Opening Word 1st Edition of Round 152

Welcome back to another vNews! The first week of Round 152 got off to a good start in trade. Many new players returned and showed excitement for the round.

Politically minded citizens were bustling to share their opinions this week as the Federals decided to do away with the former High Council and Federal Union and replace them with the Council of Veterans (CoV). At first, a sense of chaos ensued, as some voiced their confusion and concerns. Then tempers flared a bit as citizens argued about how things should be and how they could be. loco_tazz, Tuned, and Mystq are tasked with operating the CoV. Who knows what will happen next?

Crime rates in Virtua are stated to be at an ‘all-time high’. Many citizens witnessed as an Officer and multiple players were shot bankrupt in town. Over 100 shots could be heard through the night. Bank busts and personal robberies have ensued, putting the country on high alert. Without enough Officers to watch over and protect all three cities, what new crimes with be reported this next week?

An exciting NEW development appeared this round; for the first time in Miniconomy history, Premium Members are able to select multiple lots from which to harvest resource. This new feature saves time, but comes with risk as excess resources that do not fit in one’s warehouse will be lost forever. Many watched in excitement as this new element was revealed.

This edition features multiple articles on the above topics and more, plus statistics, charts and an interview! Read on and enjoy.