Interview of the week: Andoversr

From this edition vNews will interview a player who is playing MC each edition! Our first guest is a Virtuan citizen who plays MC for a very very long time! He began his carrier as a Local Officer Cashington and now he just joined the High Council! You might know it already, indeed, it is Andoversr!

After a short trip from Nasdaqar with a very cosy cab from Penguin Cabs MV I just arrived in the small city Cashington. I’m seeing some small houses, I see the very big townhall and the streets are dominated by big shops. For a small village like Cashington there are a lot of players trading actively. But it seems that in the round before this one Cashington wasn’t active at all, would the new Mayor Andoversr have changed this?

I don’t know were to go to find him so I think it’s smart to ask a citizen. Ah! Is that our famous Mister Miniconomy Podje over there? I’ve never seen him for real! Only on big boards with a lot of lights shining on it. So I start walking to Podje, of course a bit nervous when you never saw him before but he looks nice, I ask him where I can find the Mayor of his city. His reaction is very short: ‘In house.’. I think he is too busy with trading, those people like him don’t have much time for interuptions. So I start walking towards the house of the Mayor, on Minternet I searched for it already, it was a big white villa very close to the famous rocks of Cashington.

After looking around I finally see it! It looks for real much bigger than on the Minternet! So I walk towards the front door and then I hear: ‘Here, this way YAN!’. I look behind me and I see Andoversr coming out of his garage. He offers me a nice cup of tea and then we can finally start with the best thing of the day: the interview!

Andoversr tells about the history 0f Virtua. When he started he had to play in a Dutch country he tells. ‘Well that was very hard, I couldn’t understand them properly and they didn’t want to speak much English too of course, but when Virtua was founded that changed!’.

He also tells a lot (too much to write down here) about the difference between Virtua in that time, around round 20(!), and the current Virtua. But one thing is very clear. ‘The people and the government, there are a lot less of the “oldie” players I remember from back when Virtua started.’ . I can imagine that’s very stupid. I had the same case a few times too and I can tell you, dear reader, that it didn’t feel very nice.

When I ask him the question: ‘Which player can you remember the most? And why?’ he answers directly, I think he didn’t need time to think for this answer. ‘The player I remember the most is riemer_1990 , he was a very hard working Virtua, he served many times on the former Board of Consuls (currently the Virtuan Council), ran the Virtuan Business Academy, and was the main shareholder of Ibisha Island. I can see a bit of a tear in his eyes, the effect of losing a very talented and cool player I think.

Another thing I looked up at the Minternet was the trade-history of Andoversr. Well I can only say it in one way, it didn’t look very spectacular. So I’m curious why he focus that much on the politics and laws and he plays for such a long time and never ended in the top20. But also at this point his answer is very clear. ‘I don’t have trading ambitions, I only really trade actively in the first week of the round, only to make it harder for getting rupted and to do clubs or other things I need built.’. Well, that sounds like a clear tactic in my eyes.

The former International Court Chairman isn’t really thinking about his further MC life. But he has one thing he would like to get done in the upcoming 5 rounds. ‘I’d like to get MC Research legitimized with it’s own permanent + international club(s).’.

Furthermore he wants to continue with working hard for the High Council and of course for MCRecruitment.

After the interview the Mayor drives me to the Cashington harbour. We drink a nice cup of tea and talk about my ambitions. I can only say that Andoversr was a very very nice interlocutor. He listens well and has a clear view at things.

I thank him and I drive home with a Royal Cab of Royal Cabs MV. A very nice day.