Welcome to the new vNews!


The staff is delighted to welcome you back after a period of absence.
After having played a very active round 150, it came to our attention that there were not any newspapers active anymore.
Therefor we want to reinstate vNews as what it was originally meant to be, the heartbeat of Virtua.
Our articles will be about everything, what’s happening in Virtua, in the Federation and in the political scene. Our team of reporters will do utmost to inform you about what is going on.

In this first edition we are covering the tale of Sesam and his bankruptcy. What really happened?
We will have interesting stats about participation degrees. Who is the most dedicated Miniconomy player?  We find out what is going in Centropolis and of course, last but not least, the turnover statistics.

On behalf of the vNews staff I wish you a pleasant read.