Overview day 14/21

Hello and welcome back to the second vNews edition of Round 130! Today we’ve a long edition including an overview, 3 written articles (e.g. statistics from Rokta(v)!) and the turnoverstatistics delivered by the FederalsThis week quite some things happened in our Federation. In this overview a summary of them. Enjoy!

First of all vNews saw that the the international trade between countries of the Federation since this period is becoming bigger and bigger. Virtuans have shops in Cyberie and Digitalie, Ibishans have shops in Virtua, Cyberians have shops in Virtua and even Digitalian citizens own shops in Virtua. Quite rare due to the fact that they don’t really like shops nor international trade in their country, most foreigners who are trading there get threatened or their shops get bombed. A few examples of prices which were made due to int’l trade: bricks in Virtua for 4.5 ISH (by Cyberian President Dr. Strangelove), shovels in Cyberie for 12.5 ISH (by Virtuan president YAN) and diamonds in Virtua for 25 ISH (by Digitalian CM Tranqer). Would this be the effect of the changes made by the Federals? Most people think it’s due to the come-back of Joep Eerlijk.

In Virtua the Council is currently voting about a proposal which will stimulate the social activities. The proposal includes a special subsisdy which can be handed out by the Council (the majority has to approve the idea made by a Virtuan) of Virtua. The idea requires a few things though, for example it has to be doable for all citizens and of course the CBI has to approve the idea. The idea came from Vice President dj ricky. In Cyberie Minister of Finances/State Treasurer Tresias Aegirsson wants to implent a special Minister of Social Activities too. Most countries are thinking about ways how to stimulate the social part of our game, these two ideas are perfect examples of this.

The lotstate in several cities in our Federation is dramatic. Three examples: the lotstate of Kronenburg, currently 70, the lotstate of Roebelarendsveen, currently 85 and the lotstate of Virtuan city Cashington which is currently around the 70. All involved persons, so the government of the countries in which the cities are and of course the mayors are trying to solve the problems by arranging diamond deals, though some experts think there might not be enough diamonds in the Federation to get the lotstate of all cities around the 90+ again. The Virtuan Consul of Finances, Gaulamos,  is currently looking for traders who are offering diamonds and we all hope a diamond deal for Cashington can be arranged as soon as possible (asap). Current Mayor of Cashington likemyitem didn’t manage to keep the state above the 90 and some people are saying that they’d love to have Andoversr4 back as Mayor as his lotstate was always around 100, unfortunately he is currently at the Register of Eligibility and is not egibile to run in any elections.

These three points are the bullet points of things which happened in our digital Federation. We wish you a lot of fun while reading vNews! Thanks.