Overview Day 14/21

Hello, and welcome back for the second vNews edition of the round! This week’s edition includes all the usual juicy statistics from Rokta, though we have not yet received the turnover statistics from the Federals.


After the bankruptcy of king loco_tazz last week, Digitalie has now had a new king crowned, Kippenhok97. There have been concerns from the Federal Union in the mean time, however, as it has been claimed that a vote that lead to The Minic being chosen as the FU Chairman for the next 3 rounds was finished without Digitalie being a full member.


natcha12 started an interesting case in the International Court regarding the Virtuan Government allegedly violating International law Article 6, Paragraph 5 due to the large amount of auctions completed in Virtua. Later, it was revealed that Cyberie has also violated this limit and so a case was also requested against the National Government of Cyberie. It would appear that Ibisha has now also violated the law, having passed over the 100000ish limit described (if auctions are to be counted, as is the main focus of the case in question).


The Virtuan Court is also seeing an unusually large amount of action, with 4 case requests currently waiting to be opened. However, there have been issues in the Court with finding the judges required to process these cases, and this has lead to yet another case in the International Court accusing the Virtuan government of failing to set up the necessary framework for cases to be processed. The Consul of Justice and Safety, Subzidy has repeatedly posted announcements that judges are being searched for but has unfortunately found a lack of interest in the positions.


We hope you enjoy the remainder of the Edition and wish you the best of luck for the remainder of the round!