Overview day 14/21

Hi and welcome back to vNews! Today a shorter edition than normal but it’s still worth reading! This edition includes the turnover-statistics, the ‘Rokta(v)‘ statistics and 2 articles (incl. this overview). Have fun reading!

To kick off of course the appointment of the new Federal Researcher! Former Virtuan Consul ikenco was recently appointed, actually thursday, as the new FeR. He is the replacement of (Brendan) that had to quit the job due to IRL-circumstances.

In this vNews-edition an interview with the brandnew Federal! Ejoy.

In Virtua the President YAN is being sued by Vicepresident natcha12. The VP claims that the President threatened him. Though, the mainjudge of the case, Bleech, is inactive. This will mean it’ll take a time before a verdict has been reached.

Cashington’s and Centropolis’s lotstates are back at 90+ again! The Consul of Finances Forsties arranged several deals with the company of viraxje, Hank MV. A total of around 700 diamonds were added to the lots in both cities. Thank you all!

In Cyberie the President, Tresias Aegirsson, is going to be dismissed. The parliament of Cyberie voted in favour of his dismissal which will mean that vicepresident A Lontra will become the new President. The President was dismissed due to the not exceeding of his tasks.

Last but not least the skyscrapers-news: the tourists are joining scrapers now for higher prices! For example: Podje has/had 4 tourists in presidential suites from around 1500 I-shells each. Please keep that in mind if you are going to determine your prices for rooms!