtuans have a say.

In the Virtuan cities there are enough candidates. In Nasdaqar Rokta, when he got elected it will be his 17th time he is Mayor, and Bleech are running for the Mayorship. In Cashington the sub of Andoversr, Andoversr4, and OCMan101 are both willing to become Mayor of the Iron City. Andoversr4 gives this reason to vote for him: ‘OCMan101 will probably try to make Cashington his own mini-country Ocea. I didn’t do that once, so vote me!’. Will this reason be good enough to win? In Centropolis dj ricky subscribed for the mayorship. He will become citizen again at the roundstart. But the Federals were not aware of this and removed him from the electionlist.

In the inactive Ibisha current Mayor and President Rednax wants to run the country for another round. So not much policy will change there. Will Ibisha become active again?

The same counts for Digitalië. Current King hubinho did not request to transfer his crown to another Digitalian so next round he will also stay King in Digitalië. So in the country of crimes there won’t change much things either. Only two new Mayors will have to be elected.

Some other news than politics and candidates is the removal of the Assistant degrees of siemenrey and whooty by Head Assistant (Brendan). Due to abuse of powers. The Head Assistant seems to act stricter on that kind of cases the last rounds.

Yesterday the winners of the Virtuan Awards were announced by the organizer Bleech. The Virtuan (Brendan) won 4 from the 9 Awards! vNews congratulates all winners and thanks Bleech for organising this awesome event!

Since a few hours Podje can officially call himself the new Federal Union Chairman. The Cyberian President A Lontra was the third government leader who voted in favour for his appointment. vNews wishes him the best of luck!

In this vNews edition you can as always read our overview and enjoy the statistics!

Overview day 13/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of round 127! 

The Federation just passed the first half round and in one week, just like the first week, a lot of things happened! In this article a summary of important things that happened.

After the bankruptcy of former IC Chairman Andoversr, the High Council appointed Andoversr4 as new IC Chairman, it’s for everyone of course clear that Andoversr4 is a sub-account of Andoversr. The judges are ready for cases from the second day of the round but though there are no IC Cases requested yet by citizens from the Federation. But the new IC Chairman devised a plan to still do something! As the club from the International Court doesn’t has a banner he organised a contest for people to make a banner for the IC. When your banner was the best and got chosen by the IC Chairman and judges you would earn 5 PM days. Till this moment dj ricky, The Minic and Refund are participating. But no banner has been choosed yet, so grab your chance and visit the IC club!

The trade in Cyberië has stopped, or anyway it’s very very slow. A lot of Cyberian players who are going for a high rank, and who have all the money, are complaining about the current state of trading. In Digitalië the trade is still going, fore some people though, a lot of people say that the Digitalian nasi is being boosted by the other Digi’s for a high rank. In Virtua the trade is also still going, though it is of course less good than it was in the beginning of the trade period. People are expecting to see quite some Virtuan names in the top10 and top20 spots. The trade in Ibisha is still the same, due to the low amount of active players there are not really a lot of sales on the lonely island. Will president Rednax try to find a solution for this inactivity and get Ibisha back on top at round 128?

Well, he has enough time to try and seek new players! As the inbetween round 127b needs to be over first. The Federals just announced that the current amount of applications for the special MC round is already over the 100!

All those transactions, prices etc need to be checked of course! The Central  Bureau of Investigation had to deal with a lot of complaints this week. An exclusive article about the actual things happening in the CBI is written and is readable in this edition.

In Virtua OCMan101 is trying to reveal secret information about the Virtuan Government to post in his club named the Snowden Conferention. He’s even offering money for it! So when you have valuable (secret) information please contact him!

In this edition as always the overview, the turnover statistics, an exclusive article about the current situation in the CBI and an politics related article written by YAN and OCMan101!