Ibisha and Virtua joined?

This week saw a dramatic proposition by Alecto, the president of Ibisha. Alecto said that he would support the idea of Ibisha being joined to another country in some way or another (see the “Future of Ibisha” topic in the “Palacio Presidencial de Ibisha” club for details). Alecto said that if Ibisha were to be joined, it would be Digitalia or Virtua, but not Cyberia (reasons yet unknown).


This created an interesting idea, what would it be like for Ibisha to be merged with Virtua?


There have been supporters of the merge from both countries, who say that it would revitalise the chat and trading of both countries. Some of the citizens of Ibisha have said that chat has gotten so slow, you can log in hours later and still read the exact same conversation as when you logged out. It has also been said that citizens of Ibisha have gotten to the point where they log in, refill their shops, read the clubs, and log out again as they do not expect a conversation in chat anyway.


Some have even suggested that Ibisha and Virtua could have a shared chat area, which would allow both the Ibishan and Virtuan citizens to co-ordinate and also to have a conversation while business is slow. There has also been the suggestion of a bridge being built between Virtua and Ibisha, using exported materials from the mayor warehouses. The mechanics of such an idea are unknown, and there have so far been no comments by the Federals as to the possibility of such ideas.


Critics of the merge say that it will destroy the Ibishan identity as an essentially Spanish city, especially if the chats are merged, as only an English chat room is available here. They also say that Ibisha’s resources would have to be overhauled, so as to not make it the obvious city of choice for Virtuan resource diggers.


As well as this, tensions between Virtua and Ibisha have been strained recently by the buying up of Ibishan resources by Loop MV and Ibi Wood MV, owned by Refund and Bleech, respectively.


The idea of a joint Virtua and Ibisha remains despite this, but the questions we need to ask are what the benefits of such a merge are, and whether it would even be possible.


Want your opinion on this topic heard? Check out the “Palacio Presidencial de Ibisha” or the “Council Public” clubs and let your views be heard.