Election list and President Articles


Tranq, Experience: unknown.

The Mister,  Experience: Several times as mayor.

Natcha12, Experience: few times a mayor

mystq, Experience: None

Andoversr, Experience: He say several times a mayor.




Forsties, Experience: Round 110



Rokta: Experience: Round 110



President Candidates:

dj ricky, Experience: unknown


Nater, Experience: Few times as President, but also as VP and in the council.


Hello My Fellow Viruans!

I am once again running for president of our fine nation! I won’t be as long winded as usual, as I think you are getting to know me well.

There are two things I would like to work on in the coming round if you honor me with being your president.

1) The economy – In honesty I think our economy is doing quite well. Yet as it it such a crucial part of the game, I don’t think we should ever stop working on it. I would like to see Virtua have all products covered early on in the round, and I would like to see Virtuan being more international in the trading of her good. I will endeavor to help push Virtua in that direction.

2) The safety of our government and way of life. We have seen recent attacks on your way of life in Virtua. People who don’t like the way we do things and want to changes us. Either by pushing is in a certain direction, or by taking over our country and changing our laws. I want to work at strengthening the security of our government from being exploited, while still preserving the freedoms we have.

I hope that I can count on your vote in the elections, and your support next round in creating an even better Virtua!




MoonPoker, Experience: Once as VP and several times in the council.


Hello People.

I will be running as President for next round.

Justice: I will be looking into our court system and hoping to close a few holes and change a few laws to ensure a better trial.

Economy: I will look on it and see if it need changes, it might or it might not, but you can never be to careful, since economy is one of the most important things in MC.

Education: I will be looking into the laws and maybe suggest laws against the use of schools and to improve the government owned eduction.

Else I wish everyone a good round in 111.




Aztech, Experience: unknown.


I am officially throwing my hat in the ring again. I support lower council salary’s, a more person to person governmental policy, Interactive schools and exams, small town economics and Big Stick, soft voice National security.