General update on Virtua day 5/28

The week started really slow, already the first day there was complains about missing wood, and it only got worse over the following days.

Goudie said he would do wood(after roundstart, cause Bleech wasn’t to find online), but due to IRL stuff, he had low online time, and the wood traders around in virtua couldn’t keep the speed up, and soon wood became rare goods.

In the mean time, NSQ never seemed to be affected by the leak of wood that much, they had their own wood supplier and combined with the Plastic supplier from NSQ and the Iron supplier there wasn’t a shortage like the rest of virtua.

Gelaarsdekat was shoot bankrupt within the first couple of days, motive still unknown, and the predator(s) are still on the lose.

1987 the mayor of Cashington decided to resign as mayor due to IRL, and Nater was appointed as the new mayor.

Bleech went on a crime wagon, and decided to pull the trigger on some of his competition, that made him lose his job as CoE.

Virtua had a serious parking space problem until recent, because Gelaarsdekat was owner of the first cab mv, and after that Tuned created 1, the came Mixer and at last Teleco.

It now meant we had 4 cab companies, while only 3 of them was working.

All the cities was in a big minus for borrowing Bricks from Feds to make a new road.

In the mean time there was a drama fight in FU, where the Cyberian government decided to refuse to work with Refund(The post of refusal had been deleted later), due to yet unknown reasons, they claim its because of earlier opinions about Cyberia, however there are no resent posts from Refund about Cyberia at all?

In FU Metal Alvarez also decided to purpose a treaty which would make shooting in other countries illegal and the treasury forced to pay if a predator was proven guilt of the shooting.

Virtua turned it down yet.


Gean starwind was elected mayor of Centropolis, but already from day 1 get got in a fight with MoonPoker which resulted in a few cases(at Virtuan Court) that haven’t really started yet.

(Brendan) won the election of Nasdaqar, and he keeps doing his good job as normal.