General Update on Virtua day 12/28

Second week of the round has been a stressful one for most.

Refund was fired as Vice President, due to his involvement in the shooting of the Ibishan President The Great.

It resulted in Refund getting Criminal status, and few hours later it was requested in Federal Communication that the consul profession should be removed from Refund.(edited: Player removed the profession himself shortly after receiving of criminal status)

Felix D, took the position as the Vice President since he was 3rd in the election, Congratz to Felix D with the Promotion as he was appointed as Consul of Education after Bleech decided earlier this round to go rogue and shoot several people.

It seems to be a new thing, get into the council, get a important position and then start the crime and get fired again.

Gean Starwind has been in the court several times since week, and in the end he decided not to show up anymore? reason still unknown why, but we don’t expect the court to come with a verdict soon.

This week our court really seems to have hit its limited, we are now at the 6th day of the discussion of the Verdict between Natcha VS Moonpoker for insult in chat.

dj ricky, one of the new traders in Virtua this round was mysteries found dead earlier this week, dj ricky was FCS and Judge in virtua, but who or what killed him, is yet unknown. Some say he was shoot, others say that he got a heart attack and dropped dead.

Centropolis was the first city to get a harbour in virtua, AynRand was the one who built it, how he got the harbour lot and why, that is still unknown, but there is a court case running about it and we are looking forward to hear the verdict in that case.

No long after the Harbour in Centropolis, both Nasdaqar and Cashington got a harbour, Thanks to Tranger and Refund, Nasdaqar harbour seems to be loved and used a lot, since boats keeps going there.

With Harbours in Virtua we started seeing price drops, Iron almost dropped 2ish within the first 2 days, Bricks became 1-2 ish cheaper, Plastic became a little cheaper but not much, some Virtuans was fast to get a store in Ibisha and hell went lose.

Within the first 3 days after that harbour had been opened, Cheeseo a well known Trader in Ibisha was shoot several times, its rumored that MoonPoker was the Predator and was doing some hired work, however it seems to have stopped and they now have their own war between traders in Ibisha.

There has been a lot of shooting in virtua this week, some on contracts or most, Gean and Rico.Vito are the two persons in Virtua that has been shoot the most this week.

Cashington and Centropolis both have lot condition problems and their lot state seems to be out of control, each night it drops and when will the council step in?

Only a few law changes has been approved, they are all just corrections of former mistakes or misspellings in our law book.



The lasts news are that MIP (Miniconomy International Player) are back, and are being hosted by Bonanza in the Miniconomist, you can still nominate players for titles or sponsor awards.