Overview day 13/21

Hello, and welcome back to the second vNews edition of round 127! 

The Federation just passed the first half round and in one week, just like the first week, a lot of things happened! In this article a summary of important things that happened.

After the bankruptcy of former IC Chairman Andoversr, the High Council appointed Andoversr4 as new IC Chairman, it’s for everyone of course clear that Andoversr4 is a sub-account of Andoversr. The judges are ready for cases from the second day of the round but though there are no IC Cases requested yet by citizens from the Federation. But the new IC Chairman devised a plan to still do something! As the club from the International Court doesn’t has a banner he organised a contest for people to make a banner for the IC. When your banner was the best and got chosen by the IC Chairman and judges you would earn 5 PM days. Till this moment dj ricky, The Minic and Refund are participating. But no banner has been choosed yet, so grab your chance and visit the IC club!

The trade in Cyberië has stopped, or anyway it’s very very slow. A lot of Cyberian players who are going for a high rank, and who have all the money, are complaining about the current state of trading. In Digitalië the trade is still going, fore some people though, a lot of people say that the Digitalian nasi is being boosted by the other Digi’s for a high rank. In Virtua the trade is also still going, though it is of course less good than it was in the beginning of the trade period. People are expecting to see quite some Virtuan names in the top10 and top20 spots. The trade in Ibisha is still the same, due to the low amount of active players there are not really a lot of sales on the lonely island. Will president Rednax try to find a solution for this inactivity and get Ibisha back on top at round 128?

Well, he has enough time to try and seek new players! As the inbetween round 127b needs to be over first. The Federals just announced that the current amount of applications for the special MC round is already over the 100!

All those transactions, prices etc need to be checked of course! The Central  Bureau of Investigation had to deal with a lot of complaints this week. An exclusive article about the actual things happening in the CBI is written and is readable in this edition.

In Virtua OCMan101 is trying to reveal secret information about the Virtuan Government to post in his club named the Snowden Conferention. He’s even offering money for it! So when you have valuable (secret) information please contact him!

In this edition as always the overview, the turnover statistics, an exclusive article about the current situation in the CBI and an politics related article written by YAN and OCMan101!