Interview of the week: dj ricky

Each edition vNews will interview a player of the Federation. Also today we are going to visit a very special person. He started playing in Cyberië, was Mayor of Zwollar for several times and is currently working for the Virtuan Government as Consul of Justice and Safety. Indeed, it’s dj ricky!

Last week I went to Andoversr, I think it was a very nice interview. I’m curious about dj ricky. Till this moment I only saw him on television when he was walking in the Virtuan Court and said: ‘No, I’m not a Judge so I won’t give my opinion about this pleas, excuse me I have an important meeting in the Council Room.’. He looked very serious there, I think he takes his job as CoJS very serious. But we’ll know soon.

I grap my jack and leave Fort Bleech, let’s go to the taxi-station. No cabs. After waiting for 30 minutes still no cabs.. I see a big board. ‘SHIP TO ROEBELARENDSVEEN DEPARTING IN 10 MINUTES, THERE IS A POSSIBILITY TO GO BACK TO CENTROPOLIS FROM RV’. I don’t like waiting so I take the ship. After a 10 minute trip I arrive at the Harbour of RV, but I don’t like what I see. The first view of Roebelarendsveen: a criminal (I saw him on billboards where people were putting a bounty on his head!) who is robbing riemer_1990! Wait, it’s siemenrey. I want to leave this city as soon as possible. And I’m lucky! 2 minutes later I’m back on a ship of the MV of Mayor Andoversr4 heading to the city of oil, Centropolis.

After a short hop I finally reach Centropolis. Again I don’t know the adress of ricky so I decide to call him. ‘Hello, CoJS here, what do you want?’. ‘Erhm, YAN from vNews here, I’m currently in Centropolis and I need to know your adress.’. ‘Wait where you are.’. Well, that was a weird conversation. I decide to wait and after two minutes I see Officer Fritts coming. ‘Ricky called me to bring you to his house..’. So I follow him and finally I arrive. I thank Fritts and observe the house. It’s a small cosy house. When I want to make a picture of it I see someone coming outside. ‘Hey! Stop! You need my permission for that! Oh, you are YAN?’. After apologizing we can finally start the interview!

As you might read in the head of this article, dear reader, you can see dj ricky didn’t play his whole MC life in Virtua. He started in Cyberië. He’s sounding very satisfied when he tells about his time there: ‘I had a very nice time in Cyberië, I had to learn the game, and when I did that I became Mayor of Zwollar. When I was Mayor for my 3rd time I couldn’t run for the Mayorship of the next round (CL forbids it). That was a shame. After the three rounds of Mayorship I started with the National Politics. I became Minister of Education (the Cyberian Consul of Education) and was in the Cyberian Parliament quite some times. ‘

But a few rounds dj ricky decided to move to Virtua, when I ask about that he smiles. ‘Yup, a few rounds later I didn’t enjoy the Cyberian politics as lot as I used to do. Furthermore I wanted to see more of the Federation. Those two factors made me decide to move to Virtua.’. When I moved from Ibisha to Virtua I saw a lot of differences. dj ricky about the differences he saw on his 1st Virtuand day: ‘The  nice players! They were helpfull and always nice to each other, something what was different in Cyberië. Also the stable political system. A very nice 1st day, and I still enjoy living here like the 1st day!’.

Just like Andoversr, dj ricky doesn’t has a lot of trading ambitions. ‘I never have a goal, when I have a lot of ISH I normally try to get rid of them or going to test things with it. It’s nice when I end in the top20 or top10 but I’m not trading for one of those positions, just for the fun’. ‘When I’d have my COI I would just shoot it away from me.’ says he with a big smile. We laugh.

In Virtua dj ricky doesn’t really have National Political Ambitions either. ‘I like all the Consul Positions, being President for once would be fun I think but I prefer the Mayorship of our beautiful Centropolis.’.

The player that the Virtuan CoJS can remember the best is grondstoffenman. He doesn’t has to think long about that question. ‘We were both crazy and always had a lot of fun, even in the Cyberian politics!.’ ‘I just sent him a Facebook message that we miss him!’.

When I want to ask the last question an alarm starts ringing. ‘Sorry! I’ve to go, we got a case request, first things first’ says our CoJS. What a workoholic! Well, I guess it will be over then… After saying thanks and goodbye to dj ricky I walk to the cab-station. Yes! There’s one cab from Crazy Taxi MV. I take it back to Nasdaqar and get back home. Woohoo! Federal Assistant just finished cooking!