Current or new?

This week the Feds made unnanounced a new road in Centropolis. To make the road they had to grab a few lots from CP-citizens. Most citizens are OK with it but consul spainman0 disagrees with the handling of the Federals.

The Centropolian, that lost 63 lots by the Fed-action finds that the Feds have way too much power to do this kind of actions without approval of the citizens who owns the lots.

The biggest argument from the Federals to defend their policy are the new players. ‘Which everyone ofcourse understands’, according to spainman0. ‘But though, it is very important that we are well-informed about this kind of decisions with a big impact AND give our blessing to the plan, which both didn’t happen in this case’.

The general consul is willing to sue the Federal Government in the International Court of chairman The Minic (more information about him: read the 1st edition). Reasoning: ‘The Feds only compensated 30 I-shells per lot (total: around 1900 I-shells). If I would have sold all the clay which I’d get from those lots I’d have received way more I-shells. I would sell it all, due to the fact that the biggest bricktrader of Virtua is my maincostumer.’ ‘Therefore I’d like to get compensated for that mistake of the Federals.’

Mostly the Federals don’t revise their actions and the expectation is that they won’t do that either at spainman0’s case. Though, we are curious to see what an eventual case and a lot of posts in Fed Request will let happen.

But this is the question: stimulating new players to join or making sure the old ones do not leave?