Most Mandatey Mandate Monitor™

The Miniconomist  vNews presents: Might be a Mandate Monitor™ – a continuously updated one off list of who’s who in the Federation. It is a top ten of those that hold the most powerful positions in both the Federation and player countries. The mandates that include payment aren’t posted in colour.

1: Forsties

Self-explanatory, why wouldn’t he be top of the list. Also remembered his password to the vNews publisher.

Paid criminally too little.


2: Woshiempire()

King of some country across the sea where everyone is allergic to harbours.

Paid more than Forsties.



Does important work in the REDACTED.

Paid from time to time.


4-9: viraxje

Has a gun which makes him very persuasive.

Paid in gunpowder and Thug achievement points.


10: sugarfree

I said his positions weren’t politically powerful so this is me making it up to him.

Paid in visitors to his dungeon.


Honourable mention: hubinho

because someone said so


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