Interview with Ibishan President

I asked for this interview a long time ago, but there was no answer until now. So I packed my notepad and pencil and go to Presidential palace. Before President met me I was taken on tour across Palace where I saw beautiful gardens, research facility and quite big art gallery, in some pictures I saw oddly costumed people possible native, in almost all other were previous rulers of Ibisha.

Good morning Mr. President, you have nice home here.
Good morning to you too, I manage to renovate my palace here as we manage to earn more money since I become President.

Interesting, what did change in Ibisha so far?
First I fix up law book so it don’t have so much holes in it, then I hired active mayor, but you should know this. And last major change was different attitude toward other countries. It is hard to admit but we need more international trade to succeed as greatest nation in Federation.

You mention International trade, how is it looking this round and what do you think about trade in general in Ibisha?
This round we build harbour quite soon, but there wasn’t to much impact on our trade yet, except there is more shooting than last round. Trade as whole I think it is great this round, but I hope it will go even bigger next round.

Could you guess which Ibishans would finish in top 20?
This round we have few very good trader so I think we will have at least them in top 20. So to put it in names:
Rednax, Alecto and Mukyrlux. But maybe even natcha…ibi version and ibitravis will manage it.

What are your plans for future of Ibisha?
I will continue with improving Ibisha, which mean changing law book, raise importance of Ibisha in Federation, help our citizens to achieve victory and more.

What about Education in Ibisha?
I tried to organise education even in previous round so I make it free for all, heck I even promise to pay them to participate in it, but still no response. So next round I will stop with it, but others all welcome to try, if they do I will support them.

When you show me your research department one of scientist said something about “diosmose of salt water”. Can you tell me what this research is about?
Yes, our scientists are now focusing how to produce clean cheap energy so we wouldn’t be dependent on oil and coal. Basically they try to find efficient way to gain energy from mixing salt and fresh water.

After this answer, one of President’s clerks came in and talk with President, which apologise to me saying that he has urgent matter to attend. So I left palace and went home to write this interview before I forget his answers.